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1. Use a guide. In fact, use multiple guides. A few guides for pairings, a guide or two on strategies for each chapter, guides on main mechanics of them game. You need to use these, I was in a similar position to you (I had admittedly played a few more FE games, namely Fates) and lets just say my first run crashed and burned. Here are a few sources to use. 


This one is in Spanish, and Google Translate isn't perfect, but they have general strategies, and maps with reinforcements and enemy placements shown.



These two are by Mek(k)kah, a pretty reliable source. Just don't pair Ayra with Dew, promise me that. It doesn't really end well. While you can play with any pairings, some are more fun than others.


This is a pretty decent Gamefaqs guide.

A quick google search will bring you more results. There are also some Youtube videos (If you ever go on to Thracia 776, ModelOmega has a full guide to every chapter in that game, and while he does make a few mistakes, it's overall reliable and helped me a lot with Thracia, as well as just being a fun watch)

2. Cav < Everyone not mounted

This is Horse Emblem, the game. Some units, like Lachesis (which has an R instead of an L in the latest translation patch for whatever reason), Leif, and Seliph gain horses on promotion, so level them up fast. You need a mount to get around in this game, since maps are so absurdly huge.

3. Repair and Arena. I'm combining these two because they happen at the same place. You don't really buy new weapons in this game, you repair old ones. Also, you never gain weapon ranks unless you promote, so you're stuck with a C in lances if that's what you have at base. You can buy some weapons, but those are at most 4 per chapter (which isn't a lot, one of each type). Also gold isn't shared, and that's where the Arena comes in. The arena has a finite number of units to battle with, but you don't die if you lose in the arena. That unit is only left at 1 hp, but they do lose that turn. So grinding is pretty easy, until you reach that one unit that you can't pass, normally the last one. Weapons do lose durability during the Arena, so keep that in mind.

Anything else important can be seen on the guides, or other people will probably add onto this.


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THis game has hidden items and items and events, many of which you can never realistically be found without a guide.



THe FE4 section of he main site is generaly really usefull.

One more that that no one mentions. THis game has a bunch of bugs that only happen if you play through the game without reloading a save at some point (which is common if you just use emmulater savestates instead of the actual save function). Save and reset the emulator at some point proir to chapter 4 to avoid a crash with the barrier sword event, and save and reset the emulator after the start of chapter 6 so that your hero has the right number of leadership stars.

Also, there is a glitch werein really long streches of time spent in the arena can cause empty level ups. exit after every few battles, and back out near the end of of REALLY long arena battles to the are "you sure you want to quit" scene, and then immediatly go back in.

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  • Mounts are your friend.
  • Read on the basics since fe4 is not like any other game in the series.
  • Sigurd is a top tier lord due to his prowess here. Never be afraid to use him.
  • Holy Weapon users are fairly relevant. However, Lewyn, Claude, and Briggid have kids that can inherit their respective holy weapons if they're in the appropriate class. I fully recommend trying Lewyn x Tailtiu for the sheer power.
  • Remember to get Lex's Brave Axe.
  • There's some older fe4 RTU and recorded runs on SF. check them out for fun. 


I fully recommend making sure every gen 1 couple gets set. First time players shouldn't be stuck with subs on a run.

Some other fun pairings I can recommend would be

  • Azel x Lachesis or Ayra for magic sword fun
  • Lex x anyone is competant since he gives paragon. It's better on physical melee units however.
  • Ayra is easy to pair. 
  • Midir or Jamka being paired with Edain leads to an easy to use Lester.


anyways just have fun.

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  • First thing is remember that FE4 has the largest maps in the whole series, but at least you can save every turn unless you moved one of the units.
  • If you do Arena or just visit town, you can still save after that. Try to get the most out of the Arena.
  • Also horse units have the advantage in this game not just because of the distances, but also because they can move after they attacked.
  • Try to recruit all the units that start as enemies. Ayra can be recruited after you saved Shannan, and Astra is really good. Talk to Jamke with Aideen, I find him a better archer than Midayle, even though he doesn't have a horse.
  • If you see a conversation is available between units, take it - often you can get rare items from that.
  • Feel free to use even some of the stronger weapons if needed, if the weapon has broken, you can still fix them at the blacksmith.

Halfway through the game you start a 2nd generation with the children of your heroes. Some conversations help units get bonus points in their relationships. There are some guides out there if you want information for pairing, I don't have too much experience with that.

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There is a unit called Dew. Try to visit the villages with him since he can give gold to other units. This way they can buy stat rings to improve their stats or the paragon ring to double the amount of exp they gain.

It would also be smart to give Sigurd the paragon ring and some other rings before the end of chapter 5.

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On 9/28/2018 at 1:14 AM, DarthR0xas said:

Just don't pair Ayra with Dew, promise me that.

I do think you're putting it down unfairly. Not that they can't work with others but to say that this is bad is a bit of an unfair shake imo.

On 9/28/2018 at 1:14 AM, DarthR0xas said:

The arena has a finite number of units to battle with, but you don't die if you lose in the arena. That unit is only left at 1 hp, but they do lose that turn.

Hilariously enough they don't. Seriously, the volume of arena abuse in this game is absurd. Hell, one trick you didn't mention is that you can save while doing arena so long as nobody's cone anything outside of the town (actually used their action, like healing, dancing or leaving the castle). So Arena abuse is as infinite as you can manage it.

On 9/28/2018 at 1:14 AM, DarthR0xas said:

Lachesis (which has an R instead of an L in the latest translation patch for whatever reason)

Nope, she's Lachesis again. Never forget Raquesis though, ugh.

One point not raised is related to criticals. Criticals happen in two situations, where the unit has it as a skill like Noish or if a weapon has over 50 kills on it (+1% for each kill over 50). Naturally enough you actually might want kills on more powerful weapons, as the crit can help with later situations. However, this is one of the few games where I think you don't really need them either in casual play. They also stack.

Aside from that, I'll just hint at the more out there recruitments. The first is pretty early on and has a swordwoman who won't join you until you take the castle she's standing outside and the talk to her. Thing is, she'll attack and she has a powerful skill to make things more difficult. The next two in Chapter two are one guy at the end of the arena who joins after you beat him and the second requires you giving him money (talk to him with someone with 10k gold). Aside from that, there's one guy pretty late on who will fight you unless you pass his castle, take the next castle in line and then take a child from there to the first castle to talk to him.

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You should try not to forget to use your units with Charisma and Leadership stars.

Also, you should try to pair up every female character with someone, as it has already been said, because the party you'll be playing with from chapter 6 onwards is entirely dependent on this! 

For the same reason, you should also try to train them all you can, as their stats will affect the stats of this future party.

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