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Let's write a Fire Emblem plot, one chapter at a time!

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Prologue C: The search


(The new characters here are Kaitlin, a woman from a noble house in Tunetia, and Kael, Kaitlin's lover and bodyguard)


Kaitlin: Kael....do you think we will find her here ? We've come such a long way from Tunetia.....

Kael: I can't say for sure milady, but don't worry, she can't hide from us forever now.

Kaitlin: Don't forget...you promised me you wouldn't hurt her once we find her, I know my father told you otherwise....but please, do this for me, Kael.

Kael: Alright alright, don't look at me with such a sad eyes, you know I can't say no to you, but I might just hurt her a LITTLE bit looking at how we came all the way to Demancia to look for her, I hope the others will have a better luck than us, I still wish you stayed behind though....I can tell traveling is just not for you.

He wasn't lying there, I've always been the one to slow us down, but even so....I just had to come.

Kaitlin: Kael...I'm sorry, I know I only made all of this harder on you and everybody else..but she's my sister, you know, if someone will be able to convince her to go back home with us, it will be me.

Kael: Are you sure you're up to this ? You know how that older sister of yours is,  convincing her to to do the smallest thing is near impossible, how will you make her agree on being apart of an arranged marriage is beyond me...

Kaitlin: Kael....I only want her to go back home, even I don't want her to get married to someone she doesn't have feelings for...I think I will have a better chance making father forget about this marriage all together, but I can't do that with her running away like this.

Kael: Well...whatever you do, just know that I will always be there to support and protect you~ *Kael winks at Kaitlin* But do you really think your father will miss the chance of having one of his daughters marry the prince of Tuneita ? Your father was always hungry for power you know, I don't think he will miss a chance like this.

Kaitlin: Thank you....for everything...I can't even count the numbers of times you saved me, and also...yeah, I know my father very well...maybe if mother was still alive this wouldn't be happening right now, and we all would had been a big happy family right now...

I don't remember my mother face, she died when I was very little, some people told me I looked just like her....which nice I guess, but I do remember her being a very kind person, she was always smiling.

Kael:.....Kaitlin, do you think that your father will....accept our love ? I'm just a guy from a poor family, I don't think anyone will find me worthy of you...

Kaitlin: Kael...Lets keep looking for my sister now, and even if my father didn't accept you right away, I have hope he would one day....

This was the first time me and Kael came to Demanica, our search to find my sister brought us all the way here....



Kael: Hey....what are those people gathering for ?

*A big group of people are gathering around something, but Kael and Kaitlin were too far away to see what it was all about*

Kaitlin: I don't know...is something happening over there ?

*The next thing they know, the crowd of people starting  cheering very loudly*

Kael: What's happening..? Lets get closer and see, stay close to me, Kaitlin, I don't want to lose you in this crowd.

Kaitlin: Okay, I'm right behind you.

*Kael and Kaitlin stayed close to each other while walking through the crowd, and what they saw in the end was.....*

Kaitlin: Is....that...a dead body ?!?

Kael: It seem so...I wonder what that woman did to get executed like that, and these people sure seem happy about it...


Kael: Are you okay ? You know what...lets just leave, and lets find a place to sit in and relax *Kael grabs Kaitlin's hand and walks her away from the gruesome scene*


*30 minutes later* 


Kael: Are you feeling better now ? Do you need more water ?

Kaitlin: No...I'm just fine now, sorry...I slowed us down again.

Kael: Don't worry about it, maybe the others had better luck finding your sister than us...we will need to meet up with them soon, so lets have a quick look around, and if we find nothing, lets just go back to our meeting up place.

Kaitlin: Okay....

Kael: Are you...sure your okay ?

Kaitlin: I just....don't get why people were so happy to see someone...killed like that, it's awful, I'm not sure what kind of person she was, maybe she did something very awful, but still...anyway, I just won't think about that for now, lets keep looking.

Kael: Look...maybe I should just go search alone, I will come back in a short while, just don't move and stay here.

Kaitlin: You won't let me make the choice of what I should do here ?

Kael: Nope,  you need to stay here and relax, don't worry, nothing bad would happened if you stayed in the open like this where many people can see you, and remember, don't move.

Kaitlin: Okay....don't make me wait too long now.

Kael walked away...leaving me alone, it's weird, I'm so used to being with him, so the times I'm not, I feel like I'm missing something, I used to be very close with my older and only sister, Hope, I don't know why we grew apart...But I still care a lot for  her, and I hope that I can find her, I just...want her to know that I will be on her side, father won't be happy with me...but so be it.


Kaitlin: Huh ?

I saw a weird looking guy looking at me, he was giving me some....weird stares, do I know him from somewhere ? I don't think so...






He won't stop staring at me! How annoying!  Does...he want something from me ? If so, why isn't he coming to me and talking to me about it? 


But then....It finally hit me, I looked to both my right and left.....there was no one but us, where did everyone go ? I don't feel safe anymore, that man could attack me right now and no one would see it, I do know how to use a sword, but I'm not that good, I only know the basics....ugh, Kael...where are you ?

*The man starts walking towards Kaitlin, with his face mostly being hidden by a cloak, it was hard to read him, but Kaitlin was able to see something shine behind his cloak*


Kaitlin: Is that...a knife ?

Man: Hehehe....pretty girls like you shouldn't stay alone you know,

Kaitlin:....I might be a girl, but I know how to fight you know * Kaitlin drew her sword*


*Battle begins*

(Kaitlin is a sword user, while Kael is a swordmaster, but with good growths like Seth)

Man: Heh....that a tiny sword you have there.

Kaitlin:  It's a slim sword....which is more than enough to deal with you...

Man: You think you can hurt me with that ?! BRING IT ON GIRL!

He's coming he's coming he's coming!!! I need to dodge his attack.

*A third figure joins the battle and attacks the man before he can reach Kaitlin*



Kaitlin: Kael! You came!

Kael:....Sorry, I shouldn't have left you behind like this, at least i made on time.

*Battle ends*

Kaitlin: Is...he dead ?

Kael: Yes...lets leave before someone see us.

Kaitlin: Okay, lets go!


*10 minutes later*

Kael: Okay...I think we're far enough now.

Kaitlin: Isn't it time now to go and meet up with the others...?

Kael: It is....but...why did that man attack you ?

Kaitlin:I don't know...he kept looking at me for a very long time, I think he was waiting for us to be all alone where he could attack me without anyone witnessing it.

Kael: Kaitlin...I want you to stay near me all the time from now on...I think there might be more to this.

Kaitlin: Oh ? You do ? Why....is that ?

Kael:....Lets just go, lets not make the other wait any longer, and don't forget, don't leave my side.

Kaitlin: Don't worry....I won't...



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(Nice start! Kael and Kaitlin have an interesting relationship, and seem well-thought out and written. Is Kaitlin the mercenary who wants to live the way she wishes?)

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(Sorry if it's bad ;____; I tried my best, and I won't say she's a mercenary....or at least not yet ? I don't know XD But yeah i guess she for sure wants to live the way she wants, she won't let her father stop her from loving Kael, and also she wants all her family to become happy together again, which doesn't seem like it would be that simple looking at what's happening) 

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(Right. I already have a good idea for the last MC, so I think I'll take care of the scholar for now. Look forward for something tonight, maybe tomorrow.)

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( @Rose482 AHHHHHHHHHH you referenced the execution!!! ^u^  I really didn't expect that, that was cool!!  I think this was overall solid, though I did notice at least one grammatical error:

"*A big group of people are gathering around something, but Kael and Kaitlin we're too far away to see what it was all about*"

I could give some more pointers, but only if you want it - I like Kaitlin, it feels like she a touch snooty and doesn't understand the magnitude of everything that's going on - I like that ^^

19 minutes ago, Corrobin said:

(Right. I already have a good idea for the last MC, so I think I'll take care of the scholar for now. Look forward for something tonight, maybe tomorrow.)

So Corro, are we going to do a structured order until other people get in on the game?  For example, the order of posts would go you -> Nino -> me -> Rose, then repeat?)

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@Soleater I thought it would be cool to reference it : P And thank you for pointing out that grammatical error, I just fixed it.


And sure you can give me some pointers if you want, I don't mind <3 



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(The new characters gained this chapter are:

Randall (or Randy for short), a Scholar (who can use Anima and Light magic) with superb reasoning and and passionate love for knowledge, who was raised in an orphanage.

Gloria, a Shaman/Dark Mage who was raised with Randall. Compensates for her lesser intelligence with a quick wit and dedication.

Locke, a Thief with a keen eye and a sharp tongue with a bit of a complex about his weight (being eerily skinny due to not having much to eat as a child.).

Additionally, Bishop Kreiss, a kind but aging member of the Black Dragon Faith, makes an appearance, but does not join.)


We start this chapter in the Great Library-Cathedral of Bishop Kreiss. Randall and Gloria are browsing the shelves of the archives, located under the building.


Randall: Oh my Rucif, look at all these books! So many, on history, magic, science, warfare, tactics, religion, so so so so so MANY!

Gloria: Randy, I get that you love books like this, but please, act like a normal human being for once?

Randall: BOOKS! Look, this one was written over 200 years ago by Bishop Jacob, on how the Church and Empire work together to serve the people! It has so many rules, regulations, facts, so much information in it!

Gloria: It’s more dust than book!

Randall: And this one was written by Kestrel’s great-grandfather on how to unify the country to make it stronger and more steadfast against invaders or rebellion.

Gloria: ...by dividing it amongst his supporters and their descendants?

Randall: And this…. One… Where’s the book? There should be a book here, in-between the one on the theory of Dark Magic and the practices of the Church, but there isn’t!

Gloria: So? Books get lost all the time. Rucif knows HOW many I’ve lost back in the orphanage.

Randall: This isn’t some tawdry romance novel or sappy fairy tale! This is an ancient text! Full of knowledge and power!

Gloria: ...and dust.

Randall: THIEF! I know you are there! Hand over the book, and I promise no harm will fall upon you.

Gloria: *snrk*

Locke: (Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…)

Randall: (That was quiet, but I still heard it.) Stop!


Locke dashes past the duo, showing a quick flash of his face shot before heading up the stairs.


Randall: Wha-how-after him!


Randall and Gloria follow him up the stairs. Randall heads out while Gloria hangs back.


Kreiss: Randall! Gloria! What just happened?

Gloria: There was a thief in the archives, he stole a book. Randall's trying to get it back for you.

Kriess: That’s not necessary, young lad-

Gloria: He won’t listen to you.



The chase goes through some streets until they are out of the city of Joa and in the surrounding fields. Locke is slowing down while Randall is keeping at it, Gloria lagging behind him.


Randall: Yes… we’re… almost… at… him… hah… hah…

Gloria: C’mon… you…. Wimpy… little…

Locke: H-how are you keeping up with me?

Randall: Never... underestimate... the strength... of someone... who studies books... for a living!!!  ...hah… hah...

Gloria: To be honest, I don’t really know…. myself….

Locke: Just give up! I have orders from someone very powerful to not let this book slip away-

Randall: Knowledge deserves to be shared. You would censor… knowledge, and I cannot forgive you if you do that.

Locke: Trust me, you do not wanna mess-

Mateo (Bandit): So that’s where you were, Lockey boy. Good, now hand over the book, and we can

Randall: NEVER!

Mateo : You make some new friends, Lockey?

Locke: They were in the archives and they were on the shelf where this book was and the man noticed and they knew I was there so I ran but they followed me and-


Thud sound effect, indicating that the book has been dropped on the grass.


Locke:  “...some would say Rucif is a god, but that is not…” I've never heard of anything of that nature before, least of all on some old book in a church.

Mateo: Aww, that’s too bad. Boss said that anyone who read that book… had to die. Sorry, Lockey.

Randall: (moves in front of Locke and the book.) Lockey.

Locke: LOCKE. This asshat just makes stupid nicknames.

Randall: Fine. Locke. I know magic, and so does Gloria. If you give us the book and answer some of our questions when this is over, we’ll let you live and protect you from these men.

Gloria: Randy, for Lucif’s sake, you’re making no sense-

Locke: ...fine.

Randall: Good.

Gloria: This isn’t going to end well, but fine, if I must.

Locke: I’m not dead weight! I can swing a sword!

Randall: Good.


(Fight commences!)


Randall: Oh, good, this is over.

