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Who Shall Michele Marry?  

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So, after struggling through a True Classic Awakening run, breezing through an Awakening Only Shepherds run, and struggling through a Hard/Classic Conquest run, I figured that I might as well mix things up a bit. Time for a Let's Play!

Questions You May Have

What kind of LP is this?

Screenshot, of course. Video LPs are for the weak! (and people who don't sound like third grade girls)

How will you take the screenshots?

With my Ipad, which I will post these updates on. The images won't be super great, but, hey! It worked for Rezzy!

Are you playing on Hard or Lunatic?



The first time I played Conquest, I had to go Normal/Phoenix just to complete the game. I've improved significantly, but not that much. I'm going Hard.


Now, viewers, if you so wish, you may select one of these lovely royals to be our main character.


Jamie. Naive and girlish. Loves helping people, doing chores, and the color pink. 

Boon: Clever

Bane: Clumsy

Talent: Troubadour


Michele. Narcoleptic and somewhat cynical. While she has nihilistic beliefs, she figures she might as well make the most of her once chance.

Boon: Calm

Bane: Unlucky

Talent: Wyvern Rider


Jordan. Kind of dumb. Thinks of himself as cooler than he really is. Wears an eyepatch even though he doesn't need one.

Boon: Robust

Bane: Dull

Talent: Mercenary


Roland. Puts on a gruff exterior, but has a sensitive side as well. Surprisingly agile for his build.

Boon: Quick

Bane: Unlucky

Talent: Spear Fighter

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So, voting ends tomorrow on Monday, and I figured I’d run down the rules with all of you.

This is an Ironman: a Classic fun where resetting to save a character is forbidden. If this were Conquest Hard, that rule would be enough to make the game exponentially harder, but this is Revelation, so...

First rule: Scouting is not allowed. Either I can only engage in Skirmishes that appear automatically, or Skirmishes are banned altogether.

There is a very strict rule against paid DLC. Fortunately, I don’t have any. Before Awakening can only be played once, so if I don’t get the Hero/Exalt’s Brand first time, tough luck.

If the Avatar dies, fear not! When one Draconic royal dies, another rises to take their place. If I ever get a Game Over, I’ll set up another poll for Veiwers Like You to choose which Avatar will be replacing the fallen one. I’d say that I hope that never happens, but with my luck and skills, that will probably doom us all.

Those are all the rules. Besides...well, it isn’t actually a rule, but I will be altering the story so it makes marginally more sense. The key word here is “marginally.”

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Ah, I didn't notice this until just now.  I voted for Michele for Wyvern Rider and derp face.  Plus to break the tie.

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Well, Michele is leading the poll by a considerable margin of one, so I went ahead and started the game.


All hail the mighty Derpface!


Now, if you've  played Fates a lot/recently, you may notice that the avatar misses this Fighter. Yet...1fJaURY.jpg

...I don't know what to say to this.


"I was just wondering how you were going to die. I always imagined myself going down in either the heat of battle or a cooking incident."


That's going to hurt in the morning. Except you're not waking up. :tangerineglasses:


You know, Fates' plot could have ended here if Xander just told him about the food shortage. Of course, then we couldn't actually play the game, so it's a toss up.


Takumi teams up with his sister to take out this Soldier, and then the whole prologue post-battle dialogue happens, blah blah blah, then suddenly...


Ah, yes. Sleep. Michele's greatest weakness.


After an dual icy slap to the face, Michele is up and ready to fight Xander.

(I'd question why she went to bed in armor, not even under the covers, but...it's Michele. What do you expect)


Now, time for our first real fight!


Michele is...pretty good. Not amazing at the moment, but she's got the entire game ahead of her. I do have to question as to why her Boon stat is equal to her Bane stat.


She starts off by going on the offensive against Xander, though she takes quite a bit of damage in the process.


Thankfully, he's kind enough to create a Healtile (yes, that's the official name) for her.


We oblige our dear brother, gaining a level in the process.


