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Who is your favorite DLC cipher unit in Shadows of Valentia  

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  1. 1. Who is your favorite DLC unit in SoV

    • Shade
    • Emma
    • Yuzu
    • Randal

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So I was doing an SoV run and I had just recruited Emma and Randal when I realized that I had only ever gotten those two once before, despite buying both DLCs at the same time.  Personally i'm a fan of shade and how she's almost a "Camilla in reverse" type character who appears seductive and collected but isn't. For some odd reason I found that very charming and refreshing, hence why I recruit her on pretty much every play through ( That and having a second healer on Celica's route certainly helps take the load off from  poor Genny) where as i've only ever recruited Emma and Randal twice. Not to say their bad units, they most certainly aren't but I was wondering if anyone else had a favorite DLC unit. It could be based on performance in battle , appearance, personality, voice ETC.

The only guide lines are:

  • You must explain why you choose said character.  (albeit not in great detail if you don't want to)
  • Be respectful of others and their opinions.


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I'm new around here but I'll throw my hat in. I think Randal is my top choice no matter what situation. I love his design, and his supports manage to be some of my favorites in the game. He's also one of my most used units and seems to operate incredibly well no matter what the circumstances are.

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I would say I like Randal the most. Purely gameplay reasons. He is like a second Mathilda, except with less Luck, can come earlier, and he can be on Celica's route instead, which is great since Conrad joins awfully late. Paladins are never not worth having, even with all the desert and marsh.

Shade is the second best, since Physic is great. Rescue a bit later is good too.

Emma has flight and Terror utility, and her growths are good, but her bases are poor for a Falcoknight. Still, might find some use with Celica, and everyone loves her Trainee Lance.

Yuzu has great offensive bases and great growths, but the combination of a terrible spell selection (no Excalibur when it is named after a legendary sword and this girl is obsessed with learning the way of the sword?), and being stuck as a Priestess. She uses a melee weapon, but is stuck with the horrible Mov of a Knight and doesn't have the durability of one. Yuzu really needs to be Pitchforked to Peg or Cav to excel. Just one problem- EVERYONE gets a bit broken when you Pitchfork them, and Yuzu is nothing particularly special in this regard.

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I'll third Randal, mostly for the reasons already stated. The only thing I'll add is that I find Cav to be a sub-optimal option for every Ram villager, and since Clive is the epitome of mediocrity, I tend to recruit him with Am because he picks up the slack.

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This is only personality-wise because I haven't used any of them in-game (I only bothered getting them after I beat the post-game so there's not much reason to bother with them at this point) but I really kinda like all of them, LOL~ I guess Yuzu is my favorite with her "must get StRoNgEr!!! 24/7/365 mentality is just amusing" and her dynamics with Shade in the Xenologue were funny.

Randall and Emma were enjoyable, too. I don't have much opinion on Shade but I don't dislike her~

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