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Let's write a Fire Emblem plot, one chapter at a time!

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(Sorry, having a bit of writer's block with regards to my chapter, so it might be a few days before I get it up.)

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(I’ll save the new characters for later.)

Black Emperor’s Castle

*Monika and Jonathan enter the throne room, where Arteus and Carmila are standing at the sides of the throne, with Kestrel on the throne (obviously).*

Kestrel: *Smiling somewhat* Jonathan. To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit? It is very rarely that a Bishop of your stature visits me, which means either that you were nearby and wanted to visit, or Manfred has asked something of you.

Jonathan: *Frowns* As much as I would like to say it was the former, Manfred has run across a problem, and he asked me to relay his solution to you, and ask for assistance.

Kestrel: *frowns* Speak of it, but first, introduce me to this woman.

Jonathan: *Smiling* Oh, pardon me. I had nearly forgotten. Her name is Monika, and she is a singer-she works in the choir at San Tanika, and some say that her singing voice is nothing less than a gift from the Father himself-I would not disagree with that statement myself.

Monika: *Smiling* It is an honor to meet you, Your Imperial Majesty. I am but a humble songstress, barely worthy of your attention.

Kestrel: *Smiling a little* Not at all. I met the love of my life because of her singing voice, and I have nothing but respect for those that share that craft.

Jonathan: *Back to frowning* Now then, the problem we have. A certain tome has been stolen from the archives of Joa-the priest responsible for said archives, Kreiss, is innocent of this heist. Apparently, the theft was caused by a pair of scholars named Randall and Gloria. A common pickpocket named Locke is under their hire, and stole the tome for them.

Arteus: *Stepping into the conversation, confused/angry* So a book was stolen from an archive. What does this have to do with the Emperor?

Jonathan: *Glaring* I was getting to that. Said book, is apparently a book on the lore and beliefs of Samiel worshippers, with knowledge of ancient spells and powerful magics that if performed, could spell the end of his rule-summoning of demons, powerful curses that could impact the whole Empire, and perhaps… *Pauses, frowns* ...even summon Samiel himself.

Kestrel: *Eyebrows raised* That sounds horrible.

Carmila: *Looks skeptical.*

Arteus: *Looks confused, but clearly swayed a little.*

Jonathan: It is. However, after some thinking, we have an idea for a deal, that benefits both the Church and the Empire.

Kestrel: *Intrigued* Go on.

Jonathan: We have heard of a rebellion occuring in some remote villages against your rule, correct?

Kestrel: Yes. I have hope that Arteus and Carmila can handle it, but what is your point?

Jonathan: It is simple: We frame this ‘Randall’ as a rebel, looking to destabilize the Empire, and your rebels as Samiel worshippers. It will strengthen resistance against both, since the soldiers loyal to your rule will be on the lookout for Randall, and the faithful will begin to resist the rebellion, given they worship the Demonic White Dragon. In addition, in exchange for the assistance of the Church’s healers and medical supplies, all we ask for is some troops to assist in the capture of Randall-the Holy Guard is great and strong, but we fear it may not be enough.

Monika: Additionally, I am also a part of this assistance-my songs raise the spirits and strengthen the soul, invigorating those who hear them-whether they are the attendees of a Mass, or soldiers on the field of battle.

Kestrel: *Pauses, in contemplation* ...very well. I see nothing wrong with this deal. Now, if I may, I feel a bit of dizziness coming on, and I shall retire to my chamber.

Jonathan: Your Imperial Majesty, I have a gift for you, and I shall head to your quarters with it after I finish speaking with your generals regarding the plan with Monika.

Kestrel: I see nothing wrong with this. I shall see you soon, Jonathan.

*Kestrel leaves.*

Arteus: Monika, was it? I look forward to seeing your songs in action. *Does the gentlemanly back-of-hand kiss.*

Carmila: *Seems annoyed at this.* 

Jonathan: I’ve heard of you two, General Arteus, Carmila. Sir, I heard you did well at beating back the nomad Samiel worshippers of the desert from that raid, and you, Carmila, did well with that pirate invasion at the east. I am glad for being able to have met you, and I hope we have a beautiful friendship. I have even prepared gifts for you.

Carmila: *A little suprised, a little happy* Oh, do tell.

*Jonathan pulls out a box from his robe.*

Jonathan: I had to jump through some hoops to get these, given they come from San Tanika’s vaults of holy artifacts, but given what Randall aims to do, I figured I should err on the side of caution. *Opens the box.* For you, Carmila, a relic named the Bracelet of Asmode. It is said that whoever wears this bracelet will be blessed with the ability to tell truth from lies.

Carmila: *Puts it on.* I don’t put much stock in faith, but if nothing else, it is a beautiful gift.

Jonathan: Trust me, General, I know some people above my position who don’t believe in the powers of the relics. And for you, Arteus, a relic named the Ring of Belphe. It is said that it will save the wearer’s life in a critical moment.

Arteus: *takes off his gloves and slides the ring onto his finger* I thank you for the gift, but I hope I don’t ever face this “critical moment”.

Monika: Well, I look forward to working with the both of you. I trust you have a guest suite of some sort?

Arteus: Of course. Let me show it to you, madame.

Carmila: ...as will I.

*Monika, Carmila and Arteus depart, leaving Jonathan in the throne room.*

Jonathan: I’ll visit His Majesty’s room, quickly.

*We cut Kestrel’s bedroom. A knocking sound is heard.*

Jonathan: It is I. May I enter?

Kestrel: It’s unlocked, please come in.

*Jonathan enters the room.*

Jonathan: To be clear, the rebels and Randall are not the only reason why I came to you.

Kestrel: *Looks confused*

Jonathan: I have heard rumors that your son Strix has gone missing.

Kestrel: …’tis true. I have not seen or heard of him in days.

Jonathan: Then I may have something that can assist with that. *Takes something out of his robe sleeve.* This is the Amulet of Levia. It is said-and I have proven it-that if you say the name of a person and know their face, you can speak to them as if they were right next to you.

Kestrel: ...thank you, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Now, I must take my leave.


Kestrel: ...Strix. Why did you leave me?

Meanwhile, back in Joa

Randall: ...and that’s why they are after me, and why this book is important.

Blake: That is so… STUPID! IT’S A BOOK!

Alisa: Hey, magic tomes are “just books” and people can do a lot of harm with them. I still agree with what you mean, though, Blake.

Keira: ...Randall. I’m sorry to say this, but for the sake of Joa, I need you, Gloria, and Locke to leave.

Christian: Your presence here does the city far more harm than good. We hold no grudge against you, we just are looking out for the city’s livelihood.

Randall: ...I understand why you would say that.

Alisa: Hey, it’s not all Randall’s fault! He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time-

Keira: I understand that. I’m not forsaking him-I have some personal money I can give you to help you on your way, but you do need to leave.

Gloria: (making an expression that’s clearly not fine) I’m fine with this outcome. Seriously!

Locke: (skeptical) You sure about that, Glor-


Locke: I-I’m fine with this, too!

Blake: ...You know what? I’m coming with you guys! Joa’s well-protected enough, and I want to smash the faces of the guys who did this.

Alisa: I can’t believe I’m saying this… but I agree with Blake. I’m going with you as well. You’ll need more than five people to survive the people coming your way.

Randall: Really, you don’t need to come-

Blake: I’m doing it! No ifs, ands, or buts.

Marie: Then welcome aboard.

Locke: I know a guy at the docks, he has a boat we can use.

Randall: Alright. I say we head for Makaroid-the desert will make us harder to detect, not to mention I would like to contact the desert-dwellers there…

Locke: I’ll go set up the boat with him.

Alisa: I need to go say goodbye to my father.

Blake: I’ll say bye to mom as well.

Marie: I’ll help Locke.

Gloria: Randy… let’s go see Kriess.

(We cut back to the church)

Kriess: ...I shall miss you both. You two were my best students.

Randall: I’ll miss you too. You’re like my father figure.

Gloria: ...I finished packing up. You done, Randy?

Randall: ...yes.

Kriess: *hugs the two of them* Stay safe. And know that I love you.

Gloria: I love you too… dad.

Randall: ...Bye, dad.

Kriess: Farewell, my students! And I shall write!

Randall: I’ll write back!

Gloria: Goodbye!

*We cut back to the dock. We see Locke conversing with the Captain of the ship, Captain Flint. Marie stands nearby.*

Locke: Thanks, Flint. I knew that favor you owed me would be good for something.

Flint: It’s fine, I was expecting to head to Makaroid soon, anyway. I needed to pick up a delivery of cloth from there for delivery.

Locke: Oh, that’s my crew! We’ll board soon.

*Alisa, Blake, Gloria, and Randall get on the boat*

(A few days of sailing later)

*It’s the middle of the night, when a crash sound is heard.*

Randall: *Waking up in his cabin* What was that?

Gloria: I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound good.


*Cut to the top of the boat, Blake and Marie are fighting some Pirates, who have planks linking the boats.*

Marie: Seiyah!

Blake: Gah!

*Two Pirates die, but more come in to replace them. Gloria and Randall enter the scene.*

Randall: This is awful luck, I tell you…

Pirate Captain Rustle: ‘And over all ye valuables, or you’ll be sleepin’ with the fishes tonight, land-lubbers!

*Alisa and Locke come from below deck as well, when the boat suddenly shifts to the side, knocking the boards off the boats.*



Daniel (A Pirate): Aye-aye, Cap’n Rustle!

*We cut to the cargo hold, where a girl with white hair and blue tips with red eyes is in a cage. She looks to be about the age of 11.*

Daniel: Miss? Little girl?

Girl: I’m right here.

Daniel: Look. I’m not here to sneak you some food, like I normally do. I need to tie the cage down. We’re doing some fast maneuvers, so I’m making sure the cage doesn’t slide around too much.

Girl: Thanks for letting me know… You never told me your name. 

Daniel: I’m Daniel. And you?

Girl: ...Pearl.

Daniel: Pearl. That’s a nice name. *Finishes tying some knots.* Alright, done. Gotta head back upstairs.

Pearl: Stay safe, Daniel. And bring me some food.

Daniel: *Smiles.* I promise.

*Meanwhile, Captain Flint’s ship is next to an island.*

Marie: Good. Now my sword skills aren’t impaired by the ship’s rocking.

Blake: Now we wait for them… and strike!

Male Voice: Halt!

*A Mercenary and a Knight come off the island, onto the ship.*

Alisa: I didn’t know there were natives on this island!

Older Knight (Red eyes, white hair with blue tips. Appears about 23.): You are trespassing onto our territory, of the Aqua Tribe.

Younger Mercenary (Also has red eyes, white hair with blue tips. Appears roughly 17.): Yeah! So make like shepards and get the flock out of here!

Flint: Gentleman, I assure you, we were only coming to this island because of pirates-

Knight: ...was it led by a man with greying blond hair, and a scar on his neck?

Randall: I saw him, though from far away, and it did seem like he had those traits.

Mercenary: ...Drake, does that mean…?

Drake: ...I think it does, Gill. Alright, you may stay here. Are the pirates coming after you?

Alisa: I see their ship! It’s coming, alright!

Gill: Let’s get our sister back, bro.

Drake: Agreed, brother.

(Drake and Gillbert, nicknamed “Gill”, join the group for this fight.)


*Daniel recruitment-Blake*

Daniel: …

Blake: ...you don’t want to fight us. I can see it in the way you hold your axe.

Daniel: …? You… know?

Blake: Let me guess-you’re trying to protect someone.

Daniel: ...you’re right. She’s being held captive. In the cargo hold. I feed her, try and keep her safe, but the others want to sell her into the slave trade. That’s how they got me. I want to keep her out of it.

Blake: … come to our side.

Daniel: Thank you…

Blake: Blake.

Daniel: I’m Daniel. Your axe is mine.

*Fighting Rustle*


Rustle: Daniel! Why are ye pointin’ ye axe at me?

Daniel: ...I’m taking Pearl back.

Rustle: ...oh, ye poor deluded sea dog. She’ll be happier serving a man than she will be on her own. She’s a woman-they ‘ardly know up from down!



Rustle: And who might ye be? Wait, I see it… that hair, and those eyes… ye be related to the lass in the cargo hold!

Drake: My name is Drake, Dark Trident of the Aqua Tribe. You abducted my sister, Pearl. Prepare to die.

Rustle: Ye been practicing that in a mirror? Well then, die!


Gillbert: I’ve found you! 

Rustle: Ah, ye must be the idiot brother of the lass in the hold!


Rustle: You’ll have to kill me to get her.

Gillbert: I thought you’d never ask.


*After the fight, the brothers-as well as the rest of the group-sheath their weapons.*

Drake: To the hold! Our sister needs us.

Gillbert: PEARL! I’m coming for you!

Daniel: Wait, here’s the key to her cage! *Hands it to Drake.*

*The two brothers head down into the hold.*

Drake: Pearl! Can you hear me?

Pearl: ...Drake? Brother? Is that you?

Gillbert: It’s us! Gil and Drake!

