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Rules and whatnot - READ BEFORE POSTING

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This forum is for INTRODUCTIONS.  Here's answers to some common issues:

I can't post outside of Introductions!

It's probably time-based.  Please be patient.

I can't make topics!/I can't get on Discord!

That's based on your post count (no, I'm not going to tell you how much it is in public, I hate spammers).  Interact with the community for a bit, and you'll eventually be allowed to make your own topics.  Far from the Forest doesn't contribute towards your post count!

I forgot my account information!

Contact someone on the staff.  If you absolutely need to make another account for this, PM the admins immediately, and explain your situation.

Why did I get a warning?

Read the Code of Conduct.  If you still have questions, ask politely!  If you're still not happy, you can appeal to the admins.


Any non-introduction topics from here on out will be deleted (as in, you dedicate more of the topic to a question than an introduction).  Repeated infractions will be grounds for a warn.

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