It's...well, if Michele's first level HAD to be two stats, these are the two I would pick.



Xander falls to the sword of his mighty, sleepy, derpfaced sister.


"Don't you use swords?"


(I don't know why, but I find the face on Leo's model hilarious)

Anyway, Michele's sisters swing by to let her know that King Garon has an assignment for her! With any luck, she'll be allowed to live in the castle, with the comfy beds.

Next Time: Killing Prisoners in Combat For Fun and Profit

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Leo: Magic is everything!

Your stat gains are off to a lovely start.

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14 hours ago, KnightOfNohr said:

Thankfully, he's kind enough to create a Healtile (yes, that's the official name) for her.

Considering it's on the roof, it actually makes sense (at least, looking at that roof)

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Michele arrives momentarily at Castle Krakenburg to receive her mission.


You seem surprised. As if...you didn't expect her to make it there...:tangerinedry:


Well, with "Xander holding back," at least.

"Now, Michele, as a warmup for your vital mission, may I invite you to go on a brief hunting trip?"

"What are we hunting?"




"Oh, and take this creepy-but-totally-non-suspect sword."


Yes, we know; it says so right above your dialogue box.


Now...let the first true battle of the LP begin!


To start us off, Michele senses a Dragon Vein. A Dragon Vein that we won't be using.


Kaze's group lacks green units, and Rinkah's lacks blue, so I send Jakob plus Gunter and Michele to deal with them, respectively.


The Hoshidans move up, and Gunter cleanly kills one of the Samurai...


...and helps Jakob take down the other.

After checking the stat screens, I realize that sending in Michele, all by herself, seeing combat for the first time, to deal with three highly trained soldiers was...not he best idea. Only one solution.




Kaze attacks Jakob, who retaliates (stacking on a helpful debuff) in full.


Um...I kind of expected them to go after Michele...

Welp, looks like the one thing to do is getting some more use in.




Kaze once again attacks our favorite Butler and falls beneath his dagger, with a little assistance from the bearer of the mighty Derpface.


Jakob also gets his first level! It's a lot better than his master's, to be sure.


He follows it up by attacking this Oni Savage, dealing more debuffs and some chip damage. After Gunter impales Rinkah's Samurai mook, Michele, like cold air in response to hot air rising, rushes to take his place. 


The weakened Savage is duly murdered, gaining her another level.


Now, this is more like it!


Jakob takes a club to the face like a champ and promptly works together with Gunter to whittle Rinkah down...



...and helps Michele net the kill.


"That was the entire point."

"Oh. My apologies, father."

Luckily for Michele's morality. Leo steps in to fake the prisoners' deaths, and they let them go shortly afterward. She then leaves with Gunter, Jakob, and some criminal to complete her mission: to secure a fort along the Bottomless Canyon, avoiding combat at all costs.

Next Time: We Do Not Avoid Combat At All Costs

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Michele and her crew soon arrive at the Bottomless Canyon to complete their mission.


You know, besides you, the avatar, Azura, Takumi...


"It's not so bad, Gunter. Just a healthy little walk!"


Why do you have a border treaty? Aren't you at war? Seriously, I'd understand if there were just high tensions, and this attack, combined with the swordspolsion (pardon my neologism) at the Hoshidan capital, caused it to spiral into all-out war, but Garon has already said that Nohr was warring with Hoshido.

"sighs" At least it's not as bad as Corrin's "lost memories."

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about...


"sighs again"



Anyway, Hans obviously doesn't know what "avoiding combat at all costs" is, because he punches probability in the face and crits this Samurai. Oh well, time for battle!


I get everyone in position to start off. Gunter pairs up with Michele to boost her Defense to the point that neither Samurai can harm her. Sadly, she still can't one-shot them, even with the Strength and damage bonuses.


You know, if you'd just gotten Strength last level...


...aaaand Hans gets in the prefect position to prevent our prickly butler from picking off the Samurai. Blast. You really are here to hinder us, Hans.


