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Summoner wishlist, who you want to summon


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From all the characters who are already in Heroes, who is missing from your squad/collection? There's too many units in the 5* pool, I'm pretty sure everybody would like to have at least a few of those units in their barracks. You know what, let's include reward units too, in case you missed them and you'd like them to return to us for another round. As for my personal picks:

Top Wants

  • Ayra: No question there are a lot of great sword units, and I have a lot of sword units, but she looks so good out of the box, I want to experience the greatness of Ayra.
  • Lewyn: Forseti is a skill I'm looking forward to use, it would make a lot of challenges much easier for me. 

Lesser Wants

  • Ishtar: she looks tough out of the box, asks me to plan against her specifically in the Chain Challenge.
  • Laevatein: love the art, and she has potential
  • LA!Lilina: with her I'd have all the Binding Blade characters.
  • LA!Lyn: my Armor Emblem is getting better, but I need magical attacks in it too. Lyn looks like an amazing choice
  • Ophelia: Missiletain and Rally Up Atk+ is enough reason
  • More Dancers: I can never have enough refreshers. Can you believe that I still don't have any version of Azura?

Ok, your turn.

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I really want Silas, Legault and Libra since they're all taunting me as 4*s that I like.

I would quite like Gray, Hardin, Helbindi, Laegjarn, L!Marth, Kitty Sakura and F!Robin, but more hoping they pity break me, since everyone I seriously wanted I have pulled for and obtained (unless they were obvious demotes, like the three above) :)

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If I had to pick five from the black spots on my catalogue, then it would be these people, from most most wanted to least most wanted:
Lucina, Julia, Linde, Sigurd, and Karla.

Lucina is at top 5 (maybe even top 3) of my favourite characters from all over the series, and despite the fact that she’s been on so many banners, all I’ve got was jack shit.
Julia has top-tier artwork, voice acting, and is overall extremely huggable and adorable. She stronk too.
Linde is another release unit whom I’ve never had a chance to get, but this time the problem is exacerbated by her appearing on banners exactly three times over how long, twenty months?
Sigurd would help me complete the Belhalla Academy trio and get closer to completing the Jugdral portion of my catalogue.
Karla is one of the pieces I need to complete this group photo of the best myrmigirls:

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Oh man where do I start? Since so few of my units are actually built, I want a lot of fodder units. I won't count those or merge units, though.

Dancing Ryouma, Christmas Robin, F!Grima, Mist, Vampire Henry, Summer Gaius, Halloween Jakob, Shiro, Horse Chrom, Mia, L!Ephraim, L!Hector, Dorcas, Quan, Saber, Genny, Gray, Katarina, L!Marth, Helbindi, Laegjarn, Charlotte, and bunny Sharena, to name a few, and only listing ones I haven't pulled yet. I'm missing a lot more than them, though.

Edit2: Also on the list are the upcoming Tibarn and Nailah.

Most-wanted: F!Grima, Gunnthra. (I think they tie.)

Runner-up: Dancing Ryouma and Maid Kagero.

Edit: May as well update this a little. I also want Owain, Kliff, L!Tiki, Bat Myrrh, Maid Kagero, Witch Mia, and Halloween Niles (atk/spd PP armor sounds like it'd be fun to play.) Among these, the ones I want the most are Owain, Maid Kagero, and Kliff.

Edit: More heroes have come into FEH! Though I got Hrid, Surtr, and Ylgr, recent pulls have upped Gunnthra in my priority list.

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My biggest desire is for a +10 flying blade mage. Not too fussed on who exactly, Peganino has the best stats but I'm well covered for green blade mages so I'd be just as happy with Summer Tana/Camilla. (I do have one -atk Peganino and Summer Corrin+1 but don't have the others.)

However that's kind of not answering the question. If I restrict the criteria to just getting one copy of a hero, exclude those I already have, and ignore natures, I'd say:

1) Summer Tana > Summer Camilla
2) Flying Olivia
3) Valentine's Lyn > Halloween Henry > Halloween Jakob > Winter Tharja
4) Summer Tiki

Where I list multiple units, they're in priority order but I also only need one of them, e.g. I want Tana more than Camilla, but if I got Camilla, then my number 1 most wanted would go to Olivia instead.

I was going to do a top 5, but it's kind of a blur after 4 really.

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I really need some of the newer Legendaries - i'm kinda getting tired of getting L!Ikes and L!Grimas, I have 3 of both. The most recently released legendary that I have is Lyn ffs. I don't even have a single Fire legendary, so I'm hoping to get Hector here.

Annd of course I get yet ANOTHER L!Ike from 95 orbs from one red summon I did after all the blue/green sniping.

