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Let's Play Fire Emblem: Queen's Sword

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Alright, hi I'm MrGreen3339 and I'll be bringing you a screenshot LP that will also recognize a Japanese FE hack

You're probably wondering "what in the world is Fire Emblem: Queen's Sword?" I won't blame you, you have to know where to look to learn about it.

It's a WIP FE8 hack.

Download the hack here: https://ux.getuploader.com/FE4/download/794

Here's some notes about this hack.

  • It is set in Elibe, although it isn't linked to FE6 or 7
  • It uses a Str/Mag split and a skill system
  • It features an FE5 style capture mechanic
  • Custom music from various games is used, from old FEs to Advance Wars and even a Paper Mario 64 song.

Without further ado, let's get started!

As a fair note, all English terms I get are Google Translated. It will likely be the main humor source.



Here's your fancy title screen. It's very orange.


As with many Japanese hacks, easy mode is

disabled. No scrubs allowed.


We even get a custom CG.

The game still uses the regular chapter title thing,

so I'd assume that these chapters are like acts.


Now we're at this option thing. It asks us a few yes or no questions.


I choose yes for all of them.


Yeah I made another spoiler by accident


I have 3 pics of this, one for eac question, but since they're the

same options, I'll be lazy and just use this one for all 3.

We're being asked if we believe in love. That means the

player is Roger. Saying yes gives a goddess icon, no

gives an angelic robe. Skipping it assumes you said no.


Question 2 basically asks growths vs

bases. While we all know the answer is

how the unit contributes in the long run,

I choose yes again. I think this affects one

of your main characters statistically.


Question 3 asks if you would give your

life to save villagers' lives in a dire

situation. I think this affects one of your

main character's personal weapons.


Cool it's time for plot.

Meet Marsh, one of the main characters.


His sprite style also looks kinda out of

place compared to the regular FE8 style ones.


Suddenly FE6 edits, plus that green hair chick.

He's actually a feminine looking guy.


Marsh shows up too.


Rather simple prologue map. Lots of thieves. Yes, they can steal stuff, including

weapons. Fortunately the capturing lets you get them back.


Marsh comes in 4 possible versions, likely depending on those

3 questions. This one is a full out tank, with a massive Def

growth and Vantage.

His class name is Orphan.
That's rather sad, doncha think?

Also if he was raised in an orphanage,

how did he get good with dark magic?


He also has a tome that's translated as

"Black Lighting of Hepais" That is honestly

way too strong for this early in the game.

The info box describes it as "dummy"

Stupid info box


This is Ars (gotta love GT) the lord (or

Load according to GT). She packs Charisma

(+10 hit/avo to allies within 3 spaces in this hack),

and is otherwise your usual sword lord.


Ars packs a fancy looking Iron Sword,

though. Gotta be classy.


This game also uses the Fates-style goddess icon

where it gives 4 luck.


This is Ninz (thanks GT) the mercenary.

He packs Nihil, but I'm not sure how many skills

the enemies will use later on.


He's also got a fancy Steel Sword.


This is Gen, the Jagen (JaGen haha... Ba dum tss) He can heal, but he has

0 Magic so why even?


This game also has leadership stars
Ninz and Gen each have 1 star.

Not sure which version it follows out of FE4 or 5.


Our first boss is named Shingo, and his bio description reads "Characteristics of Mongolian people
Quetzuago" I don't know either.

His droppable sword is the Mongolian Sword.

It says it hits when it hits.

By the way, his skill is basically Point Blank, so don't let the short bow fool you.

He has the Ranger animation and map sprite, but his class is actually Nomad.


We begin by having marsh fire a Flux at

the brigand. I don't know why the top's gone.

He also got hit by the counterattack, so now he's at

9 HP.


And then we use Ars to finish the job.

This will bait Shingo, as he does move.


Marsh barely survives this, only living with 1 HP.

Shingo had a 12% crit as well, so I'm fortunate.


So I finish off Shingo with hits from Ninz and Marsh

and get the Mongolian sword.


Forgot to screenshot the level up, but it was

Mag, Skl, and Res.


And then Gen does his first thing and

heals Marsh. No animation for staff



Two thieves come in across the bridge, and

we capture our first foe! I'm not sure how the

HP requirement works, but any unit can knock them

into capture range with a single attack.


We claim his Poison Sword as ours,

although why I chose to waste my time

with a poison sword is beyond me.


10 Xp is rewarded to units who release

captured enemies. Pretty nice.


Marsh sets up this thief for capture, then Ninz grabs him.


We relieve him of his gear in due fashion.


The battle plays out and then there's only

one thief left.

The victory music is Alm's near victory music

from OG Gaiden, which is actually one of my

favorite ones, but it breaks after two loops and

turns to silence afterwards. Sad times.


Marsh and Ars take out the last thief.




Growths and Descriptions

Marsh w/ Vantage

Description: A boy born in Kahuti island for a
while and is in Lycia. (Kahuti is likely Kafti. All versions of Marsh have this description)

60% HP

40% Str

50% Skl

20% Spd

60% Def

30% Res

40% Luck

38% Magic


Marsh w/ Wrath (This version uses light magic. If you skip the opening 3 questions, you start with this one by default)

60% HP

30% Str

70% Skl

40% Spd

20% Def

40% Res

40% Luck

47% Magic

Marsh w/ Swordbreaker (This version uses anima magic)

85% HP

40% Str

40% Skl

60% Spd

20% Def

15% Res

40% Luck

42% Magic


Marsh w/ Miracle (This version uses anima magic)

65% HP

70% Str

20% Skl

25% Spd

70% Def

15% Res

35% Luck

51% Magic

Description: Personality which does not like the
dispute over the end of Lichia region
Louth public finance house.


70% HP

40% Str

70% Skl

60% Spd

40% Def

30% Res

60% Luck

20% Magic



Description: Alice's best friend and rival big
brother presence.


80% HP

55% Str

55% Skl

45% Spd

45% Def

25% Res

50% Luck

25% Magic

Another version of Ninz exists with 0 base Mag, a 0% Mag growth, and uses lances



Description: Knight who passed through Ars
grandfather's battle.


80% HP

40% Str

45% Skl

45% Spd

50% Def

30% Res

10% Luck

18% Magic




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