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The Leo & Takumi Magazines

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I got them the other day but I don't know Japanese so I'm not sure if there are some new info or what and I don't see anyone talking about it. That's why I decide to share some photos just... In case someone is interested to see what these things have inside.

First of all, there are no new art (unless you consider Niles, Oboro, Hinata and Odin as new, but these were already showed before), they used the games art and some of Heroes and Cipher.

The posters. These things are really big, specially together



These are the table content, you can see they are in different side, that's because Leo's magazines is like any magazine outside of Japan, while Takumi have the most common design in Japan:




The interview consist in Anna questioning Leo and Azura with Takumi, what they talk about? Not sure, sorry, but I were able to notice that both Takumi and Oboro calls Leo "Tomato ouji" .


Probably the most fun part is that one called "Dream Change". Is basically: What if Takumi and Leo exchange retainers between each others, their siblings and their kids. They leave Kiragi's and Forrest mother unnamed, specially because Oboro can be Kiragi's mom. Also Kiragi looks that is complaining about only having 1 retainer in Hisame


There is also a part with the retainers giving their impressions about Takumi and Leo's different costumes in Heroes (and Leo's dlc one)


And there is section with some Cipher art and Leo and Takumi's quotes


Some other sections include a timeline showing what Takumi and Leo were doing in the 3 games routes, their biography, relationship with the characters, the supports with both Corrins, their my room lines... And ther is even a section in which Odin and Niles share the recipes of some Tomato dishes and Leo's comments about them (yes it includes the recipe so you can do it yourself)

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