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30 Day Fire Emblem OC Challenge

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Hey there. I had an idea for one of those "30 Day" challenges, but this time applying to Fire Emblem OCs. In short, it's a collection of common tropes/archetypes which have appeared multiple times across the Fire Emblem franchise. I don't mean to toot my own horn but this works as an art challenge and as a writing challenge, either way you can use the mediums to design a characters. I'll try to keep this as short as I can.


Day 1 - Lord
Your main character. The wonder child. Everyone knows them. Probably a royal of some kind.
Example: Alm, Eliwood, Eirika

Day 2 - Veteran
The lord's guardian. Often old, but sometimes young. Tends to be the best unit in the game.
Example: Jagen, Seth, Titania

Day 3 - Brash Horseman
A close ally to your lord. Rides a horse, usually wearing crimson armor. Expressive.
Example: Cain, Sain, Kieran

Day 4 - Calm Horseman
Another close ally. Rides a horse but usually in green armor this time. Relaxed.
Example: Abel, Kent, Oscar

Day 5 - Young Archer
An archer in training. Living proof that more range doesn't always make you superior.
Example: Gordin, Wolt, Wil

Day 6 - Strong and Tough!
A true paragon. Wears armor too big for any normal person to carry. Impenetrable.
Example: Draug, Arden, Gilliam

Day 7 - Youngest Rider
A young Pegasus Knight. Usually the youngest of a trio of siblings.
Example: Est, Shanna, Florina

Day 8 - Dedicated Priest
An individual dedicated to the church. Pious and true.
Example: Wrys, Serra, Moulder

Day 9 - Mercenary Leader
The leader of a Mercenary band. Employed to help your lord, brings his own goons.
Example: Ogma, Dieck, Gerik

Day 10 - Dual Fighters
The previously mentioned goons. Can wield an axe. Never seen alone.
Example: Bord & Cord, Dorcas & Bartre

Day 11 - Wild Rogue
A young delinquent, stealing all they please. Bit of a wildcard.
Example: Julian, Matthew, Colm

Day 12 - Mage in Training
Trying their best. Magic is hard, they're getting the hang of it.
Example: Merric, Erk, Ricken

Day 13 - Lone Myrmidon
A sole swordsman. Travels alone. Has people problems.
Example: Navarre, Rutger, Lon'qu

Day 14 - Underdog Villager
A lot of hassle for a good result. Just wants to do what they can.
Example: Ross, Donnel, Mozu

Day 15 - Middle Rider
A sorta-young Pegasus Knight. Middle sibling of the same trio.
Example: Catria, Thea, Farina

Day 16 - Another Lord?
A second lord. People tend to like them more than their first lord.
Example: Celica, Hector, Ephraim

Day 17 - Mage Secondary
Another magic user. Possibly even use a different type of magic. Shocker.
Example: Linde, Lilina, Nino.

Day 18 - Prideful Troubadour
A healer riding a horse. Often prideful, maybe a little too prideful.
Example: Clarine, L'Arachel, Maribelle

Day 19 - Draconic Rider
Another rider, but this time on a dragon. Tends to lead a platoon of some kind.
Example: Minerva, Miledy, Cherche

Day 20 - Late Underdog
Yet another trainee. Joins late, making the hassle even greater. 
Example: Amelia, Ewan, Atlas

Day 21 - Refreshing Minstrel
A dancer, or maybe a bard. Their skill can revitalize even the most docile.
Example: Silvia, Ninian, Olivia

Day 22 - Wandering Noble
First introduced as a mere traveler. Turns out they're actually heir to a throne. 
Example: Lewyn, Elffin, Joshua

Day 23 - Eldest Rider
Yet another Pegasus Knight. The eldest of the three siblings.
Example: Palla, Juno, Fiora

Day 24 - An Actual Dragon
Looks like a person, often a kid. Actually a dragon.
Example: Tiki, Fae, Myrrh

Day 25 - Limitless Potential
One of the last units you'll get. Starts weak, but beats the rest with time and effort.
Example: Est, Nino, Kurthnaga

Day 26 - Limited Power
Your final companion. Extremely powerful, but no room for growth.
Example: Gotoh, Athos, Caineghis

Day 27 - Initial Instigator
A villain. Likely the first major one you'll see. A bit mad.
Example: Michalis, Narcian, Gangrel

Day 28 - Loyal to the End
Another villain. Determined to stay loyal, even if it costs their life.
Example: Camus, Reinhardt, Selena

Day 29 - Archaic Mastermind
A sorcerer of insane power. Aims to resurrect a demon, a dragon, or both!
Example: Gharnef, Manfroy, Nergal

Day 30 - Royal Antagonist
The final enemy. Ruler of a foreign country, reaching their goal and letting nothing stop them.
Example: Rudolf, Zephiel, Ashnard

and hey have fun

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This seems fun, I'd like to join in on this.

Although I can't draw for poop.

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I'm no artist, but I am an amateur writer, and this sounds pretty cool! I think I'll save this for when I have more time, and I'll see what comes out of it! (Hopefully something good)

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We in it bois!

