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Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist


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Kent is, as always, right at the top.

For others: 

Wolf, Horace, Etzel

Forsyth, Python, Luthier

Arion, Ced, Shanan

Fred, Kain, Rifis, Shiva, Homer

Perceval, Saul, Elfin, Echidna, Niime, Hugh, Geese, Gale, Zeiss

Sain, Heath, Ephidel, Rath, Wil, Pent

Cormag, Glen, Selena, Saleh

Reyson, Geoffrey, Rhys, Naesala, Nailah, Rafiel, Volug

Libra, Laurent, Panne, Yen'fay

Silas, Dwyer, Nina, Kaden, Keaton


I also would quite like Darios from FE:W and Yashiro from TMS... 

I know, a bit of a list, but that's still not all that many compared to what there is out there xD I also adore all Christmas Knights, even if not mentioned, and want them all in :D 

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Let's see, some characters I would like to be in Heroes are:

Tellius:. Rhys, Laura, Ilyana, Heather, and Vika

Awakening:  Maribelle, Brady, Miriel, Yarne, and Noire

Fates: Non-seasonal Charlotte, Forrest, Nina, Ophelia, Ignatius, Sophie, and Dwyer

SoV: Kliff, Python, Silque, and Cipher DLC peeps. 

There's definitely more people however I am drawing a blank.

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- Legendary Marth
- Plain Hardin



- Legendary Alm?
- Zeke lol



- Lex!
- Shannan!
- Legendary Seliph!!
- Loptyr?
- Legendary Julia?

- Lewyn!
- Quan!!
- Ethlyn!
- Emperor Arvis!!



- Orsin!
- Travant!
- Eyvel
- Ced
- Mareeta
- Dean
- Diarmuid



- Pent!
- Athos!
- Canas
- Nils
- Marcus
- Oswin!
- Harkan
- Linus
- Sonia



- Forde
- Tethys
- Gerik!!
- Deussel



- Caineghis!
- Skirmir!!
- Ranulf!
- Stefan!
- Naesala
- Greil
- Ilyana
- A Proper Zelgius

Ylisse/ Plegia/ Valm/ Ferox


- Basilio!
- Flavia!
- Yen'Fay!
- Walhart!
- Aversa!
- Emmeryn!
- Vaike
- Sumia!
- Priam
- Owain!

Nohr / Hoshido / Valla


- Sumeragi
- Legendary Xander!
- Mikoto
- Arete!
- Ophelia!
- Caeldori
- Midori


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Actually, almost all the characters I want are in the game.

Farina, Canas, Lena, and Flora are the only ones off the top of my head that I'd like in the game.

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Also Wolt

Did I mention Wolt yet?


Besides Wolt:

Lugh, Thea/Thite/Tate, Guinivere, Rolf, Ryan, Idoun, Larum, Erk, Nils, FE8 Selena, Franz, Ewan, Ricken, and Forrest.


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9 minutes ago, omegaxis1 said:

Given that Awakening is a giant reference game, I don't see any problems. Plus, Priam may or may not be Ike's descendant, given the fact that Priam has confirmed neither side. However, he does have Ragnell, blue hair, and also a worn out red cape that seems like it was the one that Ike had worn.

that the reference exists in one big game of references is not my problem. That its one completely devoid of heart is. look this is going to be entirely opinion based probably, but just know at least that i mostly dislike the connections priam has to ike because the way its handled is just trying to evoke the image of the character in order to better sell them to the audience by evoking the audiences nostalgia, as opposed to selling the individual merits of the character themselves and letting us connect the dots after the character has already been sold to us. its a large problem i have with lucina as well, or at least masked lucina. First impressions arent all there is to a character, but they are very fucking important overall.



i mean, ya knock it down to basics, and why priam is a refernce to ike, is its not to study the character of ike or a background element to please people who notice it, but it is instead used in place of the characters own personality to initially sell that character to the audience. Front and forward we are told this character is connected to ike, this character kinda looks like ike, this character is superficially like ike, you should like this character on first impressions because he is like ike and you like ike.

sure, in his actual support conversation and other tiddbits of dialogue, hes not really like ike and has interesting angels of his own like his almost battlemania something distinctly unlike ike in many ways and serves as an interesting contrast, or his desire to push himself in order to match ikes reputation which is like ike in many ways and serves as an interesting parallel. but hes not really sold to us on those angels, hes sold to us as 'just like ike', not helped by the way the writing treats those elements coming off more as accidental parallels and contrasts that work fine as elements of a character on their own but lose weight when this character is sold to us as 'just like ike'.

