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Husbando/Waifu mafia Day 3!

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you're relying on violer living. i'm a martyr who makes all actionz on a specific person, including lethal actions, target myself. 

i'm also strongwilled, so i can't be roleblocked. that means any protection you might be able to offer her is null and void. you've lost.

i'll even give you my full role. i'm the forgotten strongwilled beacon of hope, and you are my last opponent.

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Day 6 arrives as everyone gathers.

One person was found dead.

All might died in the night.


All might was Forgotten Strongwilled beacon of hope.

Day 6 has started.  Votes are doing regularly now.

With 3 people alive it takes 2 to hammer.  You have 48 hours.

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Just now, Aizen said:

It's your call Violet. 

Real talk? It'd be pretty funny if Violet just didn't ever vote and went for a UL. Like, she can't win anyways so she's not even dicking over her faction.

Of course, I'd prefer to win but yeah.

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