I shall begin work on this challenge tomorrow as a writing project. I will attempt to design and describe each character with the following template:

Archetype: Self explanatory, the trope being built upon during the current day of the challenge. Will probably also had the number of the day as well.

Name: The name of the character. If I'm making some kind of reference in a shallow attempt to look smart I'll explain it here.

Class: What the character is. A given for some archetypes but open for meddling, I think. In the case of unique classes or classes with multiple weapons I may note which weapon the character would probably have higher ranks in or what they're probably most commonly depicted as using in media.

Appearance: A physical description of the character and their general attire and aesthetic. In the case of Lords, probably a description of their promoted appearance as well.

Description: A run down of the character's, well, character. Their personality, who they are, any sort of details about the character that make them more than a function.

Crit Quotes: I've always found these to be fun snippets of characterization, so I'll try to whip up a couple to better exemplify personality.

The Crunch: I'm not going to hurt my brain trying to figure out actual bases and growths and how to balance them out, but I will give my thoughts on how i think the character would fare as a unit on the gameplay side of things and what their hypothetical growths and bases might prioritise or neglect.

Additional Notes: Any thoughts I had on the creative process for this character or just general trivia or headcanons that I had that just didn't fit anywhere else. 

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Archetype: Lord, Day 1
Name: Talo
Age: 16
Class: Ward
    Essentially a male troubadour. Staff wielding cavalry unit with light protection. Not much thought put into a promotion.
Weapon: Staff
    Normal healing staves, as well as his special staff Zephyr, which grants whoever he heals a temporary speed bonus.
    Short orange hair, no facial hair, well dressed, a bit small and frail for his age. Was born with sigil birthmarks on both of his hands, which lead many to believe he was the Messiah Horus.
    Ymir - Father
    Marjorie - Bodyguard
    Sai - Knight
    The soft-spoken son of Cardinal Ymir. Believed to be reincarnation of the Messiah.
    Lv :    1
    HP :    19 (65%)
    Mag:    6 (40%)
    Skl:    5 (30%)
    Spd:    7 (40%)
    Lck:    10 (60%)
    Def:    4 (20%)
    Res:    11 (55%)
    Con:    7
    Tot:    59.5 (310%)
    From the day he was born, Talo had been thrust in the limelight. His father, Cardinal Ymir, as well as many others believed that he was the reincarnation of the Messiah Horus who had saved their people from darkness centuries ago. Due to this, most if not all instantly drop to their knees and bow at the sight of him, something Talo is very uncomfortable with. With his father running the church and his mother removed entirely from his life, he found himself often alone with the tomes of his forefathers. He desires to be seen as a simple healer and to help others without feeling that he is worshiped. He also doesn't believe he really is the reincarnation of Horus, mostly because he has never felt any direct connection to his god, nor has his god ever spoken to him, which is something the ancient texts speak of when talking about Horus. However, he goes through the motions to keep his father and the kingdom pleased, and follows the rituals to keep peace and order.

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Archetype: Lord, Day 1. You know the type. Main character, gotta use them in every chapter, yadda yadda yadda.
Name: Prince Cyril of Cania - Prince of Daylight
Class: Canian Prince. (A member of the Canian Royal Family, trained in archery and tactics.) An infantry bow unit with unique skills and prf access. Promotes to the Sun Lord class (a legendary ruler of Cania, fighting astride a venerable Sun Crow), a flying unit with access to bows, spears and swords.
Appearance: Cyril is a youthful man with feathery, shoulder length red hair. Slender and slight of frame, more in line with gentler, more effeminate lords like Marth, Seliph and Eliwood as opposed to hunks like Chrom and Hector or youthful, boyish heroes like Leif and Roy. His clothing aesthetic is bright, rich but practical for travel, illustrating his innocence, position of priviledge and preference for travel and exploration over battle. Dressed in warm colours, Cyril wears a feathered cape (think the Sorceror class in Fates) of bright, fiery colours plumage.
Upon promotion, Cyril dons lightweight white and gold armour and a golden crown with a sun-like design at the back of the head (think Veronica, Kinshi Riders). His vibrant cape has become a cloak, covering the back and the right side of the body when at rest.
Description: At face value Cyril is your standard Marth styled FE lord, being gentle, kind-hearted,compassionate and caring little for bloodshed. He's the youngest child of the king of Cania; he has much to learn about the world and he knows it. He's a scholar at heart and eager to expand his horizons, and he begins the game studying tactics abroad. His kingdom is overtaken by usurpers while he's away, and he embarks on a journey of self-preservation as he seeks answers for the loss of his people and evades assassins looking to tie up loose ends. Unlike many of his fellow protagonists, Cyril is - by his own admission no less - a bit craven, which is one of the reasons behind his choice of weapon. The truth is that Cyril is keenly aware of his own frailty and squeamishness. While he fears the frontlines he still wants to be able to support those that fight on them. Throughout the plot of the game, he comes to terms with his fear of his own mortality and learns to stand on his own without fear. By the final act of the game, he is a proven warrior prince who is able to hold his own on the battlefield without compromising his desire for peace.
He serves both as the main protagonist of the game and as the army's tactician. He's doing his best.
Crit Quotes: "Last chance to yield, friend!"
"You'll want to see a cleric after this!"
"I survive for Cania!"
The Crunch: A bow lord!? Madness, absolute madness! Thankfully, Cyril has the tools to keep himself alive during the early game and the opportunities to become powerful later on. While his growths are focused on being a quick, hard-hitting unit, his bases at the beginning of the game have a decent amount of defense. This gives Cyril a bit of accident forgiveness, letting him endure hits from early game melee range units that an inexperienced player might expose him to. Like most lords, Cyril has a personal weapon that's effective against cavalry and armour, which adds to his utility in the first act. Upon promotion Cyril not only gains access to more weapons, but flyer mobility thanks to a giant mystical crow. During the endgame he also has access to a powerful new personal weapon: the Houyi Bow, a legendary dazzling bow that serves as the setting's Fire Emblem.
Additional Notes: The aesthetic for Cyril, his promoted class and his prf are inspired by the Chinese legend of Hou Yi, a master archer who shot suns out of the sky until only one was left. I may come back to this entry after making more characters and add possible support pairing options for Cyril.

