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Guide to S-Rank Lyn Mode + LVL 7 Nils + Use Both Stat Boosters All at Once!

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5/17/2018 UPDATE: I posted this before; but the original guide suffered from a number of problems caused by bits of cutscene RNG, as well as my own lack of oversight.  As such, I have decided to re-upload it, with all the fixes it so badly needed before.  Thank you for reading!

Alright then everyone, the time has come! It is time I gave you my step-by-step guide to maxing all the ranks in Lyn mode, getting Nils to Level 7, and somehow breaking Lyn's story even harder than Melth did in the process! So then, before we go onto the chapters themselves, let's go over the way this game determines chance, shall we?

Now, to determine things like whether or not a character misses on a 74% chance of hitting someone, or whether someone gets 7 stats or no stats on a level up, this game uses a long series of random numbers that it generates when you start up the game. And of course, Melth has already gone over how two RN's (random numbers) are used to hit someone (and the following implications that that has on how you should read the percentages), but of course, things are much more involved than just that, and we're going to need to cover the rest of how randomness works in this game if you're going to understand anything I'm doing, and why it works.

So then, first of all, the basic stuff. In addition to using two RN's to decide if your blow does or doesn't land, the game also uses RN's for other things. Firstly, if the game decides that if you managed to hit your enemy, it will then use another RN to decide if your attack is a critical or not. And if your Critical Hit% is higher or equal to whatever RN the game brings up, you will score a critical hit! And then, if and only if you actually get a critical hit, the game will then use yet another RN to decide if that critical hit becomes a Silencer critical, even if your class is NOT an assassin.

In addition, the game does not have separate lists of RN's dedicated only to level ups, or dedicated only to combat, or anything like that. No, when you boot up your game, the game just generates one extremely long list of numbers, and then uses that list to determine everything. So essentially, in any single round of combat, you will always burn at least two RN's, even if you just whiff one Javelin throw on a dodgy enemy or whatever. Or, you might burn 8-10 RN's depending on how fast you are compared to your enemy. And if you're both wielding Brave Weapons, and you have 4 more AS than your enemy, you can burn as many as 36 RN's in a single round (assuming of course, that all of you and your opponents attacks, with all of them being criticals that you both somehow survived).

So, how is any of this relevant? "Who cares?" you might ask. Well, here's the thing. You see, when you turn on your game, and it loads up it's long list of numbers...the numbers on that list are NOT random. Instead, the list is a pre-determined list that the game always uses when you start up your game. So if you turn your console on, that list will ALWAYS start the same way it did as the last 105 times you turned it on! Now, it won't do that if you use the A + B + Start + Select reset trick (which we will refer to as a "soft reset" from this time forward). No, you will still be on the same spot on the list that you were before the reset. And if you choose to "Resume Chapter", the game will remember where you were at on the list before you left, and return things to the way you were.

BUT, if you actually turn off your game then turn it back on (which we will call a "hard reset"), then you will return right back to the very beginning of the list, at the same spot, every time. And what that means is, assuming you always clear a chapter the exact way, with the exact same characters, with the exact same movements, and the exact everything else, and do a Hard Reset before each run...you will always...always...ALWAYS, get the same results each and every time.

So we're going to be doing exactly that. Let us begin! And remember...

Hard Reset=Turn off your game then turn it back on.
Soft Reset=Use the A + B + Start + Select reset trick.

2 RN's are used for hitting enemy.
1 RN checks for criticals if your attack lands
1 RN checks for Silencers if you get a critical (even on non-assassins who don't have that skill)


Here's my affinity if you're curious. I have never S-Ranked Hector Hard Mode before, so if Melth thinks this affinity is best, who am I to argue :shrug: ? Anyways...

Prologue (5 Turns):

1: Go 3 up and 2 left.
2: Go west without attacking.
3: Attack Batta from the east.
4: Finish him!
5: You are winner!

Those there are my written notes for which exact sequence of moves will get us what we want. Note that you do have to go 3 up and 2 left on turn 1, because the game also uses RN's to determine how exactly enemies move. For example...


