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17 minutes ago, Abosikay said:

Genealogy sucks as a game and is redeemed by it's narrative, and only really the first gen.


18 minutes ago, Abosikay said:

I also think that Byleth is terrible and that Three Houses is overrated(It's still way better than Fateswakening).

😄 yay I think that too!

18 minutes ago, Abosikay said:


Hey how cool is FE123, Mr. future man? On what console did it release and what year?

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Hey everybody, I go by Gerd online. I'm the type of person who gets his name and avatar from a character in an anime I don't even like. I figured I'd join here since I'd imagine there's way more socializing going on here than on the FE subreddit.

I've been into FE since around when Sacred Stones came out. I loved it and put tons of hours into it. Then for some reason I didn't play anything else until Fates came out. Then I went started really diving in. Needless to say, I'm a fan.

About a year ago I started doing FE let's plays on YouTube to give myself an excuse to finally getting around to playing some of the games I hadn't played yet. I started out with a blind run of FE4, and have since then also done blind runs of FE5 and FE12. Ran out of games to blind run, so now I'm doing an FE7 HHM ironman run. Come check it out: My Channel. I even have facecam now and everything just to uphold the facade that I have decent production.

Here's some things sure to spark a discussion or two:

  • I actually really like the swamp maps in Echoes
  • Arcadia is my favorite map in FE6
  • FE3 is better than FE12
  • Celica is best girl. Her doing that dumb thing near the end actually made me find her more interesting. Doing dumb things doesn't make a character bad.
  • Not letting you properly arrange your units before a map in Thracia is terrible and absolutely ruins chapter 20 and the Endgame map. It's clearly only a thing because chapter 19 needed it for the story to work.


Other than that, I'm really into metal, Masaaki Yuasa's work, Touhou, SMT, and NieR: Automata. 

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hello, i am also here. i am completely new to fire emblem. i am posting to reach the quota needed to post my dumb fe8 hack that makes seth's head tiny. here's my bio

"my favorite fe is listed as sacred stones because it's the only one i've played. and even then my experience is limited to playing it up to 5x, then most of the way through the self-randomized one before losing my save, then void's blitzarre adventure. this account was made solely to post a hack i made that gives seth a very tiny head. btw the "allegiance" heading doesn't even let you say "i fight for my friends". wasted opportunity. what happened there"

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Names TeeGeeThree and I’m new to this forum. I’ve been a Fire Emblem fan for more then a year now, played almost all the localized games but haven’t touched the Kaga games. In just a year FE has already become my favorite video game series of all time and am looking forward to playing the games I haven’t yet. Started the series with the Blazing Blade (Sword) in early 2019 and have been in love with the series ever since.

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Oi lads, name's Xyzzy, I hate Fire Emblem and have since I was a wee lad. This, by default, makes me the truest fire emblem fan until someone can post photographic evidence of beating Shozou Kaga within an inch of his life with a copy of T776.


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typo lmao
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Hello, I came over here since I wanted to see how things were going in a more dedicated Fire Emblem community than Reddit.

Haven't touched the Kaga games so far but I've gone through most of the others. I started appreciating the franchise again with Echoes after New Mystery but it wasn't until Three Houses that I found enough of a reason to hang out with the fanbase again. The overall game hasn't caught me as well as Echoes did around its release, but I do appreciate the way they shook up the gameplay this time around.

It's been a while since I've used forums so I don't know how easily I'll engage with the community, but I'll probably be around in discord.

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I´ve been playing FE Shadow Dragon since a few years until I found out there were other games as well (at that time Echoes was out for a year or two).

Since finding out there was more to the FE series I´ve been using SF quite frequently and have otherwise lurked.

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Hey all, I've been lurking for a few years, mostly looking at old arguments on unit viability for kicks, but I finally decided to take the plunge and make an account. I really love Jugdral and Tellius, and I'm currently replaying Radiant Dawn and playing TearRing for the first time. I've loved the series for a while now, I started with Sacred Stones and then moved on to 3DS-era and then Tellius, then Jugdral, then Elibe before playing Three Houses when it came out. For some reason I've never touched an old-school Archanea game.