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From the 4 star pool - Sothe.

From the 5 star pool - Sword Reinhardt, Fallen Celica (Chill Spd fodder), Quan, Brave Veronica, Myrrh, Lucina, Zelgius

Legendary pool - Ryoma, Marth, Hector, Lyn, Lucina


Units I really want duplicates of - 

Legendary Ike, Brave Ike, Innes, Lewyn, FMorgan, Sigurd, Regular Hinoka



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Ignoring the current banner (There are a few there I could easily add):

Quan- Entirely because Ethlyn.

Lewyn- I have quite a few infantry mages, but none can do it as well as he would.

Legault: Have still not pulled him or Sylvia. I would say I have been cursed with the fangs banner (Considering I got 4.75% focus with nothing to show and Canas was shafted by IS (Still salty about that)) except I got Peganino without much pain recently (barring -Atk). EDIT: I have gotten everyone except for Legault now. What the hell?

Ryoma: Some form of him would be nice, especially the flying form.

Catkura: Because SP grinding 4* dagger units is horrible. (IS, just give Axe and Dagger valour. Please!)

A dancer from the summer banner: Xander or Elincia would be nice.

Flylivia: Sword Uror, dancing flier and a great skillset? Why not?

The coloured summer units from this year (The red ones, Innes, Camilla): I got 3 pitybreakers from those banners. 3. That hurt. Linde was at least alright but still.

A not -Spd Chrissa: *Cries in July Legendary banner (I got Lilina and Lyn instead on the same circle. You get that?)

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Top Priority is Halloween Nowi, who I have been saving for since Summer. Hopefully I can get her.

I also want Halloween Sakura, Henry, and Jakob.

I would like Regular Elise, as I don't have her yet. I also want Lewyn, Ophelia, and Laevatein.

PA Olivia, Shigure, and Azura (as well as regular Azura), who I haven't pulled yet either.

And Myrrh has been evading me forever. 

I also want Leif so I can complete my Protagonist Emblem.

And my son, Kana, I really hope they re-run his GHB, I want my BOOOYYYY.

Duma Celica has also been evading me, and on that note, I need dad Alm and I would also like Gray.

Brave and Normal Lucina would also be nice, I only have L!Lucina~ Speaking of Braves, I also want Brave Roy. 

Oh and Summer Robin and M!Grima~

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Top wants:

  • INNES. His art is absolutely beautiful and I love archers, so I need him. He's the absolute nr. 1 on my wishlist.
  • Bride Ninian. See above really, her art is gorgeous, I need her.
  • PA!Olivia. I want to make a dagger team (don't laugh) and a dancer on it would be great.
  • F!Morgan. Cause she's a total cute and can always use more mages on my flying team.

Lesser wants (I would like to have them but not enough to spend all my orbs on):

  • Helbindi. I just dig the guy and would def use him as my main axe. Too many other units on the current banners I want right now to summon for him though.
  • Alm. I already have more than enough red swords but I really love his art so would still find a way to use him.
  • Exalted Chrom. Simply cause he's the only sword cav I like so I want him on the horse team.
  • Winter Tharja. Though her art has way too less clothes involved for my tastes, she does look pretty cute with those antlers and I just really want to replace Black Knight on the armor team cause I don't care much for him.
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As a collector-type I have too many units I want and I'm missing even more. I actually thought I was pretty picky about who I cared about, but my want list is still pretty big. I prioritize favorites but there's still a lot I've missed out on that I want to get too. The onslaught of seasonals and legendaries this year has made things more complicated for getting what I've been aiming for. I always seem to have 2-3 banners I want stuff off of but barely the orbs for 1.

Top Wants (I'm dying to get all these)

  • Ophelia (I must have her, but sharing a color on a 4-man banner and with Halloween coming so soon has kept me from going after her yet, unfortunately)
  • Lucina (I've summoned for her often and she just still refuses to show up after all this time)
  • Ryoma (The one Fates royal that continues to evade me. I don't care if he's outdated now, I still really want him to finish the collection)
  • Legendary Lucina (She looks amazing and I'd love to have her but I failed on her release banner)
  • Bride Charlotte (This gold digger took all my F2P orbs plus $100 from me in June as I proceeded to get 4 Caedas instead. I still want her really badly, but fuck shared color focuses. That's part of why I haven't gone in after Ophelia yet)
  • Summer Noire (I ran out of orbs in the crunch trying to get both Summer Cordelia and Camilla at the same time as even higher priorities, but I really want her too)
  • Genny (Come on game, let me get the sheep already)

Other big wants:

  • Summer Tiki
  • Summer Takumi (Both him and Tiki got left behind like Noire did as Cordelia and Camilla took all my orbs)
  • Hardin
  • Nephenee
  • Nina
  • Flora
  • Lyn (it bugs me that just like Lucina I still haven't seen her at all yet)
  • Summer Elise
  • Spring Lucina
  • Spring Alfonse
  • Spring Sharena
  • Dancer Xander
  • Dancer Ryoma
  • Dancer Micaiah (I basically skipped that banner after grabbing Elincia in favor of the legendary Marth one, but I still wish I had them all)
  • Mage Eirika

Bonus for units I'm dying to fix the IVs on.