Let's say that there was an enemy standing in the exact same spot that Lyn is standing in right now, and it wants to move to where the cursor is. Well, there are multiple ways that the enemy could do that. It could move like this...


Or it could move like this...


Or perhaps it could move like this...


And so on and so forth. But in addition to burning RN's to decide which exact path the enemy takes to where it's going, the game also uses RN's to decide where the enemy moves relative to where you are. So let's say that the brigand here is only 4 spaces southwest of Lyn, and it wants to move closer to her. It can't reach her, so what does it do? Does it go 4 spaces north and 1 space east? Or would it go 4 spaces east, and 1 space north? Or perhaps it would go 3 spaces north, and 2 spaces east?

The game uses the same list of RN's to determine which of these equally viable actions an enemy would take, and in this way, even little things like how exactly you move end up playing a role in how many RN's are burnt on the Enemy Phase. So when you read the instructions that I post for each chapter, you'll generally want to follow them very carefully. Speaking of which...


Whenever you find an instruction like "Go west without attacking", and I don't specify just how far west you're supposed to go, that means that I'm telling you to go as far west as you possibly can, just I want the instructions to be as concise as possible, so I won't actually say "go all the way west" when I'm expecting you to do just that.


Now look at this mess I've gotten myself into! I am literally attacking a full health Batta, with only 6 HP, on the Player Phase. This move would be tantamount to suicide in any normal playthrough. But if you follow my instructions, not only will Lyn not die...


But she'll even get an awesome level out of it! In fact, my instructions are specifically designed to give awesome levels every time you level up, for everyone, not just Sain (though he gets slightly better levels than everyone else anyways). So then, before we go to the next chapter...


ALWAYS do a hard reset on your game before every chapter. These notes are specifically designed to be as easy to pull off as possible, so if you botch something on a Chapter, you won't have to restart your entire run just for everything to go right. Just do a Hard Reset, and presto! You're still good to go! So, on to Chapter 1...

Chapter 1 (5 Turns): Remember to use Weapon Triangle Advantage unless I SPECIFICALLY say otherwise.

1: Kent attacks brigand w/lance from below, Lyn gives a sword to Sain from the east, then Sain attacks from above with lance.
2: Sain 3 east while equipping sword, Kent gives sword to Lyn from the east.
3: Sain 2 east and 2 north.
4: Sain attacks Zugu.
5: Sain kills Zugu with sword, Kent 3 east w/lance.

Here you will see the first, but certainly not the last, instance of attacking axe users with lances, not just to preserve the funds rank, but because things can go slightly different depending on if the enemy hits or does not hit your character during combat. In this case, that could be the difference between 5 RN's being burnt, or 6 RN's being burnt, which means we might not get levels like this!



Ok, so they may not seem like the greatest levels ever...but actually, it's very important that we get a lot of Strength and Speed. Strength, so that units like Florina, Kent, and Lyn can ORKO enemies they otherwise wouldn't be able to (and therefore helping your Combat score). So for example, Sain needs at least 9 Speed to double brigands on Chapter 4, everyone needs 12 Speed to double mercenaries, and Flor needs 9 Strength and 13 Speed so she can instantly kill cavalries with an Iron Lance on Chapter 10. And if we're looking at these units joining in on Hector Hard Mode, Lyn needs at least 10 Strength in order to ORKO mercenaries on Chapter 16, even if they spawn with maximum defensive stats. So these Strength and Speed levels are actually very important to get, even if they come at the cost of other stats (though don't worry, our characters don't end up glass cannons ;) ).

So then, Chapter 2...

Chapter 2 (4 Turns):

1: Sain into forest w/lance, move Kent and Lyn forward, just outside enemy range.
2: Attack wall with Sain's lance, and put Lyn and Kent next to Sain.
3: Break down wall with lance, Attack east brigand with Lyn, put Kent 2 west of Glass,
4: Kent weakens boss, Sain kills him. Then Lyn trades Sain her sword in return for his Vulnerary and captures throne.


Fire Emblem (Chapter 2 Level Up).png

Not much to say about this one. So, moving on...