Instead, Michele finishes him off, gaining yet another good level. Would it be too much to ask for some Strength, though?


Jakob follows it up by cleanly killing the other Samurai, with some assistance from Michele.


Next turn, Hans continues making his way across the bridge, while we start our precision strike against Omozu. On the next ally phase, our Berserker friend attacks the Suicide Fort. 


...I'm not sure I'd call that a miss, Hans.


"...dude. What are you doing."


Michele activates the Dragon Vein, creating a bridge and leaving us open. We brace ourselves for the enemy phase.


The damage isn't too bad, thankfully. Jakob weakens and debuffs this Samurai for Michele to kill.




Jakob takes quite a bit of damage, but defeats the Samurai in return, gaining yet another level.


Very defensively oriented level right there.


Jakob parks himself in a fort to heal, while Gunter and Michele get up close to the boss.

Now, time for some number-crunching to see if MIchele or Gunter can survive an attack on the boss.


This archer has 14 attack.


Therefore, with Weapon Triangle disadvantage, he'll deal a mere 2 damage to Michele.


BUT! If we attack Omozu, our defense will be lowered by 3, so the Archer will deal 5 damage, while Omozu will deal 3 from the counterattack (one attack will be Dual Guarded) and 12 on the enemy turn, for a total of 20 damage...


...just enough to kill Michele.

Well, I think you all know what the one thing to do here is.



...What, did you think I was going to say retreat? I wouldn't really call it that, since we weren't actually in enemy range. 


If you're wondering what Michele's team is doing here, they're bracing for the Sky Knights. No one told them that they don't appear for several more turns.


Then Michele fell asleep, so Gunter made the executive decision to go over and prepare to take down the boss.


Hmm...I'm not liking those odds. I plan to utilize Dual strike to take Omozu down, so I have Gunter drop Michele...




Well, the most I can do at this point is heal her up to full and hope for the best...


Oh. That's actually not too bad. Thanks, Jakob.

Plus, the Archer didn't even attack.


Gunter spikes off a good portion of the boss's HP...


Something you may want to do: look back at the Archer's stats, and Jakob's, too. They're about to become...very important...





Or they would, if Gunter hadn't landed that 66% hit rate like a champ!

In all seriousness, I didn't realize until now that the archer would have killed Jakob had Gunter missed. So, next time you see Anna, thank her for me.


The dreaded Archer attacks Gunter, dealing quite a bit of damage.


Of course, his defenses are terrible, so our Butler ORKOs him.


Another level! Jakob's been making some great progress.

The Sky Knights finally arrive, so Gunter Pairs Up with Michele to fight them.


Turns out she can one-shot them with his support!


The last one attacks Jakob instead, but still gets murdered for her efforts.


Michele reaches level 5 from Dual Striking. Precious Strength!


I'm REALLY not up for taking on Ft. Suicide, so we Seize and finish the map.


Saizo comes in to kill us as revenge for his second cousin thrice removed. How rude! Luckily, our Nohrian siblings come in to save the day with a lesson on etiquette!


"I'm not quite sure, but I do know that Hans needs to take a vocabulary course."

Camilla kills several Hoshidans, and the rest scatter. Michele starts to head back to the castle to give Garon her offer to tutor Hans, when suddenly...


"...have you been watching joke Hamilton animatics again, Hans?"

Hans: ..."kicks Gunter into canyon"

"'This is Sparta' memes, too?"


Michele activates Dragon Fang prematurely and a lot more calmly than she probably should have. She demands an explanation from Hans on his actions.


"Oh, that makes sense; the man's insane."

Then the sword he gave her threw her into the Bottomless Canyon.

Luckily, Lilltih comes to rescue her and teleport her to the Astral Plane, where Michele (taking advantage of the whole "time flowing differently" thing) naps for several days. Our dragon maid friend proceeds to attempt to teleport her back to Nohr, safe from the Hoshidans. The results are...