*The two unlock the cage and hug.*

Pearl: Thank you for saving me! If only I had brought… it, then they would never have stood a chance.

Drake: They caught us all off guard, it’s not your fault.

Gillbert: We’re all back together, that’s what matters.

Pearl: I’m just… so… glad we’re back together… *tears up*

Gillbert: Oh, no, don’t cry, now you’ve got me… doing… it…! *cries as well*

Drake: Now, now... *Crying as well*

*The group reconvenes on the island.*

Drake: I thank you, travelers, for assisting in our personal rescue mission.

Gillbert: The Aqua Tribe always repays its debts. We shall have our carpenters and shipwrights help fix your ship, good Captain Flint.

Randall: ...You’re Samiel worshippers, correct? Or, rather, to speak truly, you worship both Rucif and Samiel, unlike the mainland.

Pearl: ...how did he know?

Drake: Most main-landers would faint or try and slay us when they figured it out.

Randall: Well, I’m not an ordinary mainlander. *Holds up The Consolidated Writings of Samiel* Do you have a copy of this book in your village?

Drake: *Looks surprised* Yes!

Gloria: We are on… a mission, some might say. We are trying to find the veracity of it’s tome, and we were headed to the desert to seek the desert-dwelling nomads that are said to worship Samiel.

Pearl: ...they mean to say, they are searching for the Terra Clan.

Gillbert: ...you will be forced to stay for a night while we repair your ship. It is best that we use this time to inform you.


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Chapter 3A: Holdout.


Soldier: Your grace, Fort Harzelheg has been taken by the rebel army!
Kestrel: Grr ARTEUS!
Arteus: Yes milo-
Kestrel: Did you truly buy the best mercenaries in the land?
Arteus: Well I picked a local somewhat experienced group in the area...
Kestrel: You defied my direct order? To buy the best mercenary band? No matter the cost you must obey!
Arteus: Sir! had I bought another mercenary band elsewhere they wouldn't have reached in time!
Soldier: If I may, the mercenary band seems to have also been persuaded to join the enemy
Arteus: *Gulp* Li-lies! My report says that the mercenaries stood their ground.
Kestrel: Soldier, is what you speak true?
Soldier: Y-yes! I have it here with myself!
Carmilla: Well, my report states the same as Arteus'
Soldier: Bu- but!
Kestrel: Soldier I will repeat myself again, is what you speak true?
Soldier: Yes! My companions saw it with their own eyes.
Kestrel: Well it seems we have two people against your report.
Soldier: *Gulp*
Kestrel: Therefore it can be deduced that you're lying. Guards, execute him.
Soldier: wait no you have to believe me! I saw it with my own eyes, you... gah!
Arteus: *Looks with sorrow in the eye of the soldier* (I... I am a monster...)
Kestrel: Well, send an army to dispose of them, and bring the weakest of the seguiarii with you to defeat them.
Arteus: Yes sir I will do so ASAP sir.

*Arteus purposely leaves in the same door the soldier was sent in to communicte with the soldier*

Arteus: Hold!
Executioner: *Turns around*
Arteus: St-stop.
Executioner: What? Why?
Arteus: (Lower your voice, here take this sum of money and let this man go)
Soldier: *Gasp* Are you really letting me free?
Arteus: Yes. Take this money aswell and run with your family far from the capital. Escape to a nearby kingdom if you must, use part of the money to bribe the border men.
Soldier: Th-thank you! I- I will repay you, I promise.
Arteus: Sure... well go quickly!

*In Fort Harzelheg*

Trey: There's an army marching toward us!
Sonya: It seems the empire has finally decided to attack us...
Zeke: And those are big numbers indeed, but they all seem weak and underprepared.
Sonya: We could get overrun, in the last battle some cracks formed in the walls.
Zeke: Perfect practice for all of us!
Sonya: I wish but look some of them are... intimidating, maybe they are there to boost enemy morale.
Trey: Well, let's show them what we're made of.

*Fighting the boss*

Reist: You Samiel scum, you heretics must die!
Most units: Samiel scum? What are you talking about?

Reist: You! Worshipper of Samiel must die!
Sonya: Of Samiel?! What are you talking about? You talk without knowing anything. 
Reist: Wait your attitude and clothing they resemble the worshippers of...
Sonya: Enough! If you keep talking an Axe will go through your head!
Zeke: And it will sincerely come from me.
Reist: I... Silence!

Dying Reist: I... have been defeated...

*After battle*

Trey: They are retreating, we won!
Zeke: They were still no match for me, none of their damage was significant to me.
Trey: Dad some of them did leave a cut in your arm.
Zeke: Yeah but it didn't hurt...
Sonya: And why would that be?
Zeke: Oh and with the slight help of your mother
Sonya:... Hmm *Chuckle* Sliiiiiiiight that's how it was.
Trey: *Chuckle*
Zeke: What are you laughing about... Wait I get the catch now.
Sonya: Yes it was. Nonetheless, their power was of great magnitude we must train before we near the capital
Zeke: If we have enough materials to make dozens of dummies for target practice then maybe
Sonya: That could work, we could also ask for materials from our rebel allies.


The chapter's objective is defeat commander which is a Lv.13 Cavalier named Reist, if you do so both superpowered enemies or maybe only one of them will ask to retreat, if you didn't defeat them here they will come back later as lv 5promoted enemies that drop the extremely rare Silver Bow and Silver Axe, that's for later though. If you defeated both superpowered enemies and killed the boss a Soldier come in to say to retreat if the boss was the last unit killed then the chapter just ends.  

Now the map design, the map is a combination of castle renvall in FE8 and that castle in FE5 were you have to hold out and there is breakable walls.
There are two large hallways at the bottom of the map which connects to the throne room, where you must defend it for 8 turns. The enemy composition is very much the same as before however this time around there are a few very strong enemies that are placed in such a way that you can't reach the boss without entering both of these enemies range.

The first superpowered enemy has his small group of 4 archers 8 tiles away from him and you must pass these to reach their "leader" (In parentheses because he isn't historically a leader only he will seem as one) this enemy group is slightly stronger than the rest of the enemies and then their leader is a Lv.12 Archer that drops an Orion's bolt if you defeat him. His stats are somewhere between 8 and 14 (except HP which is 30 and the Res which is 4).

The second superpowered enemy is a Fighter and he also has 4 slightly-stronger-than-average Fighters 8 tiles away from him. He is also Lv.12 with his stats hovering around 9 and  13 (Except HP which is 35, defense which is 5 and resistance which is 1). If you manage to defeat him he drops a Hero Crest.

As a sidenote, the map is also designed so that where a player might ususally want to bait them there is a pillar where the two enemies will be more cumbersome to defeat with their even higher avoid. The fighter also has a Hand Axe to be even more of a dick.

Both promotion items are useful, the Orion's bolt can be used to promote one of the two children that follow their father, both of them belong to the Barts and Ward archetype.

The Hero Crest serves you for the next chapter in which you get 2 Mercenaries that are Cain and Abels. 

Notes: I think we should all do only around 19 chapters (Which ends at our chapter 9) because that will result in 40 maps which is already a lot so let's just keep it at that. It's also the reason I am giving you promotion items this way because I don't have many many chapters so lol.

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Chapter 3B:

Angelica: On this day, you, child of Rucif, shall be brought further into His graces, take upon yourself the burden of becoming a vessel for his divine voice.  By doing so, you are agreeing to abstain from all indulgences - intoxication, purposeless violence, sex, and all else that separates us from the Black Dragon's embrace.  And, as a woman, this means you must abstain from bearing children - anything that would keep you from your duties as Rucif's vassal will only bring you closer to the White Dragon's domain.  If I have made myself clear, only say so, and I shall go forth with the Rite of Ascension.
Agnis: ...As clear as the Father's judgement.
Angelica: Well said.  Then on this day forth, you, Agnis Blumenthal, shall be declared Priest of the Lorbeer Church, and High Speaker of His will; Blessed be the Father, and may He bless you in turn.
Agnis: Blessed be the Father, and may He bless you in turn.
Crowd: Blessed be the Father, and may He bless you in turn.

(A brief fade to black, before fading into a scene of Angelica by herself in Castle Church)

Angelica: ...
Angelica: ...Who's there?
Manfred: Ah, do not be alarmed, Angelica, it's only me.
Angelica: Oh, Manfred.
Manfred: You don't seem to be particularly happy to see me - is something the matter?
Angelica: Nothing of that sort - I was praying.  Someone of such high rank such as yourself should understand these matters.
Manfred: There is no need to be hostile, Angelica - we are all friends, nay, family, here.  If something is on your mind, you are free to speak of it here.
Manfred: ...Was it anything to do with your prayers?
Angelica: What I speak of to the Black Dragon is between He and I - I respect you and your seniority, but you must, in turn, respect my privacy.
Manfred: ...Very well, but know this - the Father's forgiveness only goes so far, Bishop Angelica.  No matter how many duties you preform, you must keep that in mind.
Angelica: Of course.

*Manfred leaves the cathedral*

Angelica: ...Then I must take responsibility for what I've done.

Strix: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, guys, but...we're out of food.  No dinner tonight.
Kaitlin: Out?  Surely, we still have something to get us by?
Strix: Nope.  Nothing - even that wolf Julitta caught was used up last night.
Geri: If I may, think 'strangled' is a more apt word than 'caught', given the actual events that took place.  But by the by, Sir Leo, surely, even if our company didn't bring much in the way of supplies, surely Lady Kaitlin's...?
Leo: I'm afraid not, Ignatius - we were expecting more hands to carry the additional supplies we initially brought, but...
Mary: ...
Leo: Well, worse came to worse, so we had to leave them behind early on.
Kael: And we weren't exactly expecting to be lugging along such significant drains on our resources.
Kaitlin: Kael!
Freki: ...
Kael: What?  I'm only calling it for what it is.
Kaitlin: They've done nothing but help us!  They've gathered food for us, and even saved our lives!  Kael, apologies to them at once!
Kael: Kaitlin, please, they wouldn't have had to gather food for us if they had been on our own - and they wouldn't have had to leech off of ours.  Not to mention, you were only ever in danger when you were around them!  The bandits that attacked you when you split off with Amarok?  Which was, might I add, Ignatius' idea?
Geri: I was only suggesting it for your own sake, good sir.
Kael: Don't you "good sir" me!  Look how well it turned out: Kaitlin was nearly killed because of you lot!  And what about the wyvern?  An-and that girl?  She wouldn't have caused so much damage if it weren't for that damned drago-

*Freki draws her sword with a murderous glare, pointing it straight at Kael*

Freki: Talk shit about Lupa, Ignatius, or Amarok again and I swear there won't be anything for your precious Kaitlin to fuck.
Kaitlin: ...!
Geri: F-Julitta stop!  Shedding blood over something as trivial is this would be foolish.  Lower your sword, collect your wits, and-
Kael: Her safety is trivial?!

*Kael draws his own weapon, rushing and taking a swing at the still-injured Geri, only for Freki to block*

Freki: You fucking bastard...

*With the other members of the group screaming their horror, Freki swipes under Kael's weapon, about to strike him in the gut, when something stops her blade*

Freki: Ki-Kid...?  Why did you...?!

*Freki's blade is embedded into Strix's right forearm*

Strix, still with the sword in his arm: Look...we're all tired, hungry, and pretty pissed off that we haven't arrived in Ely as quickly as we wanted to, but that isn't really a good reason to start trying to kill each other.  I can go with Ignatius to hunt in the morning, we'll get our bearings, and be in Ely before tomorrow's end, all right?  So just, Kael...you're really worrying Kaitlin right now.  And Julitta...just for me, can you leave him be?  You don't...heh, you don't need to like, fight for my honor or anything like that.
Kael: ...Right.
Frek, carefully extracting her blade: Oh Rucif fucking- Kid, I-
Strix: Hey, hey, I'm okay!...I mean, it hurts like a bitch, but...I'm...yeah.
Geri, moving in front of Freki: Amarok, please, are you well?
Strix: Guys, guys, I'm fine, it just...yeah, I'm fine.  Let's just all try to get some sleep tonight, okay?
Freki: ...Kid...
Kaitlin, embracing Kael, whispering: If there's something the matter, you tell me, you can always tell me...
Kael: I know, I just...wish you never had to go on this damned venture for your sister.
Kaitlin: ...I don't know.

*Later, in the middle of night, Strix is wide awake, while Kaitlin is on watch*

Strix: ...Dammit, I can't sleep.

