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I kinda need help clarifying something

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Someone elsewhere made the claim that Paragon doesn't affect how much BEXP a unit needs to advance to the next level. Now, having played FE10 before, I remember Paragon directly affecting BEXP in this game as well as PoR. What I want to know is why. Is there anything that can confirm that Paragon affects BEXP distribution in this game?

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The easiest way would to save the game, then get a character who has Paragon equipped or if you have the skill, equip it to somebody, and see if there is a difference with the amount of BEXP you need to level up with versus without the skill equipped.

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On 9-9-2018 at 9:27 PM, Just call me AL said:

Differences such as?

With paragon you´ll reach levels sooner, with both ´normal EXP´ & Bonus EXP 


BEXP doesn´t affect any stat changes. It's not that you get fewer skill points when you level up

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