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Looking for somewhere to buy Cipher singles for a good price.

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I would buy here but I want something I can guarantee to be trustworthy. I'm making a theme deck, and here it is:



Lord: Corrin, Crown Prince of Hoshido (2)

Corrin, Prince who Strives for the Dawn (2)

Lucina, Despair Defying Princess (2)

Lucina, Divine Dragon’s Exalt (2)

Ryoma, Tempestuous Wyvern Lord (3)

Xander: Knight of the Royal Family (2)

Xander: Pitch Dark Paladin (2)

Hinoka: Fiery Princess (2)

Hinoka: Crimson Red Princess (2)

Camilla: First Princess of Nohr (2)

Camilla: Goddess of Death (2)

Aversa: Dark One (2)

Aversa: Wicked Wings (2)

Risen (5)

Bruno: Dark-Garbed Mage Knight (3)

Veronica: Detached Princess (3)

Laevatein: Earth-Scorching Searing Steel

Anna: Omnipresent Peddler (2)

Anna: Bloodhound for Hidden Treasures (2)

Anna: Mysterious Shopkeeper (3)

Azura: Diva of Dusk (4)

Takumi: Wind God’s Successor (2)

Takumi: Gale Garbed Holy Marksman (2)

Leo: Sorcerous Prodigy (2)

Leo: Prince of Darkness (2)

Sakura: Princess of Hoshido (2)

Sakura: Dancing in Hoshidan Bloom (2)

Mikoto: Queen of the Kingdom of Hoshido (3)

Shade: Sorcerous Pointer (4)

I'm looking for where I can get each of these for under $5 each.


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Anything N or HN is easy enough to get under $5, and most Rs are as well. I'm not so sure you're going to be able to get the same deal for SRs, though. I'll check and see if I can refind the link for the site I normally go to(which doesn't happen very often).

As for buying here not being trustworthy, ouch, dude. The Cipher Buying/Selling Thread even has a point system showing you how many trustworthy transactions each seller has under their belt.

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Gotta agree that the Cipher Buying/Selling Thread here is pretty trustworthy especially with the point system. It's also honestly the best place to find cards reliably for decent prices (and probably the cheapest prices too) I'd say I have some spare cards for sale but I don't know the cards' names and only know their numbers so don't really know what you are looking for. I'd say give the thread a shot at least?

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Yeah, yeowch - everyone here has been super cool, so I don't know how anyone here can be considered untrustworthy :/

You can always ask before making a deal how the person will pack the card, and if they can offer you a tracking #.

If you want the average cost of the card to be $5 per card, you should be fine as most N/HN cards can be gotten for like 5-10 cents a piece, and to be frank most rares are about 1-2 dollars (and that's generously high for some of them). SR cards it depends on the character how good it is, but those can range from $2 to $30 a piece.

#'s do really help though :3

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