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Training Mafia 3.0: Advanced - GAMEOVER

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Man, 53 pages. Thanks to whoever decided to kill me on Night 1. Please keep up with the good work.

Not like I'd help town too much by surviving since I'm very bad when it comes to reading players with NAI content or who just seem to post in randomly. My focus on Athena was dumb too.

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29 minutes ago, RADicate said:

As for me i shouldve stuck to my guns when i felt it was fable/xnad. I gave concessions on my end and wound up doubting myself. 

Same Rad, same...

On 20-6-2018 at 10:45 PM, Bartozio said:

 so here's what I'm currently at, mostly from towny to scummy:

I feel Makaze is likely town. His sticking to a "soul read" might be annoying, but his later reasoning for it wasn't bad (as in, I can believe someone being convinced for these reasons), and I feel his posts are very much made in an attempt to solve the game. Would not lynch.

Rapier (YESSS, he's not really flaking yet) made some pretty sharp comments, and I like his reasoning overall. Likely town.

Athena: I liked Athenas start of trying to get things going, and his content till now has looked fine or good to me. I also feel scum Athena struggles more with producing meaningfull content and will generally stick too easy content, where town Athena feels a lot more natural. His current play clearly fits in the second category, imo.

Fenrir, Junk and Rad feel fine to me, but I really need to reread their content. Homework for N1 I guess.

Mackc2: I feel his later posts were a bit above average in terms of scumhunting and interacting with the thread for him, so I'm not really scumreading this slot. His general playstyle and
me not knowing his scum meta (roll scum already dude) make it more of null/slight town lean though.

Zeonth catch up post wasn't bad, but I need to hear opinions about the second (and more intresting) half of the game before forming a real opinion on him. Or read it if it is actually already posted...

Xnad: Taking a step back, I'm more willing to believe he really just doesn't give any value to rvs (not an actual quote, but an interpretation), and as much as I disagree with his case on me,
I do think there's actual thought put into it. He also doesn't use his case on me as a reason to ignore other stuff, which I like. Basicly, a lot less sure about him being scum. Urgh, leaning
more towards null/slightly town right now, but that might swing over to any side in the next span of a day. (Did I mention I suck when I start to secondguess stuff).

Satsuma: His content is low, but it's not a lot different from IDNSFMM, which makes me mostly null on him. I feel like he was slightly more cooperative then though, even though there was
less content from my memory, so small scum lean here.

Evan's posts were bad, but about the same as last game I feel. He could be coasting since people seem to not want to lynch based purely on his lack of content, but that's mostly NAI right

I feel Fable's first real content post was scummy, because the case on Makaze was something he seems to have had in his mind for most of the game, and Evan hadn't posted in at least a day. He could have made that post a full day earlier without changing anything. This feels less like having trouble to get reads, and more like just not wanting to post for half a day. It would literaly not suprise me if he had that whole post written out a day in advance.

@Fable, I think you can respond to a case without me asking questions, but sure:

Why did you post those cases against Makaze and Evan at the time you did? Why not a full day earlier?

I'd prefer a Fable lynch at this point, but since that doesn't seem likely to happen, I'm a lot more in favor of Satsuma then any of the alternatives:


##Vote: @SatsumaFSoysoy

all three scum in top 4 suspects....

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Blegh, idk this game feels like it's so punishing for screwing up, like I think I played ok until d3, then a whole bunch of bad stuff started happening and I panicked and the game slapped with with a wet roleblock... ack.


GGs though, was more fun than anything on PS for sure lol

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I said this in the DVC, but also saying it here:

The play you needed to make was have Fable CC Rad and have Xnad NOT slank and stay active, calm, and remain town read. Then you lynch RAD. Fable would be a sure lynch the next phase, but Xnad would still have good town equity, and Mack most likely blocks Zeo, Junk, or even known scum Fable before his game long town read Xnad. The kill succeeds, and and both PRS are gone, going into day with 2v2, and Mafia wins at parity.

CCing was the best play IMO.

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On 6/17/2018 at 11:28 AM, Iris said:

4. Each mentor/mentee pair will have a Discord group chat. These may be released postgame/to IOs upon request so don't get too wild in them.

What's the status on these? 

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