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The Worst of the Best

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We all have our heroes that we've leveled up and decked out with all the coolest skills, but no unit can be good at everything. Maybe your mage can kill enemies in one shot but can be killed by just a stiff wind or maybe your armor unit is strong and tough but slow as molasses. What I'm interested in is this: of your fully leveled units, what's the lowest stat value any of them have and how did it get there? For me it's these:

HP: 30: +atk/-hp Delthea (Dark Aura, so no refinement)

Atk: 32: +def/-spd Lissa (Fear+, Fortress Resistance, and Fortress Defense)

Spd: 17: +atk/-spd Cherche+1 (Brave Axe+)

Def: 8: Tie between the above mentioned Delthea and my +spd/-def Bow!Hinoka (Life and Death 3 on both)

Res: 12: +spd/-res Leon

How about the rest of y'all?

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HP: Tie between Genny (-atk, +def) and PA!Azura (-hp, +atk) at 32

Atk: PA!Inigo (+res, -hp) at 39 (Gronnraven+ equipped)

Spd: Reinhardt (+atk, -spd) at 15 (Dire thunder equipped)

Def: Tailtiu (merged twice, -def, +spd) at 13

Res: Threeway tie between Finn (Merged once, Life and Death 3 equipped), Sothe (merged once, -res, +spd, Life and Death 3 equipped), and Lukas (merged once, -res, +def)

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I'll stick with 5 star units since my 3 star level 40 matthew, sophia, Virion, and Olivia that I still keep around from the mkv days would take up all the spotlight.

HP - 29 with my +Def/-HP Genny

Atk - 34 tie between my +Spd/-Atk Clarine and +Spd/-Atk Ninian. Without weapon equipped, it would be Ninian at 21.

Spd - 11 with Brave Sword wielding Arden. But without the speed penalty he'll tie with Zephiel at 16.

Def - 12 tie between +Res/-Def Spring Sharena and +Spd/-Def Katarina

Res - 14 tie between +Def/-Res Gunter, +Atk/-Spd Frederick, and +Atk/-Res Summer Frederick. Also my Jaffar has 14, but that's only due to Life and Death.

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Here's the five worst for each among my 5*s:

HP: -HP Honorable Ninja Kagero (28); that's only four better than base level Arden (4*) and Zephiel (3* and 4*) for the record
   Second Worst: +2 -HP Genny (30)
   Third Worst: +1 -HP Begnion's Apostle Sanaki (31)
   Fourth Worst: seven-way tie; -HP Blushing Beauty Olivia, Arvis, neutral HP Lute, neutral HP L'Arachel, neutral HP Nino, -HP Soren, -HP Rhajat (33)
   Fifth Worst: eight-way tie; neutral HP Eternal Witch Nowi, +1 neutral HP Delthea, -HP Bewitching Beauty Camilla, -HP Titania, neutral HP Tropical Flower Elise, +1 -HP Happy Vampire Henry, neutral HP Blush of Youth Lilina, Felicia (34)

Atk: neutral Atk Twisted Mind Henry w/ +Res tome, +1 -Atk Rebecca w/Silver Bow+, -Atk Festival Dancer Olivia w/Dancer's Fan+ (all 34)
   Second Worst: neutral Atk Blue Mage Knight Olwen w/Dire Thunder (35)
   Third Worst: -Atk Gentle Nekomata Sakura w/Kitty Paddle+ (37)
   Fourth Worst: neutral Atk Lachesis w/Absorb+ (39)
   Fifth Worst: netural Atk High Deliverer Robin w/Blarraven+ and -Atk Dragon Princess Kana w/Water Breath+ (40)

Spd:  Arden w/Brave Sword+ (11)
   Second Worst: the -Spd Rein twins w/Meisterschwert and Dire Thunder (15)
   Third Worst: Zephiel and -Spd Gifted Leader Chrom (16)
   Fourth Worst: +1 neutral Spd Seliph w/Brave Sword+ and -Spd Twisted Mind Henry (19)
   Fifth Worst: -Spd Naga's Voice Tiki, +2 -Spd Effie and neutral Spd Cherche w/Brave Axe+ (20)