Next Time: We Fight Nothing But The Most Boring Enemy In The Game

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Where we last left our narcoleptic hero, she was whacked in the head by a Hoshidan Savage whose hair is white, not red.


"Took you long enough."


Once again, we can all see your dialogue box.


"I credit it to Hans' poor vocabulary."


"You don't seem too worried about it."

"Eh, we all die someday..."

The two arrive at the capital momentarily and meet with Ryoma. Michele is very eager to get her death out of the way and be done with it.


"There's nothing more annoying than a slow death."

However, before she can discuss her preferred method of death (electric sword), the queen comes in, saying some very interesting things...


Michele is rightfully confused.


Soon afterwards, she's rightfully shocked, as well. However, before anything can be cleared up, a Hoshidan arrives with an urgent message.


"We're out of hairspray again?!"

"Um...no. Faceless are attacking."

"Oh. OK. You three, come along."


We oblige him.



These are Rinkah and Kaze's stats. They'll be pretty useful for the rest of the pre-choice levels, although I'm not sure if any of their levels carry over. First order of business: Kaze visits the house, getting the Goddess Icon.


Michele moves up, takes it (along with the vulnerary he brought for her), and uses it. That should fix her poor base luck!


Also, Rinkah moves up next to them.


Nothing much happens on the enemy's turn, and Michele uses this Dragon Vein once she gains the opportunity.


Kaze Pairs Up with Rinkah to boost her Speed, and she parks herself in a forest and braces for impact...sxQSNBI.jpg

...and that bracing was for naught, as the Faceless attack Michele instead. She take quite a bit of damage, but deals it back, too.


Ryoma helpfully takes out the one at full HP, saving us the trouble of defeating him.


Once again, we get in position for the enemy round. One Faceless whiffs Rinkah, getting damaged for his troubles, and the other moves up to attack us next round...


...and is immidately zapped to death by Ryoma.


Michele picks off the other Faceless.




I move up Kaze and Rinkah (twice) and have Michele activate this dragon vein.

Both Faceless come after us, with one being weakened by Rinkah and the other not quite being able to reach her. That one gets killed by Ryoma.


Kaze finishes off the other one...


...with style.

(that was a critical, if you can't tell)


We move up, blah blah blah...


Oh, and Sakura's going to die here. Don't worry, she gets better.


Michele activates the Dragon Vein, and her mini-army braces for impact.


Ooh, I don't like those numbers. Luckily, the boss missed.


This one deals 3 damage to Rinkah, and is retaliated (almost) fourfold.


We get in a better defensive formation (if you could call it that) and brace for impact once more.


The boss suicides onto Michele, although it does bring her to low health.  


Another attacks Kaze, dealing a large amount of damage and, sadly, surviving. Michele finishes the job and gains another level.


Nice! I would, however, like to point out that her Bane stat is now higher than her Boon. (Although that was thanks to a stat booster)


Kaze transfers Rinkah to Michele, who promptly switches over to her and kills a Faceless.


This one thankfully misses, and Kaze debuffs him in retaliation.


He attempts to defeat this other Faceless with Rinkah, but his second attack misses...


...so Michele finishes the job.


Good thing we had that Dual Guard.


...I really hope these levels transfer.


Kaze manages to not miss the last Faceless.


With that, this deplorable chapter is complete!


So...Hinoka does...this.


Michele knows what to say as much as I do.



Oh, come on, Conquest Chapter 24 wasn't that hard! I mean, even could beat it on Normal/Casual!

No, wait...it was Normal/Phoenix.


"I mean, Iago probably would, but the Nohrians wouldn't."


Pictured: Reason one to pick Nohr.

Michele soon heads back to the capital, contemplates whether or not to leave for Nohr immediately, or scope out more of the situation in Hoshido, when suddenly...


Trust me, you're going to get tired of it really fast.


"It's a very nice song, you know."

"You fell asleep in the middle of it."

"Yes, that's how I know I like it."


"I'd know that face anywhere."

The two discuss their corresponding situations, until Michele stumbles upon...