  • F.Grima (+spd -atk)
  • Spring Catria (+res -atk)
  • Bride Ninian (+def -ak)
  • Bride Sanaki (+def -atk)
  • Mia (+spd -atk)
  • Delthea (+res -spd)
  • Brave Lucina (+res -spd)
  • Maribelle (+atk -spd)
  • F.Morgan (+def -atk)
  • Legendary Lyn (+spd -atk)
  • Winter Lissa (+spd -atk) (this one hurts the most)
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Of the units available right now my main priority would be more Micaiahs (the regular version). I'm currently saving up orbs right now, but if Micaiah were to appear as the sole blue on a banner I might try my luck. I'd need 7 more copies of her so I think I would need a lot of orbs, I currently have about 700 just now, so I'm hoping such a banner would be at least a couple of months away. Micaiah is the only remaining unit I'd like to get at +10, I have Zelgius and Camilla as my other +10 units so she would round that off quite nicely. After that I would start saving orbs until who knows when.

Units that would be a lower priority would be Brave Ike and Sanaki. I need Steady Breath to complete a unit build I have in mind, and Sanaki has appeared off-banner for me quite often so it would be nice to add a few merges and maybe get a +att/-def/spd/hp version. Bride Charlotte would be fun to get as well, I never managed to get her.

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I've been focusing on completing my catalogue, so the units I wish to summon are probably not because of power but because I'm missing them.

Top Wants

As a general norm, I don't pull on new heroes banners. I focus on reruns so I can be sure that the units are not being demoted or hype doesn't get the best out of me.

  • Alm  I wasn't lucky with Alm on his first rerun and the second was a nightmare with 4 red focus so I skipped it.
  • Saber Has never been rerun
  • Luke Has never been rerun
  • Amelia Pulled for her on 3 banners but no luck yet.
  • Zelgius Pulled for him on 3 banners but missed him too.
  • Lute Wasn't lucky during her legendary rerun. Hoping that changes during the ploy skill banner.
  • Bownoka and Maribelle Decided to skip their reruns as they will show up on future legendaries, hopefully alongside other units I want.

Units I'm waiting for legendary reruns

After getting most of my missing old units earlier this year through the skill banners, I decided to stop my usual practice of completing the seasonal banners on the first go durinf the first summer banner and focus on legendary banners so I'm not pitty broken by random units (chances of me getting one unit from the above list is pretty slim). 

  • Summer Innes Hopefully alongside LHector or a new legendary unit
  • Summer Tiki Hopefully alongside LIke, LMarth or a new legendary unit
  • Summer Linde Hopefully alongside a new legendary unit
  • Dancer Micaiah Hopefully alongside LIke, LMarth or a new legendary unit
  • Dancer Elincia Hopefully alongside LHector or a new legendary unit
  • WTOlwen Hopefully alongside LHector or a new legendary unit
  • Flyier Olivia Hopefully alongside LIke, LMarth or a new legendary unit
  • Sumia Hopefully alongside LLucina or a new legendary unit
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  • Mist. The one I want the most. She's the only Tellius unit, of regulars and alts, that I don't have yet. I've gotten pity broken by Saber. Twice. If that can happen with him, I'm hoping it happens with her, too. It's the only chance I have since I don't expect her to appear as a focus unit any time soon. Or ever.
  • Minerva. Every single time I've tried to pull for her, the first session has never had any Green. The subsequent sessions never had much luck either, and that's saying something considering how often she's appeared as a focus.
  • Tana. Every time she's appeared on a banner, I've always gotten pity broken by another focus. Not as bad as Minerva's case, but still kind of annoying.
  • Shiro. Husbando bias.
  • Gleipneirika. I could really use more Cav units in general and she's a fantastic mounted mage. I've also been hoping to have her and Tana on a Tactics team, but, well, see above.
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43 minutes ago, Kurrin said:

Mist. The one I want the most. She's the only Tellius unit, of regulars and alts, that I don't have yet. I've gotten pity broken by Saber. Twice. If that can happen with him, I'm hoping it happens with her, too. It's the only chance I have since I don't expect her to appear as a focus unit any time soon. Or ever.