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I'm Hello72207, and I am a new member to the FE community, only finding FE7 a few years ago in 7th grade when I was bored. Since then I have played many other FE games, and am currently in the middle of an FE1 run. I have not played any of the FE's past 8 because I only have a wii and am planning to get FE9/10 on the wii soon.

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Greetings to all! I am Gandling. Huge fan of Fire Emblem 7, sub par fan of Fire Emblem 8 (Love the necromancer though) and not really a fan of 6 but I have played it.

Actually played 7 first, believe it or not. That was my first exposure to the Fire Emblem series. Love it.

Favourite Swordmaster would have to be Joshua. Love the Black and Red aesthetic,

Favourite Assassin would be Jaffar. Same deal.

Favourite Sage would definitely be Ephidel. Erk would be second best but Ephidel definitely by far.

Favourite Dark magic user would be Lyon but only because he's a Necromancer and I like his animations. Not a fan of the character himself.

I hope to learn a lot about modding Fire Emblem and sprite editing while I'm here and hopefully chat with you lot and have some fun! Thanks for reading!

Your friendly neighbourhood Necro,


Edited by Gandling
More details about me! :D
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Hello, friends.

Call me Carden. Played 6, 7, 8 and Awakening. Made lots of Robins and made them different classes. Was good fun. Having them marry different people and have my own army.

Nice to meet you all!

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Hello!! I made my intro topic because I honestly thought this page was dead, but when I saw it updated I realized it was ok to join in!

I'm ShiraBliss! My first FE was Binding Blade, then I played Blazing Blade. Skipped over Sacred Stones and went right to Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn, then played Shadow Dragon. I didn't play New Mystery, then I resumed FE with Fates, went back to play Awakening, skipped Shadows of Valentia, and now I'm at Three Houses! I'd say of all the Fire Emblem games I've played, the ones that I've played the most (so far, lol) are Fates & Awakening because I adore character customization. That and class customization, which, to me, is just *chef's kiss*. 

That being said, Three Houses, despite being such a long game, is getting to be pretty well played. I've played CF twice (accidentally overwrote my first Byleth because my left joycon had a drift issue CRIES), BL thrice (first one also got overwritten, same issue), GD twice (yes, happened to this one too, RIP), and the secret route once. I've played all routes on Maddening, but I want to play one more CF, GD, and secret route because I only finished BL with Maddening difficulty on Classic, and I'd like to test my skills for the other routes! I managed to save everyone, and let me tell you, it was stressful. I'm hoping that once I unlock more forum activities that I can ask the veterans here for some advice on a team build for Maddening/Classic Crimson Flower ❤️

I also love LoZ, Castlevania (games & show), Pokemon, Crash Bandicoot, Lara Croft, and lots more. Feel free to ask me anything 😄 

Edited by ShiraBliss
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On 3/9/2020 at 10:54 PM, ShiraBliss said:

I also love LoZ, Castlevania (games & show), Pokemon, Crash Bandicoot, Lara Croft, and lots more. Feel free to ask me anything 😄 

Thoughts on Aria of sorrow then?

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On 3/11/2020 at 10:16 AM, Hello72207 said:

Thoughts on Aria of sorrow then?

Oh dear. Very polar reactions to this one... I'm ok with it? It's not my favorite, but I don't dislike it. My first, and therefore dearest to my heart, was Symphony of the Night on the PS1, and it is the game by which I measure all of my CV experiences, so while Aria was no SotN, it was no Legends either.

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As you all can probably tell, I'm Ackron. I don't really know what this quota system is, and my very first post was a new topic so I'm a little confused about that, but that isn't important. 

Awakening was my first game and I really enjoyed it despite how divisive that game is within the fanbase. Since then though, I've expanded my horizons.

