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What Is Good My Dudes

Luis Liberato

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Been around Serenes Forest for a good amount of time now but never really posted or got involved with the community. That being said I would love to join this incredible community of Fire Emblem Fans and discuss this series we all love so much.

A little about me, of course I adore Fire Emblem and my personal favorites would either have to be Genealogy of the Holy War and Heroes of Light and Shadow though Blazing Blade holds a special place in my heart thanks to its incredible characters.

I am also a pretty mediocre artist but do enjoy it a lot and enjoy music of every genre and when I say every genre I mean all of them. 

So ya hope to have a great time here and get to know some great people.

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i am glad that you love things op, please continue to do so


and train your art, none of us start good, we only become good by continuing to do and it sounds like you're on the path


please post a few times and then join us on the discord, it is a great time for all

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