*Strix get up, careful not to wake those around him, and he approaches her from behind*
Strix: Kaitlin.
Kaitlin: Ah-!  Amarok!  You startled me...
Strix: Oh, I'm sorry - I was just going to go wander for a bit - don't worry, I'm armed...Are you okay?  You seem kind of...out of it.
Kaitlin: If I were to not lie, then no - I'm worried about Kael.
Strix: ...Is this not how he normally acts?
Kaitlin: No!  Of course not - he's usually sweet, if a little teasing, and a little...eager to fight?  But he'd never call anyone a leech or anything of that sort!  Not without good reason!
Strix: Well, I wouldn't say his claim is entirely unfounded - we haven't exactly brought good luck, you know?
Kaitlin: Don't say that!  You've helped so much, you've saved my life!  We're honored to have you with us.
Strix: Well...shit, that's nice of you to say.  Though, I'm not so sure if Kael shares that opinion.  And Julitta...Oh, Kaitlin, I'm really sorry about Julitta - you know how she's been lately...
Kaitlin: ...I can't say what she did didn't disturb me, but I know what it's like to lose someone you're close to.  I mean, I wouldn't be here if Hope hadn't similarly...
Kaitlin: ...*sigh*
Strix: Oh, oh-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up.  I should probably go, you know, before Kael gets jealous again.  Just don't wake the others when you get back to him, alright?
Kaitlin: Wait, huh?  What are you- A-...Amarok!

*Strix leaves, grinning, while Kaitlin stews in her own embarrassment*

Strix, rubbing his bound arm: ...(I wonder...how long we can stay with Kaitlin's group...I want to help her find her sister, but if shit like this keeps happening, maybe...)
Strix: (No, you said you wanted to help, you can't just back out now.)
Strix: (But...you have the freedom to - no one is telling you to do this but yourself - you can leave.  It might be better to.)
Strix: (Yeah, and I have the freedom to help these people. I-)
Strix: (Someone's here!  Is every forest in Demancia filled with brigands?!)
Strix: ...!  F-Father?!

*Cut to morning, in where the group has finally arrived in Ely, a surprisingly bustling village.*

Strix: ...
Geri: Amarok?  Are you well?  You've barely said a word all morning.
Strix: ...What?
Freki: Fucking...Amarok, you're acting so godsdamned mousy right now - are you alright?
Strix: Uh- yeah!  I'm just...thinking about all the stuff I've been hearing about around here.
Geri: ...Yes, of course.  Ely may be small, but it's a known gathering place for sellswords - of course tidings from across the land would surface here.
Strix: Yeah, and none of it's good - have you heard?  Samial worshipers raising hell around the country, and something about rampant cultists on the loose?  By Rucif's graces, it sounds like a nightmare.
Geri: Perhaps it's best if we make our way from here swiftly, then.
Strix: Yeah...
Kaitlin: What are you three doing all the way back there?  We're waiting for you!
Strix: R-right!

*Geri hurries on ahead, but Freki pulls Strix aside for a moment before meeting up with Geri*

Freki: You know, you're a terrible liar, right?
Strix: ...
Freki: When we get some privacy, you should tell me what's wrong.

*Cut to Strix's group back with Kaitlin's*

Kaitlin: Leo, Mary, and Kael and I have been asking around to see if anyone had heard if Hope had passed through here.
Geri: And, pray tell?
Leo: We actually might have a lead - someone described a woman of her appearance passing through here less than a week ago.
Strix: Really?!...What's the catch?
Kael: The catch is that we're going to need a boat.
Freki: Fucking perfect - how do you suppose we get that?  None of us have any money to buy food, let alone catch a ride, and unless one of you suddenly pulls one out of their ass, we're stuck.
Kael: Well...*he gestures to a large board next to them* we could take a detour.

*On the board is a collection of wanted posters that stretches - usually criminals, including rebels known as Sonya, Trey, and Zeke, heretics known as Randall and Gloria, a thief named Locke, and...

A missing prince.

Strix snatches the poster the moment he sees it, stuffing into his pockets, getting looks from everyone.*

Kaitlin: ...Amarok?
Strix: It's...It's kind of complicated - I can't really explain right now.
Kaitlin: ...Right.
Kaitlin: B-But either way, Kael, can we really turn to mercenary work?  We're already being hunted - we shouldn't draw more attention.
Mary: But do we have any other options?  I'm with Kael on this - so long as we make it quick.
Strix: I'm with Kaitlin - I don't want to spill anymore blood than necessary.

*Kael gives Strix a hard look, before turning to Kaitlin*

Kael: I know, I know, Kaitlin - but it shouldn't take too long; I can handle it.  It won't be long at all.
Leo: Then what bounty should we take?  Hopefully something nearby...

*Strix is trying to avoid eye contact with the other members of the group, when something catches his eye*

Strix: Silver...Weapons?  Wait - those clothes...

Bandit: And you want us to find what now?
Robe-Wearing Man: A young girl - small in frame, frail, blonde - almost white - hair, blue eyes.  We'll swear we'll help you find your princess.

*The Robe-Wearing Man shows off a sizable portion of gold to the bandit*

Bandit: You're speaking my language - looks like another damsel for us to hunt down.
Robe-Wearing Man: Thank you, and may the Father's blessings reach you.

*the Bandit scoffs, but Strix turns to Freki*

Strix, whispering: (Freki!  Don't look, but over there - one of Kaitlin's hunters, with Divine Guard!)
Freki: (What?  Which sect?)
Strix: (A little hard to tell but...it looks like Angelica's?)
Freki: (What the hell does she have to do with any of this?  Is she paying them off?)
Strix: (Looks it - either way, we need to leave, now.)
Strix: Ka-Kaitlin-
Kael: What is it now?
Kaitlin: Kael...
Strix: Kael, we- (we aren't safe here!  Kaitlin's not safe, she-)
Kael: What?!  What have you done now?
Strix: I-I didn't do anything!  Kael - this isn't about me, we just-

Robe-Wearing Man: Hail!  You folk seem to be getting awfully loud - I know it's none of my business, but is there something I can help with?
Geri: ...No, my good sir, we're just having a disagreement, is all.
Kael: Yeah, so you should be moving along, sir.
Robe-Wearing Man: Perhaps I should, but...

*He looks to the board*

Robe-Wearing Man: ...Oh, it's nothing, it's just that your companion...

*gestures at Strix*

Robe-Wearing Man: He reminded me of someone...
Strix: ...
Freki: ...
Geri: ...
Kael: So?  Move along!
Robe-Wearing Man: Of course...Apologies for interrupting your day.  Blessed be the Father, and may He bless you in turn.

*With an eerily sincere smile, the man leaves*

Leo: ...What was that about?
Kael: Maybe about whatever Amarok is trying to hide from us?
Strix: Look, I...
Leo: Kael, squabbling about this isn't going to help - you, Mary and I?  Let's take this bounty - it's nearby, and it shouldn't take too long.
Geri: I can go as well.
Kael: You'll just slow us down - Leo, you should stay with Kaitlin - we can't trust a near-leper, a madwoman, and a criminal to protect her.
Leo: ...Right.
Kaitlin: Kael, you can trust them, you don't have to-...

*Kael and Mary have already turned their back on the group.*

Kael: ...I love you, Kaitlin.
Kaitlin: ...I love you too...

*Cut to the party in an inn, their spirits raised somewhat*

Kaitlin: Well, I'm glad you didn't get hurt at least, Kael.
Kael: Hurt?  The man was practically begging for his life before it had begun!  I'm...alright Kaitlin, it's gonna be alright.

*Kael and Kaitlin shamelessly embrace, while the other party members turn away*

Mary: Couple a' witless lovebirds...*sigh* At least we got something to eat.
Geri: Indeed, it's been awhile since my company and I have gotten anything decent to eat.
Leo: Well, that buck you and Amarok felled this morning wasn't bad.
Geri: It wasn't particularly impressive, either - practically dead already, the pitiful thing.
Geri: ...But either way, we should turn in for the night - in the morning, we should head swiftly for the closest port town - hopefully we'll have scraped enough together to pay for a trip for the seven of us.
Strix: ...Right, sleep well, guys.

*Cut to when all of the lights are out, and Freki awakes*

Freki: Mmm...?  Is someone there?

*Dead quiet, but she rises anyway, getting out of her bed and grabbing her sword*

Freki: ...I'm just jumping at shadows, aren't I?  Fuck I...Shit...

*Freki turns to go back to bed, looking if she woke anyone up, but something creaks, and she moves, but not fast enough to avoid the knife thrown at her; it embeds itself into her shoulder*

Freki: AAAGH!
Strix: Wh-what?  What's going on?  Freki?!
Freki: We're getting attacked, that's what!  Grab your weapons, now.

- Commence Battle! -
((Escape Mission - The room that the party is staying in is the battlefield - beds and furniture can provide cover, but they'll get swarmed if they don't escape through the windows.  The enemies are a mix of Kaitlin's pursuers and Angelica's Divine Guard; boss is the Robe-Wearing Man, and he'll hunt down and go after Strix.))

Anyone Else vs. ???
???: Apologies for deceiving you earlier, but this must be done.
???: May Rucif have mercy on your soul.

Strix vs. ???
Strix: You...know who I am, don't you?
???: Of course - I wouldn't have approached you, if I didn't.
Strix: Did...Angelica, order you to bring me in?
???: Oh no, I'm just doing my duty as a citizen of Demancia.
Strix: By parading around with the Divine Guard, of all things?
Strix: ...It doesn't matter.  I can't, I can't go back.  I'm, sorry...What's your name?
???: My name is Micha.  Pleasure...pleasure to meet you in person, Prince Strix.
Strix: Micha...Again, I'm really sorry for this...But I've made my choice.

Micha Death Quote:
Micha: ...A-ah, I'm...sorry...Ern-!

- Battle End -

Strix: We are safe here!  We need to get off the road, out of town, now!


Strix: *panting*
Kaitlin: *panting*
Freki: *pant* I-I think we lost them.
Kael: *pant* Wh-what the hell was that?!
Strix: ...Divine Guard, Angelica's Sect, from...from Demancia.
Kaitlin: B-but aren't they only guarding Bishops an-and-?
Geri: And...And bringing heretics to justice.
Kaitlin: But why were they with my pursuers?
Kael: ...Who are you people?  Answer me!  Or I'll cut you down where you-where you stand!
Freki: B-bold words, from someone who can hardly stand.  *Drawing sword*
Strix: Freki!  I order you to halt.
Freki: Ki-kid!  You aren't-
Strix: I know, but tellin-Oh god I'm so tired can we sit down?  Please?  I'm so fucking tired.
Kaitlin: Y-yeah, that sounds good.

*the group stops to rest, catching their breath*

Strix: ...My name is Strix, and these are my retainers, Geri, and Freki.
Freki: ...
Geri: ...
Kaitlin: Strix?  You mean, Prince Strix?  Demancia's heir that went missing?!
Strix: I mean...yeah.  Surprise?  I guess?
Kaitlin: That...actually explains a lot - but what are you doing out here?!  Your kingdom, your father is worried about you!
Strix: ...Yeah.  I know.  He knows we're here.
Kael: What?!
Freki: Strix, what the...?!
Geri: But...how?!
Strix: I don't know how, but he...contacted me.  I could hear his voice in my head- don't give me that look, I'm not crazy.  He was...worried about me, and was asking where I was, and what happened.  I tried not to give him anything, but I was...I wasn't thinking straight, and I let slip that I left on my own-
Leo: You abandoned your people?!
Strix: It's...not like that.  But the Emperor of Demancia is furious with me, and...Look, just let me explain...

*Strix explains everything that's going on, his reason for leaving, with occasional interjections from Geri, and Freki staying silent*

Kaitlin: ...Then you're like my sister.
Strix: H-huh?
Kaitlin: ...No, never mind.  I shouldn't have said anything.
Kael: But, either way, that means your a threat, Strix - you'll just bring more unnecessary trouble.
Strix: Right...But-
Kael: But nothing - you should leave, all of you need to leave.
Kaitlin: Kael- Kael.  If Strix, Geri, and Freki-
Freki: ...
Kaitlin: -still wish to travel us - if they will still have us, then I'd be honored to have them with us.
Strix: ...!
Kael: Katlin, please - you just...risk yourself like that!  If something-I couldn't-
Kaitlin: Kael, it's alright.  He's- He's my friend, I couldn't just leave him behind like that, anyway.
Kael: ...
Strix: Thank you...Kaitlin, just give me a moment, I need to...talk to my retainers, for a moment.
Kaitlin: Of course.

*Strix turns to them*

Strix: I'm sorry that I let that slip, I just...didn't want you to kill yourself for me, Freki.  And Geri, we were already getting looks, and I thought that-
Geri: You need not say more - I've told you, I'm always by your side, no matter your decision...I don't entirely trust everyone of their group, I won't kid, nor do I think this is a well-thought out plan...
Geri: If I were on my lonesome, I would split ways with this party - it would minimize the attention we draw to ourselves.  However, I can see merit in staying with them - you could dissuade them from wagging their tongues.
Geri: That is my council - I will stand by you, as always, no matter what you decide.
Strix: ...Right, thank you Geri...Freki?
Freki: ...Well, I think what you did was stupid - that we shouldn't have exposed ourselves like this.  But what I think doesn't really matter, does it?  I still come crawling back to you.
Strix: ...Ah, I...see.  Very well.

*Strix, turns to Kaitlin*

Strix: If you will have us, we will help you find your sister.

Hope: Ah, fuck, where the hell am I now?

*A broken, run down temple surrounds her, the stone looks like it was once white, but no longer.*

Hope: Mm...?  Who's there?

