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Red Falcon

I'm looking for this amazing Google Doc...

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Some time ago I encountered this amazing Google document. It may have been an online only doc, I can't remembered how it worked.

Anyway, the great thing about it was, that it listed all of the characters in the game and what Class trees they had available.

It also detailed, which Class trees would be available from every marriage scenario, which I found really helpful because some Classes are gender specific, and the document did the brain work of figuring out any substitute Class trees you would get instead.

It also detailed, which Class trees would be inherited by the children for every marriage combination scenario.

Can't remember if it detailed Friendship Seals or not (I guess that would be a bonus too).

But it had the profile icon pictures of all the characters, which made it nice and visual too.



Anyway, I'm wondering if that doc was a resource from this website? And if not, is there something similar available please?

Many thanks indeed!

I'm not familiar at all here.

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