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Lute: Prodigy

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Lute: Prodigy

"I'm Lute, genius mage extraordinaire. You've probably heard of me." -Lute

  • Stats:
  • HP: 30/33/36
  • Attack: 33/36/39
  • Speed: 29/32/35
  • Defense: 12/16/19
  • Resistance: 31/34/37

Lute is a rather, oddball mage, much like her personality. Her personal tome isn't the most conventional, Weirding Tome grants +3 Speed and has the ability Speed Ploy built into it. This Tome can help her quite a bit, her Speed is somewhat low for a mage, and if the ploy is enacted, that a total speed gain of 8, allowing a neutral Lute to go all the way from a paltry 32 speed, to a rather speedy 40 effective speed. She comes with the Assist Rally Atk/Res, a rather high scoring assist skill. Her default A skill is HP/Res 2, and her default C skill is Res Ploy, a skill that she can really take advantage of with her 34 res. Overall, she's one of the best Infantry Blue Mages in the game, comparable to Ishtar, Linde and Delthea, however, unlike the others, you might want to think twice before giving her a Blarblade, her lacking speed making her somewhat of an iffy blade mage. The build below offers an effective alternative:


The Prodigy:

  • IVs: +Atk, -Def/-HP
  • Weapon: Weirding Tome
  • Assist: Flexible
  • Special: Iceberg, Glimmer.
  • A Skill: Fury 3
  • B Skill: Desperation 3
  • C Skill: Res Ploy 3
  • Seal: Spd+3

The main idea with this build is to get Lute to ploy her opponents and then sweep them away with their lowered defenses. Weirding Tome with a +Atk IV and Fury 3 allows her to reach an Attack stat of 56, which can effectively be boosted even higher with Res Ploy. Her Speed also rises a considerable amount, going from a base of 32, all the way up to 41, with the help of Speed+3, Weirding Tome, and Fury 3, with Weirding Tome allowing her to boost this even higher with the Speed Ploy effect. Taking all of her skills into account, she has base offenses of 56 Attack and 41 Speed, which can be effectively boosted to 61 Attack and 46 Speed if she is able to ploy her opponent, something that she is often able to do with her 37 Resistance. Fury is the skill that really binds this whole build together, it boosts both her Attack and Speed, while also allowing her to safely take damage to get into Desperation range, which allows her to demolish Archers, Mages and DC Swords. In addition, Fury boosts her Resistance, allowing her to ploy even more enemies. She has two options for Specials, with Iceberg being very effective with her high resistance, however, the cooldown might be too high for some, making Glimmer a nice alternative with its much lower cooldown and her high attack. All-in-all, this is a rather effective build for one of the game's more rare and quirky characters.




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