Chapter 3 (3 Turns): (Lyn Wields Mani Katti From Now On)

1: Lyn gets Wil, Wil attacks archer, Kent kills archer w/lance, Flor rescues Lyn from below, flies 2 west of eastern forest, then Sain gives Flor his Iron Lance and dumps Lyn onto forest.
2: Kent trades his Iron Lance for Sain's 30 use Iron Sword then heads for shop, Sain OHKOs merc, Lyn kills archer, then Flor goes 4 west.
3: Flor gets money from village, Kent buys Iron Lance and Sword, Lyn kills merc, and Sain attacks Miguel.

First of all, Turn 1 of this chapter is kind of interesting in the strategy you use to low turn it. I don't talk about the strategies that go into most of the Chapters since many of them can be summed up as "go all out while sometimes doing seemingly pointless things"...but this one is an exception.


See, in order to beat this in 3 turns, you either have to rescue drop Sain (or someone else strong) over the walls, or you have to drop someone like Lyn on the forest here. Otherwise, if you can't mow down most of the enemies on Turn 1, they're just going to end up clogging the passageway, and making it impossible to get to Miguel on time.

In other news, Kent gets to buy a new Iron Lance, and everyone gets to have awesome level ups...




Really, that's one of the most awesome things about following my notes. Not only do you get these awesome level ups, but, because the Lyn Mode maps are so simple, following a step-by-step guide is WAY easier than it otherwise would be if we were on one of the later maps. In fact, they're really not even that hard to do even WITHOUT having to look at them! I myself can go through multiple chapters without ever having to look them up, something I'd never be able to do if I were on, say, Cog of Destiny. Now then, I believe that's all for the important stuff. So now, here's everything else, with checkpoint pictures and everything!

Chapter 4 (8 Turns): (NOTE BY RAINBUCKETS: "If you mash Start as fast as possible, you will actually skip the cutscene before the blue guys (Lyn’s group) spawns. If this happens, you won’t burn the right number of RNs. You need to wait for the blue guys to appear, then hit start. You will know if you do this incorrectly because Sain gets the wrong level up on turn 1")

1: Sain 3 west and 4 south to kill Brigand, Lyn below Wil, Flor east of Lyn, Wil goes 1 northwest, Kent 1 northwest of Lyn.



2: Kent kills west archer from above w/lance, Sain kills east archer w/lance, Dorcas and Flor hide DIRECTLY behind Lyn (right next to her).



3: Flor equips Iron Lance and goes 3 south and 1 west from northern merc, Kent goes 2 spaces northwest with lance equipped.


4: Kent kills bottom brigand from the right w/lance...


Flor attacks the northernmost merc with Iron Lance from below (always assume she's using the Iron Lance unless stated otherwise).



5: Kent 3 north w/sword, Flor criticals the merc.



6: Flor attacks.



7: Kent uses lance on brigand, Flor attacks merc, Sain attacks Carjiga from forest with lance.



8: Stupid game mechanics quirk (rescue chapters always cost one more Turn than they're supposed to)!

This chapter here is where things start getting a little harder, just because now you start having to do things in a specific order to get what you want. For example, on Turn 5, if Florina attacks her enemy before Kent attacks his, Kent won't get the awesome level that he's supposed to. So that starts making things a little more complicated. Anyways...

Chapter 5: (Let Lyndis's Mercernaries move then spam Start; you'll know you got it right if the Mercenary near Bug has 3 Strength)

1: Kent goes 1 north and 2 east w/sword, Sain kills archer w/lance, Wil goes 1 south, Lyn recruits Serra and Erk, Erk goes south of Sain, then Flor rescues Lyn and goes east.
2: Kent kills brigand, Sain 2 south of brigand w/sword, Flor goes under merc and drops Lyn
on the forest north of Bug, then goes 1 north.

Fire Emblem (Chapter 5 Level Up No. 1).p

3: Lyn kills archer, Sain buys two Javelins, and Flor kills Bug w/Slim Lance

Fire Emblem (Chapter 5 Level Up No. 2).p

JUN 6, 2017 UPDATE: REMEMBER TO USE THE ANGELIC ROBE ON FLORINA!!  Just warning you now; the Chapter 7x strat will not work if you don't


Chapter 6: (Let Lyndis's Mercenaries move before skipping them)

Turn 1: Have Kent get Door Key and go 3 east of Sain, then have Flor get Kent's Door Key while going east (make sure to re-equip that Iron Lance!). Give Kent a Javelin before Sain goes all the way north (making sure that Sain's got a free inventory space).  Have Lyn, Matthew, and Rath do Normal Mode stuff, and have everyone else get closer to the castle).