...Reason two to pick Nohr.

Well, I have no more pictures for this chapter, so I guess this update is over!

Next Time: We Fight Two-Eyed No-Horned Invisible Purple Mother-Killers

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1 hour ago, KnightOfNohr said:

They'll be pretty useful for the rest of the pre-choice levels, although I'm not sure if any of their levels carry over.

They do. Levels carry for everyone.

Even in dreams apparently with Corrin's exp gain from the Prologue.

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15 hours ago, Dayni said:

They do. Levels carry for everyone.

Even in dreams apparently with Corrin's exp gain from the Prologue.

Michele falls asleep so much that she's learned to turn her dream experiences into real-life experience. :P

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The very next day, Mikoto informs her daughter that she wishes to make a public announcement to the Hoshidans about her.



"Hmm? Oh, sorry, what were you saying? I was mentally noting all the entrances to this throne room."

They make the trip to the heart of Hoshido's capital, and Michele discovers what it's really like.


"I absolutely hate it."

(In all seriousness, Michele does seem pretty socially awkward to me; I think she'd enjoy solitude)

Mikoto starts to make the announcement, when suddenly...


...a mysterious purple figure summons Glangari to him, causing a huge explosion and killing the queen!

You probably should have gotten rid of that sword after it threw you into the Bottomless Canyon, Michele.


She proceeds to shift into a mindless, savage dragon out of anger towards both these strange attackers and herself. That, or she was just grumpy from a lack of sleep.


We start off by moving everyone up, with Rinkah Pairing Up with Kaze to boost his defense. He and Michele both get in range of these Mercenaries.


Man that's a lot of damage. Luckily, he dodges the attack.


...I'm not sure I want to know what's going on here.


Michele brutally murders one Mercenary...


...Azura sings to her...


...and she does the same to the other one. The Dark Mage and Wrymslayer Mercenary move up...


...Kaze debuffs the latter for some EXP...


...then Michele kills one, Azura sings, she kills the other, blah blah blah...

...ever notice that the Pre-Choice maps set in Nohr provide interesting tactical challenges with more than method of solving them, while the ones in Hoshido are rather dull and basically just the same thing over and over again?

Anyway, as seen above, I move up Kaze to bait the other Dark Mage.


It works out pretty well. He deals heavy damage, fills the guard gauge, and gains a level, to boot.


It's not a lot, but it's valuable!


Of course, as usual, I forgot that the Mercenary in cover also has a Wrymslayer, and Michele can't reach them without Azura's song, which means she'll take an Effective attack from a unit with 14 Strength.

All right, kids! Do you know what we should do?


That's right! We should retreat! Golly, you sure are smart!


Sadly, Barney the Manakete's audience failed to realize that Michele and Azura retreated TOO much, and thus were once again unable to reach the Mercenaries. Oh, well. More retreating!


...Well, it appears we can only reach the Mercenaries with Michele if we kill the Dark Mage. Which we can't do in one turn with only Kaze...



Oh, and Azura gains a level from assisting the retreat.


Well, Sakura's going to die, but Pre-Choice deaths only count on Birthright (reason three to pick Nohr), and all that will happen is that she'll lose all the levels she gained.

Which is none.


Kaze attacks this Dark Mage for...I don't know. I just like having people do stuff.


Sakura heal him, operating under the same philosophy.



Kaze avenges her by defeating this Dark Mage, gaining another level in the process.


Once again, very nice! Although, I would like a bit more defense.


Michele kills the other Mage, getting a lackluster level.


We then make our way to the boss. Those numbers are...worrying, to say the least. If Michele misses, Mister ??? here will kill her on his turn. Therefore, I make tactical use of the wait command.



We oblige him.


"You do realize that Nohrians aren't generally purple, right?"


"Yes, but I'd hardly call him an example of an average Nohrian."

Takumi thinks Michele is at fault for this incident, but before anyone can shut him down...


...the Yato does it for us.


