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[FE11] How to Keep STR From Counteracting Weight?

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I feel that Shadow Dragon was "modernized" in a way that the original game wasn't prepared to accommodate.  The Weapon Triangle severely disadvantaged sword users in a game where most enemies are lance users, Ogma's 12 SPD w/30% growth is no longer impressive where the SPD cap has been raised to 25, Camus is far less scary in a game where 20 isn't the upper limit, Cain can no longer use Javelins right away like he could in the original versions, Hardin can no longer use the Silver Sword he was supposed to get from Chapter 4...etc., etc.

After some fooling around, it occurred to me that the recalculation of weapon weights are probably one of the things that hurts the most.  So would anyone happen to know how to make it so STR no longer offsets weapon weight?  To make it so that Hand Axes always give you a -9 AS penalty, and the like?  

As poor and antiquated a mechanic as that is...it's what the original game was balanced around.  Its removal is part of the reason why the C1-C3 bosses are so ridiculous on H5.  So I'm thinking implementing it is an important step to making Shadow Dragon play more like how it was meant to be played.

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