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I've been toying with the idea of making a fangame for a lil' while now, but I've had trouble doing the characterization. Maybe this'll be a helpful exercise.

Day 1: Lord

Name: Mianne Di'Vestahl

Class: Stray Lord. Infantry sword lord. Reclass to a dagger/bow infantry class (Hunter?) or dark mage.

Promotes to sword/bow infantry, sword/dagger infantry, or sword/dark cavalry.

Appearance: 24 years old. Medium height. Light orange, shoulder-length straight hair. Grey eyes. Physique is a healthy balance of curves and muscle.

Wears leather armor on her shoulders and upper arms, as well as dark leather leggings. The rest of her body is covered by a pale purple cloth tunic that does show her cleavage and leaves her vulnerable. She wears a hair clip with a white piece of cloth above her left ear.

After promotion, the leather parts becomes tight-fitting metal armor. Her right hand (her sword hand) has a shoulder-length fingerless glove, and her left forearm has a metal gauntlet.

Background: The daughter of the late duke Di'Vestahl, whose attempts to secede from the increasingly militaristic Empire were met with a swift beheading and the killing of most his immediate family. After barely escaping from the slaughter at the age of 18, she found shelter in a kind old woman's home living far from society. She learned how to sew and work leather, and trained her sword arm, until one day a handful of imperial soldiers show up at their door.

Personality: Stoic in appearance, she is almost entirely motivated by her desire to enact revenge on those responsible for her family's destruction. Somewhat tactically-inclined, her strategies often revolve around clearing a path so she can make a beeline to her targets, with little regard for her personal safety. She does seem to care about her citizens and insists on personally meeting new recruits, but she has no interest in what will happen to the dukedom after she has met her goal.

Crit quotes: 

- Don't stand in my way!

- It will only take a second.

- Imperial scum.

The Crunch: 

Bases are fairly balanced, but growths tend towards glasscannonery, with a noticeable lack of luck.

Skills promote either dense enemy phases, dueling, or opportunist shots, depending on promotion path.

Personal skill:

Mianne grits her teeth in the face of misfortune, surviving critical hits with 1 HP.


Yes, the art in my avatar inspired this.

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This seems like fun. Haven’t had to think of characters for a while should be fun. Been playing Last Promise recently, hope it didnt rub its writing quality onto me.


Day One: Lord

Name: Rukas

Class: Tea Lord. Staff Lord. Promotes to a Chanyou Lord, a Bard unit, in the latter half of the game.

Appearance: 22 years old. 5’7(170cm).  Medium length jet black hair fashioned into a ponytail. His physique is not prepared for what war needs from men. Very lanky.

He wears dark grey robes with a gold sash with his family’s name in the fabric. Wears geta shoes

Description: A very aloof person at the beginning with not a sense of foresight. Knows a lot about the culture of the different kingdoms in the land, and is very knowledgeable about ceremonies held specifically. After his first experience with the war he chastises himself for his incompetence and tries to better himself.Often relies on his Veteran to make up plans as he eventually grows into leading the group. Eventually focusing on long range tactics and weathering out opposing forces.

Crit/Death Quotes: He wouldn’t have any, as he isn’t a combat unit, so I’m not giving him any. If I decide to change him so that he can fight, I will add crit quotes. To compensate, here’s a death quote instead. He has two based on whether or not he’s promoted.

Unpromoted- M-Master was right about my decision..

Promoted- I am glad I be given the respect to die amongst comrades. I’m sorry everyone.

The Crunch: Rather bad bases in everything except for his skill and luck . He’ll have good growths in Magic and Res, and Skill. He’ll have mediocre growths in HP, Luck, and Speed. And a really bad Defense growth. E Staff Rank, as he took it up only recently. Focus on a nonviolent lord not because he doesn’t want to fight, but rather is too weak to properly fight and decided to focus on politics and pleasures instead. Pretty good utility unit and even better when he promotes. I’m a bit tired of physical lords so I thought this was a neat idea.

