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illegal knight

Your username becomes your special class-name in the Fire Emblem games.

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DragonFlames, eh?
Well, I think I'd be just that. Literal dragon fire. I can exclusively use Fire spells of varying strength, depending on when I appear in the game, possibly able to learn new ones as I level up.
My biggest weakness would probably be Water magic, which doesn't exist in Fire Emblem (yet). Huh.
I'd probably suck at every stat that isn't HP, Magic and Resistance.

Level 1 - Burn
I can inflict burn wounds on people who are stupid enough to attack me with weapons. I'd either do some percentage based Counter damage or just a fixed number of damage (like, I dunno, 4?) to them.

Level 10 - Equip
You can equip me to a dragon as a Breath weapon. It can only be done as long as their Dragonstone still has uses left, though (if we reintroduce weapon durability) and only counts for one chapter.

Level 25 - Dragon's Roar
If I am equipped to a dragon, I increase their stats by 2 each (excluding HP).

Level 35 - True Dragon Breath (a name I totally did not steal from 7th Dragon III Code:VFD. Nope.)
A very strong Fire-spell that dragons can use while equipping me, which does damage based on the dragon's Magic stat + half of my own Magic stat and ignores enemy Resistance.

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Dayni as a class name?

I assume it's some special version of the general class that has armour more akin to a knight armour of the 14th/15th century. Uses swords and axes, kind of associated with larger swords similar to the Landsknecht. Keeps the armour weakness, though it would also have more balanced defences and more speed.


Unpromoted (probably knight, though it would start with axes as its base)

1: Natural Cover (Knight level 10 skill)

10: Strong Riposte (Merc level 10 skill)

5: Wary Stance (Triggered skills, reduces opponent's effective speed in combat by 5, effect reduced by 1 for each combat until it resets to 0.)

15: Furious Offensive Lunge (working title) (Triggered skill that boosts damage based on 2/3 defence + resistance. Cooldown of 5 turns, drops defence and resistance by 5 for the next turn and can move into enemy's position.)

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AnonymousSpeed: This class is fast as ass after Live Mas at half past.

Level 1 Skill: Secret Identity

  • Enemies do not know the true nature of this unit's identity

Level 10 Skill: Stylish Suit

  • +5 Suavity

Level 25 Skill: Super Sneak

  • Can walk throw foes and doors and chests and floors

Level 35 Skill: Trivial Pursuit

  • Can double enemies when using Useless Knowledge weapon type

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Great Knight is already a class, soooooooo....

Ah well, might as well give it a shot.

GreatKnightEcho: Another "basically a Great Knight but with different skills and slightly different stats" class. Wields swords, lances, and axes. 

Stats: Similar to a Great Knight, but with slightly lower SPD and SKL, and slightly higher HP and RES. 


Lv.1: "Ah fuck, I can't believe you've done this": Grants +1 STR after combat if unit was hit by a melee attack (damage doesn't matter. Max boost is +10).

Lv.10: Memebow: Treats enemies DEF/RES as -30%. Activation rate: 70% of unit's skill stat. 

Lv.15: "I need a hammah to clobbah dat dere armor!": Grants +5 STR and +10% critical chance when unit is wielding a weapon with armor effectiveness.

Lv.25: "It's also a gun.": +10% crit chance when wielding a weapon with 1-2 range. 

Special Weapon: Grand Hammer (Kirby Super Ability): (B-Rank Axe, MT 7, RNG 1-2, 20 uses, 80% hit, +/-0 critical chance). Effective against armors. 

Edited by GreatKnightEcho

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X-Ray: High energy radiation that can cause perversion.

Level 1: X-Ray Vision
Can see through clothing and armor. Inflicts Def/Res-5 on foe during combat.

Level 10: Heat Vision
Makes the target hot and go into heat. If foe's Def or Res (which ever is higher) is higher than HP, increases unit's Atk by the difference.