Locke: Yeah, thanks, scholar boy. I’d been meaning to get myself out of that gang. They were a real piece of work, you know that?

Gloria: I only hope this stupid book was worth that fighting.

Locke: Trust me, I saw only a vague passage, and it was somethin’. So, you wanna head back to that cathedral to read it?

Randall: Why are you being so familiar to us? We don’t even know you.

Locke: You saved my life.

Gloria: Unintentionally, and only because Randy over here has such a book boner.

Locke: Well, yeah, but still, a life’s a life. Consider me… indebted.

Randall: ...Fine. But only if you avoid picking a lock or taking a coin unless it’s my order.

Locke: Gladly.


The scene cuts back to the cathedral. Kriess, Locke, Randall and Gloria are in the archive, near a table.


Gloria: What’s this book even called?

Swishing sound effect, to indicate dust being wiped off

Randall: The Consolidated Writings of the… Church of Samiel? I’ve heard of the Cult of Samiel, but never a church.

Kriess: I’ve only heard such vague mentions of it in the history books-back in the ancient days, the evil White Dragon held the land in the grip of his jaws, with the assistance of this followers. The Black Dragon set things right, freeing the land from the chaotic mess it was and reducing the old White Dragon Church to a few meager worshipers in scattered places. They say you can find them in caves, roaming the desert, or a few islands just off the coast.

Locke: Well, don’t this just beat all. Now I see why I was hired, along with that band.

Randall: Locke… what were your orders, and who were they from?

Locke: Ah, see, that’s the real question. In reverse order, I was to retrieve the book, and send it to my employer, where I was informed the book was to be placed into some sort of long-term storage. They never said where this was before I got here, but I assumed it was a personal residence where someone was holding the book hostage, not a well-stocked archive in a library/church hybrid. I think my employer was lying. As for who it was…

Kriess: Hmmmm…

Gloria: Who?

Randall: ...I have a suspicion.

Locke: Oh? Then go ahead and speak it.

Randall: Given the book’s contents and name, I assume that your employer is in the church somewhere, or at least somewhat religious. Given the amount of money it must have cost to hire a bandit gang of that size and skill, they must be someone with a lot of influence and power. And thirdly, given your objective and your own suspicions, as well as, again the book's contents and my previous deductions, it must be someone with an agenda that doesn't want the book getting out. I think they wanted to destroy the book-burn it, probably. All that leads to only one possible culprit.

Locke: ...Archbishop Manfred is who you're thinking of, right? Because he was the one who hired me.

Randall: I was correct.

Kriess: But… if it was the Archbishop himself, he could have simply asked for it himself, and I gladly would have given it to him!

Gloria: That would draw attention to himself, or whoever he had do it as a vassal. But a criminal like Locke would seem like a minor theft, barely worth mentioning. Not to mention the questioning of his faith that would occur if he was found with such a heretical book as this one.

Randall: Exactly. Now then, it’s time to get cracking on this book. Let’s do some research and figure out why this book is worth censoring to the Archbishop.



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(That was...interesting, and Randy seem like a fun MC, normally i would had thought someone who's obsessed with books would be boring, but Randy is doing it in a fun way : P )

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FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK! I was writing the net story and this thing just crashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chapter 1A: The Flying Menace.

[Kestrel is the emperor. Arteus is the 2nd in command in the empire]

Kestrel: Arteus, come here, Arteus!
Arteus: Yes milord?
Kestrel: I was informed a rebellion ocurred in the north and in a mountainous village, is this correct?
Arteus: Yes milord.
Kestrel: Damn them! Even Father Rucif had trouble expanding the empire to the rietneas! [The mountainous region]
Arteus: but one thing Father Rucif didn't have was allies, the Northen kingdom of Aurelia could be asked for reinforcements in Wyverns and Pegasi.
Kestrel: Yes, well I don't want a nationwide revolution, send a messenger group and bring me my legions of Fliers in 5 days!
Arteus: Yes ISaac will be to weak to resist u- wait 5 days?!
Kestrel: Did I stutter?
Arteus: You expect me to reach the capital of Aurelia in 5 days?!
Kestrel: Grrr Fine! I give you 10 days, and be quick about it!
Arteus: Yes milord a reasonable time indeed. 
*Arteus leaves the throne room*

Arteus: *Walking down the hall and talking to himself*  How is anyone going to achieve that in 10 days?! Grrrrr.
Carmela: [The sexy, evil woman] Oh Arteus, what worries you?
Arteus: Kest- I mean milord, requests I send a messenger group to the capital of Aurelia in 10 days! What madness!
Carmela: Oh what a naughty boy, almost adressing the emperor by name~
Arteus: Sh - shut up! What I need is to see how we will manage the trip!
Carmela: Oh I have a wonderful idea...
Arteus: Oh no what are you planning? Tell me it doesn't have to do with...
Carmela: Seducing the soldiers? Hehehe... you're so smart~
Arteus: *Sigh* Please don't they would follow anyway but sure join me and help it seem like we needed to bring the heavy artillery of commanding tactics *Points at carmel*
Carmela: Oh fine. I won't.

*They walk to camp to seek out the messenger group*

Arteus: Listen soldiers, you are to reach the capital of Aurelia in 10 days and send this letter to the king Isaac, we will bring the supplies here, so prepare immediately
Carmela: Oh and soldiers, please hurry up I'm not a patient woman *wink*
Arteus: (Did that woman just-) Yes soldiers, by command of his majesty you will not take longer than 10 days. Any questions?
Soldier: 10 days? 
Arteus: Yes I know it's not enough but I can't change his majesty's orders.

*They go get the supply wagon*

Arteus: You couldn't keep your mouth shut could you?
Carmela: Of course not, you know me darling~
Arteus: Be careful, keep it open too much and you won't like what happens next.
Carmela: Or maybe I will~
Arteus: What did - Oh damn my choice of words!

*Back at the camp*

Arteus: Alright, set out immediately!

*10 days later*

Kestrel: Arteus, Arteus!
Arteus: Yes milord?
Kestrel: Where are my - 

*Wyvern Lord's and Falcoknight's commander comes in*

Commander: *Heavy breathing in between words* Your majesty we're here! 
Kestrel: Perfect, you mst be exhausted from what I can tell and I don't want a failed mission, in 4 hours you will set out to the norten mountain region and destroy the rebelling villages.
Commander: Yes sir!

*4 hours pass*

Kestrel: Aurelian! 
Commander: Yes sir, we will st out immediately.

*Wind sounds*

Commander: The wind is blowing hard today...
Kestrel: Is that a problem?
Commander: Y- No sir we will go as you order (The climate is against us, damn we are at a disadvantage!)

*Meanwhile at the village*

Zeke: It's been quite busy today! Never thought being head of a village was so much work!
Sonya: We're liberators! Not new-dictator Zeke! I agree that it has been busy toay, even with you slacking 
Zeke: It's restoring energy you haven't done anything!
Sonya: You're kidding, I'm the one receiving all the messages and healing everyone up every 2 miutes!
Makel: Couldn't I help you?
Sonya: Yes you could but it is exhausting beyond belief.
Trey: Hey mom there's some people from the other village that came to speak with you!
Sonya: I'm coming... 

[New characters
Ordel: Ogma archetype that is a cavalier
Gait: The usual companion of the ogma but this one is a "Recruit-Archer"
Daot: The usual companion of the ogma but this one is a "Recruit-Archer"]

Ordel: Good day Mrs. Sonya.
Sonya: Good day sir...
Ordel: My name is Ordel. These are my kids, Gait and Daot
Gait: Hi Mrs Sonya
Daot: Hi
Sonya: Hello, so Sir Ordel, what do you need?
Ordel: We came here to defend our base.
Sonya: Our base... well alright you can stay.
Ordel: Just tell us what to do and we'll do it.
Sonya: Uhm... yes, go defend the gates.
Ordel: Yes ma'am
Zeke: Freaking weirdo
Trey: What was that about? He acted like a royal soldier!
Sonya: He could just be devoted to the rebellion, it's very likely other families also wanted a rebellion but didn't have the batte prowess to do it.
Zeke: Hey what's that big cone over there?
Sonya: It's a Drago- I mean a echo-concentrator we can increase the loudness of say a horn to alert other villages (We used the Dragon's call underground working for Rucif to be able to                 communicate with other churches and catch supposed heretics, but I'm done with the church)
Trey: That's so cool! It's so smart!
Zeke: You and your wits, you lok out of this world!
Sonya: (The church is pretty weird in it's traditions) No, I'm not!
Ordel: Mrs. Sonya! There's an army approaching us!
Sonya: What?! Soldiers?
Ordel: Yes, but they're fliers!
Sonya: (From the kingdom of Aurelia? damn!)
Trey: Psh we can take them down. Look the wind is blowing there! It should help us win, right? Right?
Sonya: Yes, that's true. *Raises voice* Everyone! If you can fight come to the gates! We will defend ourselves, alert the other villagers!

*The horn is sound and the battle starts*

[The boss is a Wyvern Knight LV 4 that drops a Torch to resemble the fact they traveled through snow and fog and stuff]

[This battle's climate is windy and it's windy to the left, meaning that traveling to the right in the air would be hard, the specifics are these:
Pegasus Knights:
If flying opposite to the wind then movement is decreased to -3 and all stats except HP, LUCK, DEF and RES are lowered by 2
If flying with the current helping you then movement is increased by 3 and all your stats except HP,LUCK, DEF and RES are raised by 2
If attacking opposite of the wind then all stats except HP, LUCK, DEF and RES are lowered by 4
If attacking in the wind's direction then all stats except HP, LUCK, DEF and RES are raised by 3 and range is one tile longer]

*During the battle*

Red House #1- 
Old man: Flying units? Those are quite fearsome aren't they? Here take this, give it to someone that fghts a lot, it's a Dracoshield, their strong attacks should now bounce off you.

Red House #2-
Little kid: Hey, you know what's cool? Being strong! You know what's strong? A Steel lance! Maybe one of the soldiers before dropped it.

Green House #1- 
Woman: Flying units? They're quite fast and strong aren't they? Look at the wind though, it's pushing them away, hindering their attack, ground them while they fight nature!

*Fighting the boss*

Commander: By order of his majesty you are to die, so don't try to resist the inevitable

*Fighting with Trey*

Commander: HAHAHA you? a kid? I thought you looked small because I was up in the sky but you're so tiny!
Trey: Shut up! Imperial scum! You will fall!
Commander: You're funny, even the wind can't stop me!

*The boss dies*

Commander: Ugh, my bad luck, Leila... take care of our son...

*After the battle*

Trey: They must be very desperate to have brought such enemies!
Zeke: Yeah bad luck for them HAHA
Trey: Boo the empire! We will triumph over them!
Villagers: Woooo!
Makel: Sowhat are we waiting for?
Sonya: The empire is still full of resources, we must tire them out and then attack
Trey: Fantastic Idea! They won't resist our power!
Zeke: How about we take a nearby fort? Won't that help?
Sonya: *Looks at Zeke amazed* You... that's a very good idea! Taunt them!
Zeke: When do we set out then?
Sonya: Don't worry it won't be long. Have a rest for now, I will prepare dinner.
Trey: Can we have Steak?
Sonya: Hmm...
Zeke: Please?
Makel: Can you?
Sonya: Yeah sure... Democracy! Zeke, beat you to it!
Zeke: That's my punchline!
Sonya: Hehe alright.


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Chapter 1B: Old Habits

Freki: Kid, we're going to have to land soon - Lupa can't take much more of hauling both of your fat asses around like this.
Strix: Or...maybe he's just finally giving out?  I mean, I can't blame him, with having to carry such a heavy load for what...twenty-ish years?
Freki: ...!
Geri: Milord, disregarding your appalling language, that was an ill-conceived comment towards the woman who has dominion over our very well-being.
Strix: Oh- oh gosh, I thought we were all just joking around!  I didn't think- I didn't-
Freki: BWAHAHAHAHA!  Oh...Oh kid, you're developing a fine sense of humor, I'll give ya that.
Strix: Oh thank God, I thought you were mad.
Geri: (Certainly one thing you can say about her.)
Freki: Nah, nah, you're cool - let's just land this baby and handle the grub situation.