*A dragon snarls from the shadows*

???: You...need to stay away...I'll hurt you.  But...can, can you help me?

((Not sure if we should limit ourselves Nino, to just nine chapters - I think we should end the story naturally))

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Chapter 3C: The Queen


(New characters that we will see, but won't join the party: Queen Asa, the queen of the kingdom of Tunetia, Prince Zerth, the son of Queen Asa, and duke Divilm, the father of Hope and Kaitlin)


*At the royal castle of Tunetia* 

Solider: And that's all of my report, my queen.

Queen Asa: I see, you may leave now.

Solider: Yes your majesty.

*The solider left the throne room, leaving Queen Asa and her son alone in it*


Zerth: So Hope is still missing...and most of the soldiers we sent to Demancia are dead....

Queen Asa: Seem so, you know...I've just about had enough of this, you are my only son, does that stupid girl not know how lucky and blessed she is? Running away like that....just who does she think she is?

Zerth: Mother...

Queen Asa: I'm going to send a letter to Duke Divilm, you will have his second daughter instead, Kaitlin was her name I believe, I've only met once and she seemed a lot more lovely than her older sister, so maybe this is for the better after all.

Zerth: Mother, would Duke Divilm even agree to such a thing?

Queen Asa: He will, Duke Divilm won't miss the chance of getting more power, I doubt he cares which of his daughters end up getting married to you.

Zerth: Mother....why Duke Divilm's children though? Aren't there many other noble women out there? Why are you insisting on making me marry one of his daughters? 

Queen Asa: It's simple, Hope and Kaitlin are the daughters of THAT woman...

Zerth:....? What Woman? 

Queen Asa: Never mind.....hey dear, how would you feel about going to Kaitlin yourself and telling her the news? From what we've heard, it seem like she's in a town called Hwen, you can take few soldiers with you of course, go find Kaitlin and bring her back to Tunetia

Zerth: Mother....are you sure that's a good idea? Kaitlin is searching for her sister right now, how would you want me to bring her back to Tunetia?

Queen Asa: Dear...the only reason I'm sending you and not just some of our soldiers is becasue I trust you won't screw up, and as for Kaitlin...bring her back by force if needed be.

Zerth: Aren't you being too cruel?

Queen Asa: Maybe, Zerth once you become a king, you will learn that sometimes you need to be cruel.

Zerth: Alright....I will take my leave to Demancia in few hours. 



*In Hwen with Kaitlin and the rest of the party*

*In the inn*

Mary: Please please PLEASE tell me we have enough money now to leave this place already, I don't want us to stay here any longer and risk getting attacked in this town as well.

Kaitlin: If I did the math right.....I think we have enough!

After getting attacked in Ely, we traveled to Hwen, a town that was close by, we still needed money to get on a boat, It took us only couple of days, but we've all worked hard to earn the money we needed, hopefully my sister isn't too far away now....

Kael: We would had been able to leave earlier....if those 3 weren't with us.

Kaitlin: Kael! 

Kael: I'm going for a walk.

*Kael left the inn*

Strix: He doesn't like us, does he....

Kaitlin: Please don't think too much of it...ever since that girl attacked us, Kael has been acting weird, he's not his normal self.

Leo: True, he was always there for me back in Tunetia, I always looked up to him.

Geri:....Okay lets take a look at the map, it seem like Hope is still going north....is she going to Aurelia  I wonder?

Freki: Aurelia?

Geri: Yes, Aurelia, hopefully we will find more clues once we get on that boat and reach the town of Ecrin, Ecrin is a town close to the border between Aurelia and Demancia, I'm sure we will learn more once we get there.

Kaitlin: Strix, I know you agreed on coming with us to search for my sister, but are you sure? We don't know where our journey will lead us.

Strix: It's okay, Kaitlin, I think....being away from Demancia for a while is for the best right now, the chances are whoever is after us won't find us there as easily.

Kaitlin: That may be true, remember what Viserren told us? I remember him saying how only misery is waiting for me in Demancia

Viserren...just who were you? I wish I was able to ask you few more questions before you left

Leo: *Yawn* It's getting late....I'm so tried, I'm going to sleep, I will need all the energy I can get if we will be leaving Hwen tomorrow morning.

Mary: I'm going to sleep as well, Ecrin town here we come! 

*Leo and Mary both left to their rooms*

Kaitlin: I've never been on a boat before....

Strix: You haven't? Me neither....hopefully we won't get sea sick.

Freki: If Lupa was still here, we could have just flew to Ecrin...

Geri: Freiki...

Freiki: I'm going to our room...

Geri: Freiki wait!

*Freiki left, while Geri followed her*

Kaitlin: Is she....okay?

Strix: I think she's sad becasue...well, I believe she met Lupa in Aurelia, so if we did end up going to Aurelia...that might bring sad memories to her...

Kaitlin: I see...

Poor Freiki...I don't think she likes me very much, but I still feel bad for her, and I sorta know the feeling of pain she's going through right now

Strix: Aren't you going to go to bed Kaitlin? 

Kaitlin: No, I want to wait for Kael to return.

Strix: You really do care about him, don't you?

Kaitlin: Yeah....he's my rock, ever since we met, he was always there for me in my hardest days....and before I know it, he just become apart of my everyday life.

Strix: Do you think he's going to be okay? From the way you and Leo talk about him, he seem like a totally different person.

Kaitlin: I don't know if he's going to be okay or not....but I can't lose him, I already lost so many people who I loved in my life, my mother died when I was very young, my father also changed, my sister is missing, and now Kael.....am I meant to be alone?

Strix: D-don't say that! Lets try and stay positive, look I'm sure we will find your sister, you won't be alone, so don't worry.

Kaitlin: You know...You remind me of her, just like her, you also are trying to run from fate, I wish I was as brave as you two...

Strix: Kaitlin....this journey hasn't been easy on you, has it? Look I know our group might not get along, but me and you...are friends, so I will be there for you.

Kaitlin: Strix..! Thank you, and I for you as well, I won't forget everything that you have done so far for me in this journey.

Strix: It's getting late...I don't want to leave you alone though, what if we got attacked again? 

Kaitlin: It's okay, I can handle myself, you must be tried Strix....go to sleep, I will keep an eye out until Kael comes back. 

Strix: I don't kn-

Kael: I'm back....

Kaitlin: Kael! are you okay..?

Kael: I'm fine...I just want to go sleep right now, lets go...* Kael grabs Kaitlin hand*

Kaitlin: Okay....see you tomorrow morning, Strix 

Strix: Goodnight...




I can't sleep....I wonder if Freki is keeping a lookout again? Kael wasn't sure if going into another town after what happened in Ely was a good idea...but it's not like we had much of a choice, we needed to get on a boat, and we also didn't have enough food to just camp in the forest...oh Kael...

*Kaitlin looks at Kael, who's sleeping peacefully* 

I can't lose him...



*The next day, the group was getting ready to get on the boat which will take them to Ecrin*

Geri: So...this is the boat?

Freiki: It's a little bigger than I thought it would be...just how much time will it take to reach on Ecrin on that thing?

Kaitlin: About a day I think, or at least that what the captain told me.

Kael: Wait, when did you get the chance to meet with the captain?

Kaitlin: Well....when you were on that mission with Leo, me and Mary asked around about boats and such, which lead us to the captain.

Kael: Wait, didn't I tell you not to leave the Inn becasue it's dangerous?! 

Kaitlin:....well I just wanted to help out a little, and Mary was with me anyway.

Geri: Kael...calm down, or it will be a very long day for us if we were to get on that boat together.

Kael: Don't tell me what to do! and you Mary! Didn't I tell you to not let Kaitlin out of the Inn even if she wanted to get out?! 

Mary: Um....ah...um, I couldn't stop her.... and plus the Inn was so boring, I wanted to get out just to get some fresh air....so....

Freki: Stop yelling! I have no idea how I will be able to be around you for a whole day on a boat, if you kept acting like that, I will throw you into the sea! 

Strix: Freki! Please don't make this worst...

 Leo: Don't threaten Kael, Freki! 

Kaitlin: Guys.....GUYS!! Stop! People are starting to look at us, lets just get on the boat already and act like none of this just happened! 



It's going to be a long day on the sea...But I'm feeling happy, I feel like....I'm getting closer to Hope, closer than I've ever been ever since this search started....

*On the boat*

Kael: Kaitlin...

Kaitlin: Oh Kael! What do you think of this boat? I've never seen one from the inside, I'm glad to know there is beds to sleep on...

Kael: I'm just glad we don't have to share rooms with others anymore....or at least not today.

Kaitlin: Are you okay Kael? You have been...so different as of late.

Kael: My head...feels weird, ever since that girl took control of me...my mind hasn't been the same...sometimes I feel like I'm going to lose control of my body...it scares me.

Kaitlin: Kael...*Kaitlin hugs Kael*

Kaitlin: Everything is going to be alright....lets stay positive...

I need to find my sister as soon as possible....this journey has been tough on both me and Kael. 



*Few hours later in Hwen*


Zerth: I see.... so a girl who looks just like Kaitlin was seen yelling on the dock....did you happened to know where the boat she's on is going right now?

Solider: Yes milord! It's going to a town called Ecrin, it only took off few hours ago, so they aren't that far away.

Zerth: I see, well it seem like we will need to get on a boat ourselves then, I hope you're fine with boats, Viserren.

Viserren: Don't worry about me, prince Zerth....I'm only glad I could be of help to you.

Zerth: Kaitlin...I'm sorry, but your search is over.


*Somewhere else near the border of the kingdom of Aurelia*


Hope: Who are you?! 

???: S-save me....

Hope:  First...tell me your name.

Catrina: It's...Catrina....

Hope: Okay Catrina .....just who are you?

She may look young, but I can tell she has a lot of power inside of her...I can sense it

Catrina: The...Divine Guard.....

Hope: The what?

*Hope takes one step closer to the girl*

Catrina: Don't come closer! I-I might....my power....might hurt you.....stay away from me!

Hope:.....Is that a wyvern with you? How did you get that?

Catrina: He....just wanted to help me, but even him.....my power is hurting him....

What's going on here?! I never thought I would see something like this in a run down temple of all things.

Hope: Okay...Catrina, just what are you doing here? Are you...hiding?

Catrina:....yes....some people are after me, I think....they're getting closer now....

Hope: Hm, okay, I will protect you.

Catrina: You....will....Why?! Do you want something in return?! 

Hope: Nope, just leaving little girls who need help isn't my style.

Plus it been a while since I had a fight, I hope this Divine Guard will be worthy of me.


*The sound of a door being slammed open is heard*


Catrina:.....It's THEM!!! 


*About 13 Divine Guard members enter the temple* 

Divine Guard member: Look boss! It's the girl! we finally found her.

The boss: I knew she was somewhere around here, but what do we have here....who are you?! 

Hope: Me? Your doom. 


*Battle starts*

(Hope can use both swords and thunder magic)

Objective: Protect Catrina while defeating all the enemy units


Hope vs Boss:

Boss: Who do you even think you are?! This is none of your business!! Get out of our way!!!

Hope: Wow, I'm shaking in fear....not, come closer and feel my wrath! 


*Battle ends*


Catrina: You...saved me....why?

Hope: Is a reason needed to save someone? 

Catrina: Can i....stay near you for a while?

Hope: Near me? Didn't you say I shouldn't get close to you?

Catrina: Yes...I will follow you from....far away, I think I can....trust you...so please don't betray me...

Hope: Hmmm....I'm not sure if I want a weird girl and a wyvern following me around....but, I don't know if I can just leave you here....but okay, I'm going to Aurelia, it's up to you if you want to follow me there or not.

Catrina: O-okay......I will follow you there....

Just WHO is this girl?! This is a bad idea....but I will feel bad to just leave her here, but I can tell she's a little crazy, so I need to keep my guard up around her...

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Flashback-Black And White Plane

White Text: Brother... The humans fear me and revere you.

Black Text: I know, Brother. They see me as a king of life. And you as a harbinger of destruction.

White Text: Do they not know that a tree dying returns to the soil so that more can grow? That nothing would grow if everything stayed alive?

Black Text: They do not. It is sad, but it is true... maybe, it would be for the best if we went to sleep, so they would not be as dependant on me or as furious at you.

White Text: Then who will watch over the world in our stead?

Black Text: There is a mortal king, named Demancia. I will give him my blessing to rule, with a kind and even hand. You have your disciples. Give them your blessings.

White Text: ...thank you, brother.

Black Text: Think nothing of it. This was our world, we must protect it, even from our own children.

Flashback-The Place That Would Be Demancia's Capital In The Past

Young King Demancia, Strix and Kestrel's Ancestor: And so, I do accept this pact, that you and I will become as one, and that my bloodline will forever guard this land from evil.

Black Text: By mine draconic might and holy shape, I gift unto thee my heart-to beat as yours and as your ancestors until your bloodline ends. With it, I grant thee a great treasure, to guard and use to defend the world-my Lifestone. With this stone and mine own heart, thou can become a great being, a wise ruler, and a graceful king. 