Granted a large part of this problem in priams case atleast is that he has no room to actually come into his own as a character, one support conversation and maybe a few lines of dialogue at the end of the game with no overarching influence in the main plot itself, but i still cant really get past the gall they had in selling him the way they did. hence, soulless fucking reference.


...zihark, marcus(old), marcus(young), hannibal, Niime, Yodel, Frost, and Malice would be nice to see in heroes as well.

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Hmm for me I think I can keep the list relatively contained.

Norne and Frey from FE11/12.

Kliff and Tatiana from FE2/14.

Quan FE4

Ewan and Ross FE8 (We've got Amelia, give me my other two Trainee Units...)

I think I'd like an Elincia Princess Alt Flying Staff unit, as well as a Micaiah possessed by Yune alt.

Gharnef the OG FE Villain, how is he not in this. (Gangrel and Aversa are also villians I'm missing.)

Lilith FE13

Cipher OCs. (Cipher Banner of Emma, Yuzu, Shade, and Randolf when???)

Also naturally we need to get all the Beast/Laguz units from throughout the series. As well as an introduction for the rest of the Dancer/Bard units (Nils come home...)


I guess my wishlist is still pretty high, someday it'll be trimmed down probably.

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  • Quan
  • Lugh
  • Linus
  • Heath
  • Duessel
  • Cormag
  • Ranulf
  • Sephiran
  • Kieran
  • Vaike
  • Owain
  • Priam
  • Hayato
  • Kiragi
  • Forrest
  • Valbar
  • Conrad


  • Ethlyn
  • Thea
  • Juno
  • Fiora
  • Farina
  • Tethys
  • Jill
  • Ilyana
  • Maribelle
  • Noir
  • Aversa
  • Charlotte
  • Ophelia
  • Nina
  • Silque
  • Tatiana
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  • Tatiana
  • Kliff
  • Lyre (she'll be good for memes)
  • Sue
  • Lex
  • Lewyn
  • Larcei
  • Canas
  • Syrene
  • Ross
  • Colm
  • Neimi
  • Rennac
  • Shinon
  • Marcia
  • Astrid (the PoR version, screw the RD one)
  • Julia alt with Valflame I know she has minor Falar blood and can't wield the damn thing, let me dream about Ploy girl
  • Flora
  • Sumia
  • Cynthia
  • Nasir

Those are the ones that come to mind. Of course I'd be fine with a bunch of Laguz like Reyson, Lethe, Mordecai, Ranulf, etc, etc. But I really need to see what IS will do with Lyre, will she suck or be OP? 

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My number one character is hands down Sumia. I’d also like Cynthia, Silas, Ilyana, Ophelia, Linus, Nagi, Norne, Milady, Flora, and Forrest.

Id also like alts for Katarina (especially in a Grandmaster outfit), Mia, and Linde.

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Archanea: Lena, Julian, Wolf, Astram, Phina

Valentia: Forsyth, Python, Tatiana, Silque, Rinea

Genealogy: Cuan, Ethlyn, Chulainn, Larcei, Ulster, Ced, Patty

Thracia: Lifis, Perne, Lara, Homer

Binding: Dieck, Lalum, Perceval, Elphin, Brenya, Hugh

Blazing: Pent, Louise, Nils

Magvel: Gerik, Tethys, Saleh

Tellius: The Dawn Brigade + Tormod's Crew + Stefan + Volke + The Merchant Crew (Aimee powercreep when)

Awakening: Sumia, Yen'fay, Flavia, Basilio

Fates: Mitama, Keaton, Caden, Flora

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I really want to see Zihark, Reyson, Tibarn, Ranulf, Nailah, Rafiel, and Volug, not necessarily in that order.  I also really want to see the rest of the Greil mercenaries.  Most of the rest of the Tellius cast would be great as well, but I'd settle for what are probably the three most popular laguz (Tibarn, Ranulf, and Reyson).  Considering they are among the most popular beasts, if we ever get beasts, they'll hopefully be among the first.