*There's the sound of a thud, before the screen briefly fades to black*

Strix: So...any luck, Freki?
Freki: Yeaaah, no - I got fuck all; Geri?
Geri: Without being so crass, I failed to find food as well - it's almost as if the area has been...stripped.
Freki: Rucif damn it Geri, I really thought we were making progress earlier with that stick up your ass, y'know?  But you're right-
Geri: I'm not going to let you forget that you said that.
Freki: ...But Geri has a point  for once - I couldn't even find any like...roots 'n shit.
Strix: And it's not like we can just scavenge somewhere else - sun's setting, poor Lupa's pooped, and the next town is almost a day away...Well guys, looks like we're stuck here for the night.  Time to get comfortable.
Freki: Shit kid, I thought you at least had a plan when you told us to abandon everything we had.
Strix: I do- or I...look, I just knew I had to get out of there when I could-
Freki: Rucif fucking...*sigh* Let's just...turn in for the night, alright kid?  I can keep first watch so we don't get eaten by wolves or some shit.
Strix: ...Yeah, alright.  We'll head for the town in the morning; Hejm, I believe?
Geri: You'd be correct, my liege - a simple, but pleasant folk, so I've heard.  So long as we keep our heads low, we should pass through without trouble.
Freki: And hopefully, we can get something to eat there too.
Strix: ...

*Cut to a scene of Freki keeping watch, while Strix, Geri, and Lupa sleep*

Freki: ...(I suppose I signed up for this - I mean, I couldn't say no to those puppy dog eyes - but the kid has no idea what he's getting himself into.)
Freki: (If we don't get him off the continent or something, he's going to regret even thinking of running away...That's giving him the credit that he even thought this through in the first place.)
Freki: *sigh*...(Can't fault him though - it'd be...kind of hypocritical if I did.)

*Something rustles in the bushes.*

Freki: Hm? (What was that?)

*She draws her sword*

Freki: If there's someone there, I'd suggest you show yourself - I am not in the fucking mood for games tonight.

*Slowly, a young boy, clad in makeshift leather armor leaves the bushes, hands held up*

???: Whoa, whoa - Heeeey, lady, clam down.  I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm just passing through.

*Freki doesn't lower her sword.*

Freki: Really?  I suggest you cut the crap and give me a name before I have to get nasty.
Váli: Okay!  Okay - the name's Váli, I swear I don't mean any harm, I just need to get ooooooover there.

*He points past the makeshift camp, where Geri and Lupa are stirring, and flinches back when he sees the wyvern, who is slowly waking with a low snarl.*

Freki: Ya like him?  Lupa?  I can introduce him to you if you don't disarm yourself.
Váli: Mmmmmmmmm, you make a convincing argument.  I'll just leave my rinky little knife here, next to my ramshackle pitchfork-
Freki: Pitchfork?
Váli: I mean, what else is a lowly villager like myself going to defend himself with?
Freki: ...What are ya' doing all the way out here anyway?
Váli: I mean...Wellm I can't exactly tell you, since you aren't a part of our cause 'n all.  Don't know where you stand, y'know?
Freki: "Our cause"?  So there's more of you?
Váli: (Shit!)...Not...necessarily.
Freki: Kid, how old are you?  Where are your parents?
Váli: Don't patronize me.  And don't you- don't you-!
Freki: Don't I, what?
Váli: ...Nothin'.
Geri: Mmmm...?  Freki, what's going on?  Is there-Is there someone there?  Why didn't you wake us?
Freki: Just-just hold on, okay dear?

*Freki turns make to Váli, who looks thoroughly uncomfortable.*

Freki: Váli, you from Hejm?
Váli: ...It was my hometown, yes.
Freki: Was?
Váli: God damn imperials - we...refused to pony up, so they burned our village.  A lot of us...a lot of us didn't make it.
Freki: ...
Freki: Including your parents?
Váli: ...*sniff*
Freki: Kid...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry - I know the world's a shitty place, and I didn't need to go and make it shittier for you by dredging that up.  I'd...I'd offer you something, anything, but I know that there's nothing I could give to fill that void...I suppose the best I can do is just get of your way - I would just not recommend getting to close.  You know, because-

*Lupa hisses on cue.*

Freki: That.
Geri: (Freki, this isn't the best course of action to take at this moment, I implore you to rethink this course of action.)
Freki: (It's fine - they're just passing through - we don't need to kill each other over this.)
Váli: ...Yeah...yeah I guess.  Thank-thank you.  For talking to me.  I know I was kind of an ass, but I hope we can part as friends, you know? 

Váli: H-hey guys, it's clear.

*More rustling through the bushes, and a double digit number of leather-armored clad villagers appear from the bushes, carrying something Váli wasn't - torches.  The light hits Freki and Geri, illuminating their imperial armor.*

Female Villager: Váli, what the hell are you doing?!  You've just exposed us to the imperial dogs, you idiot!
Freki: No, stop!  We aren't with them anymore, we just-
Older Villager: Hold your tongue, cur!  You're kind spits nothing but lies!

*Váli just stares in horror at Freki for a long second, his face twisting into a mix of sorrow and unbridled anger as tears flow down his eyes.*

Váli: ...Everyone, everyone!  To arms, now!  We told ourselves we'd show the Empire's dogs what it feels like to have everything taken from you, so let's finally show them what it feels like!
Geri: They aren't going to listen, Freki you need to fall back!
Váli, aiming for Freki: HAAAA-

*Suddenly, Váli's voice dies as a loud THUNK is heard, and Strix is shown wielding a lance plunged into Váli's side."

Váli: Nnrgh...I-Is that?
Male Villager: It's Prince Strix!  The Tyrant Emporer's son; kill him!

*Strix removes his lance, Váli crumpling onto his knees.*

Strix: Shit, I'm so sorry...Freki, Geri!  We need to leave, NOW.
Geri: R-right!  We'll clear ourselves of this rabble if we must.
Freki: ...Right, Milord.
Váli: We can't-we can't let them get away!  Everyone, we have to stand tall and fight!  For everyone the Empire has taken from us!

*Escape mission commence, with young Váli as the boss (though with halved HP at first, however, he can be healed during the battle if he's not taken out or you don't escape fast enough)*

Váli: Damn you!  Damn all of you!  Get back here and pay for what you've done to us!
Strix: ...
Váli: You killed my mother and father!  You've killed my friends and everyone I've ever cared about!  Get back here you spineless fucking cowards!

*Lupa takes to the skies with Geri, Freki, and Strix all atop him.*

Strix: I don't think...I don't think I can sleep tonight.
Geri: Milord, I know how much it...troubles you to get blood on your hands, but you did the right thing.  They were bent on killing us for our status alone, and didn't care to ask our situation, even when we tried to explain.  You did the right thing, Strix.
Freki: ...

*Lupa lets out a soft, low moan, as the party heads for the ashes of Hejm.*

Geri: You did the right thing.

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Chapter 1C: Trust

(New characters that will be in this chapter are Leo, Hope's bodyguard, and Mary, a soldier who's working for the royal family in Tunetia)


*Flashback begins*

*One year ago*


Kaitlin: Oh...Hope, I see you still haven't finished training out here.

Hope: Yes, I won't become stronger if I kept sitting around all day.

Kaitlin: You should take a break...you have been training for quite the while now.

Hope: I still have a lot of energy in me, you don't need to worry about me...

Kaitlin: But your my sister, of course I will worry about you, and plus you already are amazing with a sword..you are stronger than most of the soldiers who's serving our house, not to mention you also know some thunder magic on top of all of that! You had a magic teacher come all the way from Makaroid to teach you thunder magic for Rucif's sake! 

Hope: So....are you saying I have reached a point where I don't need to become stronger anymore ? As if, you never know when you need to protect yourself, I want to be ready for that time...for the time when I will need to count on my strength to save me from whatever fate I get thrown into.

Kaitlin: But Hope...You have Leo to protect you, right ? And why do you keep talking as if something awful is going to happened?

Hope: Leo? Don't make me laugh, I won't count on someone like him to protect me, I won't count on anyone to protect me,  and I think you also should start doing the same...stop counting on Kael to save you, you can only depend on yourself.

Kaitlin: But Hope....

Hope: Kaitlin, you already know how father looks at us, he only see us as tools that can bring him more power, ever since Mother was assassinated...he changed, I might have loved him at some point, but my heart knows no love for him anymore, I don't trust him, I don't trust anyone here.

Kaitlin: Even...me?


*Flashback ends*


Kaitlin: Hope...where are you right now? What are you thinking? Are you happy to be away from our father?

Kael: Kaitlin,  are you okay?

Kaitlin: Oh Kael....Didn't see you there, I was just thinking about my sister again, I wonder if... this whole arranged marriage mess never happened, would Hope still be in home right now?

Kael: I can't say for sure...., Kaitlin, what do you know about the prince of Tunetia ? What kind of man is he? 

Kaitlin: I only met him twice before...he was very kind to me, I'm sure he's also getting forced into this arranged marriage by Queen Asa.

Kael: I see...and say, if we weren't able to find Hope, what would happened? 

Kaitlin: Well....my father would get very angry with us, and as for the marriage..the chances are if Hope weren't here, father would just have to give me to the prince of Tunetia instead of my sister.

Kael: !!!

Kaitlin: Why are you shocked? ...I thought you would had figured that out by now

Kael: Okay now I'm even more determent to find that sister of yours! I won't let anyone else have you.

Kaitlin: Kael, I'm sorry, I wish...you had fallen in love with someone who's family is less complicated, and don't worry, I won't let anyone else have me, you are the only for me you know.

Kael: To tell you the truth, I knew something like that might happened if we weren't able to bring Hope back, but I didn't want to believe it...

*Kaitlin hugs Kael*

Kaitlin: Don't worry, I won't leave you, it's getting late now, lets go back to the inn, I've gotten enough fresh air I think.

*Kaitlin grabs Kael' hand and start walking with him to the inn*

Me and Kael, and few others who came to Demancia to search for Hope have chosen a inn to stay at for a some time until we search the whole area around it for any clues that might lead us to Hope, there were about 15 of us, I didn't know most of the people in the group really, Kael is normally the one who speaks with them, while i just tag along.

*Inside the inn*

Leo: Oh, you two are finally back, I was starting to get worried! I thought someone might have attacked you out there and that what you two were taking a lot of time.

Kaitlin: Oh Leo, don't worry, even if someone attacked us, with Kael around, the battle would be over in less than a second.


Leo: Hey Kael...are you okay?

Kael: I think i'm going to bed early, goodnight, we will continue our search in the morning.

*Kael leaves*

Leo: Is he okay? 

Kaitlin: He's just...worried we wouldn't be able to find Hope, don't worry about it, I'm sure he will be fine in the morning.

Leo: I hope so, I also really want to find her..

Kaitlin: Leo...I'm sorry, I know my sister never treated you very kindly, just don't take that too much into heart, she can be very cold, even to her own family....

Leo: Don't worry about that, I've gotten used to her really and how she acts, I guess she just wasn't able to trust me....that why I want to see her again, I want to earn her trust.

Kaitlin: Leo...my sister...never mind, it's getting late, I think i'm also going to call it a day now, goodnight.

Leo: Night, don't do anything crazy with Kael please.

Kaitlin: L-LEO!!

My face was hot red, Leo was one of the few people that knew about me and Kael, people normally don't suspect anything when they see how close me and Kael are, he is my bodyguard, so us being close is normal to most people who don't what our true relationship is.

*Kaitlin opens the door of her room that's she's sharing with Kael, only to see Kael looking through the window at the stars*

Kaitlin: Oh, I thought you went to bed already.

Kael: I tried...but I have a lot to think about.

Kaitlin: Kael, is there something you aren't telling me? Ever since that day when I got attacked, I had the feeling there is something you weren't telling me.

Kael: I think...someone sent that man to kill you, I'm not sure who, all I know that there is a chance that someone out there wants you dead.

I...wasn't sure how to react to that, it's not everyday I hear someone wants me dead

Kaitlin: Kael, are you sure you aren't over thinking things? Do you have any kind of proof of what are you saying?

Kael: Look at this knife, it's the knife that man attacked you with...tell me, what do you think about when you look at it?

Kaitlin: You took his knife ? Why?

Kael: Just take a look at it, and you might know why.

Kaitlin: Hmm...well, it's a silver knife, you don't see those often.

Kael: And that's my point, how would a man like that get a knife like this? Someone had to given it to him, yes I know there is the chance that man might have stole it, but again you don't see knives like this in shops often, so I'm not sure how he would had even been able to get his hands on something like this, the only thing I can think of is that someone must have given it to him.