Demancia: By your power, I accept your heart and this Lifestone.

Black Text: I must sleep now, but should the world require my aid once again, you or your ancestor must lift thy Lifestone at the highest peak to call me.

Flashback- The Darkest Caverns

Aqua, Pearl's Ancestor: We, your four wardens...

Flamma: Guardians of the truth to this world's creation...

Ventus: Do accept this humble pact to keep our kin and our kind safe, throughout the generations...

Terra: Until the day comes that we are needed in society again.

White Text: Then, I grant you thy power... Aqua, Maiden of Water. I grant thee my blood, and the destructive power of the tides. Crashing against rock, they wear it down, turning it into sand and creating rivers and lakes. But water is a means of life to all.

Aqua: I accept thy blood, and thy Waterstone.

White Text: Terra, Knight of Earth. I grant thee my scales, and the destructive power of the earth. With quake and the sand at thy command, thou must be a mighty defender. But earth nutures plants and allows them to grow.

Terra: I accept thy scales, and thy Earthstone.

White Text: Ventus, Lord of the Skies. I grant thee my wings, and the destructive power of the wind. Gales tear plants and houses from the earth, and turn the world. But it spreads seeds, and gives rise to the way to navigate the seas.

Ventus: I accept thy wings, and thy Windstone.

White Text: Flamma, Lady of Fire. I grant thee my fangs, and the destructive power of  the flame. Flames burn the world, but turn into ash for new things to grow.

Flamma: I accept thy fangs, and thy Flamestone.

White Text: With this, I am gone, merely human. I shall be sealed away, until I am needed... But the White Dragon will come to check every 50 years...

Modern Day

Drake: ...and that's the story behind how Rucif and Samael 'left' this world... and how our tribes came to be.

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Randall: ...okay. This is… a lot to take in.

Pearl: Aqua was my, as well as Drake and Gil’s ancestor. Every generation, a young maiden is born, with the power to use the Waterstone. I am able to use it, until I become a young woman.

Drake: When Pearl turns 18, she will cease to be able to use the Waterstone.

Gilbert: Until then, however, she is our Maiden of Water, and we are to defend her, as her guardians.

Drake: There is a title for a defender of the Maiden-typically an older sibling, her father, or a close friend of the family-The Dark Trident. That is what I am. I am to be her shield, as well as to lead the people when our father becomes too old to do so.

Gloria: Wow…

Locke: This is… heavy stuff.

Randall: Drake, Gilbert, Pearl. I ask a boon of you.

Drake: If it is within my power, it shall be done.

Randall: This truth, the truth about Rucif and Samael… I wish to share it with the world. Everything I knew was a lie… but it is not a bad thing to replace a lie with a truth. I wish to see new knowledge lead this world into a more enlightened age.

Drake: And how will you convince the masses? How will you tear up the foundations of the Church of Rucif, to bring about a new world?

Gloria: ...the rebels.

Locke: Wait, what? 

Randall: I’ve heard tales of a revolution, seeking to overthrow Kestrel. If we can get in contact with them, lend our power and knowledge-well, maybe we can get support for our learnings. Kestrel isn’t the best ruler, in my opinion, but he has a lot of influence in the Church. Knock him off the throne, we leave a big vacuum of power-which we can fill with our new knowledge.

Locke: ...So. You want to join a potentially dangerous political faction and kill a king, just so you can get people to know more about what actually happened?

Randall: It’s not about the knowledge itself, it’s about how it can change things. With this book, everything wrong about the Church-execution of sinners, strict doctrine… basically everything about how to advance to the upper echelons… it can be cast into doubt, changed, made better.

Gloria: ‘Knowledge for its own sake is never the answer. Seek how knowledge can be used to improve other’s lives.’ Kriess taught you that.

Randall: You caught me.

Drake: ...well then. If you have a plan, then far be it from me to refuse you-on one condition.

Randall: Name it.

Drake: If me, my brother, and Pearl are to join you in toppling this king and spreading the good word of Samael, I ask that you take us to meet the Flamma, Ventus and Terra tribes, to know of this plan and reunite them for the first time in many years.

Randall: I’m fine with that. I wish to know how the tribes differ in their culture. Where can we find them? I know one tribe is located in the desert of Makaroid, wandering nomads.

Drake: That would be the Terra tribe. The Ventus tribe hides in the snowy mountain tops of Aurelia, and the Flamma tribe hides off the coast, like us-a volcanic island off the coast of Tunetia.

Gilbert: You ask me, Terra tribe’d be the best place to start.

Randall: Thank you for the advice. We shall rest while our ship gets fixed, then head to the deserts of Makaroid.

*Later that night*

Marie: ...am I gonna have to see home again?

Locke: Marie, what is it?

Marie: Oh! Locke. I was… just getting some air.

Locke: Alright, stay safe. Wouldn’t want the best swordswoman I know losing her edge. Night.

Marie: ...I am the wind. I am everywhere and nowhere. I go where I wish.

*The following morning.*

Randall: Is everyone ready to leave?

Blake: Aye!

Alisa: Yes.

Marie: Ready.

Daniel: I’m packed.

Locke: You know it, chief.

Gloria: I’m all packed.

Drake: I’ve made my arrangements on who will take care of things in my absense.

Gilbert: Ready!

Pearl: I’m ready, myself.

Randall: Alright, let’s move on out to the deserts!

*An uneventful boat ride commences. Once the group arrives at the docks, however, Randall realizes something.*

Randall: Oh no. We have wanted posters of us.

Gloria: I have an idea. Marie, I want you to switch clothing with me. Randall, switch with Blake. Locke, switch with Gilbert.

Locke: Oh, that’s a good idea! Should we use nicknames?

Randall: Can’t hurt. If you need to say something to me, call me “Joel”.

Gloria: I’ll be… “Judith.”

Locke: “Lionel”.

*The group heads out onto the mainland, with very little trouble. Soon, they manage to book a guide to take them into the desert.*

Malik, Desert Guide: I can take you to the oasis, then you’ll need someone else.

Randall: That works for me. I’ll pay you when we get there.

Malik: No, no, no. You pay now.

Randall: I’m sorry, but I don’t really have the money right now, but maybe we can work something out?

Locke: No, no, no, don’t worry. I have the money.

Malik: ... alright, I can accept this… wait.

Locke: (Shit.)

Malik: Are you trying to sell me my own ruby, you degenerate thief? GUARDS! HOLY KNIGHTS!

Randall: This is what you get for being such a sneaky bastard.

Locke: Dammit…

*Pearl joins this battle as a Cleric with her Waterstone, which acts like an advanced spell from Berwick Saga-it has limited uses and can break, but it regenerates a set amount of uses after a chapter finishes.*

*The boss of this chapter, Kerbin, is a Cavalier.*

*After the fight*

Randall: We have no choice. We have to run. They’ve probably recognized us now.

Locke: You’re right. 

Gloria: Loathe as I am to admit it, Locke, can you steal us some horses?

Locke: With pleasure. Lay low until we can ride off into the sunset, and find these Terra tribe guys.


Jonathan, deep in the prisons of San Tanika, the resting place for the most vile sinners the church has ever had to deal with: Ash.

Ash, “Samael Worshipper” and killer of the previous Archbishop Kleinmenn: If it isn’t my dear old friend Johnny. How long has it been? 13 years? 14? What do you want, you insufferable bastard.

Jonathan: I have a deal for you. His Majesty’s son is missing. I know you are an adept tracker. If you can find him and return him, unharmed, we may be willing to… lighten your sentance.

Ash: And what? Instead of being locked in here for life, you’re just gonna execute me?

Jonathan: Kurtis.

Kurtis, Holy Guard Member In Training: Yes?

Jonathan: You are to be Ash’s… leash. Keep him in line with this.

*Jonathan gives Kurtis a necklace.*

Jonathan: If Ash wears this, and intends to harm you or anyone else, he will feel pain immeasurable against himself. Make sure he doesn’t escape, or inflict harm.

Kurtis: Your will be done. Come, foul sinner. We have need of your talents.

Ash: I’ll piss down your throat while you sleep if you keep talking like that. But fine. Get me some fresh clothes. And something princey wore, so I can catch his scent.

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While our next chapter comes up in a bit, we ask all of you reading this-what do you think of this so far?

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Chapter 4A: Luring catastrophe.


Sonya: Zeke, weren't you going to start construction on training dummies?
Zeke: Did I say that?
Sonya: Yes, 2 days ago
Zeke: Well, do we have like wood or something to make them?
Sonya: You were supposed to get it...
Zeke: Oh well give me a moment.

*Zeke goes outside the town*

Zeke: Plenty of wood here huh? Well I'll just cut 5 of them, that should be enough.

*Zeke goes to each tree individually and initiates battle, although animations off, and crits 5 of them*

Zeke: This should be enough, now to pick these 2 first. Hu-Hurng! Ha got some good quality here , no match for my axe though.

*A robed man enters the map*

???: Hey
Zeke: Huh? Talking trees? must have been my imagination.
???: Turn around.
Zeke: Sure why not?
???: Are you Zeke, subcommander of the rebellion army.
Zeke: Yep, that's me. What do you need? I'm kinda busy.
???: Just so you know, you've got allies on your side for the rebellion.
Zeke: That sounds nice, will you be helping us?
???: No, however I brought valuable information: take this note and show it to Sonya, tell her I said hello.
Zeke: You know Sonya?!
???: Yes, I meet her ages ago. Now go.

*The robed man leaves the map and Zeke leaves the tree trunks near the village entrance and goes to the base of operations in the village*

Zeke: Sonya? Ah there you are.
Sonya: Do you need something?
Zeke: A robed man on the forest told me to give you this note.
Sonya: A robed man? What color was his robe then?
Zeke: White and blue with a yellow on the bottom of the robes. Actually it looks quite a lot like one of those dresses you never use.
Sonya: It couldn't be... pass me the note.
Zeke: Here it is.
Sonya: "An attack to the village is imminent be prepared and ready at a minute's notice  - Sam"
Zeke: Well it seems those imperial thugs haven't yet learned their lesson, Zekania is a sovereign country! Ho ho ho!
Sonya: Zekania? What sort of name is that Santa Claus?
Zeke: It's the best name.
Sonya: Sonyael is a better name.
Zeke: Zekonya is better.
Sonya: What about Trey?
Zeke: He can be the capital city.

*Zeke goes back out to gather the logs left behind, he encounters Trey outside*

Zeke: So what did you get this time with your buddies?
Trey: Some rabbits, that's all
Gait: You should have seen my shots, they never missed, unlike Daot's
Daot: Psh I took them all out on one hit, you almost empty your quiver.
Trey: I say that both of you almost empty your quivers, not hitting your opponent is terrible and not doing much to your opponent is not good either.
Zeke: Cut the fighting, we've not much time so help me carry that log, I'll take the other 2.

*The logs are put at the village's entrance*

Zeke: Alright, I'll work on some dummies, go help Sonya with the cooking.
Trey: Alright, come on guys let's go.

*Trey, Gait and Daot go to Sonya*

Zeke: Ha! You can't resist my might... Haha me talking to dead trees, maybe it wasn't just the robed man.
Makel: Sir Zeke? What are you doing?
Zeke: Making target practice for the team.
Makel: Can I help... with anything I mean?
Zeke: Go over to Sonya and help her out with the cooking.

*Makel goes help Sonya*

Makel: Hey! Mother Sonya! Can I help?
Sonya: Mother Sonya? 
Makel: Well... can I call you that?
Sonya: Yeah it's ok, come help me with the fire. You two get me some carrots and Tray go get some water please.
Trey: I'm going
Daot: We're on our way.

*An hour later*

Sonya: Well food's done. Thank you 4, for your help. Go get Zeke, Daot.

*Goes get Zeke*

Daot: Sir Zeke! Come here the food's done!
Zeke: Huh sir? I prefer master, Ordel get over here
Ordel: Of course "Master" Zeke.
Zeke: Ha ha

*The next day*

Soldier 1: Sir we're in sight of the village!
Leckoya: Alright men lure the men out!
Soldier 1: Yes sir!

*A small band of soldiers enters the village*

Soldier 1: Pssh these idiots we're fighting? Pretty easy HAHA
Soldier 2: Look at that imbecile right there with the axe he'll probably smash is head with his axe first hahaha
Soldier 3: No the guy with the horse,  is that thing inbred or something looks like ass pssh
Soldier 4: And that shit-head kid, look at his ragged clothes. Can't believe the emperor will pay us much for that deformed baby's head
Zeke: Imperial degenerates, who the hell do you think you are
Makel: Me? *sob* That's not nice.
Soldier 4: Nobody cares Dumbo.
Trey: Leave Makel alone you brainless monkey fart.
Soldier 1: Pumped up are we? Come fight us or if you'll like to be cowards...
Sonya: Wait up! Ordel! get Zeke over there!

*A pursuit occurs where the 4 soldiers run outside the village and once they reach the plains surrounded by forest Ordel and Zeke get surrounded*

*Fighting boss*
Leckoya: Mua ha ha! You fell right into my trap!