Games I've completed:

  • Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Binding Blade
  • Blazing Blade
  • Sacred Stones
  • Awakening
  • Birthright
  • Echoes (well, technically not because I struggled with the final map on my first few attempts and haven't picked it up since then)
  • Three Houses (AM, VW, CF)

Games in progress:

  • Mystery of the Emblem (not sure if I have the patience to go through this one and will probably play through the DS remakes instead)
  • Thracia 776
  • Path of Radiance
  • Conquest and Revelation (tbh, Fates exhausted me at this point and I had to just put it down)

(And yes, I do passively partake in Heroes as an FTP player)

As you can probably see, I'm very bad at seeing games all the way through because there are so many games I want to try out all at once. In fact, it doesn't even end at Fire Emblem. I'm also in the middle of playing Dragon Quest XI, Luigi's Mansion 3, and Link's Awakening just to name a few. It doesn't help that some of the games I'm in the middle of are on my home computer even though I spend most of my time on my college's campus. 

I joined Serenes Forest because I've encountered many threads that I wanted to reply to, or sometimes I couldn't find a thread for certain topics I'm looking for, so I figured this was a good way for me to be active in the community. 

As for what I want out of Fire Emblem games, I'm honestly not too picky. Intelligent Systems generally does a great job with most of their games, and even some of the games with glaring/obvious flaws have enough redeeming qualities to be an overall enjoyable experience. There are exceptions of course. The user interface of FE3 for example feels so archaic and clunky that it prevents me from enjoying the actual gameplay. Also with Fates, the amount of contrived plot points and gimmicky map designs wore me down so much that it sucked any enjoyment I had from those games. If you like FE3 or Fates, then I have no problem with that at all, this is just my opinion.

Back to the positives though, it feels like most Fire Emblem games bring something new and unique to the table which keeps me engaged with the series. Even the GBA emblems for example, while they all look same on the surface, they all provide you with vastly different experiences.

So yeah, that's me. I still don't really know much about this quota system or whatever, but nevertheless being able to introduce myself is nice. Not sure how many people will be bored enough to read all of this, but it still feels nice to do.

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um Hi i guess you can call me saja i'm sort of a new fan ? idk

i started with fire emblem fates: birthright a year ago and since then i played conquest , awakning and three houses ( didn't finish it yet i still have 2 routes left )

i joined the forums because i was bored and i kind of liked lurking here so i said why not lol

anyway nice to meet you all !

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Hello there, civilization.

I go by Koops in... almost every community I've been a part of, so far, pretty much, and I'll be going by it on here as well.

I've played all games from FE4 to 11 barring 5, 10 and 12, Although I'm currently playing FE5, and I've put FE12 on hold for a while, and I have recently started a playthrough of Three Houses that daily life complications prevent me from continuing.

I live in the Middle East, although English is the language I speak the most and I don't think i have any problems considering it my first language.

Also Fiora is best girl. Here's to, hopefully, not building myself a negative reputation and keep a healthy standing in this forum.

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Everyone, I am so excited to be here! I really really like FE and I'll finally be able to discuss it with people because most people I've met who tell me they like FE have only played Fates and Three Houses so it's hard to talk about almost anything FE related. 

Ike is best boy

Lyn and Florina can battle for best girl

Who thinks they can change my mind?

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Um hi I'm new to fire emblem and this place. I haven't used some kind of forums in a very long time so I guess you could say I'm new to this as well. 

So far I've only played and Beaten 1 routes of Fire Emblem 3 Houses but I plan to play most of the other games eventually. Currently I am playing FE7 and Echoes simultaneously. Im on chapter 27 of FE7 and it's really brutal for a newb like me 😞

I only just started Echoes and I'm liking it a lot so far. Oh and I did the Verdant Wind route of fe3h so far and I'm over halfway done with Azure Moon. 

If you couldn't tell already I'm very unorganized with my thoughts and also what games I'm playing. 

Anyways, I'm glad to be here and I hope everyone here is also super nice and friendly.

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