Def: +1 Mae w/Life and Death 3 (11)
   Second Worst: +1 netural Def Delthea and -Def Prince of Soup Takumi (13)
   Third Worst: -Def Caring Princess Celica w/Life and Death 3, +1 -Def Micaiah, -Def Spring Whitewing Catria and -Def Sothe w/Life and Death 3 (14)
   Fourth Worst: -Def Lute w/Fury 3 (15)
   Fifth Worst: +6 Knight Paragon Cordelia w/Life and Death 3, neutral Def Deirdre and neutral Def Festival Dancer Olivia (16)

Res: -Res Cherche (12)
   Second Worst: -Res Lukas, -Res Student Swimmer Xander and neutral Res Spring Prince Alfonse w/Life and Death 3 (13)
   Third Worst: neutral Res Leon (15)
   Fourth Worst: Arden and -Res Sigurd (16)
   Fifth Worst: +1 neutral Res Exalted Prince Chrom, -Res Brave Mercenary Ike and +1 neutral Res Minerva w/Life and Death 3 (17)

Total: Blue Mage Knight Olwen (148)
   Second Worst: Thunder's Fist Reinhardt (149)
   Third Worst: Festival Dancer Olivia (150)
   Fourth Worst: Honorable Ninja Kagero (153)
   Fifth Worst: +1 Dark Sky Singer Shigure and +1 Inigo (154)

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Gonna limit this to units I actually use/want to use but haven't quite finished building just yet:

HP: 27 [-HP Elise, has recently started seeing use again since I fed her a Genny for Wrathful Staff, and she's awesome, and her lowest possible HP is irrelevant since she only ever fights on Player Phase where enemies can't hit back... but still, that number is super low.]

ATK: 40 [Brave Bow Brave Lyn, who is partnered with my Reinhardt because brave-weapon my little ranged horses are amazing together, and Swift Sparrow + Goad Cavalry + Ally S Support makes that 40 into 50 in practice.]

SPD: 24 [+ATK Male Grima, who has Vengeful Fighter to double anyway and 66 Enemy Phase ATK (from Fierce Stance, thank you second Dorcas) and Aether (I fed him a Chrom) to crush people with]

DEF: 6 [Life And Death -DEF Linde, who is very strong, quite fast, and takes physical hits extremely poorly, so hopefully I'll pull another Shanna so I can give my Light Mage Desperation soon]

RES: 19 [Life And Death Fallen Takumi, who I run on my Water team because Skadi (+3), Fjorm (+3) and Marth (+5, thanks to Drive SPD and Falchion) give him a total of 50 SPD so he can double lots of things, and his defenses are only relevant once since he'll have Desperation up after taking pretty much any hit with his defenses]

BST: 151 [Tie between Brave Lyn, again, and Reinhardt, who is amazing]

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Let's see, I'll focus on the units that see use because otherwise the victory would go to untrained units like Oscar, Clive, Seliph and M!Marth. 

Hp: Genny (29) with Nino and B!Caeda sharing second place (30).

Atk: It's technically Klein (38) but he has Death Blow so I don't know if he counts. Honorable mentions to Priscilla, Kagero and PA!Olivia at 40 Atk. 

Spd: Reinhardt wins at 18 Spd. I know Arden is slower at 11 but I don't use him so he doesn't count.

Def: Tailtiu wins with 12 Def (although that's factoring LnD). Without it S!Catria wins at 14 Def without anything lowering it.

Res: Ike wins at 14 Res. Such a beautiful -Res superbane he has /s. Honorable mention to Summer Xander and his 16 Res.

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HP: Nino w/o Fury hits 27 HP

Atk: My B!Caeda has 38 Atk w/o Fury and w/ her weapon (she’s -Atk but she has Blarblade so it doesn’t really matter)

Spd: Reinhardt w/ Dire Thunder at 15 Spd (he’s still the slowest without it)

Def: Delthea w/ 10 Def lol

Res: Xander w/ 17 Res, but Nephenee joins him if she doesn’t have Fury equipped

Xander and Reinhardt are both merged

Edited by Khid

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I'll separate my 4* and 5* units, mainly because I don't think it's as fair to treat them the exact same.

