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Best mothers for royal kids and Who wants royal mothers.

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I'm doing a royal lunatic run of revelations where I use only the royals starting chapter 19. But i want to use the royal's children so who are the best mothers for the royal children, and who wants Camilla/Hinoka/Azura/Sakura/Elise's genes? 

The only people I have married are Niles and +magic -luck (F)avatar. Right now I am thinking of pairing..

Xander x Beruka/Charrotte

Leo x Nyx/Felicia/Sakura

Azura x Keaton/Kaden

Ryoma x ????

Takumi x ????

Camilla x Kaze/Keaton/Laslow

Elise x Odin

Hinoka x Azama/Kaden/Subaki/Silas 

Sakura x Leo/Hayato/Sukabi/Saizo

The only one I am really dead set on is Azura marrying one of the beast units since I want Shigure to be a beast unit. Also who should I give my DLC seals too? I have all the path bonuses, Witch from Anna, and the ones from the free DLC. Last thing, what the heck should I do with Nina once I get her, I was thinking of going Nohr noble but i'm not sure. 

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So, let's look at what you have now.

Kana/Nina will lean towards magic, Siegbert will be physical and some shade of physically tanky, Forrest is a mage/staffbot, and Shigure will be physical.

Next, let's look at what else you have.  While the Ophelia pairing will take a while, I like the chapter goodies, and Elise works just fine as a mother.  I like Sakura as Forrest's mom, because it means that Forrest can go into Monk for some stuff if you feel that you need it.

That leaves the older Hoshidan siblings and Camilla.  With four mages of varying potencies, the rest can get away with being physical characters.  Of the suggestions, I think Azura would work best with Keaton, so that leaves Camilla with Laslow/Kaze. . .or Takumi (Kisagi thinks that Savage Blow with bows is funny).  Since I like having a physical debuffer, that leaves Shiro, and Ryoma x Kagero's a legit pairing anyway.  Hinoka can go with Azama for the world's worst flying staffbot (or a good grounded physical Mitama).


- Xander and figure out whether you need a tank (Beruka) or pure offense (Charlotte)
- Camilla and Takumi
- Leo and Sakura
- Elise and Odin
- Ryoma and Kagero
- Hinoka and Azama
- Azura and Keaton

Since you have four flavors of magical characters, Nina works as a Nohrian Noble.

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