*Talking to boss with Makel*
Leckoya: Huh? It's a kid?
Makel: Your soldiers were very mean! You know that?
Leckoya: So my soldiers aren't defunct monkeys just with me huh?
Makel: He he, can't you be our friend if you hate them so much?
Leckoya: Afraid not kid. Go, leave.

*Boss dies*
Leckoya: Kestrel, your time... has come... he he... uhn ugh...

*Boss dies but talked to Makel beforehand*
Leckoya: Kestrel, your time... has come... he he, kid my blessings to you... uhn ugh...

*After doing chapter*
Trey: Dad! Are you okay?
Zeke: Of course I am!
Sonya: Oh Zeke thanks goodness, you aren't hurt.
Zeke: But about Ordel...I don't know about him...
Ordel: Well I'm alive, I guess that's good, on the other hand...
Sonya: Your right arm! Let me patch it up!
Ordel: Thanks Mrs Sonya.
Sonya: You're welcome.
Trey: Well what do we do now?
Zeke: Go back to the base of course

*1 day later*

Zeke: Well here are our creations: 3 dummies to help you train, this one with the big muscles is like me but weaker! Fighting him should allow you to punch harder in combat. This other one can only get damaged if you hit in the right positons, should help your accuracy. And last but not least this robed figure should help you in fighting mages allowing you to cmabt them better.
Sonya: Nice! Did you do them by yourself?
Zeke: Got help from Ordel too so it wasn't all me.
Ordel: Yep we spent much of the night thinking about how to make them.
Zeke: Give them a sound trashing but do know when to stop so I don't have to build them again, just repair them.
Trey: Alright dad got it!

[In the base in similarity to FE9 and FE10, the former of which I am currently playing, you can give limited bonues experience to units, this experience is gained from attacking the dummies although you can only attack each 5 times, every attack with whatever unit at whatever level and class will give you 25 experience. Leveling up by using one of the dummies will guarantee that you get either Str/Mag, skill or res according to which dummy you attacked]


The map is notably different within both vertical halfs (meaning the upper half and the lower half) in the lower one Makel and everyone else arrives and is somehwat randomly assigned since this is a chase with Makel at the very front, Trey is directly behind him, if you go 2 squares from Trey and 1 to the left Gait is there Daot is 2 spaces to the right and 1 up of Gait, Sonya is 3 squares below Trey. Meanwhile, in the uppe half Ordel and Zeke find themselves surrounded inside grass while thier surrounding is a circle of trees on the outskirts of a forest and there are 9 enemies in the entire circle of trees. The lower half contains one vendor to the left of Trey, it contains vulneraries, staves, Fire and Thunder. The enemies in the lower half are mostly scattered about just Soldiers, myrmidons, archers and fighters.

Here is a heroes style of the map for reference:

Also the boss is a Soldier: Level 10, HP 28, Str 10, Skl 10 Spd 10, Luck 5, Def 9, Res 3, Con 10.. He drops a Short spear, he can use it but he will still drop it, he also has a Steel lance.

An enemy drops a hand axe, and another myrmidon drops a steel sword.

EDIT: Also I know last chapter that 2 mercenaries would join but it's been such a long time that I don't even remember how I was going to introduce them or showcase them but I've got that planned now for my next one.

What did you think of this chapter?

Edited by Critical Sniper

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Chapter 4B: Broken

*In the town of Ecrin, a town that's in the border between Aurelia and Demancia*

Kaitlin: Wow, this place is sure huge....

Kael: Of course it is, many people use this town as a resting spot before heading towards either Aurelia or Demancia

Strix: So what should we do now?

Geri: Should we find another Inn?

Kael: That's....not an option I'm afraid.

Freki: What? Why?

Kael: We are running low on money....

Freki: UGH! I knew we should have gathered some more before coming all the way here.

We spent all the money we had on us to take a trip on the boat all the way to this town, sadly becasue we were in a rush, we didn't have the option of wasting anymore time


Leo: So now what? Are we going to sleep on the streets? 

Kael: Ugh....

Kaitlin: Kael, are you okay? You look...tired

Kael: My head is starting to hurt again.....I need to sit down.

Kaitlin: Oh no....not again, I had hoped you would get better once we get off the boat....but okay, um guys...I will find a place for Kael to relax at.

Mary: Shouldn't we come with you two?

Kaitlin: Um, no, I think it will be better if all of you tried looking for clues about Hope right now, lets not waste time, this is a big town, so the chances are Hope was here at some point and bought supplies.

Leo: I don't want to leave you two alone....

Kaitlin: Don't worry Leo! There are many people walking by, I will be okay.

But will Kael be okay?.....

Freki: Fine fine! Lets just get this done with! Lets go everyone, I'm taking charge!

Leo: Yes Ma'am!

Mary: Wow Leo, I didn't know you loved getting bossed around by older woman! 

Leo: Hey!

Strix: Lets just go, and Kaitlin, be careful.

Kaitlin: I will, don't worry!

*Everyone left, leaving Kael and Kaitlin alone*


Kaitlin: Kael....I can't handle this anymore, watching you in pain like this....it makes my heart hurt.

Kael: I'm sorry

Kaitlin: Don't be! This isn't your fault....

All of this is my fault......


Kaitlin: Lets go and look for a place to sit at, okay? Come with me *Kaitlin grabs Kael's hand* Lets go!

Kael: Okay......


*In a park in the middle of the town*

Kaitlin: Look, there are some wooden benches over there, lets sit on one of them....

*Kael and Kaitlin sat on a bench*

Kael: Look....there are kids playing over there.

Kaitlin: Awww aren't they cute?

Kael: They are....

Kaitlin: You won't think there is anything wrong in the world if you only looked at those kids...I wish...I can go back in time.

Kael: Hm?

Kaitlin: I wish I can be young again, life was so much easier back then....so so much easier.

Kael: Your childhood....was it a happy one, Kaitlin?

Kaitlin: Yes...or at least for the most part it was, my mother being assassinated for sure only made it worst though....

Kael:  I see...

Kaitlin: What about you, Kael? I remember you once telling me you had a very exciting childhood.

Kael: Well....what can I say? I used to always go on silly adventurers when I was young, me and my other friends would go into the forest and act like we were some kind of warriors....hahaha, we weren't, we we're just kids, I still haven't yet started to learn how to use a sword at that time.

Kaitlin: I see....  

Me and Kael come from different worlds, the fact we fell in love in the first place is sorta crazy....but I'm glad it happened, my life before he came into it was very empty

Kael: My head is starting to feel better...thank you Kaitlin, I'm sure this is because of you.

Kaitlin: Really?  I'm glad to hear that...and I didn't do anything, but Kael I'm really worried about you...

Kael: I don't want to slow us down, we NEED to find your sister, this search has went on long enough.

Kaitlin: It's my fault...

Kael: What did you say?

Kaitlin: Oh...nothing, anyway, lets go and look for everyone now, shall we? *Kaitlin stood up*

Kael: Okay, lets!


*In a boat that's heading towards the town of Ecrin*



Viserren: My prince, is everything alright?

Zerth: Oh don't worry about me, I was just thinking about what I will do once we run into lady Kaitlin...

Viserren: I see, she looks a lot like her mother.

Zerth: Kaitlin's mother....my mother brought her up I think.

Viserren: I see....so even the queen knows about her..

Zerth: Who was Kaitlin's mother? Can you tell me? 

Viserren: She....was a lovely person, very kind, maybe too kind for her own good, and in the end...she was killed becasue of the blood that runs in her veins.

Zerth: What?!

Viserren: It's a long story my prince, I'm only glad you will be taking Kaitlin back with you, she will be most safe at your side.

Zerth: But she won't be happy....

Viserren: That might be so, but I do believe it's for the better, I know it might be cruel to do this, but I assure you that this is the best for lady Kaitlin.

Zerth: I see....



*Back in Ecrin*


Kaitlin: Look, there they are!

Strix: Oh you two are back! I was getting a little worried about you two.

Leo: Are you feeling better, Kael?

Kael: A little, but don't worry about me.

Freki: If that's the case, then lets keep asking around

Kael: Have you guys found anything?

Leo: Well....

Strix: We asked some shop owners around the area, few said that they did see her few days ago.

Geri: However that's about it, sadly we don't know any more details.

Kaitlin: We're close...I can feel it, Hope isn't far way now...

Knowing how close I am to Hope makes me feel so happy....

Geri: But what are we going to do now though? We still need to ask around some more, but it's getting late, and we have no money on us.

Mary: And I don't know about any of you, but I'm dying of hunger here...

Freki: Stop complaining you!

Geri: I was thinking about maybe...selling some stuff on us? Would that help?

Kaitlin: Selling stuff? Like...what? We only have our weapons in us...oh! 

Geri: That what I meant, that is our only choice at this point if we want to avoid sleeping outside tonight.

Kael: But we need our weapons!

Geri: I know.....but maybe I can sell mine? I'm...my hand is still injured after all, sadly I can't fight very well, so yeah maybe I can sell my bows.

Kaitlin: And I can sell my sword! I'm not much of a fighter anyway, so it's not like I will lose much if I didn't have it....

Kael: I still don't think this is a good idea....but fine, lets do it, but only on one condition, Kaitlin you will stay near me all the time from now on, alright? 

Kaitlin: Alright alright~

Whenever we got into a battle, I always was the person who stayed behind, and out of the enemy range....I'm not that much of a help anyway, it pains me to admit that, but it's the truth, and we need the money right now

Kael: If we sold Kaitlin's sword, and Geri's bows, that should give us enough money for one night at the very least a some inn around here.

Freki: Alright, it's a plan then, lets split into two groups, one will sell the weapons, while the other will keep asking around  this town.

Kael: Me and Kaitlin will take care of selling the weapons.

Geri: Alright, here you go *Geri gives Kael his bows*

Freki: To keep things more even, Mary should go with you two.

Mary: ....Why do I have a feeling you only want to get rid of me?

Strix: If it will be okay, I would like to go with Kael and Kaitlin.

Freki: Oh? Why? I would much like for you to be around me in case something happened.

Strix: Thank you, but Freki I would like to talk with Kaitlin and Kael a little bit...

Oh? I wonder what he wants to talk to us about, he seem serious. 



Freki: Alright alright! Fine! Just...be careful, I guess you can come with us then Mary.....

Mary: Good for me....


Kael: Anyway....lets go Kaitlin, Strix, lets look for a shop we can sell these at.

Kaitlin: Okay.

Strix: Alright



*20 minutes later*


Kael: That was easy! 

Kaitlin: How much do we have, Kael?

Kael: Just enough....for a day or two, we can also buy food now if we want.

Kaitlin: That would make Mary happy...


Kaitlin: Strix, you haven't been saying much, are you okay? What did you want to talk to us about?

Strix: It's just...well.....I just wanted to check on both of you.

Kaitlin: Check on us? 

Strix: Yes, I'm worried about you two, you both are going through a lot.

Kaitlin: All of us are, and Strix you have a lot to worry about yourself...and yet here you are, you stayed by my side, and are still helping me look for my older sister...it means a lot to me.

Strix: I know that, but....that doesn't mean I won't worry about my friends.

Kael: Friends? Since when are we friends?

Strix: What?

Kael: I don't remember making you my friend, if anything you guys tagging along is making things harder for us.

Kaitlin: Kael! Don't say that! Without Strix help, we might not be alive right now, without his help, I would have been already dead, so don't say that....

Kael: Whatever.....

Oh Kael why are you acting like this? Maybe this is becasue of what's happening to him....ever since that girl cursed him...


Kael: Anyway, lets go!

Kaitlin: Strix, I'm so sorry....you're dear to me, alright? I just want you to know that, all you did to me so far means the world to me....so thank you.

*Kaitlin followed Kael, who was waiting for her to catch up with him*

Strix: Kaitlin....oh boy, I wish I can do something to make her happy, I can tell....she's very sad deep down about everything that's happening...


*Few hours later, it was becoming night time*


*At the Inn*


Geri: I'm a little i'm disappointed  we couldn't get any more clues about Hope's whereabouts.

Freki: Tell me about it...the fact all that looking and asking around brought us nowhere makes me very angry! Ugh! 

Leo: But we do know she's somewhere in Aurelia for sure.

Mary: Leo, that doesn't help much at all....

Leo: I know...but lets not lose hope.

Kaitlin: Leo is right...lets keep going, and I...want to thank all of you for coming all the way here with me.

Strix: It's what friends are for, right?

Kaitlin: Right....that's right, thank you so much

You know it's a bit funny....but I never see myself thinking of Strix as a prince, I feel like I mostly think of him as a close friend that I knew for a very long time

Kael: I need...to go get some fresh air again.....

Kaitlin: Oh? Okay...

*Kael left the Inn*

Leo: Is he okay?

Kaitlin: Um...you know what? I will follow him!

Geri: Kaitlin, wait! that might be dangerous, it's already night time.

Strix: I will go with her

Leo: You don't have too, I can go with Kaitlin instead.

Kaitlin: It's okay you two, I will be fine.