HP: LARoy at 31, sheesh he needs better skills than he has right now. / Kagero with 26, most things aren't supposed to hit her. Maybe she should get Watersweep. It would be a reason to promote to 5*.

Atk: Nanna at 30, her -Atk sucks, I'm wishing for a +Atk/-Def one already. Lissa's next at 33. / Azama at 16, it's not his fault I slapped two Fortress seals on him. Odin would still beat him if I didn't account for that, Wrys might not though he also has Fortress skills on him.

Spd: Arden at 11 with Brave Sword, nobody's even close to his low speed./ Sophia at 14, If I only cared to train her she'd be a monster.

Def: Sonya at 12, she's still an asset even if being tapped kills her. / Lucius at 9, Man his defence sucks. I'm debating promoting him for the Pain Train.

Res: +Atk/-Res Cherche at 13, funnily enough both Ferdericks I have have 14 Res (Tying with Takumi and Jaffar, all -Res too)./ Ogma (+Atk/-Res) at 9, Lvl 1 4* Julius has the same Res.

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HP: Kagero, 29 (+spd, -hp) Merged +1

ATK: Ninian, 21, 32 when equipped plus Fortress DEF (+def, -atk). 

SPD: Arden and Zephiel, 16 each, Arden with 11 with Brave Sword equipped.

DEF: Spring Kagero, 14, 9 with Life and Death (+spd, -def)

RES: Frederick, 11 (+def, -res)

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Among the 5* units I have at lv 40 and favorited...

HP: 30 Tie between Lute and Genny through technicality, because my Genny actually has a +1 merge, so she should have one less HP than she does. Both are -HP banes.

Atk: 28/25 Azama. Between the -Atk on Azama and occasional use of one of the two Fortress SS, he should be lucky his A skill isn't also a Fortress skill.

Spd: 14 Winter's Envoy Tharja. -Spd makes her slower than Arden? Impressive, though it does get boosted to 16 on counterattack...

Def: 8 Delthea, as I'm sure everyone with a low defense hero with LnD3 has. Close second, however, is Lucius with 10 (-Def nature).

Res: 13 Tie between Sothe and Cain, both of whom have -Res natures and LnD3. However, Frederick should be the winner, as he isn't -Res or packing LnD3, yet still manages to only have 14 res?

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So, for those 5* units that are maxed out, level-wise. . .

HP: L'Arachel wins this at 30.  -HP is scary, yo~!
Atk: Azama wins this with a whopping 22.  How'd I do that?  -Atk, Fortress Res, and Fortress Def!
Spd: Lyon the Slowpoke doesn't care if he's lowest at 21.  Bowbreaker takes care of that!
Def: That's Lucius, at 10!  He's +Atk, and shouldn't be taking physical hits anyway.
Res: A -Res Takumi at 14. . .but this is a bit of a lie!  With a Guard Bow and Distant Def, he can take a hit on EP!

Edited by eclipse

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OK, let's see:

HP: Kagero at 28. She's -HP as you would expect.

Attack: Olwen at 35 with Dire Thunder equipped.

Speed: Technically Arden at 11, but out of my regularly used units it's Winter Tharja at 18.

Defense: Linde at 11, followed by Deirdre and Soren at 12.

Resistance: Ogma at 10, followed by Cherche at 12.

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HP: 31, a 3 way tie between +1 Nino, LA!Lilina and PA!Olivia, all -HP

Atk: 39, my pain+ savage blow Priscilla 

Spd: 11, Arden. Don't call him slow?

Def: 5, my -Def Delthea with L&D

Res: 15, L&D 2 masked Marth


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Sanaki, 30 HP
Ninian, 35 attack (21 base)
Arden, 11 speed (16 base)
Delthea and Lucius, 10 defense
Chrom, 13 resistance

Lowest total is a three-way tie between Inigo+2, Klein and PA Olivia at 150.

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HP - Normal Kagero - 28 because she's +Res/-HP.

ATK - Bridal Lyn - 38 because she's +Res/-ATK.

