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Traditional Painting of Berkut Giveaway! Winner Selected!

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Hello everyone! I had been considering a few different paintings for giveaways, but since I bought my metallic paints I decided to paint Berkut to test them out. As I was close to finishing him, I decided that he would be a great give away for Serenes! I put a picture of the canvas in the spoiler tab bellow, because it's a pretty big picture.



To enter, simply post on here and everyone gets assigned a number depending on when they post. The winner will be randomly selected via random number generator, so I'll keep a list of everyone that enters on the post and on my phone. The giveaway ends two weeks from now, on August 28th at 6 PM EST, and I am willing to ship worldwide. The winner has a week to message  me their address, or I will redraw a winner. I can typically get to the post office on either Friday ot Saturday here lately. 

Berkut's canvas is 8" x 10" and comes in a black frame. The canvas itself is smaller than the frame; it can stay in, but it does pop out occasionally. I would be alright with hot gluing him in the frame, if the winner wants me to. We live in a smoke free home, but we do have pets. If you do win, you have to be alright with giving out your address. If you're under 18, you should get your parent's/guardian's permission before giving away your address. 

The spoiler below is the list of people who have entered. Good luck to everyone entering! Depending on interest, I would love to do more giveaways.

So the two weeks are up, and a winner has been chosen. I posted a screenshot of the generator in with list of people that entered! Thanks to everyone who entered; I would love to see you next time I do another giveaway!


Joe Cool
This boi uses Nino
Loki Laufeyson
Congratulations Heruseus! I'll go ahead and send you a message!


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Sure why not

(just give it to cargo if I win tho (not like I ever win anything ) if that's ok)

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I added everyone's names to the list. Thank you all for entering; it's already got me even more excited for this!

On 8/14/2018 at 9:17 PM, Pengaius said:

Sure why not

(just give it to cargo if I win tho (not like I ever win anything ) if that's ok)

That's perfectly fine!

On 8/15/2018 at 1:57 AM, Joe Cool said:

Paging @Specta since berkut is one of her bois.


also OP, it's fun to do this stuff. You should try doing some more armored dudes with those paints!

I have a few in mind right now, actually! Xander, Leo, and the Black Knight would be great. I also went to three different Walmarts to get some red metallic paint for Zelgius.

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