Kaitlin: Okay, lets say someone did give that man that knife in order to kill me, but why? Why would someone want me dead?

Kael: I'm not sure.

Kaitlin: And Kael, are you sure you aren't overthinking things again? It's true knives like that are rarely in shops, but is that really enough proof?

Kael: Didn't you tell me kept looking at you for a very long time? To me it seems like he was going after you from the start.

Kaitlin: Okay...Kael, I don't know what to think anymore, lets just go to sleep...

Kael: Okay, I will be right here if anything happened.

Kaitlin: I know, thank you.

I didn't get any sleep that night, is someone out there really wants me dead? Or is Kael overthinking things? I know he worry about me, but sometimes he can worry about me too much, maybe this time could be one of those times...I sure hope he's wrong though.

*Next day*

Mary: I will be going with you two to town today, Is that okay?

Kael: Sure, the more eyes, the better.

Mary, a solider from Tunetia, she works for the royal family in Tuneita, I'm sure that means she knows more about the prince and the queen...this might be a good chance to talk to her about it, me and her are the only girls that are in the group that got sent to Demancia to search for Hope, so we bonded quickly, but I never got the chance to ask her much about her life in the royal palace.


Kaitlin: Sooooo, Mary, how are you feeling Demanica so far? 

Mary: I prefer Tuneita, that's for sure.

Kaitlin: Same, I'm not sure how to feel about the people here.

Mary: Me too, and did you hear about how the prince of Demanica ran away?

Kaitlin: Oh ? He did? I didn't hear anything about that.

Mary: I heard, some say he got kidnapped, some say he ran away, people aren't sure what's the truth yet, but it does seem like his retainers  are also missing, which is interesting.

Kael: Interesting indeed, do you know anything about the prince, Kaitlin?

Kaitlin: No, I don't, I wonder what kind of person he is.

Mary: Hmmm...anyway, back to the search, I don't think Hope is in the capital anymore, she might be in another town in Demanica.

Kael: I'm starting to think that as well, lets not spend too much time in one place if we don't need too, and plus I want to see more of Demanica, I might never come back here again.

Kaitlin: Um...guys, I hate to do this, but can we take a break somewhere, I'm starting to get tried again.

Kael: Sure, lets take a quick rest.

Mary: I'm fine with that! 

The three of us took seat on a wooden bench, this is the perfect time to ask Mary about the prince and the queen.

Kaitlin: Hey Mary...can you tell me more about the queen and the prince? What kind of people are they? I met the prince few times, but people change with time....I would know.

Mary: Oh, the prince is lovely, almost all the women in the palace have a crush on him, it' s almost funny, but none of us have any chance with him, your sister is very lucky, the Queen loves  her son very much, she wouldn't give him to anyone just like that.

Kaitlin: I see so-

Leo: GUYS!!

Kael: Leo? What's wrong? Why are you in a hurry like this?

Leo: Thank god I finally found you three...Kael, it's horrible, some of the people that came with us to Demanica have been....killed.

Kael: What?!

Mary: Huh?!

Kaitlin: Killed?!? Leo, what happened?! 

Leo: I don't know!  I just found them...dead, in some alley.

Mary: Where are the others? They might also be in danger, i need to find them!

Kael: Hey Mary wait, don't go alone, hurry guys lets go after her.

Leo: Okay!

Kaitlin: Lets! 

*After 30 minutes of searching for the others*

Mary: Ugh, where are they?! Wasn't a group suppose to search in part of the town? Why aren't they anywhere?!

Kaitlin: Mary...calm down, please don't freak out, people are starting to look at us.

Mary: How can i calm down? Some of those people my friends!!

Kael: Look, we will find them, they have to be somewhere around here.

Leo: Yeah...and we will find out who's behind this, and kill them in return.

Kaitlin: Lets...not kill someone if we don't need too, Leo, but I also want to get to the bottom of this.

Man: Hey did you hear ? They found dead bodies in a alley in the east of the town.

Woman: Really ?! I've heard some dead bodies were found in the west of the town in some dark alley as well.

*The conversion of two citizens grabbed the attention of the group* 

Mary: .....They can't be talking about people in our group, right ?   

Leo: The bodies i found were west of here, I don't know anything about east of this town, lets go there to check it out.

Mary: Please don't be them please don't be them...

Kaitlin: Mary...

Kael: Come on, lets go, something awful is happening.

*East of the town*

Kid: Mommy what's happening? 

Mom: Don't look!

Man: Who could have done such a thing...

Woman: I don't know...it's awful.

Mary: Let us through!!!

*Mary pushed through the crowd, only to see a horrifying scene *


Kaitlin: Oh no...Kael, what's happening?  Why did that happened to them?

Leo: They were good people...

Kael: Lets just leave, I don't know who did this, but clearly we would be next if we stayed in this town, lets go! 

*Outside of the capital of Demanica*

Leo: Kael...where are we going now? We can't just wonder off like this without any direction  in mind.

Kael: I know...ugh, I have no idea, I will take a look at the map.


*Mary and Kaitlin we're sitting on a rock, while looking at Kael and Leo chat"

Kaitlin: Mary...I'm sorry, I know some of those people were also people that served the royal family with you, I have no idea who would had done such a thing.

Mary:.....If I didn't go with you and Kael today, I would had also ended up dead.


Kael: Okay...according to this map, there is a small town called Hejm not too far away from here, Lets just go there for now, we should reach it tomorrow in the morning, and we will figure out what to do then.

Leo: Okay, lets go.

Kael: Mary, are you okay?


Kaitlin: Um...she's not, Kael.

Mary: I will avenge them, lets go.

Kael: Okay....luckily for us, we have enough food for this trip, but we should buy more items once we reach the town.

*30 minutes later*

Leo: Guys...someone is coming.

Kael: Kaitlin, stay behind me.

Kaitlin: Okay...

Mary: Who is it? 

*A bunch of people appeared, while holding weapons in their hands*

Kaitlin: Are...those silver weapons? Guys be careful, those will hurt to get hit by.

Kael: Silver weapons...

Mary: Who are you people ?! Why are you after us?! Why did you kill....my friends?! 

None of them said anything, they just stayed silent, I guess they were waiting for us to make the first move, but suddenly one of them spoke up.

Man: Give...us the girl, and we will let you all go free with your lives.

*The man pointed at Kaitlin*

Kaitlin: You...want me? Why?! Who are you people?! And...who sent you?

Silence again....

Kael: Won't speak up, huh? It's too bad really, if anything, I will be the one not letting any of you live here.

*Battle begins*

(Leo is a myrmidon, while Mary is a Soldier)


Kael: Guys, try not get hit too many times, silver weapons are no joke, and Kaitlin, make sure you stay out of their range all time, okay ?

Kaitlin: Okay...

*Battle ends*

Leo: That was....enough, he would have gotten me if I didn't dodge that last attack.

Kael: Leo, don't risk your life like that, don't you want to see Hope again? You won't be able to do so if you died.

Leo: Okay okay, sorry.

Mary: They were a strong group of people...if we weren't together, we wouldn't have survived that.

Kaitlin: Sorry I wasn't much help...

Kael: Don't worry, it's my job to protect you anyway, now lets go, Hejm isn't too far, but it will take us a day to reach it by walking.

Kaitlin: Kael...you were right, I guess someone does want me dead after all.

Kael:....I will protect you, always.

Kaitlin: I know...now lets go.




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New characters introduced in this chapter:

-Marie, a Myrmidon who used to work with Locke back in the day (and his ex-girlfriend) who’s working with the Divine Guard as a mercenary for pay.

-Blake, a Fighter who works as part of Joa’s militia. A bit dull mentally, but passionate, enthusiastic, and protective.

-Christian, a Soldier who works as part of Joa’s militia. A calm, collected tactician with a strong sense of duty. Keira’s husband.

-Alisa, an Archer who works as part of Joa’s militia. A snarky daughter of a merchant who loves her city. Has a secret crush on Blake, though he infuriates her somewhat.

-Keira, a pre-promoted Hero who leads Joa’s militia. A short-tempered but insightful leader of men who has a rough side. Christian’s wife.

(A day or two have passed since the last chapter. We start in the archives. Randall and Gloria are off in another table, while we focus on Locke and Kriess.)

Locke: *Whistles* I wonder how you got all these books. This is a big collection, I’m impressed.

Kriess: Well, I’m not the first to own it, I’m just the latest in a line. This church and it’s archives, plus the normal library, are passed from one Bishop to another.

Locke: So, how do you know these two?

Kriess: It’s a bit of a long story… I think they might have mentioned it before, but Randall and Gloria are orphans.

Locke: Gloria did mention something about an orphanage when I was in the archives finding that book.

Kriess: Well, I didn’t quite adopt them, but when they were younger, the two loved to visit here and read the books in the normal library. I’d give them five books, and they’d come back the next day having finished all of them. It was impressive. No surprise to find that Randall wanted to become a scholar once he became of age. I mentored him, teaching him all I knew of history, politics, and even magic, once he started to study that. Gloria wanted to follow in her “Big brother’s” footsteps. She’s not as smart as Randall, but she was dedicated. She’s a few years behind him-still a bit young, in fact-but I have no doubt she will become as good as Randall has become.

Locke: Wait, I thought they were a couple!

Kriess: *Laughs* I understand why you would think that, but in all the time I’ve watched over them, they’ve been as close as a brother and a sister.

Locke: ...now, I see it. And what about you?

Kriess: Oh, me? I’m nothing special, just a simple man who used to be a farmer and joined the cloth because I felt like it was my duty.

Locke: *Averts eyes somewhat* Ah, I see…

Randall: Sweet mother of… Guys, you should come see this!

Gloria: Yeah, it’s crazier than we thought.

*Locke and Kriess head over to the table that Randall and Gloria are at*

Randall: I’ll read this out to you all…


In the beginning, the White Dragon and the Black Dragon were all. The two were brothers, and were differently skilled. The Black Dragon was a skilled creator. The White Dragon was a skilled destroyer. And so, this world came to be. The Black Dragon span the world into existence, and the White Dragon gave it decay and death, so it would be ever-changing and ever-growing. The Black Dragon gave the world animal, plant, and man, and the White Dragon gave them mortality, so the world would not be stagnant.

Eventually, man would come to worship the brothers, and gave them proper names. The Black Dragon was named Rucif, and the White Dragon, Samiel.

But man misunderstood. Parting and death was sad, and cruel at times, but necessary. But man did not want to die, and blamed the White Dragon. They said that the Black Dragon was good, just, and kind, but that the White Dragon was cruel, evil, and wished for mankind to die. The two brothers loved each other and their children, and tried to explain, but the words fell on deaf ears-Samiel defending himself was seen as lies and slander, while Rucif’s words about his brother were seen merely as an example of how humans should act to each other.

And so the twin dragons fell into a slumber, never to be seen again, but the battle between those who understood the Dragon’s true words and the ones who saw the White Dragon as a demon were only beginning…

Locke: That’s a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to say “Samiel was actually good, guys, but Rucif’s still good as well!”. I mean, I’m a heretic by the tenets of the Church-stolen a lot- and I never really was big on it, so I can dig this.

Kriess: ...This is… very confusing for me. I… do not know what to say.

Gloria: I understand why you would feel that way. Do you want to leave?

Kriess: I think I will… retire to my chambers for a moment. I wish to reflect on this.

(Kriess exits)

Locke: So, what do you two think?

Gloria: I’ve never been super religious-don’t tell Kreiss, but if Kestrel’s chosen by Rucif, then ol’ Black must have been pretty drunk while he did so-but this book? It feels like it just… clicks. Like… it makes SENSE to me.

Randall: I… am conflicted. The scholar part of me wants more proof. The part of me that was angry for being abandoned as a baby wants to show this to the world just to screw with Manfred. And the part of me that loves Kriess as a father wants to burn it and never speak of it again.

Locke: Look, pal. The way I see it-

*A door opening sound*

Soldier NPC: The Divine Guard is here!

Randall: ...oh no. This is bad.

*Scene transition to the gates of Joa. NPCs are scattered everywhere, but you can pick out a Fighter, a Soldier, an Archer and a Hero in the crowd.*

NPC Priest: It has come to attention to the Archbishop that there is a heretical person in the city of Joa! A man by the name of Randall, a scholar, has come across heretical texts that depict the demonic White Dragon as a god, and our Father, Rucif, as a devil!