Turn 2: Sain kills soldier with his sword, Matthew gets chest, Flor kills soldier, and the main group goes into the castle (with Rath and Kent helping to get Lyn into castle, so you won't have to remember to move her on Turn 3).


Turn 3: Have Flor open door and go up to soldier, have Sain open door for Matthew, and have Matthew get into position to get Armorslayer next turn.



Turn 4: Flor and Matthew do their thing, Lyn kills archer, Kent attacks Bool w/lance, Sain finishes him off, and Rath ends the level.




JUN 6, 2017 UPDATE: USE THE ANGELIC ROBE ON FLORINA!!  Seriously, the rest of the guide just will not work until Florina hunkers down and EATS that Angelic Robe!


Chapter 7: (Units Used: Lyn, Sain, Kent, Rath, and Flor)


1: Kent kills shaman w/lance, Lyn criticals archer from south with Nils's help, Sain equips Javelin, and moves next to Flor. Flor then equips the Slim Lance, picks him up, and goes 5 east and 2 south. To finish the turn off, Rath picks up Kent (MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT KENT HAS A SWORD EQUIPPED, NOT A LANCE!), and goes onto the vendor.


2: Drop Sain onto Fort and then have Flor go 2 north and one east, where the mercenary will attack her from the south. After that, have Lyn go 2 east without attacking, drop Kent onto the Fort (MAKE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT KENT HAS A SWORD EQUIPPED, NOT A LANCE!), then have Rath go 1 west so that Nils can dance for him.



3: Lyn kills merc from above or below, have Flor critical brigand with her Slim Lance, Rath or Kent gets Pure Water with Nil's help, and then have Sain attack Heintz with his Iron Lance.


And there we go. Now let's go and get Ninian's stupidly OP ring back!

Chapter 7x: (Units Used: Lyn, Sain, Kent, Flor, Erk, Rath, Nils, Matthew, Dorcas)

Matthew needs three free inventory spaces, Kent needs two free inventory spaces, Matthew and Lyn must have an Iron Sword, Dorcas must have an Iron Axe, and Rath must have Wil's Iron Bow (Short Bow is worth too much).  


Turn 1: Flor kills soldier (always use Iron Lance when possible, except when told otherwise), Matthew moves 2 west and 4 north, Nils dances for him from the left. Put Matthew 2 west of Flor, put Kent next to Nils and Flor, put Sain next to Nils with sword equipped, put Rath below Sain, move Lyn west as far as she can, move Dorcas and Lucius next to Lyn, and move Erk 2 west.


Turn 2: Sain breaks wall, Matthew steals Vulnerary from west, Nils dances for him, Flor kills the archer from above, and then Matthew goes 2 south and 3 east. Rath goes 2 north and 1 east, Lyn west of Rath, Lucius below Lyn, Dorcas south of Rath, and Kent goes somewhere in treasure room.


Turn 3: Matthew steals Vulnerary, Flor goes 3 south of soldier, Nils dances for Flor on pillar, Kent above Flor, Rath rescues Matthew and goes above Sain, then Sain drops Matthew onto chest and stops 2 west of Kent. Dorcas attacks cavalry from close up, Erk kills it from any spot in the east, and Lucius and Lyn go up (with Lyn equipped with Mani Katti).


Turn 4: Flor kills soldier from the west...

Fire Emblem (Corrected Flora Level up 2)

Matthew goes between Kent and Sain, unloads his stuff onto Kent, then steals Lockpick from above...



Nils dances for Matthew from above, Matthew loots Hammer...


Rath rescues Matthew from below and goes next to Kent, Kent drops Matthew below Nils and goes 1 north and 2 east of Nils, and Sain goes 2 south of Beyard w/Javelin equipped. Finally, have Dorcas go west of cracked wall, and have Lyn go as far north as she's able with her Iron Sword equipped.


