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Fire Emblem S rank run Chapter 13x

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Here's chapter 13x. That was simple enough. No need for rushing, since no matter what one does, that's 8 more turns to the count. Current turn count stands at 26.

Great growths all around as well, so all in all, this was the best outcome possible with only a few exceptions:




Marcus got a typical Marcus level, kind of meh.


Serra is going well.


Rebecca doesn't disapoint


Hector being Hector


Couldn't care less about Dorcas, but I will put it here anyway


Matthew is going places


Eliwood wins the contest for biggest growths


Same as Marcus, kind of meh.


Oswin could be better, but hey, DEF, so isn't bad at least.







The strategy involves using Matthew to rescue the village, rather than Marcus, thus leaving him some free time to tank the enemies up north. Guy assists him by getting rid of any obstacles.

 from there, it was simple, and even got Rebecca to kill the boss, instead of wasting it on Marcus.




Is this supposed to be normal? For some reason, the menu is red. Don't remember this happening on my other S rank playthrough

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Keep it in one topic.  There's no need to start a new one every time you complete a chapter.

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