Assorted NPCs: “That’s insane!” “Who could do such a thing?” “I knew it! I’ll take double sermons for me and my kids so they don’t do something like this.”

Keira: (under breath) Damn that Divine Guard…

Taurek: (Chapter boss, Cavalier) If Randall is turned into our hands, we promise to spare this city from destruction. However, if this heretic and the fiends who hide him stay, we can only burn this city, and let Rucif’s cleansing flames separate the sinners and the saints.

NPC Priest: Yes! We have a sacred relic, taken from the very vaults of San Tanika! Bottled breath of the Father!

Taurek: This flame is special! If you are faithful, it will not harm you, but if you hold even a single heretical thought, you will burn painfully, and surely join Samiel and his infernal followers in the pits of Hell!

Blake: Whoa, really?

Alisa: No, idiot! It’s a ploy. I’ve heard of this technique. They burn the city, and can “report” that everyone was in on defending this “Randall” guy!

Randall: How did they find us out so quickly, let alone know my name?

Locke: I mean, I didn’t hand him the book, so that tipped him off, but…

Gloria: “The Father’s eyes and ears are everywhere”.

Randall: We were sold out by some upstart priest who wanted a promotion.

Taurek: If you know of this “Randall”, hand him over, and we can spare you all the time and energy using this flame would take.

Keira: I have something I would like to say!

Taurek: Oh? Then speak, woman!

*The Hero sprite, which is Keira, moves closer to where Taurek is standing.*

Keira: I have but this…

*COMBAT! Keira throws a Hand Axe at Taurek, which hits!*

Keira: If you think the Divine Guard can just walk into this town and destroy it because of one person, you’re sorely mistaken.

Taurek: You… Wench! Kill her and use her head as a warning!

*A Mercenary runs to Keira, but the Soldier gets there before her and combats him, killing him.*

Christian: That was… tactically inadvisable, but I will kill anyone who dares put a hand on my beautiful wife!

Taurek: Geh… Men! Retreat outside the city, and prepare to torch it!

*Taurek and the rest of the enemies retreat, but they each get hit by a militia member: Alisa shoots one with her Iron Bow, Blake and Keira use Hand Axes, and Christian uses a Javelin.*

Blake: YEAH! And STAY OUT!

Keira: I appreciate your enthusiasm, Blake, but they’ll be back, I bet on it.

Christian: Judging by their men and the wounds we gave them… I’d estimate we have roughly 5 hours to prepare for their siege.

Alisa: That’s not a lot of time… We’ll need to prepare fast.

Keira: Blake. Round up anyone willing to volunteer to defend the city. Christian, start drawing up a plan of defense. Alisa, head over to your father’s place and appropriate some Vulneraries. I’ll head to the militia base to grab more weapons, as well as deal with something.

Blake and Alisa: Yes, ma’am!

*The two leave. Christian stays, while Keira heads over to Randall.*

Keira: Forgive me for asking, but, are you the man that fat grease blob was referring to? Randall?

Randall: (stuttering) Well, uh, um, you see, eheh…

Locke: Ma’am, I can assure you, he is not that person-

*Cuts to grid, Locke’s shoved a few spaces to the side*

Keira: I wasn’t asking you, shifty.

Locke: S-she slapped me…!

Randall: That’s, uh, kind of a big question…

Keira: YES. OR. NO.

Randall: ...yes. But they’re lying about a lot of things and they’re being really stupid about this all and it’s not my fault and PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!

Keira: Well, no duh. They threatened to burn this place to the ground because of one person-

Locke: Technically three!

Gloria: That’s not helping!

Keira: I’ll say this once: If you help us defend the city, I’ll listen to your story.

Randall: Deal.

*We cut to Taurek, talking to a woman*Taurek: You know our deal, correct?

Marie: Yes. I fight with you, I make money, I can quit if someone makes me a better offer.

Taurek: You fight with us, you make money, NOTHING ELSE.

Marie: Fine.

Taurek: Good. You know, I might just take you up for a special service. You’ll be…  paid handsomely.

Marie: ....no.

Taurek: *Gets close to her, to indicate him grabbing her* Listen here, you mercenary bi-

*Suddenly, Marie is behind Taurek.*

Taurek: tch…. What?

Marie: I am the wind. I am bound to no one and nothing. Especially not a creep like you.

Taurek: *Scared* Uhh… Never mind.

Marie: (smirking) Good.


Battle things:

Locke recruiting Marie:

Marie: ...Locke?

Locke: Marie! I didn’t know you were here.

Marie: Me neither…

Locke: Why are you working with these goons?

Marie: I needed the money. I didn’t expect to find you here.

Locke: Look, we may not be together anymore, but we’re still friends, right?

Marie: Of course. I’ll help you all.

Locke: Thanks, babe.

Taurek VS Keira:

Taurek: You’re that wench who hit me!

Keira: And you’re an overweight aging ex-priest who’s about to die.


Keira: Well, when you sound like that, you sound very young…. Like a toddler.


Taurek VS Marie:

Taurek: Why are you turning your blade against me?

Marie: Someone reminded me of why I fought. I am the wind, and I can change directions in an instant.

Taurek: You’ll be nothing BUT wind when I end you.



Blake: We did it!

Christian: It was the first of many. Rucif knows that they’ll send more people to get this city.

Keira: Well, we’ll be prepared for that as well.

Alisa: Now then, we need to talk, Randall.

Randall: Oh, trust me, I have a lot I need to share with you all as well.

Marie: I’d be interested in hearing more, as well…


At San Tanika, the seat of the Church

Manfred: Well, isn’t this a suprise.

Monika (Enemy Singer): I should have known that Taurek wasn’t ready for this.

Jonathan (Bishop): If I may, Archbishop? I think we should ask Kestrel for his assistance on this.

Manfred: ...this is an intriguing idea, and it may work. Jonathan, make an appointment to meet with the Emperor for assistance with military matters. Monika, you shall be used as payment. Your songs can assist the fight with these detestable rebels-everyone will fight harder with you singing “Angel’s Teardrops”.

Monika: I see no problem with this, Manfred.

Jonathan: Than consider this begun.

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Nice I liked this episode, you guys are fast making your chapters so I will have to get going on the next one. Also, I think our MCs should join around maybe when Randall needs to enter demancia somehow maybe they are subduin chuches? Also maybe a character in that church will be a friend of Sonya and be a way to recruit her? (By coincidence both Mcs will join at this church).

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Chapter 2A. Take of Harzelheg Fort

[The new characters this chapter are Reitz, A mercenary who doesn't like fighting Women or Children (You recruit him with Sonya or Trey) once you recruit him his fellow mercenary band will turn green and Soma, a thief that you recruit with Trey]

*Throne Room*

Kestrel: So you failed to capture that city?
Arteus: You mean they? 
Kestrel: *looks at Arteus directly in the eye*
Arteus: I-I mean, yes milord, but I've heard reports that they will march on Ft. Harzelheg.
Kestrel: Then send reinforcements.
Arteus: Uhm, since marching troops all the way from here to there would take long could I buy some mercenaries that are already there?
Kestrel: Grrrrrrrr.... Fine! but buy the highest quality band and don't fail me this time!
Arteus: Yes sir!

*Cuts to a grassy plain*

Zeke: So this is the Ft where the famous general Harzelheg died huh? 
Sonya: According to legend, yes.
Trey: How does that work? Did the Ft have a different name before he died there?
Sonya: That's why I said it's a legend, that doesn't mean they make sense ever.
Zeke: So we finally arrived, this Ft is quite large, maybe even bigger than I remember it from 2 years ago
Trey: You've gone here before?
Zeke: Found it a lot when I used to hunt frequently.
Knight: *Comes out of the gate* So you're the rebels that have been causing us trouble? All I see is a Woman, 4 children and 2 Men; you think you scare us? 
                then come here and die, HAHAHA
Trey: Oh I'll show that chunf of metal who will die! Everybody, charge!

*Chapter starts*

There's a few chests here with treasure they give you a Red Gem, A Silver Axe, a Piercing Spike (Lance effective against knights) and a Knight Crest.

*Recruiting Soma Text*

Trey: Who are you?
Soma: Oh you're the guys fighting the empire right? Hey thanks I can steal their loot, you keep fighting ok?
Trey: Wa-wait! Why don't you join us? You could steal at least to support a good cause!
Soma... Hmmm.... If your pay is good I'll stay
Trey: Uhm ok? Maybe one of the treasures here will be yours?
Soma: Deal.

*Recruiting Reitz with Trey*

Reitz: A... a kid?
Trey: Wh-what?! I'm a good a fighter as any so prepare to lose! 
Reitz: Hold, I do not want to fight a kid, I might be a mercenary but I still hold Morals!
Trey: Well are you going to leave or something?
Reitz: No I'm going to fight against that who lied to me.
trey: Well... ok?

*Recruiting Reitz with Sonya*

Sonya: Why do you hesitate to... attack?
Reitz: They want me to fight women? This is madness!
Sonya: That's the empire for you
Reitz: From now on I'll fight your enemy who lied to me.
Sonya: Uhm, ok?

*Foghting the boss with Trey*

Boss: HAHAHA I still can't believe I'm goingto have to fight you, HAHAHA!

*Fighting the boss with anyone else*

Boss: That traitorous mercenary, well I'll show them all why they don't fight me!

*The boss dies*

Boss: Is-this for real?

*After chapter*

Trey: Wooohooo! We took our first Ft! We got so many suplies here and so many easily defendable points, this is awesome!
Zeke: And it's all thanks to my idea!
Sonya: Yup
Trey: So what's next? 
Sonya: I say we gather more food around he Ft. and we prepare for a potential siege from the empire.
Trey: A siege? What is that?
Sonya: A tactic that surrouds the enemy and cuts all their lines of supply so they surrender.
Trey: Oh that sounds cruel.
Sonya: Yes several usually die in starvation, thankfully if we have enough food we can keep the fight going and therefore drive them back.
Zeke: Or just smash them
Sonya: Suuuuure.

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Chapter 2B: A New Dusk

*With a heavy thunk, Lupa lands in the center of the ashen town, the only sounds for miles being a hollow, echoing wind that sweeps through the desolate Hejm*

Strix: ...
Geri: Strix, if I may be so bold, I don't believe it's best to dwell on what happened here, or on the villagers - we had very little to do with their plight, and there is even less we can do to ease it.
Strix: ...Yeah.
Freki: ...
Geri: ...
Geri: We need to find shelter - if not to sleep, then at least to have some protection against the elements.

*The wind howls and spits, almost if on cue*

Strix: Right - Any one of these abandoned houses should do for now, I guess.
Geri: ...Of course.

*Cut to the party resting in one of the burnt, but mostly together houses, with a chunk of the roof open to the sky.  Lupa is inside, sleeping.  Geri is attempting, at the very least, to sleep, while Strix and Freki are sitting by the door, Freki looking at Strix, and Strix looking at the star.*

Strix: ...Freki.
Freki: Mm?  What's up, kid?
Strix: It's not...It's nothing with me - I'm worried about you.
Freki: Me?  What, I'm not hurt or nothin'.  If anything, you got more banged up during that scrap for trying to not hurt anybody than I did.
Strix: That's not what I meant - you've been really quiet.  I mean, really quiet and it's starting to scare me.
Freki: Is that-is that it?  Aw, c'mon, you don't need to sprout gray hairs over me, I'm just...thinking.  I do that.
Strix: You didn't squabble with Geri at all since we left our first camp - if that doesn't mean something's wrong then I don't know what is.
Freki: Eh, yeah, I guess that is pretty concerning.
Strix: So there is something on your mind?

*Freki's tired, but light-hearted expression melts into a solemn one as she looks away from Strix*

Freki: I have...a lot of shit that I don't need to burden you with, let's just leave it at that.  You don't need to listen to me prattle on about every little tragedy in my life, but I guess what I'm saying is that it's only because of that shit I had to go through that I'm seeing you going down the same path I did.
Strix: ...
Freki: I'm not going to try to convince you to go back - I'm not that much of a bitch, I know how much this means to you - but if you really want to keep wandering aimlessly like this, you can't be Strix anymore.
Strix: Huh?  What do you mean?
Freki: Exactly what I said - I'm not going to let the world chew you up and spit you out because of a title.  You're going to have to pick another name, lie low, let the name "Strix" die, at least for awhile.
Strix: ...Oh.  I see. 
Freki: We're all going to have to pick new names, y'know, if we don't want to get skewered by every angry farmer.  I was going to suggest this in the morning, but, eh, you did kind of tip my hand.  What do you think of Julitta?
Strix: For yourself, right?
Freki: No, I will fucking commit suicide if you don't introduce yourself with that name-Of course I meant myself, you dummy!