Additional Notes: Inspiried by the Tea Master Rikyu.

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13 minutes ago, JokesoftheMonth said:


This is a really cool concept and one I can get behind. Love the idea and its execution!

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3 minutes ago, Stercus said:

This is a really cool concept and one I can get behind. Love the idea and its execution!

Wow that was quick, and thanks, I was wondering about how to make a unique Lord. Glad to see people like the idea.

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Day One: Lord

Name: Thalia

Class: Lord (standard, sword wielding protagonist). Promotes into a cavalier lord, gaining a mount and access to lances.

Appearance: Thalia is a girl of average physique, with shoulder-length red hair and fair skin. She wears formal clothing befitting of her high status (I envision it like Morag from Xenoblade Chronicles 2). She is twenty-five years old.

Description: Thalia is the crown princess of Acleia, and acts with grace and formality befitting of her station. She is incredibly mature and competent, and resists the help of others in order to assert her capability. She lacks compassion, and only really wishes to help out her country to gain prestige.

Plot and Motivation: Acleia had been in a trade war with its neighboring country of Sadan for many years, but only recently was the queen, Thalia's mother, assassinated, and she was forced to flee the capital in the turmoil. Her uncle, Lawrence, took over as regent, and prevented Thalia from returning to Acleia, allowing him to enact a tyrannical rule. Thalia thus gathers a group of her most trusted retainers and allies to take back what is her right, and uncover the truth behind Lawrence's betrayal.

Growth Rates: (total to 325, same total as Eliwood)

HP: 70%

Attack: 45%

Skill: 65%

Speed: 50%

Luck: 30%

Defense: 45%

Resistance: 20%

Constitution: 6

Movement: 6

Affinity: Thunder

Weapon Ranks: D Swords

Recruitment: N/A

Starting Equipment: Thunder Sword (PRF, Stats of a Thunder Tome, 40 Uses, targets resistance but halves MT when attacking at 2 range), Iron Sword, Vulnerary

Unpromoted Death Quote: "I can't go on..."

Promoted Death Quote: "I've failed everyone... so this is my fate."

Notes: I imagine this as a GBA Fire Emblem game, thus why I included stuff like affinity and con, and didn't give her a magic growth. Thalia's a bit of a twist on the standard fire emblem lord, being less compassionate and more of a tactician. Statswise, she isn't particularly unique, but her personality is intended to contrast with goody two-shoes types like Corrin and Eliwood.

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Well,  it’s day 2 now, I guess I should make a Veteran now.

Day 2: Veteran

Name: Hamanchi

Class: Falcon Knight 

Appearance: Definitely an aged face. His hair is cut short, and an incredibly light gray, close to white. Around 5’10(178cm, rounded up). His body is toned, but isn’t big enough to where his Pegasus is hurt by carrying his mass.

He wears a faded red set of light armor, covering his shoulders, chest, upper legs, and feet. Covering the armor is a decorative set of white feathers. Under the armor is a set of long sleeved black shirt and pants.

Description: Hamanchi is has set his beliefs and ideals based off of his country’s old ideals, and is strict about upholding them. He often scolds Rukas for his lolligaging and tomfoolery and wishes for him to be able to properly handle himself and his current situation. Before the war, he was the main warrior training new recruits, being well known for leading the current king’s militia long ago. He has a fondness for games like shogi, and often gives Rukas pointers when they play. Rukas eventually surpasses him in shogi over the course of the game.

Crit/Death Quotes: 3 Crit Quotes, 1 Death Quote

-Don’t disrespect me!

-Doves flying high!

-My Liege will not falter!

Death Quote

-Struck Down, here? M-My Liege..


The Crunch: Probably one of the best if not the best unit in the game. Really solid bases in everything except defense, with a noticeably high speed, and a below average attack. His growths aren’t too good excluding his speed, which combined with his base is enough to double most of the game’s enemies. He’ll eventually have offensive and durability problems. Primarily focuses on swords, though starts with A in Swords and B in Lances. He has a personal weapon known as the Ward’s Blade, which gives units nearby a +5 to their defense and resistance, but has no attack and weighs him down by a lot. Probably will be used often to help Rukas survive considering the lord’s poor defense. He also has a steel lance.

Additional Notes: Hachiman, divinity of war is the main inspiration for him. Main reason he’s focused on flying and doves due to the animal being his symbolic animal.



Wow that took a while, I haven’t had time to read anything else Incase any new posts have come up when writing this, but I also forgot to mention in my last post that I’m rather fond of Stercus’s Bowlord idea moreso than the others I’ve seen, atleast from a gameplay standpoint.

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1 hour ago, Epoch5 said:

Thalia’s sheet. There’s a lot here so trimming it down would be nice so the page doesn’t get clogged up.

If any of the characters you make are related to the story Thalia is in I could see some fun stuff with her narratively, but I’m more interested in how you managed to make her not as bad as most Sword lords are. Giving her a 2 range sword with thunder stats is rather strong, and pretty interesting. I’m assuming that the sword weighs as much as her con of 6. When do you think she’ll promote?