Soon, Kaze comes to inform us that King Garon seems to want to invade Hoshido here and now.

"Come, Michele," Ryoma says. "We'll teach those wretched Nohrians to think twice before invading our home country!"



"I will tell you: before this incident, I was wholeheartedly for Nohr. I knew Garon was not a good father, a good king, nor a good man, but I couldn't abandon my family in Nohr."

"But...we're your family!" Hinoka insists.

"My blood family, yes. But in truth...I just met you. You all seem like very fine people, but I've known Xander, Camilla, Leo, and Elise longer than you."

"Hah! I knew you were going to betray us!"

"I was...until I saw what happened today. Those soldiers...they may have followed Nohrian disciplines, but they were not Nohrian."

"How do you know that?"

"When was the last time you saw a Nohrian that was transparent purple?"


"I see now that there is a greater force at work...one beyond Nohr and Hoshido, one King Garon has allied himself with. Yukimaru...you said that the blade was forged to be the key to peace, correct?"

"Yes. By the way, my name is Yukimura."

"Well, one can't use war to bring about peace. I intend to find out exactly who is behind this attack...or even behind this war. Anyone with me?"

"Hmph. How do we know this isn't a Nohrian espionage tactic?"

"Takumi, stay calm. If you really intend to not side with Hoshido, I don't see it fit to join this...quest of yours. After all, my loyalty is with my country, as is my responsibility, now that our mother has fallen. However, I can sympathize with what you wish to accomplish. I cannot stop fighting the Nohrians, but I will not hold up a hand against you if I can help it."

"I'm with Ryoma on this one," Hinoka chimes in. "If you have some details about whether or not a third party sparked this war...I may consider it."

"Well, I'm not joining you no matter what. If you want to betray your family and country...be my guest. You don't belong here anyway."

"I m-may be able to join. I don't th-think I can do it right now, though. I..I'm a bit scared, you see."

"I'm willing to join. I may have some...insight on the situation."

"Very well. I will come with you to the border, and let my family know of my plan, and the situation. Then, I will begin my quest: for truth! For peace! And for-zzzzz...."

"...She fell asleep again."

"She can ride my puppet on the way there."

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Michele soon arrives at the border, and meets up with Xander once again.



"Although I have uncovered some very disturbing information..."



"I'm afraid I can't do that, brother."


"When I was in Hoshido, I discovered something about myself: that I could never try to solve bloodshed with even more bloodshed."


"Yes, but he's also my brother, as much as you are! I thought we went over this!"

"So...you've discovered that we aren't related by blood."

"That doesn't change my opinion of you, Xander, nor for any of my other siblings. What I discovered in Hoshido...relates to King Garon."


"You see, after the incident at the Bottomless Canyon, Hans knocked Gunter into the abyss."

"The fiend! I knew father shouldn't have trusted him!"

"Ah, but that was the thing. Immediately afterwards, he claimed that the unprovoked attack on the Hoshidans and his attacking of Gunter...they were on King Garon's orders."

"But...that's impossible! He must have been lying-"

"And yet, no sooner did he inform me of this than did the sword he gave me hurl itself into the pit, with me alongside it. Not only that, but in Hoshido, a mysterious figure summoned the sword to him and used it to cause an explosion, killing the Hoshidan Queen, Mikoto."

"And, if I may add, one more shard of evidence: Mikoto had a barrier around the country which caused all human beings to lose their will to kill another. Yet, the barrier was broken when she died, and within minutes, you are given the order to invade Hoshido."


"I know you believe Garon is behind this war, as do the Hoshidans. However, you have only know him the way he is now. Before the death of his first wife, he was much different! He couldn't have engineered this whole ordeal merely out of grief!"

"I believe you, Xander. The attack on the Hoshidan capital...it was not led by Nohrians. Nohrians aren't transparent purple. I think they were sent by someone else...someone who has been manipulating Garon...someone who started this wretched war."

"Michele...what you say has reason...but manipulated or not, my loyalty is with father, and with my country. You may believe what you want to believe, but I will not abandon hope that our father is still in there, somewhere!"

