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Challenge: Axes Thunder Tiger run

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I'm starting a challenge for fun (not a try hard in normal/hard mode but a funny PT in easy mode). Axes, thunder tomes users and tigers are the only classes allowed with maybe an exception for Volug since the DB needs a few units for p3 defend chapters, and Sothe/Heather just for utility (as few combat involved as possible).

I'm planning on using: Nolan (quite forced to anyway), Ilyana, Jill, Sothe (as told), Volug (as told, and in replacement of tiger Laguz), Muharim isn't worth the investment (sadly because I like him), because LOLavailability.

/Haar (not like there are other axe users in his joining chapter anyway), Brom (same) and Mordecai (if I can make anything out of his crap bases and mediocre growths), Kieran (I'll try, don't blame me for the shit he could do because his accuracy and avoid are so bad and his personnal skill isn't made for him + paladins are really not that great in FE10 because of terrain), little heron will be used only if vital and kept in security.

/Ike (forced if I intend to finish the run or the Burger King will OS him), not Boyd (please guys his bases for his level are awful and he's far from the promotion bonuses, he sucks in his joining chapter and takes forever to start paying off), Ilyana again, not Soren (1 sage is hard enough to protect and he doesn't even access to high level thunder tomes), Titania (she's nearly forced to finish 3-1 in time), and Gatrie only if his T2 has acess to axes, if not then sadly Gatrie won't be my guy (well Brom will join fast enough anyway), Mordecai (if he truned good enough), Haar (if I need him or else bye bye god tier flyer), Heather (utility), and I think that's it for axe/thunder/tigers.

/The same ones + the new tiger (yes, the shitty one, but there's something about him I've always wanted to try, so I'll do it now), and I think that's it. Or are there other ones? Paragon will be given to the latest units exp-wise (notably said baby tiger who clearly has cat growths, at least he won't get doubled much ^^ unlike Mordecai).

/Well now I won't change the cast for the tower, just keeping the best ones and benching the ones who couldn't survive.

No POR boosts in case you ask.


I did prologue with Micayah killing the mobs, then Nolan only until I get Ilyana. End of chapter 1: Micayah 5,14: 17 hp, 2 str, 11 mag, 9 skl, 8 spd, 13 lck, 2 def, 8 res. Nolan 13,59: 12 str, 1 mag, 15 skl, 14 spd, 7 lck, 13 def (I gave him the dracoshield), 4 res. Got unlucky on strength...I didn't modify my level ups, I didn't use Cheat Engine, everything legit. Maybe I'll use save/reload to maximize stats per level for the bad sarting characters (Jill, Volug whose exp gains suck, Brom at the beginning if he doesn't get good level ups from the get-go, Mordecai, the other tiger, Ike because he needs good stats to beat Fast Food) but not like resetting 30 times until I get a near-perfect level up like I like to do (just going for the stats they lack will be enough).

Ike will be forced to use axes once he can, unless the boss attacks him from 2 range (forcing a 1-2 range legendary weapon named Ragnell). If he can be beaten with Urvan then Ike will use Urvan, but I highly doubt it (range, stats, WTD).

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Chapter 2 finished: Nolan 18,24, 37 HP (blessed with it for the 1st time since I got the game), 14 str, 1 mag, 18 skl, 15 spd, 8 lck, 14 def, 6 res. Soon promotion, I hope he will keep up the good rythm and his strength will get better (and his def). Got the 3 chests with Sothe and the boss's potion.

Chapter 3 finished: Nolan 20,97: 39 hp, 14 str, 1 mag, 20 skl, 16 spd, 9 lck, 14 def, 7 res. Ilyana 15,22: 25 hp, 7 str, 14 ag, 14 skl, 13 spd, 8 lck, 4 def, 11 res. Nolan's strength is becoming problematic and his speed doesn't even compensate (15 AS with a steel axe urgh). Ilyana didn't get a point is speed but her HP are correct and her def got 1 point. her magic and skill stood on par with each other. I'd lie her to convert 2 str into speed and/or def though...

Chapter 4 finished: Nolan 20/1,51: 41 hp, 15 str, 3 mag, 21 skl, 17 spd, 9 lck, 15 def, 9 res. Ilyana 20/1: 28 hp, 12 str, 19 mag, 17 skl, 18 spd, 10 lck, 9 def, 15 res. She's gotten quite powerful and fast, I hope she'll keep going. Nolan will have difficulties to cap stength (15 points to cap urgh) but his HP are good for once.

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