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Newbie Meet 'n Greet

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@iluvpho Folks are friendly enough around here and moderators are pretty active.  This is definitely very different from the social media people use now. This reminds me of the old days of BBS and java chat rooms which is a good thing. Just try to stay on topic in the various sections and PM if you need help with something off-topic or post in away from the forest, etc.

@BurgerKnight714 What do you need help with?  Just PM or post your questions in the off-topic part of the forums.

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Hello everybody! Nice to meet all of you u.u

I'm new to his forum too, and I can't start a topic yet sooooooooo

I'm here to have a good time with other FE fans and to find good content!

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Nice to meet you all. I've known about this place for awhile but with the announcement of Three Houses I finally decided to join so I can discuss it and other games with everyone.

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Hello, new blood here. A fan of the series but not a hardcore one. Enjoyed Path Of Radiance, Awakening and If...but I don't play Heroes since I'm terrible with convincing myself to get phone games. Happy to see a forum being used since I thought they were a dead thing and am looking forward to joining others in the hype of the new game.

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Hey everyone! I'm Minty. I've been a longtime FE fan and I thought it was finally time for me to get an account here. I used to roleplay in an Awakening group as Stahl, and I'm also creating my very own ROM hack. If any of you want to see its early progress (Which is quite a few sprites), my IG dedicated to it is @splendid.idea . If any of you want to chat, roleplay, help me with the ROM or talk about it, please let me know! I look forward to meeting this community. Here's one of my sprites as a taste! And uh, please don't steal it, haha.


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A warm welcome to everyone just coming in!

@CastlexRS You aren't missing much on Heroes. It's mostly a collection/puzzle game with a bit of strategy involved. I only downloaded it so I could sketch from the artwork. 

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I'm a friend of Iris's (and other people here like Makaze and Elieson) from EiMM/MU. I joined for the Training Mafia she's hosting, and I'll be Jordan's mentor.

Also I'm having some issues with my account, so if someone could direct me to the nearest mod, that would be much appreciated!

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Oh, hi mark.

I do some art and dabble with random stuff relating to Fire Emblem occasionally, I'm not particularly interesting to talk to, and I am incapable of conveying/relating my thoughts and feeling to other human-beings. Sometimes in the dead of night I crawl out my bed and just stare into my neighbors room through their windows which have no blinds leaving them and their room open to thine eyes.

Such a lovely couple.

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Jfc I'm so sorry for not responding, I got really busy and tired the past two days.  Sorry for the wait! ;-;


I am not worthy - I can't even get past chapter five of Lunatic :"D


Hey there!  Welcome; I'm a big fan of mythology too!  Though as interesting as Fire Emblem is with their mythological elements, I'm not going to lie - I'd love to see a game that incorporates either Greek, Gaelic, or Japanese Myths more strongly.


Heyo!!  I'd love to see that PME if you've got the time! ^u^


Welcome, and I can help you with the 3DS Fire Emblem games!  If difficulty is an issue, I can help with that; as someone who has played and beaten all of the 3DS FE games, I'd rank them like this from easiest to hardest:

Birthright -> Awakening -> Shadows of Valentia -> Conquest

If story and characters is something you care about a lot, I'd go with Awakening or Valentia, as while Awakening's story can be typical at times, it's a very genuine, very emotion-driven story with phenomenal characters (most of them are, anyway, but they can't all be winners) and a good twist or two in there.  Valentia's twists are more easy to spot, but the production value is at an all time high with full voice acting, beautiful art and spritework if you're really into that; the story is solid too, and has some powerful character moments and narrative themes.  So both are good for story and character - though Awakening's gameplay can be a bit...easy to break, and Valentia, while very good with unique mechanics, has some of the worst map design of any FE games (take a shot every time you have to fight in an open field).  If gameplay balance is something you care about, you'll find Awakening too easy, and Valentia very good, BUT

Conquest is undeniably more solid on the gameplay front, with many different missions beyond just "capture the point" "kill the boss" or, most frequently, "rout the enemy".  Which are all fine missions, but Conquest's strength is in it's variety.  Conquest is the hardest of the games, and has some glaring faults in it's gameplay (weapons suck, I've found a lot of character's downright unusable), but it is the arguably most polished on the gameplay front.  Birthright has the same polish, but with very basic map design and a surplus of units that have advantages against your Nohrian enemies, it can get dull at times.  But Conquest is a very well-designed game in a lot of fronts, so you wouldn't do wrong picking that one up.  However...the story.  Conquest is a game I have a love-hate relationship with because there was a lot of potential in the game's story, but it just...doesn't live up to that.  Putting it nicely, the story is a complete mess.  Birthright is more competent on the story front, but it's also bland (it has some good moments, but still).  Not to mention, to get the "canon" ending, you need to buy 20 dollar DLC to get the third and final path, Revelations.  Oh, and you don't just buy one game and get to pick your side based on the events in the game or by your choice - which ever version of the game you pick determines which path you go down.  That, or you have to buy a digital version of the game to be able to actually participate in the main selling point of the game - choosing your side based on your ideals.

Personally, I would go with Awakening or Valentia as your first 3DS game, but, if you can tolerate (or revel in) bad stories, Fates isn't a terrible purchase - it's got a few good characters here or there.

Also PME is pick my edits ^^


Great to have you!  I'm a big fan of Awakening and Valentia too (if my earlier spiel didn't tip you off)!  I'm looking forward to talking with you too!


ONLY five times?  C'mon mate Hey there Suzy!  Welcome to the forums! ^o^


Sorry for not getting to you earlier, welcome, and was your question answered?  Again, very sorry for not getting to this sooner.  Thank you so much @grinus for stepping up while I was away ;u;  You are a saint.


The Lurker Clan grows Heyo!  If you have any questions, you can PM me; I don't bite for now!

@Blavier Mor

No you get back here *YOINK*

Welcome to the forums!  :3c  So you into Conquest?


Ahh, don't worry about it - so long as you post enough in non-Introductory forums, you'll get to start topics!  It's good to see ya! 


I know right!?  Are you new too? :oc


Because Three Houses looks AMAZING  Heyo and welcome!  Can't wait to discuss FE stuff with you! ^^


The Lurker Clan will NEVER cease it's growth -waves- Hey there!!  Can you show me the hack sometime? :o I love this kind of stuff so


New blood, always welcome >:3c

Heyo, and ye we aren't dead! :D


!!!!!:DDD  You roleplay and romhack?!  That's so cool!!  I'd totally be up for a roleplay sometime soon if you wanted, and I'd love to see the progress on your hack!  Welcome!! 'U'


Yeah sorry about the inactivity!!  I'll PM you what you have to do, alright?  Welcome! ^^'

@undine's breath

Welcome!  If you need mod help, I'd recommend talking to eclipse - she's usually the authority on these types of things.


Leave your stupid comments in your pocket.

I'd love to see your art sometime; welcome!  And yeah, big mood, except I don't have neighbors, so I just sort of spy on shapeless beings that wander outside my window.  You know, nothing too crazy.

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Thanks for the interest! It's a QOL hack, so nothing too big or fancy. The GBA FE fonts were getting on my nerves in my last playthrough, so I edited them to make them easier to read. The dialogue font is less tall and the menu font no longer has characters with irregular heights.

If you want to try it out, I've attached the patch to this post! It should work on any US FE7 rom.

FE7 Font Normalizer.ips

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