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Ooh, this is a fun concept. I should probably try it out.

(also it was Day One when I started working on this so I might as well post it)


Lord (Day One)

Name: Malcolm

Class: Marksman (Essentially a Lord that uses bows. He promotes into a mounted class similar to a Ranger or Nomadic Trooper, except with Lances instead of Swords.)

Appearance: Malcolm is a young man of around 18 years, somewhat tall and thin. He possesses short, pine-green hair and similarly green eyes. The guy possesses simple, light armor with a single shoulder plate and rather typical archer gear, all with darker colors, mostly blues and greens. Malcolm's expression and posture are carefree and relaxed, indicative of his personality.

Description: Malcolm is an archer in training from a noble family in Corus, the home of the continent's largest religion. As a child, the man he admired most was an individual named Calvin, a soldier who fought as a mercenary twenty years ago in one of the land's most notorious armies. His constant fantasizing and daydreaming led to him not taking things very seriously, a problem which only got worse as time went on. Despite his attitude, Malcolm did have one thing to focus on: Every day or so, Malcolm would practice his archery in an effort to join the Corusan military. Though his parents never entirely approved of his career choice, they understood that there was no stopping him; after all, this was the first time he seemed to truly care about anything. This wound up working out for him, as he ended up being recruited into Calvin's group, being taken in by him as a pupil of sorts. Not all was well, however, as soon soldiers of Corus began dying unexpectedly, with the culprits seeming to be higher-ups in the military. Malcolm wound up deserting along with a group of army recruits and his tutor Calvin to avoid the killings. They stayed in hiding for roughly a month until noticing increases in bandit attacks and soldier slayings. Frustrated with the inaction, Calvin decided to get everyone together to take action into their own hands, and forcing Malcolm to take a  co-leadership role to improve his character. Despite Malcolm's reluctance,  a desire to avoid letting his idol down resulted in him accepting this role.

Crit Quotes: 

"I've got my sights on you."
"Stand still, already."
"This is my lucky day."

The Crunch: Malcolm is somewhat reliant on his ability to land critical hits, with high Skill and Strength growths and decent Speed and Luck. Putting him in harm's way is generally a bad idea, as his defenses early on are pitiful, but he does have a personal weapon that boosts his defense to help with this. He's something of a glass cannon, with high bases by archer standards, but his defenses will remain low without stat boosters. Promotion is ultimately where he shines, however, thanks to his high promotional gains and access to Lances, making him one of your most versatile and powerful units; the only issue is getting to that point. Overall, he should remain at least decently useful throughout the game, even in spite of his bow lock.

Additional Notes: Malcolm took most of his design inspiration from various archers through the series, such as Wil or Ronan.

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Archetype: Day 2, the Veteran. Colloquially referred to as the Jagen. A powerful unit that outstrips the other early game characters by a wide margin but can be dangerous to overuse, due to typically lower growths than their younger companions and the very real risk of them hogging all the xp.

Name: Lady Joanna - The Wolf of Cania

Class: Paladin (Starts with Lances as her highest ranking weapon.)

Appearance: Usually sitting atop a dark brown war horse in dark barding, Joanna is a surprisingly tall and imposing  woman for her age. She has put on some winter weight due to her relatively sedentary lifestyle the past few years, and it shows in her full, round face and her robust figure, particularly when she's in her chipped and scarred royal blue armour. Joanna's hair is a faded grey, but not quite white yet. It's held in a prim and proper bun at the back of her head, with a simple but elegant red hairpin stuck through it. Joanna has a warm, friendly smile, and often has her eyes closed in thought. While she is clearly regal and capable of holding her own, its obvious that the ravages of time have worn her down and she's ready to take a break.

Description: A proud knight and a prouder grandmother, Joanna has served three generations of the Canian royal family with honour and loyalty. Called the "Wolf of Cania" by reverant subordinates and fearful enemies alike, Joanna serves Cyril as both his personal bodyguard and his instructor in the ways of tactics and strategy. Technically no longer a standing member of the Canian army, Joanna sees her duty as Cyril's personal tutor as a well earned clerical job after a life of war and conflict. Things take a turn, however, when Castle Cania falls while she and Cyril are out of the country. Now she takes up arms once more, serving as her master's sword and shield despite the fear she holds for her grandson Casval, who was stationed as a castle guard.

Warm and cordial, Joanna is easy to talk to and easy to get along with. She enjoys being around the young and has a passion for teaching that she's only discovered in the twilight of her life. Her support conversations with the younger members of the army have her behaving in a suitably grandmotherly fashion, while her supports with older characters tend to be more sobering affairs, often focused on worldbuilding.

Crit Quotes: "Watch closely, pups!"
"I'm not mad, just disappointed."
"The wolf is back on the hunt!"

Death Quote: "It's been a long, hard road... I suppose I could... take a short rest..." 