You aren't the only one, so I can most certainly sympathize.



To answer the topic, yeah I'd say Mist is actually my most wanted at this point too entirely because of the above. My other top wants would be (in no particular order):

  • Marth: Hero-King
  • Tiki: Legendary Dragon
  • Quan: Luminous Lancer
  • Lewyn: Guiding Breeze (I would've tried harder to get him and Quan if Nohrian Dusk didn't railroad me away from their banner.)
  • Leif: Prince of Leonster (At least Ethlyn has her brother... He's also my only missing lord at this point.)
  • Innes: Regal Strategician (He's apparently only willing to turn up for me while he's half naked. Meanwhile, his sister sits as my highest merged 5* exclusive at +5 with four of them being off-focus pulls.)
  • Azura: Celebratory Spirit (She's easily my biggest white whale among the seasonals now.)
  • Flora: Cold as Ice (Having her twin as a +10 5* hasn't helped my luck in getting her, at least so far.)
  • Nina: Eye Spy (Forrest needs to have both of his retainers waiting for him when he finally decides to join them in FEH.)
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Some of the characters I'd like to be pity breakers to actually use are Elincia, Miciaiah, Jaffar, Dorcas, Mist, Brave Ike, Brave Hector, Brave Ephraim.  For fodder a few are Lewyn for Special Spiral, Brave Celica for Deathblow 4, Flora for Atk Res Solo, any of the wave skills, and the OCs for those Duel skills.  Summer Leo and Christmas Tharja I'd want for their weapons for Witch Nowi, and Legendary Ephraim to actually use, but I'd have to pull for those.

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Really Wants: If they're 5* I'll go out of my way for them. If they're lower, I won't, but I'll prioritize those orbs if there's a circle without the color for a banner unit I want.

  • Laegjarn - Best OC girl. I love her sprite and her art, and she seems like a really fun unit even if she wouldn't be replacing my +10 Palla. Currently where all my orbs are going.
  • Brave Roy - My currently longest-running white whale. Had Laegjarn not been introduced, he'd be top priority. His art is fantastic, I like Roy, he'd completely my CYL1 characters, and I'd like to have a PP cav that's not Ares and I like Roy way more than Bert.
  • Catria - Need lots more for my +10 project. At least I have a pretty much perfect base.
  • Nephenee - Extra copies for wrath fodder.
  • Oscar - I'd be nice to get one with an actually decent nature.
  • Camilla - Same as Catria, though I only need 3 or so. Also not sure if I want a +spd/-res over my current +atk/-res.
  • LA!Hector - Wrath-to-the-face in cojunction with Nephenee
  • Helbindi - His sprite is fantastic, and he in general is a lot of fun.
  • Dancing Elincia - I adore her art and I need more dancers.
  • Lewyn - His art and sprite are fantastic and I'm a big fan of him as a character.
  • Genny & Mariabelle - One each to keep and then staff fodder.
  • Sothe, Silvia, & Legault - They're the only 4*s I don't have and I really would like a bunch of L&D fodder without spending 20K feathers on Hana.
  • Dancing Xander - Look at him!

Would like: Might throw some orbs their way, but won't be waiting for them. Mostly I won't be disappointed by a pity-breaker of them.

  • Fallen Celica - Complete my Celica/Alm team.
  • Elincia - I like her, and she can nuke, even if there's no way I'd be able to feasibly +10 her. Her art is eh, but I still love her as a character.
  • Regular Ike - Only one I don't have, and I like his art the most.
  • Karla - Why not?
  • All dancers
  • Regular Lyn - I like her, would let me run Lyn emblem, and Brash, Wrath, Desp seems fun if I happen across spare Nephenees.
  • Siegbert - Same as B!Roy, but without the character-specific aspects.
  • Winter Tharja - She seems like fun and more magic armors are welcome. On a side-note, somehow, her art manages to seem the least fan-servicey to me. Go figure.
  • Winter Robin - I like his art and in conjunction with Tharja, he'd complete my winter armors.
  • Sumia - Dat lance. Also, she's adorable.
  • Tana - She's adorable.
  • Summer Robin - I like her art <_<
  • B!Ike - Steady Breath fodder.
  • L!Ike - Warding Breath foddder.
  • Legendary Lyn - Speed tactic and hey, maybe I'll go for merging because 3 decided to show up.
  • Sonya - I liked her in Echoes, even if I'm not overly fond of her art here.
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For my top needs:

Hector - Distant Counter


Ultra Dibs: Laevatein
Super Dibs: Silvia, Lene, Myrrh, ASS!Tiki, YT!Olivia (?), PA!Azura (?)
Greater Dibs: AOTB!Ephraim*, Caeda, Clair, Anna, A!Tiki (?), Garon (?)
Normal Dibs: WE!Lissa, WE!Robin, WE!Chrom*, Amelia, Draug, Gwendolyn, Arden (?), LA!Eliwood (?),

Lesser Dibs: Camilla, Titania, WOT!Reinhardt, Ares, Helbindi*, Eirika
No Dibs: Jagen, Mathilda, Eliwood, Peri, Florina, Est,
When I am a whale: Libra, Hawkeye, YS!F!Robin
When I am a Death Star: Roy, Fir, Lloyd (?), Joshua (?)

* I still need to summon these.

BH!Ike/VL!Ike/LD!Tiki - Steady Breath/Warding Breath/Fierce Breath


Y!Tiki, Nowi, Fae, F!Kana, Ninian, A!Tiki, M!Corrin, M!Kana (?)
LD!Tiki, FH!M!Robin, FH!Hardin, Zelgius, Black Knight (?)
Fjorm, Dorcas, Ryoma, VL!Ike, Ike

Hardin/AOTB!Hector - Bold Fighter


FH!M!Robin, Zelgius, Black Knight (?)

FH!M!Robin - Ward Dragon/Vengeful Fighter


Ward Dragon: All dragons
Vengeful Fighter: All armors

Faye - Firesweep Bow


Innes, Nina, Noire, Takumi

For my top wants:

Laevatein [+Atk, -HP/Res] (All I got were +HP copies, and I am saving my neutral one.)

Laegjarn [+Spd, -HP/Res] (I got [+Atk, -HP] and [+Atk, -Res].)

Ophelia*, NS!Elise, Lute, BB!Sanaki, Linde, BB!Tharja, Rhajat, Maribelle, LA!Lilina*, Lewyn*, Ishtar, ASS!Linde, GA!Lucina*, HNY!Takumi*, TOD!Nowi, F!Morgan, SF!Nino*, ASS!Camilla, SA!Tana, TOD!Henry, Innes*, L'Arachel, Sonya, Nina*, SA!Noire, HATF!Sharena, AOTB!Veronica, HATF!Catria, Tailtiu, Katarina*, Takumi, Elise, Jeorge, YS!Frederick [+Spd, -Def] (I either do not have them or do not have the right nature.)

Celica [+Spd, -HP] (I got [+Atk, -HP] and [+Spd, -Res].)

Genny [+Atk, -HP]

Niles [+Atk, -Def]

Takumi - Close Counter


TOD!Henry, LA!Lyn*, TOD!Jakob
Maribelle, Genny
* I still need to summon these.


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Caeda (+Atk/-Def): beautiful; amazing for Flier Emblem thanks to her Wing Sword
Sheena (+Spd/-HP): Arena core
Gwendolyn (+Spd/-HP): future Arena core unit
Male Corrin: merges; future Arena core unit
Draug (+Spd/-Res): could be better than the +Spd/-HP has has currently

Legend Lyn: merges; also looking for a +Spd/-Def one
Bride Lyn: merges
Sword Lyn: merges; especially looking for a +Atk/-HP one
Valentines Lyn: merges
Florina (+Def/-HP): cute; Lyn needs her BFF
Brave Celica: for Death Blow 4 (Sword Lyn, Reinhardt, Lilina, and Cherche all want it)
Hector: for DC
Fjorm, Legend Hector/Legend Marth, Legend Tiki: merges
Winter Lissa/Brave Hector/Hardin: Bold Fighter for Halloween Jakob
Ophelia: cute; amazing mage
Lene: cute; dancer
Silvia: cute; mergeable dancer; also hoping for a +Spd/-HP copy
Yukata Xander: dancer
Yukata Ryoma: dancer
Micaiah (preferably +Atk/-Spd or -Def): to replace my current +HP/-Atk one
Ishtar and Linde: beautiful and powerful mages
Lewyn: Special Spiral; looks fun to use
Quan: Rally Spd/Def+ for male Corrin
Legend Ike: Warding Breath for adult Tiki
Cecilia (+Spd/-HP or +Atk/-HP): not sure which are the better IVs
Lissa (dunno what IVs are preferred for her)
Nanna (+Spd/-HP)
Maribelle: the only staff user I'm missing in the current game; cheap to make into a Razzle Dazzle unit.
Nephenee/Karla: Wrath
Nephenee (+Atk or +Spd/-HP or -Res): Dauntless Lance is great
Lilina (+Atk/-Def): to replace my +Atk/-Res one

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