Turn 5: Have Dorcas kill the last soldier, have Rath hit the Thief, Sain kills Beyard with the Javelin...


Flor kills thief, Lyn goes onto pillar and kills merc with Mani Katti, Matthew steals Vulnerary from remaining merc with help from Nils, and then Kent rescues Matthew (so merc will target Lyn on enemy phase).



Now THIS one has a strategy that I'm particular fond of. There's a TAS for S-Ranking Lyn Mode out right now, and that TAS also steals all the Vulneraries just like Melth did. So my strategy is mostly an adaptation of that, except, instead of getting Matthew to crit like the TAS did, I found a way so that it wouldn't be needed.

Chapter 8: Let Lyn and Co. appear on the map before skipping any scenes.  Florina and Kent have Javelin Equipped

(Units Used: Lyn, Sain, Kent, Flor, Dorcas, Nils, Lucius and Serra)


Turn 1: Lucius, Dorcas, and Sain go east in that order. Then Lyn goes next to Flor, and Flor rescues her before going 4 south and 3 east. Then Nils dances for Flor from above, Flor drops Lyn onto bottom forest and goes north, Kent goes as far south as he can, and Serra goes east.



Turn 2: Lucius goes 1 south and 4 east, Sain OHKO's mage from west w/lance, Serra heals Nils, Flor rescues Sain and goes 3 south of Nils, Nils dances for her...

Fire Emblem (Chapter 8 Nils Level up).pn

And then Flor goes south and drops Sain east. Finally, Lyn goes south into forest, and Kent goes 4 south and 3 east.




Turn 3: Lucius gets Lancereaver, Sain puts himself right above Yogi w/lance equipped but does not attack, Dorcas kills Shaman, Nils dances for experience, Lyn kills archer, Flor equips Iron Lance and flies onto the southwest Forest tile that's DIRECTLY next to both of the eastern forts, and then Kent kills the Ballista archer.



Now for the last enemy phase...

Fire Emblem (Chapter 8 Sain Level up).pn

And there we go!

Chapter 9: If you mash Start, you skip an important cutscene and will fail the level. Lyn won’t kill the Cavalier on turn 1. In this case, it’s pretty deceptive because you can actually still get the exact same Dorcas level up on turn 2.  We're not sure which cutscene it is, but RainBucket believes that it's Wallace's.

(Units Used: Lyn, Sain, Kent, Flor, Dorcas, Nils and Rath)

Fire Emblem (Chapter 9 Map Squares).png

Turn 1: Lyn moves next to Flor, Flor rescues Lyn and goes 1 east of bridge tile.  Nils dances for Flor, and then Flor goes 6 east, drops Lyn to the right, and then goes 1 south. Sain goes 1 east of Nils, Rath goes 1 north and 2 west of middle fortress, Kent goes into southernmost forest w/lance, and have Dorcas walk up to fortress as Wallace gets the Torch.


Turn 2: Dorcas kills soldier...


Flor goes 2 west of Eagler, Sain kills merc and then goes below Flor with Nil's help.  Rath goes 2 west.



Turn 3: Lyn kills cavalier, Sain attacks Eagler, Nils dances for Lyn from below, Lyn goes 1 west, Dorcas goes west next to fort, have Wallace go 2 south, and then put Rath southeast of him. That way, the northern brigand will aggro towards Kent and not towards Dorcas.



Turn 4: Kent kills northern brigand w/lance, Flor kills archer, Sain kills Eagler...


And then Lyn seizes the castle!



Chapter 10: Florina is required to use the Angel Robe for this to work.  Don't worry, you can still use the Energy Ring!  Also, keep having Nils dance every single turn here.

(Units Used: Lyn, Sain, Florina, Dorcas, Nils, Rath, Serra, Rath and Dorcas):

Fire Emblem 1.png

Turn 1: Flor attacks merc from above with Iron Lance, have Dorcas go 1 north and 2 east, have Nils go into the closest forest while dancing for him, put Rath west of Dorcas, and put Serra south of Dorcas. 