The Crunch: Joanna's greatest asset is her defensive statline. With exceptional bases in HP, Defense and Resistance, there's very little that can put a dent in the mama wolf. Her growths for her defensive stats are also very respectable, and while her attack power is middling and her speed growth is next to none, she does her job as Cyril's early game babysitter exceptionally well, whittling down enemy fighters while forming a near impenetrable wall between herself and Cyril. Like many veterans, she can be one of the best units in the game with proper care and moderation. Of course, she can easily be outstripped offensively by either of the early game Christmas Cavaliers, and the early armour knight could be a more well rounded tank should they promote to a Great Knight.

Additional Notes: Joanna was originally conceived during the Serenes Forest discord server's Together We Draw communal art project. I'm a far better writer than I am an artist.

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Interesting- I'll join in as one of those people who's bad at drawing and also writing but finds my own writing easier to pass off as good and so submits scribbles. I'll try and make things up from scratch for this, instead of pulling anything from my idea hat. Since it's still day one on my clock-

Day 1- Lord



"Certainly it would be to the advantage of each of us to work out a deal?"

A suave young man from the distinguished house of Scipio, in the Confederate Consulate of Oster-Sudemhof. Fitting with his family's nature, Kato is cunning and persuasive, charming and perceptive, with all the talents needed by a politician in a bloated bureaucracy. When his uncle's term in the senate is cut short by his unexpected death, Kato will launch his own investigation that will lead him to uncover a dark conspiracy in the festering underbelly of the union.

A dark complexion and sharp features lend Kato a useful handsomeness, a smooth voice an essential ability to convince others. Though quite thin, he hides any scrawniness under his abundance of confidence. Not above trickery, he is none the less unwavering from his loyalty to family and justice- in some form. His stubborn commitment to them both will lead him into many trials.

As leader of a small army, Kato relies primarily on wit and clever strategy, avoiding fights or stacking them in his favor. He'll seek allies where he can and strike where his foe is weak. This is reflected by his function as a unit.

Kato is a knife-wielding infantry, focused primarily on debuffing enemies from a safe distance so his allies can more easily secure victory. High skill helps to land debuffs and critical hits, without which he won't be scoring many kills himself. High speed and luck let him double regularly and grant excellent evasion. Despite that, Kato's otherwise low stats mean he should remain a support unit.

His unique weapon, the Trombash, lacks the regularly horse and armor effectiveness, but compensates by being really good. It has high crit and is one of the strongest knives available for about half the game, but the real attraction is its debuffs. Enemies struck will suffer significant penalties to speed and defense, making plenty of way for your allies to swoop in for the kill. Boosting it further is Kato's unique skill, which debuffs enemies near successfully debuffed targets.

Critical Quotes:

  • "Do forgive me-"
  • "Your time is nigh, I'm afraid."
  • "How unfortunate!"

Death Quote: "What...a tragedy! Mother...father...forgive..."


Edited by AnonymousSpeed

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Gonna do both day one and day two :D

Archetype: Day One - Lord.

Name: Theo.

Class: Apprentice. Effectively the same as the Tactician from Awakening with the ability to use both swords and tomes, though for Theo herself there's generally a preference towards fire tomes.

Appearance: Shorter than average - standing at about 5'1" - with a lithe and delicate frame that says she's probably never worked a day in her life. Long, wild and untamed red hair, green eyes, fair skin. As an Apprentice she wears a green tunic that buttons up in the front, tan pants, a green cloak that is tied at the neck, though the hood is often kept down. Basic brown boots.

Upon promoting, Theo's hair becomes tied back in a long and manageable braid, and she adorns a diadem on the top of her forehead. Black pants with brown and gold boots, a longer and clearly better made tunic that is green with gold trim, and a hoodless cape that matches. 

Description: Theodosia - Theo for short - is the princess of the country of Falamh... not that she remembers that fact or really has ever acted like it. She is brash, reckless, and headstrong, ready to act at any given moment without really so much considering what they might mean in the long run. Outwardly she appears as though she is selfish and perhaps more than a little bit self centered, but in actuality, she's a generally good-natured individual who ultimately just has a lot of growing to do in the long run of things. She has the makings of a good leader, even if that's not something that makes itself very apparent for some time, and struggles to understand the evil of men. She barely survived walking in on the assassination of her father, the king, at the hands of the Crown Prince of Falamh, and as a result of her escape has developed temporary amnesia and taken up peasant life at a village quite a ways away from the capital.

Crit Quotes: 

  • "Ye dinnae ken who ye're dealin' with!"
  • "Intae the pyre with ye!"
  • "Prepare tae meet the goddess!"

Additional Notes: Due to being the chosen wielder of her kingdoms' Sacred Weapon, Theo's end game is that she becomes the true ruler of the kingdom of Aurelia. 

Archetype: The Veteran

Name: Amara

Class: Gladiator - which is effectively just a renamed hero. Between axes and swords, Amara has a better skill level in axes.

Appearance: Tall - standing at about 5'11" - with light hair and dark skin, as well as shimmering gold eyes. Amara is built like a weight lifter - though she's not overly muscular she still looks like she could take down anyone if she really gave it a shot, and well, she probably could if she really wanted. She generally wears her hair in a ponytail in order to keep it out of her way when she is in a combat situation, and wears armor that evokes a Roman centurion and is gold in color. As a result of her heritage, she has wings on her back, though she cannot transform into a full beast (bird) man.