Level 25: Smell-O-Vision
Knows what the target smells like just by looking at them, creeping them out. Inflicts Atk/Spd-5 on foe during combat.

Level 35: Hypnotic Vision
Hypnotizes targets, turning them into obedient servants whose only goal is to pleasure their master. When foe reaches 0 HP, foe becomes ally and have HP restored to 100%.

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I'd imagine an Emperor would be King Louis from Last Promise.  Essentially with big physical stats and above average resistance.  Either the second to last boss of a game, or a Lord character's promotion after his father dies.

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GlitchWarrior: Just like a regular Warrior, but possesses Skills that warp reality itself. Surrounded by a corrupted aura.

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MyLuckyHaiku... probably a class that uses magic and has high luck and mag, but low def and res.

Level 1:Poetry recital (Rally skill)   Boosts ally’s res and lck by +3

Level 10:Lucky Break (Passive skill) If unit’s luck is higher then either the enemy’s str or mag (Whichever’s higher) then boost unit’s res and def by +5

Level 25:Season of decay (Triggered skill, lck % activation)   After combat, enemy’s res lowers at the speed of -3 per turn (Maximum loss of 9) and HP goes down by -5 each turn) (Only activates when using wind magic not including blizzard and fimbulvetr)

Level 35:Season of white winds (Triggered skill, lck % activation)       After combat enemy’s str and skill drop by -5 and movement drops to 2. (Only activates when using ice-related tomes like blizzard)

Edited by MyLuckyHaiku

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Benice: a benice who uses the Devine powers of benice to benice the foes.  Benice. 

Equip:Staff, anima, dark, knives, Swords, cookies, oboes, english horns and household kitchen utensils 

Starts off weak,  but with high ambition and Benice, most Benice end up with high stats that put Seth to shame.

Growth rates

120 hp, 90 spd, 65 skl, 5 lck,  25 def, 20 res, 40 Mt, 35 Mag. Mov, 6. because Benice manifests best in nature, they are not slowed by forests or mountains.

Lv. 1 Benice 

By uttering the word Benice, the devine turn their favour towards all allianced with the benice speaking.

When using this action, all allies within spaces of unit's Magic + benice level's sum gain these bonuses to their stats until they leave the affected area or the Bencie updoes something other than cast 'benice' on their turn.

The winds gust in a favourable direction; allied 2 ranged weapons gain range of 3 also and can counterattack from anything 2 and beyond.

Your allies's every move is blessed: gain luck equal to the Benice's magic.

All support levels between allies that can get married go up by 50%, to a max of 90%. (Only once per map)

Lv. 10-Benice's blessing.

When the Benice uses Benice, all allies on mountains, forests or water gain the benefits of Benice through to their next actions. If Benice's highest support partner is within four spaces, that unit gains the effects of Benice. If the Benice's highest support partner is within benice's regular range, all growth rates treated as if +10%

Lv. 15 Benice's boon

If the Benice's highest support partner is hit by a crit, the Benice can intervene, redirecting the damage to itself. The supported unit can then counterattack regardless of foe's range.  If the benice is reduced to 5 hit points or less, the supported unit counterattacks with a guarunteed crit.


Lv 20-power word Benice/

The Benice is bestowed by three medallions from a devine entity. The Benice can either choose to recieve three medallions of Angelic aurum or three jewels of Benice's wrath. To use a medallion or jewel, clutch it in your hand speak a word of unspeakable power. The following occurs for Angelic aurum

All allies given bonuses as if they were wthin Benice for two turns

All, used up units get granted another action, but can only move three spaces.

All units other than the one casting power word benice are healed 35 hit points

For one turn, negates all effective damage against your units.


If usjng Benice' wrath, all foes take 25 damage with 5% crit chance. All allies that are ajacent to foes when Benice's wrath triggers gain hit points equal to damage dealt to ajacent foes.

Caster gains 100 exp.

After power word benice is used, one of the jewels or medalions fade, and cannot be recovered.


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