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Best Skills for Shining Bow Corrin

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I'm doing a new run of revelations with Corrin as an Adventurer with +Magic using the Shining bow. What would be some good skills for her? Right now i'm thinking...

Bowfaire, Trample, Lifetaker, Swordbreaker

Also does anyone have a Corrin with Bowfaire because i can't find anyone who does. Thank ;)

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I cannot see the practicality of spending four level-ups as a Wyvern Lord for Sword Breaker, given that Adventurer’s growths are basically the inverse and that it would have no weapon ranks. And the same applies to basically every skill that you mentioned.

Practical skills? Either the last three as a Sniper, or Replicate and Poison Strike. (Shuriken Breaker is also easy to get, but I do not know the Ninja ‘density’ in Revelations.)

If you are simply buying skills, then no recommendation is necessary, for you can make a unit as broken as you please to.

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