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FE8 - maximum map dimensions

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There's no hard-and-fast rule for "maximum size", because the game holds the maps in memory by having a list of row pointers and then the full map, so each tile the map is tall takes an additional 4 bytes of memory in addition to the 2*x*y size that the map has to take by virtue of each tile being stored as a short (2-byte pair).

A formula for finding the maximum size (as according to the reserved amount of memory) we can write it out as such:


2y + xy must no more than evidently 1634,

[[might be higher]]
x must be no more than 126 the minimap breaks [nonfatally] if x > 60
y must be no more than 91

the minimap connects the top and bottom of the maps if y > 62
the minimap also lets you scroll over-down but this doesn't cause errors

24x by 62y breaks [1612]
24x by 60y doesn't [1560]

But as these notes should inform you themselves, this does not precisely define the actual behaviors for reasons that I was/am too lazy to discover because nobody wants to play on the edge case shaped maps (gigantic-in-one-dimension rectangles).

(You can see some examples of how these "breaks" occur here: http://feuniverse.us/t/amusing-romhacking-glitches-thread/899/560 )

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