"Will you listen to yourself? You believe that there is still a shred of humanity inside that heartless monster? Pah!"

"Ryoma...you're not helping."

"Fine. If you wish to insult my father and king, face me in combat."

"If you wish to insult my country and king, face me in combat!"

"...When did I do that? Also, didn't you have a queen?"

"Well, I'm the heir."

"No! Stop!"


Thankfully, Jakob shows up, so we won't have to do this with just a Lord and a Singer.




"...they got into a fight on what to do with King Garon, and I'm trying to make them stop."


I move Michele into enemy range, with Jakob helping her, to see if his personal skill work while not in cover.


Judging by the numbers, I'd say so.


I have him finish off the damaged Wyvern Rider, Azura sings for him, and he attacks the other one in range...


...getting both a crit...


...and a good level.


Michele takes him out (with the Dragonstone for the defense buff).


She also gets a very good level in the process.


A foolish Oni Savage attacks Michele and is duly one-shotted.


Uh oh. This doesn't look good....



You know how I said I was bad in the thread title? I wasn't exaggerating. I can't even keep a Dancer alive for two chapters.



Jakob and Michele team up to avenge their singing friend.


Next turn, Michele gets more revenge (and EXP) and Jakob-

Wait, is that Hoshidan Dual Striking with a Nohrian?




My headcanon is that these guys are actually Romeo-and-Juliet-style star-crossed lovers, and they're secretly helping each other on the battlefield, and doing a terrible job at it.

In case you're wondering whether I mean "terrible at helping" or "terrible at keeping it a secret," the answer is yes.


"Why are you fighting?!I Do you expect to be able to find out what's really going on by arguing and stabbing each other?"

"Michele, he called Garon a heartless-"

"And that's true, at the moment! I want to save him. That's why I need to find answers: to find out if it's possible to save Garon, and to stop all of this fighting. I need all of you for it!"

"Michele, the Nohrians obviously won't listen to you. We're better off without-"

"For goodness sake, listen to yourself! The lives of you, all your family, and all your comrades may be at stake, and you still can think of nothing but 'oh, Nohrian are scum!' Do you not realize that Azura is dead because of it?"



"Yes. Dead. She wanted to help me stop this fighting-both now and in the long run. And what happens? You refuse to cooperate with the Nohrians and with us, and she dies because of it."

<more silence>

"You know what? Fine. Wage your little war. Wage it for your nation, and wage it for your king. The war doesn't concern me any more; only stopping it does."

<Michele gestures>

"Come one, Jakob. Let's go."


After the two are out of sight Lilith teleports them to the Astral Plane to plan for the future...and also, to sleep.

First thing I build is a Rod Shop, and I buy a Bloom Festal for Jakob. Next, I collect our harvestables: Topaz, Coral, Peaches, and Meat. I feed Lilith the Peach, since both her weapon and her Staff use it. Finally, I invite Jakob to Michele's Private Quarters.


"Actually, I'd like to learn how to make it myself."

"...Out of the question."


Here's my Castle Address, by the way. Feel free to visit!

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Wow. I'm actually impressed by the added/altered dialogue. It fits the characters, addresses some of the flaws of Fates writing while still fitting in with the story at large, and you found the right times to be properly snarky.

Also, wow... you've technically lost a healer and a dancer already. I haven't played Fates, so I can't judge the difficulty, but I can already tell this is going to be an interesting playthrough.

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...Don't tell me Sakura's death carries over.

Thank you! As an aspiring writer, I really appreciate it.

Fates (except for Conquest) isn't really that hard; I'm just really bad. :P

Edited by KnightOfNohr

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So...you may be wondering where the next update is...

Due to complications with Imgur and my iPad, I wont be able to update again until at least July 2. Sorry for the inconvenience...as a small recompense, I have added in a poll for what to do with the free(ish) DLC stuff.

