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Speculation on the next story chapter


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1 hour ago, Solaris998 said:

Ah alrighty thanks, knew it was based on the Cipher design just wasn't sure if it was official or fan art. Looks really dang good.

Anyway to post something related to the topic I've been waiting for Flora to make it in so I'm happy to see her, and her being a red dagger would be very interesting, just wish she came at a time when I had more orbs. I do hope GHB is Garon as opposed to Hans or Iago, been waiting to see what they would do with him and I'd rather not repeat the Warriors experience of Iago getting in over Garon.

Her banner seems to be the 14, and we're going to get more orbs with the tempest trials tomorrow (or today I'm in France so I don't know for you)

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It would be great to finally kill Surtur off.


It would be even better to have a free Hrid, because you know, he's a male OC. Although I would prefer Helbendi, he's looks way more handsome & I need more ax units.

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I so, so, so hope they kill Surtr. Hell, kill everyone and give us a new cast. Laegjarn is the only one I have much affection for, and even her I wouldn't be torn up about dying.


On 9/10/2018 at 4:06 AM, Vaximillian said:

Lyon and Julius are bad for this reason too.

Julius basically is Loptyr so I'm not even sure there's a point treating his character as possessed. Lyon is much more about Eirika and Ephraim having to come to terms with their friend having basically died while interacting with what looks like him and seeing how far he himself was willing to go so the possession works pretty well for his development in that regard. Once he's actually possessed, yeah, it's not really his character, but that's the tail end of his arc.


On 9/10/2018 at 5:00 AM, Humanoid said:

That said, I also like villains who are evil under their own steam. Not in a completely one-dimensional way like Surtr, sure, but in the same way actual evil people exist in the real world.

This so much. It's part of why I like Ashnard. He's unabashed about all the terrible things he's doing, but he also has a consistent and believable motive, if a bit of an off-kilter take on it.


On 9/10/2018 at 6:25 AM, Dayni said:

Either way, if we get Iago GHB I'm tempted to have him support Jaffar because the joke is right there and I can react with the obvious clip for the infernal difficulty.

Sometimes the jokes are too obvious but whatever.

Do it. Dooooo iiiiiit! Cliche, but it'd still be great. It'd be right up there with Roy being able to wield Xander's sword.


On 9/10/2018 at 8:58 AM, Etrurian emperor said:

So why waste a slot with Hans when you can just use that slot for Caellach and get a character that's actually good on his own merits. 

Caellach would be awesome, though I fear he'd be a little too similar to Linus to have much of a chance. Maybe they could differentiate him with skills, say Hoplon Shield as basically guard 5 or something. Then again, it's not like they're overly concerned with releasing characters, especially GHBs, that have basically the same statline as previous characters. Not like there's much you can do to get around that with BST distributed the way it is.

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