Description: Amara was once a priestess in the Church of the Goddess, but that was practically a lifetime ago now, before she was attacked and before the birth of her son. Now, she is the leader of the Fallen, also known as the Falamh Resistance Movement, which she founded in order to combat the Crown Prince's hold over the thrown as a result of his methods of gaining the throne as well as what has become of the kingdom since he took over. She is caring and compassionate and maternal, as evidenced by her relationship with her son, Theo, and the other young people in her charge - but she is no nonsense and a brutal instructor.

Crit Quotes: 

  • "May the Goddess watch over you."
  • "You should have turned back when you had the chance."
  • "Your first, and last, mistake was underestimating me!"

Additional Notes: Because I can't think of anything else to put here - she has a pretty big sweet tooth.

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13 hours ago, JokesoftheMonth said:

If any of the characters you make are related to the story Thalia is in I could see some fun stuff with her narratively, but I’m more interested in how you managed to make her not as bad as most Sword lords are. Giving her a 2 range sword with thunder stats is rather strong, and pretty interesting. I’m assuming that the sword weighs as much as her con of 6. When do you think she’ll promote?

I looked at everything that made Eliwood underwhelming (i.e. no 2 range, relatively spread-out growths) and got rid of it. I'm guessing she'll have a somewhat late forced promotion, but ideally earlier than other lords, because that's always a pain in the butt. Thanks for the complements on making her good!

And now it's

Day 2: Veteran

Name: Oberon

Class: Mage Knight (prepromoted, obviously)

Appearance: Oberon has somewhat long blonde hair, and wears robes inscribed with arcane sigils. He is somewhat short, but not overly fat. He is forty-seven years old.

Description: Oberon is Thalia's retainer and a retired captain of the Acleian guard. He was one of the most powerful soldiers in Acleia, but, due to his scholarly nature, retired from the army and entered the service of the royal family. Oberon is a somewhat stoic advisor to Thalia, giving her sound tactical advice, but worries about her ambition and lack of compassion, trying to help her see the good in others.

Plot and Motivation: Pretty self explanatory: He's loyal to the royal family and doesn't take kindly to the usurper Lawrence, though his motivations are more selfless than Thalia's, wishing to free the people from his harsh rule.

Growth Rates: (total to 250, same total as FE7 Marcus)

HP: 55%

Magic: 45%

Skill: 40%

Speed: 40%

Luck: 20%

Defense: 20%

Resistance: 30%

Constitution: 8

Movement: 7

Affinity: Anima

Weapon Ranks: A Anima, C Staves.

Recruitment: N/A, joins automatically in Chapter 1

Starting Inventory: Elfire, Fire, Heal Staff

Death Quote: "Thalia, how I wish I could live to see your victory..."

Notes: I've always wanted a magic Jagen. I would've given him a higher staff rank, but I didn't want a unit capable of warping given to you in Chapter 1, but I didn't want it to be overly a hassle to get to that point, so I gave him access to Barrier.

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Eh, I'll give it a try. But I think I'll start the day 3 archetype


Archetype: Day 3 - 'Brash' Horseman

Name:  Rygar

Class:  Axe Cavalier

Appearance:  Rygar has short Emerald colored hair and eyes, standing around 5'6" and around his early 30s. His armor is a deep burgundy with green trimming, however it's full of dents and dings from his training. He is often see riding his black maned , grey and white spotted horse. Always seems to have a smirk on his face.

Description: Rygar  is every bit a dreamer. Son to a Militia man, Rygar quickly learn how to fight dealing with bandits and dreamed one day to serve a lordling. At fifteen, he became the captain of the militia in his village, the youngest ever in his home land of Gwental on the island kingdom of Akavir. However, Rygar looked for a way out for he knew that he'd go nowhere. That time came five years later when a friend convinced him to join a troop of sellswords. It would be another twelve years before he was accepted to become a knight of the Lazarn,  another region of Akavir under the rule of Lady Oderra. It was there he was assigned to serve under her daughter, Lylanis. However, Rygar is not without his faults. He uses his spare time trying to pick up young maidens and practicing Axe throwing on his horse at full speed, to impress women, often getting hurt in the process. He also doesn't take care of his weapons very well, often needing new one. Almost always smirking, Rygar is rarely seen to loss his temper or become upset, but if such happens, many are taken back as it's never like him to do so. He also tends to be gullible towards beautiful women, often getting himself robbed or made a fool of, but he shrugs it off as if it was nothing. The one thing that Rygar doesn't like to speak of is his time as a mercenary,  as some parts of it haunts him to this day. He's caring for his family, but not in the traditional way, but the people he trains with. He himself has no family to speak of, or so he saids.

Crit Quotes: 

"Here, Catch this! The girls are watching me."

"This is as good for scrap."

"Either be more careful or try harder next time."

Death Quote:

"I..I bungled that hard...Sorry little.. bro…"

The Crunch: 

Rygar boast great strength and skill with an axe, coming in with a 'c' rank. His speed and Defense bases are also fairly well rounded for his class. However both his luck and Res are poor and his defensive growth is quiet shaky.