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(Michele is having a nightmare)

"You will pay for this, Nohrian!"

"I have nothing to say to you. If you truly wish to fight...you die here."

"No! Don't-"



"Oh, wonderful. My guilt over losing Azura has personified itself within my subconscious, now."

"...Michele, it's really me."

"...How? Didn't you...you know, die?"

"I'm...not sure myself. It may have something to do with my amulet. All I know is that when I died, I couldn't go on to...wherever. I had to stay here, somewhere between life and death."

"That doesn't sound pleasant."

"It's not. Still, it was said that the bearer of the Pendant of the Water-that's what it's named, by the way-is called for a purpose, and nothing shall impend them of it...not even death."

"Are you still able to explain to us what you know about the situation?"

"I...can. But to do so, you need to be in a safe place."


"Within the Bottomless Canyon. All you need to do is ju-"

(Michele wakes up)

"Blast. I hate it when that happens. Let's just hope she was going to say 'jump'..."

Several minutes later...

"Milady, are you sure this is a good idea? Jumping into the canyon..."


"It's not to hide, Jakob. Azura told me she could tell us what she knows after we jump in."

"Isn't Azura dead?"

"Well, yes, but...long story. My only worry is that I misunderstood what Azura means."


"Oh, there you are, Azura. Were you here the whole time?"

"Don't blame yourself. Ghosts are hard to notice."

"Pardon me, milady, but who are you talking to?"

"I'm talking to Azura. Can't you...oh, you probably can't see her, right?"

"Well, I see no one except you, so, yes; I cannot see 'her.'"

"I see. Anyway, we can deal with that later. For know, we need to jump into the canyon."

(Michele jumps into the canyon)

"Lady Michele! ...oh, well." 

(Jakob follows her)


"No; they call it the Bottomless Canyon for a reason. Instead of a Bottom, it holds a portal to another kingdom. This one."



"Just as I suspected!"

"You do realize that I'm getting severely left out of the loop, here, right?"

"Sorry, Jakob. I'll explain everything once I learn it."

"Learn what?"


"It's not safe to discuss this out in the open. Follow me, I know a safe place."


"So, Azura, first question: why have I never heard of this 'Valla?'"

"You see, Valla's existence has been a strictly-kept secret for centuries. No one is permitted to speak of it to outsiders."

"How do they enforce this rule?"

"Magically. One cannot say 'Valla' while not within its borders."


"Ah, so the curse can be circumvented by simply not using the word 'Valla!'"



"Why didn't I think of that?..Anyway, back to the explanation."


"At one point he was a good ruler: wise and just. As an ancient dragon, all knew he would one day succumb to madness, he himself most of all. He cast a curse on himself; one that would kill him when he eventually went insane. While the citizens were sad to lose their king, they knew it was for the best. But then, a terrible tragedy happened..."

"Somehow, the curse was lifted, and Anankos's madness quickened. He laid waste to much of Valla, and those who survived lived in fear...I was three when it happened. Me and my mother, Queen Arete, were only able to escape because of the Pendant of the Waters."

"Hold up, Azura. Are you saying...your mother was the queen of Valla?"

"Her mother was the queen of Valla?!"

"...Yes. I consider you trustworthy enough to know this."

"I see. Thank you for telling me, Azura."

"You're welcome. Now, where was I? Ah, yes, Anankos."



"Do you have any questions?"

"Well, I do have one question: what happened to your mother?"

"...One day, I went back to our quarters to find her missing. She left her amulet, and a note which said she was going to confront someone, and that she may not come back...she never did."

"Azura...I'm so sorry...I'm so, so, sorry."

"Ahem. Lady Michele? Lady Azura? If you'll allow me, I do have a question: what are we going to do about all these soldiers!?"

"Vallite troops! Jakob, prepare for battle!"

(Well, the update certainly arrived earlier than expected! Today's pre-battle segment is quite long, and the battle itself is MUCH longer, so I'm going to start splitting these updates into pre-battle and battle, except for the paralogues.)

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