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Predicting the Offensive and Defensive capability of the Characters so Far

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In this forum we predict the battle performance of the characters reveal so far with the following stats, out of 10:

Physical Damage (P DMG), including crit chance

Mag Damage (M DMG), including crit chance


Attack Speed (Raw speed and Constitution if any)

Damage Absorption (HP)





P. DMG - 7/10

M. DMG - 3/10

ACC - 7/10

AS - 7/10

HP - 7/10

DEF - 6/10

RES - 5/10

AVO- 6.5/10


P. DMG - 7.5/10

M. DMG - 3/10

ACC - 7.5/10

AS - 6/10

HP - 6.5/10

DEF - 6.5/10

RES - 4/10

AVO- 7/10

please note that these does not represent actual stats

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