*"Dummy" being said in the most loving way possible.  A hearty laugh slips out of Freki, her smile returning, and Strix awkwardly chuckles in turn*

Strix: Yeah yeah, I'm stupid.  Anyway, why that name?  I mean, it's pretty and really suits you, but why?  Someone you knew?
Freki: Agh, stop trying to butter me up ya' snot.  And nah, just a name I remember hearing once.  It's smarter to do that anyway - less connections, the better.
Strix: Oh, yeah, that makes sense - I guess I shouldn't go with "Hati" then.

*Freki goes dead quiet, her breathing even going hushed*

Strix: Freki?  Freki, did I say something wrong?  What did I do wrong?  What did I do?  Freki?!
Freki: ...Julitta.
Strix: Huh?
Freki: You're supposed to be calling me Julitta, remember?  And you're going to wake up Geri.
Strix: ...R-right, I'm sorry, Julitta.
Freki: Just don't go with Hati, alright?  I...don't know what kind of relationship you had with him, but you should choose a name that can't be traced back to you in any way, alright?
Strix: Alright.  I won't.
Freki: Good.  I-...I'm going to go try to catch some sleep before the sun rises.  Don't be afraid to wake me up or, uh, some shit like that, when you think you can sleep too.  Okay, Strix?
Strix: ...Right.  Sleep well...Julitta.
Freki: I'll try.

*Freki walks away slowly and slumps down onto a sleeping Lupa, stroking his hide, and closes her eyes, clearly still awake despite appearances*

Strix, quietly, to himself: ...Why are you trying to lie to me, Freki?

*Cut to morning, Strix managed to doze off without waking Freki, and they've both been up before Strix.  Freki grabs Strix's shoulder and shakes him a little; she's shed her imperial armor in favor of a ramshackle leather set.*

Strix: Errnnn...Stooop, it's too early.
Freki: Kid, it's nearly noon. 
Strix: It doesn't matter when it is, it's still too early.
Freki: Yeah?  Well, me and Ignatius already busted our asses gathering water, hunting, procuring a safe route, gathering new clothes-
Strix: "Ignatius"?
Freki: Er, Geri.  That's the name he went with; typical of the little shit had to go with something so over dramatic.  Already gave him the long and short of it - another thing I did while you were sleeping the fucking day away.
Strix: Right, right - I'm up.

*Strix stands, stretching his sore legs*

Strix: What's with you today, Fr-...Julitta?  You seem...well, impatient would be putting it lightly, I'll just say that.
Freki: Good morning to you too.
Strix: S-sorry.
Freki: Ah, I'm just teasing ya, you pansy.  Lighten up!  We got a whole day of travel ahead of us!
Strix: *incoherent groaning*
Freki: You're a fucking inspiration to us all.

*Strix reflexively brushes his clothes off.*

Strix: I'm just saying, you aren't usually this...strict?  With morning routines?  I thought that was Ger...Ignatius' thing.
Freki: Well, yeah, that was before you decided it was a good to go running off into Rucif knows where, throwing caution and reasonable sleep schedules to the fucking wind.
Strix: Fiiine, I get it.  Where is...Ignatius, anyway?

*Strix looks around, but he doesn't seem to be in the house - Lupa is there with him either*

Freki: Oh he's fine, just said he wanted to "check something out" and took Lupa in case they run into something; they'll both be fine.  Oh, and Ignatius told me to wake you, so...
Strix: And suddenly everything makes sense.
Freki: But enough of that - we need to doll you up in the fancy new rags we found.

*Strix stares at the patchy, half-burned clothes and crumbling leather armor*

Strix: Um.
Freki: You don't think you can go running around in royal armor like that, and not get fucking pounded for it, do you?
Strix: ...What am I supposed to do with my armor, then?
Freki: Leave it behind, obviously.  The blood on it will hopefully make anyone who finds it assume the worst.
Strix: Mm, that...makes sense.
Freki: What, don't like the idea of the entire world thinking you're dead?
Strix: No.
Strix: I think I prefer this.

*Cut to black, and Strix has shed his armor as well, replacing it with a thin, flowing, hooded cloak, cloth that covers his face below his nose, and leather armor; his thick, shoulder-length, black-bluish hair cut short, most of the locks on the ground by his feet.*

Freki: Think whoever finds this'll assume this was some kind of really kinky torture? 
Strix: ...*His eyes go wide*
Freki: Kid?  Kid?...Strix?  Shit, I didn't break you, did I?  Kid?
Strix: ...I'm just...imagining...what that would possibly...look like.  And I don't like it.
Freki: I broke you.
Strix: I don't like it at all.
Freki: Hey, hey, don't worry yourself, kid.  I wouldn't anyone lay a finger on you, much less kidnap you and torture you to death - I mean, it wouldn't be the first time.
Strix: ...That's weirdly reassuring.  Thanks...Julitta.
Freki: Speaking of which, you still haven't picked a new name, have you?
Strix: Erh, not yet.  I've been thinking though, and how does-

*The sound of the door creaking open silences the conversation, Freki quickly pulling her sword in response and Strix his lance.  Limping through is an injured Geri, being supported by a woman they don't recognize...*

Strix: Ignatius!  What happened?  Who-?
Freki: Lady, if you have any will to live, I suggest you drop the dumbass and step the fuck away from us.
Kaitlin: N-no!  Please, my name is Kaitlin - I don't mean any harm!  Truly!  Ignatius told me I could get help here, and I require your aid!
Geri: She...she speaks the truth.

*Strix lowers his lance, but Freki doesn't budge and moves forward towards Kaitlin, sword pointed at her throat*

Freki: Kid, tend to Ignatius.  I'll take care our little friend.
Strix: Right.

*Strix slips in front of Freki, and grabs Geri by the waist.  At first, Kaitlin looks hesitant to let go, but Geri softly coaxes her too, and Strix carries Geri behind Freki*

Freki: Right, now, what the hell are you trying to pull?
Kaitlin: N-nothing!  I really, truly require your help!  Please, you must listen to me!
Strix: Julitta, she sounds desperate - we should help her.
Freki: Kid, just patch up Ignatius, and let me take care of this, okay?
Kaitlin: They have your wyvern!
Freki: ...What.
Kaitlin: Lupa?  I believe?  A young sorcerer stole him, and she-
Freki: Say no fucking more.  Kid?  Stay with Ignatius, I have a goddamn wizard to skewer.
Kaitlin: Wait, but-!

*Freki's already gone.*

Kaitlin: But...Kael...

*Kaitlin runs after Freki*

*Cut to a battle screen, in where a seventeen-looking-year-old Dark Mage is on the other side of the map.  She has Lupa, who is a Feral Dragon class.  And beside her, is Kael*

Before the battle starts:

???: I told you to stay away from me!  This is what happens when you don't listen to me!
Kaitlin: Julitta!
Freki: Hm?
Kaitlin: Please, I beg of you, do not hurt Kael!  He's under some kind of spell and he can't think straight!  Let me speak with him!  It might...I think I can help him.  Please, just don't hurt Kael!
Freki: ...I'll do the best I can.

*The party is Freki (who is a mercenary right now), Kaitlin, Mary, and Leo, as Kael is being puppeted by the young dark mage.  Every turn, she can summon fake soldiers to slow down the group.  Lupa will not hurt Freki, and will try to retreat if Freki encounters him.  If Kael is killed, it's game over.*

Kael vs. Anyone else:
Kael: ...Leave...

Kael vs. Kaitlin:
Kaitlin: Kael!  Thank the gods I found you - I'm so, so sorry I let this happen to you.  If you can-If you can hear me, please, say something to me.  I know you're in there.
Kael: ...Leave...
Kaitlin: Kael, it's me!  Kaitlin!  Don't you...don't you remember?  Did she make you forget?  What did she do to you?  Can you tell me?  What can I do?  Talk to me, please!
Kael: ...It...hurts...I can't...
Kaitlin: What hurts?!  I can help you!
Kael: ...Leave...please...
Kaitlin: Kael...!

Lupa vs. Anyone else:
Lupa: *Snarls*

Lupa vs. Freki:
Freki: Lupa, Lupa!  Are you alright?  What did that bitch do to you?!  I swear when I get my hands around her throat-
Lupa: *soft whining*
Freki: Lupa what- what are you...?
Lupa: ...
Freki: She didn't...control you, like Kael?
Lupa: ...
Freki: Didn't she?  Did...she?
Lupa: *hollow moaning*
Freki: ...Then there's no reason for you to not get back here you stupid lizard! 

??? vs. Anyone else:
???: Leave me alone!  Leave!

??? vs. Freki:
Freki: What in the fresh hell did you do to my dragon, you little bitch?!
???: ...I didn't do anything - Lupa wanted to help me.
Freki: Oh, and that Kael guy just wanted to help you, too?  And the whole disjointed speech thing is just how he talks?
???: I don't have to prove anything to you.
Freki: No, but you can pay for trying to take my best fucking friend away from me!
???: Stay...away!

??? vs. Kaitlin:
Kaitlin: Why did you do this?  We were only trying to help you!
???: I tried to tell you - people get hurt when they don't listen.
Kaitlin: "Get hurt"?  You attacked us, only for the crime of not wanting to leave you by yourself!  You were- no, you still are, injured!
???: ...
Kaitlin: This doesn't have to end in blood - please, just stay your hand.  Please, release Kael from whatever spell you have him under, and-
???: I don't need your help!  Get away from me!

???'s defeat quote: Nrrgh, Lupa...help...

*After the battle*

*With a panicked cry, Lupa grabs the injured, platinum blonde, almost white haired girl in his talons, and flies off, something that catches the light falling from her pockets*

Freki:  Lupa!  Lupa!!  Get the fuck back here you stupid fucking lizard!   Get-!  Get-get back...here...Fuck...

*Freki slumps to the ground, her breathing heavy as she chokes back tears*

Kaitlin: Kael!  Kael, are you okay?!

*Kael stumbles back, grabbing his head and moaning*

Kael: K-Kaitlin?  Wait, what-ack!

*Kaitlin flings herself onto him, wrapping her arms tightly around Kael and burying her face into the crook of his arm*

Kaitlin: You sc-scared me, really badly.  Next time warn me if you're going to do something like that.
Kael: W-warn you?!  What did I do?
Kaitlin: I'll explain later, let me just...*she buries her face deeper, and Kael, though still confused, gently puts a hand on her head and comfortingly strokes*
Leo: Look, I'm glad and all that everything for us, worked out, but I hope you didn't forget about-
Strix: Julitta!  Julitta, are you okay?  What happened?!

*Strix comes hobbling in, supporting a slightly more together Geri*

Kaitlin: ...We owe the two of them an explanation.