Fire Emblem 2.png

Fire Emblem 3.png

Turn 2: Flor criticals west archer from the north.  Have Dorcas go 2 south and 1 east, have Nils dance for him from the east (careful how you move Nils), have Dorcas go 1 northeast, and have Rath go 1 northwest of Dorcas.  After that, have Lyn go south, and have Sain go north of her.
Turn 3: Nils keeps dancing with Dorcas next to him, and Flor goes 2 south.
Turn 4: Same thing, except have Flor go 2 west.

Turn 5: Have Serra heal Nils then go back to where she was (by having Nils play for her).  After that, have Flor go into northern fort, have Lyn go into the river, and have Sain go 1 south.

Fire Emblem 6.png

Turn 6: Have Lyn go another space south (at this point, I'm assuming you're always having Nils play)
Turns 7-9: Keep passing the turns.

Fire Emblem 7.png

Turn 10: Flor goes 5 east.

Fire Emblem 8.png

Turn 11: Flor kills the shaman from above, have Serra heals Nils and then have her move back to where she was.

Fire Emblem 9.png

Fire Emblem 10.png

Turn 12: Flor gets the Energy Ring and goes west.

Fire Emblem 11.png

Turn 13: Flor goes 2 north and 5 west.
Turn 14: Flor rescues Sain and goes south.

Fire Emblem 12.png

Turn 15: Have Serra heal Nils and then go back to where she was.  Flor goes south and drops Sain to the south.
Turn 16: Sain attacks Knight with Iron Lance as Flor rescues Lyn and goes south.

Fire Emblem 13.png

Turn 17: Flor drops Lyn south, JUST out of Lundgren's range, before flying somewhere else herself.  Sain waits next to Lundgren with Iron Lance equipped. 

Fire Emblem 14.png

Turn 18: Decide who gets the Energy Ring (I personally would give it to Florina).  Then have Sain kill Lundgren.  

Fire Emblem 15.png

Lyn goes onto the Gate, but doesn't seize.

Turns 19-23: Pass the turns (turn off Auto-Cursor; you won't need it)
Turn 24: Dorcas attacks Archer, Serra heals Nils, and then Rath rescues her (she won't be needed anymore)
Turns 25-33: Pass the turns
Turn 34: Dorcas kills archer and attacks the mage.
Turn 35: Dorcas kills age then kills soldier (the Funds stat listed in the pic is BEFORE using the Energy Ring; you're free to use it on whomever you like.  You'll still pass the Funds rank)

Fire Emblem 17.png

Then Lyn seizes the day!


174x Iron Swords-1740
18x Armorslayer-1260
15x Lancereaver-1800
113x Iron Lances-904
25x Slim Lance-375
29x Javelin-580
71x Iron Axe-426
20x Hammer-800
20x Hand Axe-300
43x Iron Bow-516
22x Short Bow-1760
25x Heal-500
37x Fire-518
35x Lightning-630
1x Knight Crest-10000
14x Vulnerary-4200
3x Pure Water-900
5x Torch-500
24x Lockpick-1920
Total Funds-35009 (S Rank)


Lyn: 672 Exp. (technically 673; but Lyn gets 1 point from getting attacked by the Ballistae in Chapter 8.  That one doesn't count)
Sain: 1270 Exp.
Kent: 455 Exp.
Florina: 725 Exp.
Nils: 636 Exp.
Serra: 55 Exp.
Rath: 21 Exp. (but only 8 of it counts, since the other 13 was in a cutscene)
Dorcas: 229 Exp.
Lucius: 0 Exp.
Erk: 60 Exp.
Matthew: 40 Exp.
Wil: 10 Exp.
Wallace: 0 Exp.

Combat: 127/314=40.45% (S Rank)

Turns: 82 out of 83 Turns spent (S Rank)

Survival: All characters survived (S Rank)

And there you have it! I'd include a snapshot of my ranking for Lyn Mode, but, unfortunately, when I downloaded this game, I also used a save to instantly unlock Hector Hard Mode and all the supports. And since that save also happened to have all the rankings maxed in all the Hard Modes, well...there's nothing I can do about that. When you get a second S Rank in a particular mode, it does not override the one you already had. So, that's that. Thank you so much for reading everyone! Any questions?