Freki: Kaitlin, you don't have a weapon on you, don't be stupid here and take a risk like this.

Kaitlin: All right...how about you both just come with me if that's okay?

Leo: Sure!

Strix: Lets go, let's follow him.

*Leo, Kaitlin, and Strix left the inn*

Mary: Why do I have a feeling something awful is about to happened?

Geri: I hope...that feeling of yours is wrong, we don't need any more crap to deal with.

Freki: Took the words right out of my mouth.


*Outside the inn, in some alleyway*   


Kael: A-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Kael: I CAN'T...LOSE....CONTROL...AGAIN!!!!!


Kaitlin: What was all that screaming?! Was that...Kael? It sure sounded like him!

Strix: I'm not sure, but lets go, lets hurry and check!

Leo: That way!


Please be alright, please be alright,  please Rucif keep him safe for me...please....


*Leo, Kaitlin and Strix reached the alleyway Kael was in* 

Kaitlin: K-Kael?! What's wrong?!

Kael: Kaitlin!!! Stay...away!!!


Leo: What's happening to him?

Strix: Is that....

Kaitlin: Is this the curse doing again?! No! 

Leo: What should we do?! We can't keep him alone here like this.

Strix: I'm not sure, hey Kaitlin maybe you....Kaitlin?

Kaitlin: It's my fault....this is all my fault....if I....was nicer to my sister, she wouldn't had ran away, and Kael...wouldn't had come into this search, and he would have never run into that girl....

Leo: Kaitlin....



*Kaitlin ran away*

Strix: Kaitlin wait! Leo, you stay here with Kael, I will follow Kaitlin!

Leo: O-Okay!

*Strix ran after Kaitlin*


All of it....all of it is my fault, I'm the only one to blame for all of this...Maybe this is karma, maybe I deserve this....


Strix: Kaitlin wait! Stop running!

*Strix caught up to Kaitlin, and grabbed her by the arm*

Kaitlin: L-Let me go! 

Strix: Kaitlin, calm down, this isn't your fault..

Kaitlin: No it is! Kael would have never been a part of this if I was a better person, none of you would have been apart of this!

Strix: You're a good person Kaitlin.

Kaitlin: I'M NOT!! If I was such a good person, than my sister would have trusted me!!!


*Strix hugs Kaitlin, who only starts crying herself*

Kaitlin: Just...let me go...please...

Zerth: Yes, please do let go of my future wife, whoever you ago

Strix: What?!

Kaitlin: Who?! 

*Kaitlin and Strix turned around, only to see prince Zerth, few of his soldiers, and Viserren*


Kaitlin: Prince Zerth?! And...Viserren?

Strix: Viserren? What...are you doing here? And wait, by Prince Zerth...do you mean the prince of Tunetia?

Kaitlin: Yes....that's him....

Zerth: And who might you be, kid?

Strix: I'm not kid! And I'm....

Kaitlin: Prince Zerth...the fact you came here can only mean one thing, right?

Zerth: Lady Kaitlin, I'm sorry....but there has been a change of plans you see, your father and my mother have agreed for you to take your older sister place as my future wife....I'm really sorry about this....

Strix: What?! 


Zerth: I don't want to use force, so please come with me.

Viserren: Kaitlin, trust me, I know you might hate this, but this is the safest route for you....please take it....

Strix: Viserren! Just what are you saying?! 

Kaitlin: Viserren...........

*Battle Begins*

Objective: Run Away

Strix: We can't take all of them out, Kaitlin, we need to run!

Kaitlin: Alright.....lets go! 

Zerth: After them soldiers! 


*Battle Ends*


Strix: Hurry! This way!

Kaitlin: I'm...coming! 

*Kaitlin was falling behind, but suddenly, someone grabbed her* 

Kaitlin: Ah!

Mary: I'm sorry.....

Strix: Mary? What are you doing?! Let go of her!

Mary: My loyalty for the prince and the queen comes first, I'm so sorry....I hope all of you have it in your heart to forgive me for this...

Kaitlin: Mary....

*Kaitlin tried to free herself, but Mary overpowered her*

Soldiers: There they are!!

Kaitlin: Strix, just run! 

Strix: I can't do that! I won't leave you!

Kaitlin: If they caught you....they might know who you really are, just go, please...do it for me.

Mary: And don't worry, I won't reveal who you really are either. 

Strix: Mary, just shut up! I can't believe you betrayed a FRIEND of yours like this! 

Mary: .......

Kaitlin: Hurry, go! I can see them!

Strix: Dame it! 

*Strix ran away*

Yes...run away, Strix...I hope...you have a happy life


*Outside of Ecrin, in prince Zerth's camp*

Zerth: Kaitlin....

Kaitlin: Prince Zerth.....

Zerth: I'm sorry........

Kaitlin:.....can we make a deal?

Zerth: Oh? My ears are open.

Kaitlin: Look....my sister, she's somewhere here in Aurelia, she still thinks she's wanted....can we find her? I just want to let her know that she doesn't have to worry about this anymore, and if you did me this favor...I promise that I will marry you..


Kaitlin: Thank you...

Zerth: But I must ask one thing first....who was that guy that you were with? And....why were you crying?

Kaitlin: Oh....that....I was sad becasue....someone I loved is gone...


And he's never coming back....

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Chapter 4C: A new beginning

(This chapter will be from Hope's POV)

*In the outskirts of some village*


Hope: Here, I brought you something to eat from the village.

Catrina: T-Thank you.....


I still have no idea who this little girl is, she's like a puzzle piece waiting for me to solve it....Too bad I'm not good at those


Catrina: Um....Hope

Hope: Yes? Don't tell me you didn't like the food I brought you...

Catrina: Oh no that's not it, I just wanted to ask you something.

Hope: Really? Well, go ahead.

Catrina: I just wanted to ask, what brought you to Aurelia? You aren't from here, are you?

Hope: That's true, I'm not from here, I come from Tunetia, a country in the west, I came here to start a new life....

Catrina: Oh?

Hope: I want to become a mercenary, I know I'm strong enough to become one, maybe even start my own mercenary  group....or at least that was my plan, but now that I ran into you, I will need to figure out what to do with you first.

 Catrina: I see...so I only caused you trouble.

*Catrina looked at the ground, just to avoid Hope's gaze*

Hope: I won't lie, you did, but I don't mind, you and that wyvern of yours clearly need help, and if it's in my power to help, I will do it.

I think it's my turn now to ask her few questions.....I have so many things I want to ask her really, but I should take things slow

Hope: So Catrina....Did you get that wyvern from somewhere here in Aurelia? 

Catrina: No....not really...this wyvern isn't....really mine...


Catrina: I hurt him....a lot with my power, and not just him, I hurt a lot of people with my power....I didn't mean to hurt anyone, but you should be careful, my power could easily make you lose your mind, lose everything about yourself, I wish I knew how to control it, but I don't, so please Hope, always be wary of me, you've helped me and saved me when you didn't have too, I would hate to hurt you after all of that....

Catrina was shaking while saying all of that...I can tell she's very hurt on the inside, I want to give her a hug, but that might just make her freak out some more.


Hope: Catrina, don't worry, even IF you wanted to hurt me, you won't be able to do that so easily, I know I might sound over confident here, but I'm pretty strong! 

Catrina: Just....be careful.

Hope: And don't you have a family? Or anyone that can take care of you?

Catrina: No, I don't have anyone, or at least not anymore....

Hope: Aw, I'm sorry....well in that case, I will be your family, Catrina, it's official!

Catrina: Wh-What?!? 

Hope: Us meeting was clearly fate, maybe even a sign from Rucif


Hope: I don't normally believe in things like fate, I truly believe someone could change whatever their fate was, however if you truly have no one that would be able to take care of you, I do believe that only means that I will have to take care of that job.

Catrina: But, I will only cause you trouble, you should just....forget about me.

Hope: That might be true, maybe leaving you behind is the smart move, but...apart of me just can't do that, so I will be taking care of you until I find you a safe place, and also we need to find out more about that magic of yours, you need to learn how to control it.

I feel like I can see a bit of myself in her, there was a time where I felt weak and defeated, a time where I thought there is nothing I can do but be alone and accept whatever fate is throw in my way...


Catrina: Why are you doing this? There is nothing I can do to return your favor...

Hope: Leaving you alone is out of the question, what if the Divine Guard came after you again while I wasn't there? That would be terrible, and just like I said few seconds ago, we're family now, and family doesn't leave a family member behind who needs help.

Catrina:....Alright, fine, thank you...for everything.

*Hope smiled a little when she saw the little girl a little more cheered up*

The Divine Guard...just why would they come after a girl like this? Does...it have something to do with her magic power? That could be it, but I don't think she's a bad person, but I still need to get to the bottom of this, now the question is....where do I start?


*Meanwhile, somewhere else in Aurelia*


Kurtis:  Can you hurry up? We don't have all day

Ash: Don't boss me around, or you might regret it.

Kurtis: It seem like you forgot who's the boss here, Jonathan out me in charge, so you better listen to what I have to say, or it's YOU will be regretting it! 

Ash: Just shut the hell up! Maybe if you start focusing more on the road, we would have found that stupid prince by now!

Kurtis: How dare you?! 

Ash: What a joke, I wish they just killed me instead of making me go on a search like this.

Kurtis: Do you even have any idea how lucky you are right now to be still alive? And that's not all, if everything goes right, things will be better for you, so just shut up and keep moving now!


Kurtis: Just who would have thought I would come back here after all that time....with YOU of all people...

Ash: Come back here? Are you originally from Aurelia?

Kurtis: Why do you care? It's none of your business! 

Ash: Whatever, I really don't care.

Kurtis: I heard...a lot about you, you know.

Ash: You did? What did you hear?

Kurtis: About the crimes you did, really just everything, I know I already said this before, but you have no idea how lucky you are to be alive,  being a Samiel worshiper is a huge crime you know, most, if not all, your fellow Samiel worshipers that get caught get executed.

Ash:.....You have no idea how much I want to cut you in half with my axe right now.

Kurtis: Well, lucky me, good thing you can't, now lets keep moving! 

Ash: Um, he Kurtis, look over there, is there a battle taking place?

Kurtis: A battle? Oh, your right! Let's get closer and see what's happening, but lets keep our distant.


Solider: Ahhhh! 

*The solider fell to the ground after being stuck by Hope*

Hope: How annoying, of all the time they could have attacked us, why now?!

Catrina: Hope, lets just run!

Millson: Hahahaha! You two can try to run, but the Divine Guard will catch up with you two, I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but you're surrounded, there is nowhere for you to run anyway, now hand us the girl!! 

Ugh, what should I do? I do think I have a good chance of taking care of all of them on my own, however I wouldn't be able to take care of all of them AND protect Catrina, I don't think that's a thing I would be able to do on my own....and that wyvern is too tried, so he can't fly us out of here....great, just great.


Millson: Why are you even protecting her?! Do you know that this will only get you in trouble, and might make you wanted as well?! Just hand her over to us, the Divine Guard, and I will let you go free of charges.

 Hope: Oh please, you act like you will be the one walking away alive from this battle, and I hate to break it to you....but you won't

Millson: Fine, suit yourself!! Soldiers,  kill the wench and bring me the girl she's guarding!! 

Hope: Catrina....stay close to me...

Catrina: Alright.....Hope, if we survived this, I want to tell you...who I really am.

Hope:.....Alright, and look, whatever you are, it won't change how I feel about you, okay?

Catrina:....Thank you.



Kurtis: Is that the Divine Guard? What are they doing here?

Ash: It doesn't matter, we have to help that woman.

Kurtis: What?!? Are you crazy?

Ash: Maybe, but lets just say it's not my style to leave woman in need of help alone.

Kurtis: Oh please, don't act like your some kind of hero now, if we should be helping anyone here, it should be the Divine Guard!

Ash: Well, I'm helping her, with or without you!

Kurtis: Are you crazy?!

Ash: What the worst thing you can do? Kill me? Well, too bad, I'm not afraid of death.


*Ash ran into Hope's side*

Kurtis: I can't believe I'm about to do this.....

*Kurtis followed Ash*


Hope: Huh? Who are you two?! Step back!

Ash: Don't worry, I'm not with them, I want to help, I don't know about him though

*Ash looked at Kurtis who was just right behind him*

Kurtis: Ash you idiot! Fine, let me at least take that necklace off of you! 

Ash: Oh...wow, are you really letting me do this?

Kurtis: Yes, but you owe me big BIG time!


Who are THESE people?! But if they want to help, I won't turn them away

Kurtis: Alright...you can fight now.

Ash: Thanks, and hey, what's your name?

Hope: It's Hope.

Ash: You can leave this to me, go find someplace safe to hide.

Hope: Oh please, I just need you to look out over the girl behind me, I can handle the Divine Guard on my own!

Ash: Oh really? You don't look strong enough to me.

Hope: What?! I will have you know that I'm pretty strong, even maybe stronger than you!

Ash: I will believe it when I see it.

Hope: Fine! I will show you! Let's  just take these stupid soldiers out now.

Kurtis: I can also fight....but ugh, just what am I doing? Did I lose it?