*Cut to the seven people sitting on the grass, Freki looking ready to kill someone, Geri, frustrated, but more together than Freki, and Strix just looks confused, upset, and just unhappy and concerned*

Kaitlin: We know as little of that girl as you three do, unfortunately, but, Julitta, and...Um, I didn't catch your name?
Strix: ...Amarok.  My name is Amarok.
Freki: ...
Kaitlin: Right, Amarok.  Julitta, Amarok, you weren't with us when we encountered her.  As we entered what was left of Hejm, we heard a muttering, something along the lines of "the temple, I need to get to the temple".  We weren't sure what she was going on about, but that wasn't our concern - we had been attacked several times during our journey, and we wanted to make sure whoever was left here was not a threat.
Geri: I had a...similar thought process.  I saw something - I can quite describe it, a shadow?  I suppose? - move across the corner of my vision.  I didn't want to leave Amarok alone for much longer, which is why I sent you away Julitta.
Freki: And took Lupa.
Geri: ...I deeply regret what happened today, Juillta - I only wanted him for tracking purposes and self defense, in the likely event that our target didn't have the best of intentions...
Freki: ...
Geri: I'm...I'm so sorry...
Kaitlin: ...
Leo: Well, we were cautiously tracking the girl, when we had run into Ignatius here - needless to say, we were all surprised.
Kael: Oh yeah...I remember this...Yeah, that wyvern got...really mad.
Mary: Yeah, and it would have all of us to burned a crisp, if it weren't Ignatius.
Geri: ...I...managed to calm Lupa down - I knew M-...I knew Amarok wouldn't be pleased to here that four innocent strangers were killed due to my own ineptitude.
Kael: ...
Strix: Yeah, thanks, Ignatius - don't need that on weighing any of our conciseness'.
Kaitlin: We were all pretty tense, to say the least.  Especially after that...incident, with Lupa.  But when we explained ourselves, and what we were looking for, Ignatius calmed down, and offered to help us, as - in case they had "male intent" - he didn't want us to go alone.  Which was very sweet of you, Ignatius!
Geri: 'tis only what anyone would do, milday.
Geri: But despite our increased forces, we still underestimated who we were after.  When we cornered her, she began to panic, and aimed to attack us - but whatever had put her in her infirm state had taken it's toll on her.  The very moment she had attempted magic, she passed out.
Kaitlin: And we couldn't just leave her there!  So we decided to try to nurse her back to health.  We fed her, tended to her wounds (as best as we could), and did everything in our power to try to help her.
Geri: A poor decision, it turned out.  I had left a moment to fetch water, only to return to a grisly scene - Lupa all but raising hell back at where we had been stationed, and the others trying everything in their power to keep him down.
Freki: ...Why didn't I here this?
Geri: We were far away from where you and Amarok were resting, and the wind would have concealed any trace of the matter from where you were.
Freki: ...Right...
Kaitlin: Oh but,  that's not all that happened - Lupa didn't just get up and start attacking people - the girl woke first.
Geri: Did she?
Kaitlin: Yes, you were away, you just said.  She woke up, and stared at us, frightened, looking as if we were going to hurt her.  She didn't say a word to any of us, she just...stared.  Until she laid her eyes on Lupa.  When she saw him, she immediately began speaking with him; as if he were a person, no less!  We couldn't get a word out of her that wasn't directed at the dragon, no matter how hard we tried to coax her attention away from him...We didn't know exactly what they were "talking" about, either.  At least, until she said "you'll help me, right?  I need them gone, now."
Mary: That's when that stupid animal started attacking us.
Kael: Right...right!  I tried everything I could to protect all of you from it, but it was fighting like a mad beast.
Leo: And that's when Ignatius returned - dropping his bucket, he rushed to calm the dragon again.
Mary: You remember that he dropped the bucketSeriously?  While we were all fighting for our lives?!  Really?!
Leo: I'm just relaying what I saw, Mary, you don't need to throw a tantrum over it.
Geri: Either way, I did all in my power to keep Lupa from hurting the others, but, in my attempt, Lupa...
Freki: Lupa attacked you, didn't he?
Mary: That animal nearly ripped his arm off!

*Freki gives Mary a dark glare*

Kaitlin: But that's when Kael raced in!
Kael: I don't...really remember a lot after this point, Kaitlin?
Kaitlin: Right, I was getting to that.  Kael attacked Lupa, which was enough to unhinge the dragon's jaws, and free Ignatius.  The damage to his shoulder was severe, but the girl didn't think it was enough, apparently.
Kaitlin: That's when she...put a spell on Kael.  I don't know what she did...exactly, but I can hazard that it wasn't...pleasant.
Kaitlin: Kael started screaming, screaming as if he was in pain, and then he was-he was.
Geri: He was attacking us, as if he were possessed.
Kael: I-I did...what?  Kaitlin, shit, Kaitlin...I didn't...I didn't hurt you?  Or anyone?  Did I?
Kaitlin: No, no!...Not...really?
Geri: Not to her, at least.  You certainly made your skill with the blade clear to the rest of us.
Kael: ...
Kaitlin: Kael, it's fine, none of our dead - it wasn't your fault.
Leo: But we did have to retreat because of him - Mary and I led the girl and her little army away from Kaitlin while she and Geri retreated back to you.  And I think you know the rest.
Strix: ...Wow...I don't know what to say.
Freki: There isn't much to say, really...
Kaitlin: I know you three have suffered because of our...no, my desire to help the girl, and for that, I sincerely apologize.  I wish there was something I could offer you, anything I can do...
Strix: Well, I'll admit - we three are just kind of...wandering around, you know?  And without Lupa, we're kind of...we're kind of stuck.
Freki: ...
Strix: And I owe you - you saved my...my friend's life.  Both of them.  Tell me, what are you doing out here?  Even...even before Hejm got needless put to the torch, there wasn't much to find out here, if I'm right.
Kaitlin: ...I'm trying to find my sister.  Her name is Hope, and she...ran away from home, and I'm...worried - worried for her.

*Strix is quiet for a moment, before slowly nodding*

Strix: Alright.  I'm not sure how much I, or my companions can help, but if you would have us...?
Geri: ...!
Freki: ...Amarok...
Kaitlin: You would help us?
Strix: I mean, an eye for an eye, right?
Geri: ...Amarok, that's not how that expression works.
Strix: Oh...er, I think you get my point, right?
Kaitlin: Of-of course!  I would be honored to have you among our ranks!  Welcome aboard, Amarok and company!

*Cut to them a little later, packing up there stuff, with Kaitlin's party of by themselves, discussing things that Strix and Geri, who are off by themselves.  Freki is by herself, and you can see her pocketing a glimmering, translucent white stone, small enough to fit in your hand.*

Geri, in a hushed voice: M-...Amarok, I don't mean to dog every decision you make, every step of the journey, but is this really wise?
Strix: Joining them?  I understand your concerns, Ignatius.

*Freki returns to them, quietly, without a word.  Strix wordlessly, concerned, acknowledges her.*

Strix: But...I didn't leave my home because I didn't want any ties with anyone.  I left because I wanted to be able to make my own choices.  I didn't...Well, you know - I didn't really plan on doing anything when I left; I didn't have any big plans what to do with my freedom once I got it.  And this is what I want to do with my freedom - I want to help these people.  It may seem kind of...trivial, but this is my choice.  Maybe...maybe when I get the courage to, I can actually start making a bit of a difference, you know?  Just...helping people when they need it.  I'm still figuring it out, but I think that's what I want to do with my freedom.
Geri: ...A noble pursuit, Amarok.  I am ever by your side, as always.
Strix: Thank you, Igna-Mmph!

*Freki suddenly is smothering Strix in a tight, almost suffocating hug*

Strix: Ermmmph!  Ju-Julitta?!  Wha-I can't breathe!
Freki: ...I don't care what you do with your life.
Strix: H-huh...?
Freki:I don't care at all, just, I'm not going to let anything, anything, happen to you.
Freki: I'm not going to lose anyone else.
Strix: ...I wouldn't do that to you, Freki.  Don't worry - I'm not leaving anytime soon.
Strix: C'mon.  Let's catch up with the others.

((Strix, Freki, and Geri will be going as Amarok, Julitta, and Ignatius, respectively, from now on.  I hope I did your gang justice, Rose! ^u^'))

Edited by Soleater

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Chapter 2C: The Path  

(New characters:  Viserren, a staff user who knows something about Kaitlin's mother, will be in the battle, but won't join the party)


*Flashback begins*

*6 months ago*

Kaitlin: Hope, there you are! And hello Leo.

Hope: Kaitlin, do you need something?

Kaitlin: I was just looking for you, today is a very special  day you know.

Hope: It is? How so?

Kaitlin: What? Don't tell me you forgot...today is your birthday!

Hope: Oh...that, Leo already told me it was my birthday.


Kaitlin: I'm going to make all the sweets you like today, it's going to be so fu-

Hope: Kaitlin, I don't care if today is my birthday or not, you don't need to do anything for me, I'm planning on spending all of today in the town, alone.

*Hope glares at Leo* 

Leo: Oh...

Kaitlin: Hope...stop leaving Leo behind like this, what if something happened to you?

Hope: Nothing will happened to me, and if something did, I can protect myself, I don't need someone like Leo to protect me.

*Hope leaves*

Kaitlin: Leo...I'm so sorry.

Leo: It's okay, don't worry about it...it's my fault really, I'm not strong enough for her...

*Flashback ends*




Leo: Oh, there you are, Kaitlin, why are you still up? It's very late.

Kaitlin: Oh, Leo...I was just thinking about some things, I'm sorry.

Leo: Well you shouldn't go somewhere alone, what if you got attacked? Some people are after us after all.

Kaitlin: I know....I'm sorry, this was stupid of me, I'm just....worried.

Leo: About Hope, right?

Kaitlin: What if those people who are after me are also after her? Do you think she will be in danger wherever she is right now? 

Leo: Hope...can protect herself, but as her bodyguard, I can't help but worry, but don't think about that right now, we will find Hope one day, I can feel it.

Kaitlin: Leo, you spent a lot of time with Hope, right? I'm not sure if you can answer this...but, do you think she hated me?

Leo: What? Why would you ask such a thing? It's true she can be a bit cold to everyone, even to you, but your her sister, so I doubt she hated you.

Kaitlin: I just wish I can go back in time, I might had been able to fix everything, and none of this would be happening right now...

Leo: Kaitlin...none of this is your fault, if anyone is to blame...it's your father.

Kaitlin: My father...You know, even now, I don't hate him, even though he can be terrible to both his people and his daughters, I don't think I can ever get myself to hate him.

Leo: You and Hope sure are different....

Kaitlin: We are....

Even from a young age, me and Hope were interested in different things, while I was into dolls, she was into swords, it's a bit funny really to think about it.

Strix: Who's there!?....Oh, it's you two.

Leo: Oh Amarok, did we wake you up?

Strix: No, I was already up...I couldn't get any sleep, so I chose to take a walk, and I've heard voices, turned out it was just you two.

Leo: Okay, I'm still on watch duty, so I can't stay here much longer, Amarok please stay with Kaitlin and don't leave her alone.

Strix: Oh...Okay.

*Leo leaves*

Strix: So, Kaitlin....we never got the chance to talk one on one.

Kaitlin: We haven't, a lot sure happened.

Strix: How is Kael? Is he okay?

Kaitlin: Kael is...fine, he still feels super guilty about what happened though, it makes me sad to see him that way..

Strix: I'm sorry to hear that, Julitta is also..not okay, and it's painful to see her that way

Kaitlin: If only I didn't want to help that girl....

Strix: No one could have known what she was capable of, so don't blame yourself...lets change the subject, where are you from, Kaitlin?

Kaitlin: Me? I'm from Tunetia.

Strix? Tunetia!? That's pretty far away, did you come all the way here to search for your sister?

Kaitlin: Yes...a search party was sent here to look for her, we had more people, but...some things happened, and now me, Kael, Mary and Leo are all that's left from that search party.

Strix: I see....and Kaitlin, can i assume you are from some noble house of sort? 

Kaitlin: I am actually, how did you...know?

Strix: Well it was easy to tell from the way you speak, and the way you dress as well, you aren't a peasant.

Kaitlin: Oh, I guess that would give me away...

Strix: You should be careful....you never know who might want to hurt you for who you are, I would know...

Kaitlin:  You know, the way you carry yourself also reminds me a noble.

Strix:....Um, oh look, it's getting late! Kaitlin, lets go back! 

Kaitlin: Yeah, it's going to be a busy morning, so I'm sure I will need all the sleep I can get, goodnight.

*Kaitlin leaves*

Strix: That was close...I can't get her to know who I truly am, even though she's from Tunetia and she seem nice, but still, I'm not risking it just yet....

*Few hours later, the party is still in Hejm, discussion what their next move should be*

Geri: Okay, so let me get this straight, you guys are being hunted?

Kael: We are, we aren't sure by who though, all we know about them is that they have the power and the money to send a good number of people at us with strong weapons on them.

Kaitlin: They also wanted me to go with them the last time we met...I'm not sure what they want of me.

Mary: I will never forgive them for what they did to us.

Kaitlin: Ignatius...coming with us is risky, so are you three sure you still want to come?

Geri: I believe we already had made our choice.

Strix: We did, we might run into that girl again for all we know, so sticking together might be for the better, and you guys saved both my friends, so I owe you a lot.