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Thanks for this. I've played Lyn mode enough times I'm sick of doing so, so I was planning to just keep a file saved at chapter 10 so I could play the last chapter and skip the rest. Now I can not only do that, but do it without worrying I'll get RNG screwed getting there.

Just wondering though, does the RNG alter when the system is turned off? Because it might be awkward to do on a legit cart if so.

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1 minute ago, FionordeQuester said:

It does not, thankfully.  It's how people can beat Hector Hard in under 2 hours!

Good to know. I think I'll be doing my last run through of Lyn mode using this strategy. I'm not big on RNG manipulation usually because I enjoy adjusting my strategies based off unexpected things, but given the fact Lyn mode kind of drags on with weak enemies to the end and has to be played through if you want to get 19XX.... well, it gets on ones nerves over time.

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Indeed.  Do tell me if anything goes wrong, alright?  I think I weeded out all the cutscene RNG shenanigans (when unit sprites move on maps, they're burning RNs as they do so; which initially threw off those who tried to use the first version of my guide); but there still may be instances of unclear instructions!

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I read the old thread and now read this one.. I'm pretty sure I'm following the instructions to the letter, but I'm having a problem with Chapter 4.
On turn 4 specifically. When Kent is supposed to kill the Bandit with his Lance, he instead misses his second attack and doesn't get the level up.

All of the level ups and everything goes correctly before then. I'm actually not sure what I'm doing wrong. I might be moving a unit incorrectly. I tried using Rainbucket's video as a visual guide, but even following that to the letter actually got me different results. I was sure to not skip the cutscene until everyone spawned on the map just to be safe... but for some reason I still got that issue.

The last time I attempted this I got to the last turn and Sain died. But that was with the previously posted guide.
Just to be clear: On turn 4, when Kent needs to kill the Bandit on the right with the Lance, I just move straight down, yeah? That makes the most sense to me.

Edited by Vyra Love

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1 hour ago, Vyra Love said:

Just to be clear: On turn 4, when Kent needs to kill the Bandit on the right with the Lance, I just move straight down, yeah? That makes the most sense to me.

Yeah, that's right.  Straight down.

Hm...which emulator are you using?  And are you sure you're doing hard resets, and not soft resets?

Edited by FionordeQuester

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49 minutes ago, FionordeQuester said:

Yeah, that's right.  Straight down.

Hm...which emulator are you using?  And are you sure you're doing hard resets, and not soft resets?

I'm using VBA. Ctrl+R does the 'Reset' command which I presume to be the hard reset command. Because chapters 1-3 went by successfully. If I need to use a different emulator I will try a different one. Might even make a video of it just to show what I'm doing.
What emulator would you recommend? I always thought VBA was the best one out there.

Edited by Vyra Love

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1 minute ago, Vyra Love said:

Might even make a video of it just to show what I'm doing.

That's what I would suggest.  That way I REALLY know what you're doing!

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1 minute ago, FionordeQuester said:

That's what I would suggest.  That way I REALLY know what you're doing!

I will post it up tomorrow then. I got a job orientation to go to tomorrow morning.

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Sorry for the delay, but uh... Go figure. When recording it, and doing the same exact thing that I've always been doing (i think..) 
The RNG goes as planned.. but, either way. here you go. Also yes I left the animations in because I like watching them. Hmph. :P 


Edited by Vyra Love

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...Wait a minute...!  What are your game options set on?  I don't usually have animations on, so...perhaps something ELSE might have been throwing it off?  

Edited by FionordeQuester

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They're pretty much default except I have backgrounds on my animations and fast map movements/fast text. I think I also turned off the easy/help scroll text... but other than it's the same. Now that I think about it, I may have done certain turns out of order like attacking with Florina first or Sain first when it's supposed to be Kent. I dunno. I'm just glad everything worked this time. XD

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2 minutes ago, Vyra Love said:

Now that I think about it, I may have done certain turns out of order like attacking with Florina first or Sain first when it's supposed to be Kent. I dunno. I'm just glad everything worked this time. XD

Oh yeah.  That all is very important!  The RNG being a giant string of numbers that are consumed every fight, and all that!

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