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Help salvaging HHM S-Rank


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I’m doing my second ever attempt at S-Ranking HHM, and I just beat Living Legend. I’m easily at 5 stars for everything except for EXP, which is already at a pitifully low 3 stars. 

Basically I’m curious as to what strategies I can take to salvage the EXP rank with the large quantity of turns I’ve saved up so far (I haven’t done the math yet but I’ve beaten every chapter below the threshold). 

Right now my conundrum is deciding whether to attend Genesis. It’s obviously a massive pain in the ass, but the requirements all around are so lax, especially EXP at a mere 600 for a chapter brimming with promoted enemies. 

Also, I’ll likely be attending Lloyd’s FFO; I did Linus’ last time I played and didn’t think it was really worth it. 

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You will get MUCH more experience from Genesis than you need for its 5-star requirement.

I wouldn't be so hard on Linus' version of FFO, to be honest: You could easily get 1500 experience just from the arena in that chapter (to say nothing of the regular enemies) while still getting 5 star Tactics. (15 turns at the arena, 3 arena fights per turn, and an average of 33 EXP per arena fight would come to about 1500; and that's assuming that it takes 7 turns to get your forces up to the arena.)

Crazed Beast also has plenty of reinforcements and is also a good chapter to gain lots of experience.

Make sure you use your lowest-level characters, because they will get much more experience than your highest-level characters. If you've played EHM, you should know this, although it isn't as much of an issue in HHM.

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Thanks for the insight. 

I did Genesis and it pulled me up to four stars for EXP, though it’s still easily the rank that concerns me the most. 

Currently on Lloyd’s FFO and really regretting not looking at the EXP threshold beforehand; it makes absolutely no sense that it would be higher than Linus’, which is bigger and has way more enemies. I’ll probably play it pretty slowly so that I can get as much EZP as possible before luring Lloyd over to the forts around turn 7 or 8. 

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I can't help too terribly much with this not knowing your unit levels, but Chapter 25 of HHM has a lot of weak enemies that could be used to bolster your EXP rank. Just bring some low level enemies and support them. You might have to sacrifice a few turns for it, though, so it might take some strategy/management.

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