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My thoughts (lost all alone?) on fates.

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Hello everyone. This is a semi emotional rambling on my experience with Fates. The past two years with it have been unforgettable. I'll never forget my first experience with Birthright. Birthright was my first ever Fire Emblem game. I've played strategy games and rpg's before, but this...it was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

I fell in love from the first chapter, even before that. I felt that Lost in thoughts all Alone was so emotional. As soon as I heard the song, I knew I had to get the game as soon as I could.

I continued through the chapters, shocked at some of the game's darker moments. Flora...Elise....

And then what happens to Azura. And then the ending. It was all I could do to keep from crying. I knew I had to get the next path as soon as possible.

And obtain it I did. The difficulty spike was...interesting. I had a remarkably difficult time with the early conquest chapter with all the faceless, the chapter where Silas is introduced. But I adapted. Through multiple playthroughs, I eventually defeated Conquest multiple times on Lunatic/Classic difficulty. But the experience, it was just as gut-wrenching as the first playthrough. Actually, even more so. To go against my former companions, and after seeing what happens to Ryoma. Again, I came very close to crying.

But I triumphed, again left with a very bittersweet feeling. I felt even more compelled to play the final playthrough. And I did. The first chapter of valla. Just the three of us against our true enemy with both kingdoms branding us traitors. I haven't felt so immersed in a game since the first time I went into the Phazon mines in Metroid Prime. But I continued.

To my delight, I was able to recruit units from both sides. It was such an amazing feeling. Having the best of both worlds. Hosidan and Nohr. Not only with all the units, I love every single one from both sides, but having both Dusk and dawn dragon statues. The ability to forge weapons from both sides and resources from both sides. It was wonderful.

I wanted to jump for joy the first time I saw the truce established between the kingdoms. That feeling only increased when characters married from opposite sides. Particularly, Ryoma and Camilla. or Xander and Hinoka. Or Oboro getting over her hostility towards Nohr by marrying a Nohrian, such as Benny. I continued through the story, through the various developments and ominous atmospheres. I was heartbroken over Scarlet's fate. And I literally gasped when I realized what Arete meant in the chapter Arete Undone. I continued and continued to love the music and atmosphere more and more. I never get tired of hearing Flickering Illusion or Oblivescence. I reach the end of the game, not knowing what to expect...but I certainly didn't expect the final boss take up a third of the screen. I was awestruck. I was mildly disappointed he's easier than Conquest's boss, but still a very compelling boss nonetheless.

The ending, seeing both sides with characters I love have true peace. I loved it. Such a happy ending. No dead siblings, no bittersweet feelings, no dead Lilith or Azura. It was one of the most emotional experiences I ever had.

But I still wasn't done. Over the next two years, I played through each path again and again, at least 5 times each path. I have spent far more time on this game than any other, dwarfing even my time with the Xenoblade games.


But now, it's all over. I just finished Revelation for the last time. It was highly satisfying defeating the boss in Chapter 27 in one turn. Inspired by my experience in conquest, I used Camilla armed with pass and movement enhanced with boots and rally movement to fly straight to the boss. Corrin highly boosted with having all her stats rallied, then rainbow rallied on top of Rainbow tonic made short work of the boss with a brave sword. This was even more compounded with Quixotic, Astra, Swordfaire and Death blow skills. Having Corrin be in the Hero class was a lot of fun.

As for the Endgame, I wasn't able to dominate as completely. I made a mistake, and almost lost a unit. But everything worked out. I didn't even have to use the Bifrost I brought along for insurance. The battle ended with Takumi landing multiple criticals (Revenge for what happened in Conquest) while Tag Teamed with Corrin. When I saw the ending again, I cried a little this time.


It's been such an incredible journey the past two years, and now it's over. I do not believe I'll play through the story again for a long time. I'll never forget. The experience has brought me a great deal of comfort as the past two years have been filled with real life challenges. Recently, I lost my Grandmother and soon I'll lose my Father to brain cancer. On top of that, doctors say it will be extremely difficult for I and my wife to ever have children. There indeed has been heartbreaking moments, but I was able to gain a lot of inspiration and courage from Fates and the other Fire Emblem games I've played, namely Echoes, Awakening and Fire Emblem GBA.

Part of me still can't believe my first ever Fire Emblem game is coming to a close. Such a bittersweet feeling. This feeling is further enhanced by listening to Ember of Hope while I'm typing this. I know Fates, in particular Revelation has mixed reviews. Indeed, the game and story is not perfect. But for me, I couldn't ask for a better entry into the series.


To anyone who reads this, thank you for reading my emotional Fates farewell. I'm sad about closing this chapter, but I look with hope and anticipation with the chapters to come, real life and in the Fire Emblem arenas.


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Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the personal account; it was a good read.

The internet would be a better place if we had more posts like this instead of catty attempts to tear games down, and I don't only say this because I'm a big of the game.

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Finally took time to read this 

it really is nice to see someone genuinely enjoying the entirety of what Fates has to offer. I’m very glad you enjoyed all of Fates, and I’m happy you had this (these?) game(s?) with you through a difficult time.

this honestly takes me back to when I played awakening for the first time and how it wowed me, much like Fates did with you.

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