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How will you use the new favourite system

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Purple: +30 Arena core

Green: any built/budget unit that can be used effectively in Arena Assault (to make it easier to filter units for AA)

Default Pink: anything else that is 5*, a built unit, or a unit with good IVs to be built later

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I wanted to test out my system for a little bit before I posted about it. Hasn't been too long, but I'm pretty content so far. I'm the type of person who's obsessed with organization. I really like the new favorites system since I could never find a way to organize my 5 stars exactly how I wanted to organize them. 

1.) Default Pink - Main Infantry 
2.) Orange - Cavaliers 
3.) Yellow - Fliers 
4.) Green - Armors
5.) Light Blue - Healers and Dancers
6.) Dark Blue - Budget Builds/Hard Counters
7.) Purple - In Progress Units (Need SI, SP, Leveling, etc.)
8.) Dark Pink - Valuable Fodder (Right now, it's just 5 star fodder, but I'm thinking I may put 3/4 star characters I use for fodder a lot under here too) 

Putting my not fully built units in one category really helped me get some good perspective. I could buckle down and finally finish up some folks I had been putting off this weekend. A lot of them just needed a little bit of SP or a few skills here and there. Still have plenty of people I can build, but that's for another weekend.


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1.) Default Pink - Main units I use
2.) Orange - Units I use to complete sets but may replace
3.) Yellow -  Units I sometimes use
4.) Green - Units I do not use (unless they are a bonus unit)


5.) Light Blue - Units I want to upgrade to 5-star soon
6.) Dark Blue - Units I will eventually upgrade to 5-star
7.) Purple - Units I save for skills or merging
8.) Dark Pink - All other unique units

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I've settled on movement types as the main use. It's a bit redundant, but it's nice having a visual indicator of them.

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I've decided on what I'm going to do. I have seven different options, how ever many of them the character qualifies to gets added and the total number will be their heart. This is only for my five star units, as I don't use anything below that. I'm only doing 7 requirements since I will automatically be giving out 1 heart regardless if they meet any of these or not. I may end up changing some of these. I will be making some exceptions for some characters such as Zelgius or Michalis.

  • Artwork (basically no heart if I dislike the art)
  • Voice (same as above)
  • Usage (how often I use the unit in Heroes)
  • Within my top 10 favorites of their game
  • Within my top 5 favorites of their game
  • Within my top 3 favorites of their game
  • Hero Merit List (2,000+)
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This one took me a long while to figure out as I don't tend to organize my units a lot but I came with a simple system. 

No heart: Send Home

1: Fully trained units.

2: Earth Blessed units.

3: Plan to train in the future/Needs SI

4: Wind Blessed units.

5: Water Blessed units.

6: Future fodder.

7: Unit with good nature that I probably won't train but it's nice to have if I ever feel like training them.

8: Fire Blessed units.

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So I didn't actually realize I could sort by favorite's color until today.  I set all my fodder to orange.  Fodder units are classified as units that I would be willing to fodder if a unit I really love comes along and needs it - not necessarily units who are exclusively fodder (so even Ayra is fodder).

Really helps me shift through my units to see what I have available.  Like this Chill Spd... I'd give it to my +spd Flying Innes in anticipation for firesweep who wont need a B slot but I think I would prefer Chill Def because his spd will be high enough to double everything (but not his atk).  Its nice to be able to see what I have available at a glance instead of having to shift through gamepress looking for all the units that have 'x' skill and all the different skills I don't have.

Also set my summer units to blue for reasons.

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For me I am using Green for Trainers. Anyone with a double SP skill goes here. Orange is for Dancers. Beyond that I have mostly been matching to the units hair color. So Amelia and Elise are yellow and Myrrh and Sanaki are purple, etc.

I'll probably create new categories that limit my hair color tendency even more, but for now the big advantage for me is not having to hunt to find my trainers/dancers anymore. Maybe I'll make categories for common counters so I don't have to hunt for raven users and such. But for now those were the two I needed most.

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I have a relatively complicated system that really works for me but will probably seem weird to others. But, hey, that's life!

  • Pink: GHB and TT spares/copies.
  • Orange: Units with "bad" natures. Looking to replace but will use if necessary.
  • Yellow: Units with "decent" natures. Looking to replace but will use if necessary.
  • Green: Units with "optimal" natures. Don't know what build to give unit.
  • Aqua: Units with "optimal" natures. Know what build to give but not a priority at the moment.
  • Blue: Current projects.
  • Purple: Units with complete skills set. Looking for merges.
  • Rose: Complete units. Full merges. Rare units (seasonals and 5* exclusives) can be marked with this without full merges.

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Easy, I give them a number based on how much I like the characters.

No 1 for my favorites and 10 for the ones I don't like but I still have them, most probably the ones to go if my barracks get full or I need their skills and I don't have another copy of them.

The ones for skills aren't marked with a number

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squad 7 is my main dudes who get shit done

then squad 8 is the backups to the first squad, who i can substitute if i need muscle in a SA or CC or something

then squads 6-4 are descendingly worse units

squad 3 is units i'm planning to 5*

squad 2 is units i've 5*ed and have a build planned for

and squad 1 is dudes i'm in the middle of leveling


i love the colored hearts

yeah the boys

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