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Out of the games I played:

Echoes: Luthier, Python, Forsyth.

Sacred Stones: Cormag, Saleh, Tethys.

Tellius: REYSON (this is non-negotiable), Tibarn, Nailah, Ranulf, Leanne, Rafiel, Naesala, Skrimir, really just all the laguz. Also Jill, Haar and Marcia.

Awakening: Maribelle, Sumia, Nah, Noire.

Fates: Mitama, Orochi, Forrest, Nina, Ophelia, Benoit.

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Okay so...

(What the hell?)





















Machyua (make her use axes pleas)


























The Dawn Brigade (Edward, Leonardo, Nolan, Laura and Leonardo)





The Dragon Laguz

The Herons












Ah a Legendary Micaiah <3


















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I'd prefer every playable character in the series eventually get into the game. But the ones I'd want more than anyone else and limiting myself to 6 per game (except Genealogy where the two generations are enough for 12) are...

Archanea: Elice, Julian, Lena, Tomas, Astram, Midia

Valentia: Kliff, Zeke, Tatiana, Forsyth, Mycen, Conrad

Jugdral: Azelle, Quan, Ethlyn, Beowulf, Lewyn, Erinys, Diarmuid, Fee, Ced, Arthur, Tine, Altena

Thracia: Eyvel, Orsin, Dagdar, Tania, Asvel, Mareeta

Elibe: Lugh, Sue, Noah, Thea, Melady, Perceval, Sain, Wil, Rath, Canas, Fiora, Heath

Magvel: Gilliam, Neimi, Colm, Natasha, Gerik, Dozla

Tellius: Brom (PoR), Brom (RD), Brom (spring), Brom (groom), Brom (summer), Brom (Christmas)

Awakening: Sumia, Gregor, Libra, Basilio, Cynthia, Noire

Fates: Silas, Orochi, Kaden, Benny, Dwyer, Flora

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Fates: Mozu. Shura. Yukimura. Mitama. Forrest. Dwyer.

Awakening: Owain. Brady. Basilio. Gregor. Maribelle.

Tellius: Naesala. Pelleas. Reyson. Rafiel. Pretrine. Ashnard. Kurthnaga. Nasir. Haar. Zihark. Stefan. Renning. Bertram.

Blazing Sword: Rath. Heath. Legault. Nils. 

Bertram, in particular, I would like to see. Not more than any of the others on the list, but I just think he would be really cool to see and hear in the game.

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Awakening: Owain, Vaike, Sumia and Cynthia. Maybe Severa and Inigo as well although they will end up powercreeping their Fates selves.

Fates: Just need Silas from this game now since Kaze is in. I wouldn't mind Ophelia as well.

Echoes: Kliff, Tatiana, Valbar and Deen. Personally would like to see a new Tobin as an Archer or Bow Knight just to add him into the summoning pool. Maybe even an alt of Delthea as well wielding Ragnarok or Ladyblade since she was the only other character in Echoes that could use the spell plus I think she could be powerful with it in Echoes and all female sword users in Echoes were those in the Priestess class.

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Honestly. There is a bit of a list when it comes to units i want, but mainly it's awakening/fates/tellius

Tellius: Heather (Favorite unit hands down), Edward, Aran, Fiona, Tormod, Ilyana, and Greil

Awakening: Aversa, Priam, Sword Anna alt, and Gregor

Fates: Flora, Bow Anna alt, Ophelia, Silas, Sophie, Midori and Nyx

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