Hope: Think about that later, here they come!!!


*Battle begins*

Objective: Defeat the boss, Millson

(New units are Ash, a Warrior, and Kurtis, a Monk)

Millson VS Hope:


Millson: How brave of you to come and face me, too bad you will have to die soon for something that had nothing to do with you.

Hope: Sorry, but I will be the one doing the killing here, have fun in the afterlife.


Millson VS Ash:


Ash: So....you lead this group of soldiers? 

Millson: Who are you?! Why are more people who have nothing to do with this joining this stupid battle?!

Ash: Well, it's time for you to go down once and for all!


Millson VS Kurtis:


Kurtis: Oh god....what am I doing?

Millson : Are you going to attack me or not stupid mage?! 

Kurtis: Well, now that you saw my face, I sorta have too....

*Battle ends*


Millson: Retreat! We can't die here! This won't be the last you see of us, I'm letting you know that!

*Millson and his remaining soldiers ran away*

Catrina: Hope! Are you okay?! 

Hope: I'm okay, don't worry.

I wouldn't had been able to make it if not for those two....I hate to admit it, but without them I would have lost...

Ash: Ha! I'm pretty sure I killed more soldiers than you did, so I guess that means I'm stronger after all.

Hope: Shut up! But....thank you for helping me, thank you both.

Ash: It was nothing, no need to thank me, I only did what any good person should have done.


Ash: Ignore him, Kurtis over there is still shocked, and I don't believe I got your name.

Hope: I'm Hope, and this girl here is Catrina.

Catrina: Hello....

*Catrina hid behind Hope*

Hope: And what's your name?

Ash: I'm Ash.

Kurtis: Why were the Divine Guard after you guys?!

Hope:.....Who knows.

Kurtis: There have to be a reason! They don't just go after anyone like that!

Catrina: Hope....I need to tell you something...about the reason why the Divine Guard wants me.

Hope: I'm listening...

Catrina: You might not believe me....but I'm going to tell you....I haven't trusted anyone in so long...but I will trust you Hope, you see....I'm the daughter of Samiel

Everyone: What?!?!?!?!

What? What? My mind...froze for a second, did I hear that right?

Hope: Was...that a joke? 

Catrina: No....it's the truth, the Divine Guard know this...and that's why they want to capture me, and that's why they....well always be chasing me, hunting me down, until they finally get their hands on me....


Ash: It can't be....hahahahahaha!

Kurtis: Why are you laughing?! Oh wait, of course the Samiel worshiper would love this! 

Catrina: And...that's not all, my father isn't....what a lot of people make him out to be, he's...not evil, but I will understand if you didn't believe me...

Hope:........You are serious, right, Catrina? You aren't just messing with us, right?

Catrina: I'm telling the truth....

Hope: Well, it sure explains why the Divine Guard wants you now....

Catrina: Do you....hate me, now that you know the truth about me?

Hope: No, I don't, I'm still shocked...but I won't leave you, honestly I already knew this world is screwed up, so it wouldn't shock me if they truly have lied about Samiel all this time...

Kurtis: Hey, hey! This might be all a lie, don't let your guard down.

Hope: What?

Ash: Kurtis, calm down.

Kurtis: Don't tell me to calm down, how can I! I just...fought the Divine Guard for you, you know? Do you know what they will do to me if they found out I helped save the daughter or Samiel of all people?

Ash: Well, that's only more of a reason for you not to go back to them, some of soldiers saw your face you know, so like it or not, it's too late for you now to go back and change what you did!

Kurtis: I.......


My head hurts, I somehow went from having so many things I want to ask Catrina to even  having MORE I want to ask....but  I don't think she's lying, why would she lie about something like this, something that would get her killed? And for what? There is no point in her lying about who she really is, and the Divine Guard coming after her like that just conform it


Ash: Hey, Catrina....can I protect you?

Catrina: Um....Hope is the one that protects me.

Ash: But I'm stronger than her!!

Hope: Hey!!! You want to test that out! Because I'm ready to fight if you are! 

Ash: Eh, or we can just protect her together I guess.....clearly you can't do it alone.

Hope: What is that suppose to mean?!

Ash: I'm just kidding, don't worry about it haha.

*Ash laughed a little*

Ash: So, Kurtis, what do you want to do now?

Kurtis: I still don't believe that Samiel is a good guy after all, however...I might be willing to listen some more to Catrina's story IF you guys helped me with something

Hope: Oh?

Kurtis: There is....someone I want to check up on here in Aurelia, will you help me? 

Catrina: Lets help him.

Hope: Oh, Catrina? Are you sure? This is happening too fast, this might be a trap for all we know.

Catrina: I don't think it is for some reason...Kurtis is sorta stuck with us now, whether he likes it or not.


Hope: Alright, fine, where do you want to go Kurtis?

Ash: You better not take us anyplace dangerous where Catrina might get hurt.

*Ash glares at Kurtis*

Kurtis:....Someone is taking on his bodyguard role fast, isn't he?

I'm not sure what I got myself into with these two, but at least Ash seem like he really wants to protect Catrina, which isn't a bad thing....I believe that guy Kurtis said something about Ash being a Samiel worshiper? I want to get to know him more, he seem.....insetting, I wonder what his story is.

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*Grayscale flashback, we see a younger-looking Jonathan and Hope’s mother: Lilly.*


Jonathan: Please, Lilly, do you really think this is right?


Lilly: I do think it is for the best that you and I part ways now, Jonathan. I need to take care of Hope and… someone else important to me.


Jonathan: ...alright. If you think your decision is for the best. But I will miss you with all of my heart. We are milk siblings, after all. (That means that they were raised by the same woman but were not of her blood. Roy and Wolt are milk brothers in the same way)


Lilly: I promise I will always love you, Jonathan. Just like I love Hope, and Troy.


Jonathan: Wait, Lilly, before you go… I want you to have something of mine. Something that was on me when I was taken into the orphanage.


*Jonathan pulls up his sleeve, revealing a bracelet. He takes it off and hands it to Lilly.*


Jonathan: For luck. The Black Dragon is carved on to it. He will watch over you as you do what you need to do.


Lilly: Thank you.


*Lilly kisses Jonathan on the cheek.*


Jonathan: *Frowns.* If what I think is true, I took a target off my back and put it onto her… but it’s a necessary part of the mission.




*Meanwhile, Kurtis, Ash, Hope and Catrina are sitting around a campfire. Hope and Ash are on seperate sides of (Dragon Girl), while Kurtis is on the other side of the fire.*


Ash: Wow. I never thought I’d see the day when I could meet the Maiden in person.


Kurtis: The Maiden? Is that some part of the Samael doctrine?


Hope: *gives Ash a curious glance*


Catrina: Umm… Mr… could you give me some space?


Ash: Oh, yes, pardon me, milady.


Hope: So… you worship Samael, correct?


Ash: Well, yes and no. I worship both White and Black dragons equally, unlike the mainlanders, who only worship the Black dragon.


*Hope and Kurtis give Ash confused ellipsis*


Catrina: So… that’s why I can use my Decaystone?


Ash: Correct. Man, you look nothing like your old man.


Hope: Old… man? Her father is someone important?


Kurtis: I don’t like the sound of this one bit.


Ash: He’s one of the most important things there are in the world! Bloody Samael!


Hope: Wait… back up. You’re telling me that the girl I’ve been protecting and helping is none other than the daughter of the White Demon?


Ash: White DRAGON. Death is an important part of the world. Yes, it’s a little scary. But it’s necessary. The reason my tribe works so well is that the volcano we live on’s fire and fury make the soil exceptionally rich. Death allows life to exist. Without it, the world would stagnate and grow still. Death invites motion. Death invites change. Death is the great leveler, it comes for kings and peasants alike.


Kurtis: Death is sad. It removes us from the ones we love. Life is the point of everything.


Ash: Yes, death is sad, but it is also necessary. The tree that falls in the forest returns to the soil and allows new life to flourish.


Catrina: ...my father is a dragon?


Hope: This is… strange. I feel… strange. My brain knows what you are telling is hearsay, but my heart wants to believe you.


Ash: Well, I’m just glad I met you, Catrina. You seem like a nice girl. You’ll be a wonderful Maiden of Destruction. You’ll remake the world into a better place!


Kurtis: No, she will kill us all and bring about an age of sin and sodomy!


Hope: I wonder if someone else understands this more than I do…



Randall: *Achoo!*


Gloria: Man, the desert really brings out your inner sneezer, huh?


Randall: Dust and dirt? I can handle. Flowers? No sweat! But a little… *achoo* sand, and I get all sneezy and wheezy….


Locke: Stuff it, bookworm, I see something bad on the horizon! Knights of the Empire, assisted by Church troops


Gloria: Yeah, over there on the dunes. You can see the black and red of their armor, and the black and gold of the Church.


Randall: Well, if they’re looking for heretics, we should follow them.


*The group follows them until nightfall, when they see three figures on a cliff on a rocky patch.*




Clay: We’ve been fleeing the Knights for three days. Violet, how are the men?


Violet: Not good. I’m tending to their wounds, but they’re tired and exhausted.


Ruby: Yes, I think it would be best to hunker down here at this rock, and hold them out.


Clay: I see. I will hold steady, like the rocks, instead of flying like sands!


Ruby: Dear, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but don’t do anything reckless.


Clay: I am the chief of the Terra Tribe. As long as these scales and this Earthstone hold true, I will not die.




Gloria: They’re staying still. I think they’re trying to go on the defensive rather than the evasive.


Locke: They must be tiring out from riding so much.


Randall: Alright then. We’ll assist them and make it a pincer.

Gloria: Attack the Knights from behind while they hold out?


Locke: Sounds like a plan to me.




Objective: Rout the Empire Knights
Failure: Clay, Violet or Ruby die






Clay (speak with Gloria or Randall)

Randall: Ho, Terra Tribesman.


Clay: Who are you, strange man?


Randall: My name is Randall, and I’m a heretic, just like you.


Clay: A fellow believer of the Twin Dragons?


Randall: Yes, and no. But right now, I’m here to help.


Clay: Good. Now, then. I will lead the charge! Come, knights, and break your weapons against the might of my dragon scales!




Gloria: Are you okay?


Clay: Woman, where do you come from?

Gloria: A very faraway orphanage. Don’t worry, we know the truth about the Twin Dragons. We’re on your side.


Clay: That is good to hear… unless you are hiding a knife behind your smile.


Gloria: We’ll talk later. We have some knights to send home.


Clay: Fair. Behold, the might of the Terra Tribe! My bow and blade will be your demise! Tremble before my power!

Boss (Paladin named Trip)

Normal: Sigh… sand, sand, sand, as far as the eye can see. Why do I always get the boring assignments? Well, I guess I’ll kill you now. Maybe I’ll get a pay raise.


Vs. Clay

Trip: You. You’ve given me far too much trouble on this assignment.


Clay: I aim to please. Or, in this case, be a thorn in your side. Now then, I will show you how the power of my tribe runs through my veins. I will dye this dune red with the crimson ichor that is your blood!




Randall: Begone!

*Blast sound effect*


Randall: And that’s all of them.


Gloria: Now then, sir, you never told us your name.


Clay: My name is Clay. And I am indebted to you. Had you not come in, it could have been the last days of the Terra Tribe.


Locke: Just happy to be of help. Now then, we have some friends here who would like to talk with you. We’d also like to join.


Clay: Who do you speak of?


Randall: My name is Randall. I am a scholar, and I am on a journey to research and assist the four Tribes of Samael-or, as they should be called, the Tribes of the Twin Dragons. I have already met with the Aqua Tribe, and they count among our number.


Clay: I see. You wish to meet with us.


Randall: Exactly.


Clay: I will give you this meeting, as you have helped us. But I have one condition.


Randall: And what is that.


Clay: WE FEAST FIRST! For we have had a glorious victory! Surely, the Black and White Dragons have blessed us with victory!


Locke: I am always up for a party.


Randall: But we really do need to discuss-


Gloria: Randall. This is a man who lives life as largely as he can. We should honor him.


Randall: ...alright.




Manfred: Jonathan, have you heard back from Kurtis recently?


Jonathan: Why, yes, just recently, he reported that Ash had found a good lead on the Prince’s location, and was following him.


Manfred: That is good to hear. Soon, we will not have to hear that detestable Emperor whine about his son no longer.


Jonathan: Yes, that will be a relief…


*Manfred leaves the room.*


Jonathan: *He pulls back his sleeve, revealing that Black Dragon bangle that he gave Lilly in the flashback.* It will be good to finally meet my half-brother in person. Strix… We have much to discuss. *He also holds a stone in his hand.* “Maybe this will finally work in his hands, instead of mine.”



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I'm sad you didn't include the Serra part, would have been so good smh.

Anyways I'm thinking we put the story in spoiler tags. So that it's not super long but also why the spacing in between lines? Feels longer than it should be.

I'll be working on my part sometime.

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Soleater has disappeared from Serenes Forest. We need a replacement. PM me if you're interested in filling in and adding to this story!

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