Additional Notes

His parents were killed during his time as a mercenary.

He's got a younger brother, but he hasn't seen him in six years and is believed to be dead.

Part of his character inspiration comes from Laslow(Fates),  Sain(FE7), and Kieran(PoR and RD).

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I didn't really like how my day one entry broke up a string of day two entries, so I'll throw my Day 2 entry in now.

4 hours ago, KKAfterbrun said:

Eh, I'll give it a try. But I think I'll start the day 3 archetype

Alright, that's a little funny.


Day 2- Veteran



"When I swore my blade to House Scipio, I did it so I could protect statesmen- not their sniveling brats!"

His relatively successful career in the Military of the Consulate was sandwiched between stints as a freelance mercenary, and these credentials allowed him to secure contract with House Scipio as a personal guardian to the family. Armond was very satisfied to work with wealthy and accomplished people such as them, until he was assigned to watch over Kato during the latter's investigation, which at this rate may last until either of them dies.

See, Armond doesn't respect people unless they've done something worth respecting. He wished to work for House Scipio because they were accomplished political figures, and his own sense of self worth perhaps derives too much from his veterancy. To be assigned to a young and inexperienced whelp is bad enough- never mind that he barely ever spoke to or saw Kato before. Despite this, Armond is quick to draw from his years of experience and offer insight found within, and follows the lordling without question. He's signed a contract, and he intends to see it through, and if a family he respects wants him to watch their child, his personal distaste is irrelevant in the face of honoring their wishes.

Armond is tough- not really in shape, he's honestly a bit stocky, but he's got that Wario muscle that comes from spending so much of your life doing man stuff, like killing people, while also stuffing your face at every meal. The guy eats very large meals. His hair is full of silver strands, but youthful black still shows through in that grand arch of his. Despite being the gruff-n-serious type, Armond spends too much time and beeswax perfecting that pompadour.

A member of the hero class with balanced stats all around, Armond has the potential to be useful for most of the game, but he'll end up quite a bit below your trained Hero units. He does have a couple advantages over them, though- an initial A in both Swords and Axes lets him easily hit either S rank and use most any weapon he'd need, and his skill and resistance are a cut above the other heroes you can have. Those aren't exactly the most useful stats, but there are moments when you might find use for them. Early on, he'll do his job just fine, handling enemies that are too tough for the rest, even with Kato's debuffs, but he'll fall behind around mid-game. His personal skill increases his hit but decreases his critical hit rate.

Critical Quotes:

  • "You're worthless!"
  • "End of the road!"
  • "Wide open!"

'Death' Quote: "Agh-! Stupid brat-! I'm not dying here because of your dumb mistake! I'm pulling back."

Armond will then spend the rest of the game in a strictly advisory role.


Edited by AnonymousSpeed

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And here we go with number two.


Veteran (Day 2)

Name: Calvin

Class: Ranger

Appearance: Calvin is a man of average height in his late-30s to early-40s, with yet more green hair (though it's closer to a chartreuse) and a generally rugged appearance. He wears a blue jacket with a grey undershirt and pants, along with the gear one might find on a typical archer. Clearly, Calvin does not care much about appearing professional, despite his position.

Description: Calvin is, much like Malcolm, a fairly reluctant leader. Back twenty years ago, he was a simple mercenary working to feed his family. He made a lot of friends and helped overthrow a dictator, and with this connection came fame. With the fame, however, also came uncertainty with what to do with his life, especially after his mercenary group was disbanded. He ultimately decided to join the military, and within the military he became something of an icon. His pre-established skill with a bow allowed him to take up a high position shortly after joining, and eventually he became a general, even if he disconnected himself from the rest of the military. Calvin, rather than worrying about political affairs, instead preferred to take in recruits and train them in a variety of weapons and combat styles. Though this helped make his trainees better soldiers, Calvin wound up growing rusty, and his own individual growth plateaued. He mellowed out a bit, too, growing more mature and distancing himself from his younger, money-loving self. One thing has remained, however: Aside from teaching, he really doesn't like being a leader. So, perhaps somewhat selfishly, when he and a group of his knights were forced to leave Corus, he had his pupil Malcolm help him lead the efforts to end the recent string of violence spreading across the country.

Crit Quotes: (I will also be including one non-Crit quote since his crit quotes don't do the best job of portraying his character)


"Here we go."

"You're just unlucky."

"I was never a good leader. Back in my heyday, I had a leader myself, and then my leader had his own leader. I was a follower through-and-through, so apologies if my abilities aren't up to snuff."

The Crunch: Calvin is essentially your early game crutch. A lot of his ability to do this stems from his weapon, a bow with very high durability but pitiful might. Outside of that, he's a fairly strong unit who will kill most anything in one round for the first few chapters. After a while, though, he usually ends up as a worse version of the Lord, but with swords instead of lances. Though one can if they wish to, there's rarely any reason to once one reaches the mid-game.

Additional Notes: 

-Calvin has a tendency to ramble and talk to his horse, who he named Tobias after an older friend who died not long before he received said horse.

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