DEF - Delthea - 8 because I read this very thread and decided Life and Death 3 would make for some fun instead of her vanilla Deathblow 3 :D

SPD - Arden - 11 because as he says, he's strong and tough but not fast at all! Brave Sword+ doesn't help much either.

RES - Takumi - 14 because of his +ATK/-Res IVs, which is one of his best, actually :D First Takumi I got from the Hero Fest banner of yore.

For total stats, the lowest is, hilariously enough, Bridal Cordelia with 149! Even though she's destroyed several Tempest Trials and PVE content with naught but a dancer to back her up. Fun stuff!

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Hp: WoT!Olwen - 31 (-hp)

Atk: Jaffar - 37 (No LnD equip and neutral atk)

Spd: Arden - 11 

Def: Sonya - 10 (LnD equipped)

Res: Siegbert - 11 (LnD equipped)

Rating: Tie between Reinhardt and Klein

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I've done my best to have one of each hero at level 40, so I have a lot of basekit 4* lvl 40 units and my 5* lvl 40 units that I use.


Of the 5* heroes I have:

  • Nino (+Res/-HP) / Halloween Sakura (+Spd/-HP) = 30 HP
  • Clarine (+Atk/-Def) = 34 Atk
  • Arden = 11 Spd
  • Lucius (+Atk/-Def) = 10 Def
  • Arden / Hector (+Spd/-Res) = 16 Res

Overall lowest:

  • Nino (+Res/-HP) / Halloween Sakura (+Spd/-HP) / 4* Kagero+2 (+Spd/-Def) = 30 HP
  • 4* Azama (+Res/-HP) = 22 Atk
  • Arden = 11 Spd
  • Lucius (+Atk/-Def) = 10 Def
  • 4* Leon+1 (+Def/-Res) / 4* Saizo+1 (+HP/-Res) = 11 Res

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HP:29-Genny (+res, -hp)
Atk: 35- Olwen (with dire thunder)
Spd: 11- Arden
Def: 12- PA!olivia
Res:14- Boey(+atk -res)


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HP: L'Arachel (30)

Atk: Ninian (38)

Spd: Arden (11)

Def: Delthea (10) -Def nature

Res: Cherche (15) 4-star+10 -Res nature

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Of my 5* units:

HP: P!Olivia (31)(+Atk -HP) It's obvious Olivia is made for the stage - and not fighting.

Atk: Lachesis (39)(+Res -Def) Well, she is a healer.

Spd: Reinhardt (18)(+Atk -HP) Why does a book make you so slow?

Def: Linde (9)(+HP -Res) L&D3 is a killer.

Res: Saizou (9)(+Spd -Res) L&D3 plus a superbane in Res does not do my hot-tempered any good.

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Among fully-leveled units:

HP: +Atk -HP Nino, 30.

Atk: +HP -Atk Ninian, 34. Thanks, garbage nature, she has as much combat ability as she did in her original game.

Spd: +Atk -Spd Reinhardt, 15.

Def: +? -Def Delthea +4, 6. Good old L&D.

Res: +HP -Res Ogma, 10.

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I love doing these things. They're so much fun. XD 

HP: Genny has a massive 29 HP with her HP bane. Followed by Elise, Kagero, Fan!Olivia, and Sanaki with 31 HP.

ATK: Poor Olwen is stuck at 35 ATK (which is a little better on Player Phase since I gave her Swift Sparrow). My weaponless Lachesis has more ATK.

SPD: Arden has 11 or 16 depending on his weapon. He's followed by -SPD LA!Hector (18), and -SPD Reinhardt (15 or 20). 

DEF: My -DEF Halloween Sakura has 11 DEF. 

RES: And finally, my -RES Virion has 5 RES with LaD 3 equipped. He bursts into flames if mages look at him.

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All  level 40 5* units

HP: Nino, Kagero, and Genny tie at 33

ATT: Abel is lowest of the 5*s at 38 with a Brave Lance, but 4* Ursula is lowest overall at 32

SPD: Reinhardt, 20, 25 without Dire Thunder. I've got armor units that are faster.

DEF: Julia, 13

RES: Ogma, 13


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