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Doctor Seuss Mafia - X-Site Summer Invitational (Day 5 - *YLO)


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mmmm perhaps I should get up at a sooner time given I only seem to strive at live interaction moments in the game as that seems to be where I get my work done. 
Or maybe it's that the playerlist is big and I only have notes on 13 players? :Hrm: This is mostly just my rambling at this point I still say we lynch Omega he's a hot topic and if he flips town people have to look else where and he's never gonna go away as a scum read imo

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On 20/06/2018 at 7:33 AM, EvanManManMan said:

I can't get the ISO script on mobile so I cant link the contradiction but you said something like "I don't care about early reads on me" and then proceeded to have a fit about my early read on you. I got the LAMIST vibes from you talking to Ichigo I think. Like you couldn't stand his scumread on you but I could be wrong here because lol didn't read. I can read the thread I just don't feel like reading 40 pages of older stuff. I'm reading the current stuff so you probably don't have to worry about me not reading anymore. But like, not giving content is a pretty bleh reason to scumread. Can you quote the posts where you kept on asking or at least link me to the start of it because what you describe is something I need to see for myself to evaluate fully. Thanks for clarifying the case btw. Idk whether it was me or you that caused the misrep but we good now.

Evan is town in this game fite me

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8 minutes ago, Orihime said:

Like the block is Alpha Shin me Gorf  (I guess the masons but I would bias want Ichigo around until I got a read on him) I wouldn't mind a few others in but not to the same level as Gorf  Shin and Alpha 


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On 18/06/2018 at 6:12 AM, Animal Midwife said:

And why's that?


On 18/06/2018 at 6:36 AM, Animal Midwife said:






On 18/06/2018 at 6:46 AM, Animal Midwife said:

lol okay JC. Just keep ignoring my question.


On 18/06/2018 at 6:50 AM, Animal Midwife said:

Does JC always do D1s like this?


On 18/06/2018 at 6:56 AM, Animal Midwife said:

Because that's when I voted?

Shin/JC/Ele spewed hi

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3 hours ago, Iris said:

Day 2: Automated Votals from #4135 to #4158

Omega. (6): Donald Trump, Shinori, Shattiel, Orihime, Elemina, SB.
Red Ryu (4): Ichigo, Ryanyb, weinerboy, LaserGuy
Naana (2): Red Ryu, Snike
SB. (2): Omega., dyachei
Shattiel (2): Naana, Magnificence Incarnate
Magnificence Incarnate (1): JohnCarter
Not voting (4): Alpha Male, EvanManManMan, manti, Mello

Phase ends in 20h59m. Hammer at 14.

<Beta v2.0.4>

A wagon on Ichigo would be nice

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4 hours ago, Donald Trump said:

how in the holy bejezzus is elemina scumreading orihime when orihime is literally confirmed town. i would sus elemina but im afraid marshy is gonna try scumanipulating town into thinking itd make me scummy to do so so i guess ill just shut my mouth


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57 minutes ago, LaserGuy said:


How far out of Ran's scum range do you think this game is? How do you feel his activity levels compare to what you'd expect from his Town game? His scumhunting? What do you make of him jumping from bad wagon to bad wagon?

I don't get it? My activity levels are as active as I can be dawg. I was just streaming a damn game for six hours. Now I'm going to sleep and will play Mario Tennis Aces tomorrow then martial arts. Then you see me do a fricking 100 page re-read which takes up my time I could be in thread. IS THAT SCUM INDICATIVE lol

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