Kaitlin: I'm glad to have you three, truly, I just hope nothing bad happens to any of you...I'm not sure if I will be able to forgive myself.

Freki: That girl...she's dead once I find her, if she did anything to Lupa....

Geri: Julitta...Lupa is going to be fine, he's very strong, just like his owner.


I feel very bad for Julitta, she also lost someone she cares about, in this case it's Lupa, I can't help but feel like that I was to blame for all of this, and who knows what sort of tragedies will come our way in the future becasue of me...

Kael: Okay, now lets talk about what our next move should be, first we need more supplies because we are running very low on them, I was hoping we could get some here in Hejm...but that won't be happening.

Geri: I believe there is a village to the north of here, but it will take us two days to get to it by walking I think.

Kael: What is it called?

Geri: I believe it's called Ely, you do have a map on you, right?

Kael: I do

*Kael and Geri start looking at the map, pointing out where Ely is, while that was happening, Kaitlin approached  Freki*

Kaitlin: Hey....do you need some water? You don't look too well.


Strix: Oh, don't mind her, Kaitlin, Julitta is still not feeling well.

Kaitlin: I see...Julitta, I promise you that I will get Lupa back to you.

Freki: Just...leave me alone.

*Freki walks away*

Strix: Kaitlin, just forgive her, she's not herself right now.

Kaitlin: It's okay, don't worry, I can't blame her for acting like that...

*Kael takes his eyes off the map and looks at the group*

Kael: Okay everyone, we will be moving out in 5 minutes, so be ready!

Finally we will leave Hejm, It's sad to look at this place and what it become...I only hop things in Ely are better, we were running low on supplies even before reaching Hejm, but now we have more people and less supplies....Things aren't going too well, but i'm going to stay hopeful.

*On the road to Ely, Kaitlin and Strix are walking behind the group*

Kaitlin: You would think I would get used to travelling by now, but nope, ugh my legs are killing me.

Strix: I'm not that used to travelling as well, normally Lupa would had flew us anywhere we wanted...

Kaitlin: I only hope things in Ely are better than how things are in Hejm.

Strix: Me too....


Strix:.....Soooo, I hope you won't mind me asking this, but why did Hope runaway? Did something happened.

Kaitlin: Our father wanted to force her into an arranged marriage with the prince of Tunetia.

Strix: Oh! Him...

Kaitlin: Hm? Do you know the prince of Tunetia, Amarok?

Strix: O-of course not! I'm just...a peasant, I was just shocked, that's all.

*Kaitlin looks ahead, only to see Kael staring at her*

Does Kael want something? He looks...a little weird

Kaitlin: Lets speed it up, Amarok, we don't want to fall behind! 

*Kaitlin and Strix walk a little faster so they can catch up, Kaitlin goes to Kael, who was also walking behind everyone who wasn't Kaitlin or Strix*

Kaitlin: Are you...okay? 

Kael: I am, I'm more worried about you than me really.

Kaitlin: Oh? I'm fine, Kael, as long as I have you with me, I will always be fine.

Kael: I'm worried that a lot of pressure might be falling on you..

Kaitlin: Well...yeah, I do feel pressured, but..like I said, as long as I have you, everything should be fine.

Kael: Kaitlin...sometimes I feel like grabbing you and just taking you away, I just want to take you somewhere far away, far away from all of this mess..

Kaitlin: Kael...

Kael: Also, the fact I almost hurt you thanks to that girl....I wouldn't had been able to forgive myself if I did anything to you, even now I still haven't forgiving myself for what I did...

Kaitlin: That wasn't your fault, and you know it, no one thinks badly of you for what happened, so please try to forget about it.

Kael: Also....why do you keep talking to Amarok one on one?

Kaitlin: What...do you mean?

Kael: Ugh, never mind, lets go, lets not fall behind *Kael grabs Kaitlin's hand

Kaitlin: Okay!


*2 hours later, the party was taking a break somewhere in the forest*

Mary: Finally a break!

Freki: You guys sure get tired fast, 2 hours of walking is nothing.

Geri: Come on, give them a break, Julitta.

Mary: Ignatius how is your shoulder doing?

Geri: It's....better, but it still hurts to tell you the truth.

Leo: If only we had a healer with us....


My mom was a healer, or so I've heard, I've heard she was very good with a staff, and that she could heal anyone easily, I remember thinking how that when I grow up, that I was also going to learn how to use staffs....but that never happened for some reason, I sure wish I knew how to use a staff right now, I might have been able to make Ignatius shoulder hurt less...

Strix: Guys, isn't Kael late? He said he was going to get some water and come back right away....

Kaitlin: That's true...what's taking him so long? 

Mary: Should...we go and look for him?

Freki: I knew someone should have went with him, going off alone like that is dangerous, no matter how strong you were! 

Leo: Okay, so lets go look for him.

Geri: Lets search in 3 pairs of 2, lets meet back here in 20 minutes.

Mary: Why not search in one big group? Isn't that safer.

Geri: It is, but I don't see how the 6 of us searching in one area is going to help.

Leo: Okay fine, lets split up in pairs, lets stop wasting time!

Freki: I will go with Ignatius, I don't count on any of you to protect him.

Geri: Julitta...you should go with Amarok.

Strix: No, it's okay, Ignatius you need the protection more than me, you still are injured , and plus I can protect myself....

Geri: Fine...

Mary: And I guess i will go with Leo.

Leo: Me? Why?

Mary: We both are fast on our feet, so we can search faster together, come on lets go * Mary grabs  Leo and drags him behind her into the forest *

Kaitlin: I...guess that means you and me are going to pair up, Amarok.

Strix:  I guess so.

Kaitlin: Okay lets go!

*Kaitlin ran into the forest, with Strix running behind her*

Kael...I hope nothing bad happened to you, please be okay.....

Strix: Kaitlin, are you okay...?

Kaitlin: Oh, sorry Amarok...i'm just really worried, if something happened to Kael...I might lost it.

Strix: You two are really close, huh? I didn't want to say anything at first becasue it wasn't my place, but....are you two more than friends?

Kaitlin: We are...I'm not surprised you noticed, we haven't been really trying to hide it in the last few days.

Strix: I think you two holding hands gave it away really fast.

Kaitlin: My father would never let me be with someone like Kael, so we kept it a secret, only few people knew.

Strix: I see..That can't be easy.

Kaitlin: It isn't, sometimes I even ask myself if I will have my happy ending with Kael or not, the future is so unclear....I hate it.

Strix: I feel you, I also have no idea what the future holds for me...

Kaitlin: I.....Amarok watch out!!!

*Kaitlin pushes Strix off the way of an arrow*

Strix: Who...shot that?

Kaitlin: Oh no oh no oh no!! Why now?!? 

*few men appeared , Kaitlin knew what was happening*

Strix: Who are you people?! 

Kaitlin: Amarok, run! Their after me, I will try to hold them off.

Strix: I won't leave you.

Kaitlin: Amarok...I'm sorry to drag you into this.

*Battle begins*

boss character: Bring me the girl, kill the boy for all I care! 

*A green unit joins the battlefield*


Strix: Who are you? Are you with them?


Kaitlin: Sir?

Viserren....!! It's you.....You really are here.

Kaitlin: Do you...know me?

Viserren: Listen  kids, I can heal you with my staff, but be careful, I can't bring you from the dead.

Strix: What is he saying?

Kaitlin: I think he wants to help us...

(Viserren is a staff user, he will be controllable in this chapter, but won't join the party)


Boss VS Strix:

Strix: Why are you attacking us?!

Boss: Just die stupid pig, I'm not after you, get out of my way!!!!


Boss VS Kaitlin:

Boss: It's you!!! I've been looking for you for a while now, how lucky I am to run into you in here.

Kaitlin: Who are you..? And who sent you? Who's after me? And why?! 

Boss: They want you alive, so I can't kill you, oh how much I would love to disobey  that order right now...oh well, as long as I don't kill you, I can hurt you as much as i want!

*Battle ends*



Kaitlin: Thanks to you, I wouldn't had made it on my own.

Strix: So...those are the people who are after you, huh? What do they want from you anyway?

Kaitlin: I have no idea....

*Kaitlin turns to Viserren*

Kaitlin: Thank you...for helping us, we wouldn't had made it without you of course, that staff of yours is truly useful.

Viserren:......You really are her daughter.

Kaitlin: Huh? Do you...know my mother? And who are you anyway?

Viserren: My name is Viserren, you should leave, you should go back to Tunetia, only misery is waiting for you here in Demancia.

Kaitlin: What? Viserren, just who are you? Please answer me...

Viserren: I never thought I would meet one of Lilly's daughters..

Kaitlin: So you do know my mother, that's her name.

Viserren: Kaitlin, I'm sorry, but I don't have time to explain...I have to be somewhere else, you look a lot like your mother...I only hope you have a better ending than her, so please, go back to Tunetia, I believe the groups that wants to capture you won't follow you there....

*Viserren leaves*

Kaitlin: Wait, come back!

Strix: Kaitlin, don't follow him! It..might be dangerous, and plus it's already time for us to go back to our meeting place, I'm sure it's already been over 20 minutes, I don't want them to start worrying about us.

Kailtin: Okay...lets go back..

Just who was that? Viesrren...just what do you know? I wish he told me more, and will it be truly better if I just went back to Tunetia? But what about Hope? Isn't she also in danger? And  if I went back to home without finding Hope, father would most likely try to make me marry the prince of Tunetia...Which is something I don't want to deal with right now.


 *Back in the meeting place, everyone was there, even Kael*


Kaitlin: Kael! 

*The two run to each-other and hug* 

Geri: Amarok! You had us worried, where were you two?! 

Strix: We...got attacked by the people that attacked Kaitlin and her party before.

Freki: You what?! Are you okay?! 

Strix: I'm fine, don't worry, a man helped us, his staff saved us.

Kailtin: Kael, where were you?

Kael: I got lost and couldn't find our meeting up place...but that doesn't matter, just who's idea was it for you 6 to split up?! 

Geri: It was mine.

*Kael goes to Geri, as if he was about to punch him, but Freki stood in his way before he could reach Geri*

Freki: Just what do you think you're doing?! 

Kael: What i'm doing?!! I thought I could trust you guys to keep Kaitlin safe and not make stupid choices, like making our group split up, but I guess I was wrong about that!

Kaitlin: Kael, don't yell at them...

*Kael turns to Kaitlin, with anger very obvious on his face*

Kael: And you, why are you always with Amarok as of late?! 

Kaitlin: Kael, what are you even saying? What's wrong with me spending time with Amarok? 

Kael: Just...

Leo: Kael, calm down!

Mary: Kael, are you jealous of  Amarok?

Strix: W-what?

Kaitlin: I'm lost for words right now...

*30 minutes later, Kael and Kailtin were on their own, they were getting ready to start heading towards Ely  again*

Kaitlin: Kael...we need to talk about what happened.

Kael: I don't know what came over me...I feel like i'm not myself anymore.

Kaitlin: Kael...You should have told me, yelling at Amarok like that wouldn't do anything but make you look bad, and you do know that without Amarok I would had been captured when I got attacked in the forest, I won't be here right now if not for him.


Kaitlin: Kael, nobody will replace you in my heart, so please...don't get jealous.

Kael: Fine...I will try, and tell me, what happened in the forest.

Kailin: Oh right, I need to tell you about that..

*Kaitlin tells Kael about Viserren and everything he said to her*

Kael:....Just who is that guy?

Kaitlin: He's not a bad person, he helped me and Amarok for no reason, I do wish he told me more though..

Kael: What do you want to do, Kaitlin? Do you want to go back to Tunetia? Or do you want to stay in Demancia?

Kaitlin: I...want to find Hope, so yes, I want to stay in Demancia for a while longer...

Kael: Fine, I will follow you no matter where you go, even if it brought misery to me....




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Oh wow, that sure is a lot of drama, you really focus on the novel aspect of your story. If I have any criticism is a few grammar errors and that I see this story design-wise seems like they are very short levels as if the difficulty curve increased by a minimum, in other words, i feel like there's very little that goes on in the maps which eh ok it's fair if everyone else disagrees with me, I'm the one that gave you the Knight Crest super early in the game afterall.

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(Yeah i tried to focus more on the battles this time around, but it's still nothing in comparison to you  ;; and sorry about the  grammar errors V_V Maybe I should read my chapter again and edit any  grammar errors that I see)

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