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Raven Recruited as News Editor

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*Plays Together we Ride in the background*

From the main site:

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Raven with be joining the Serenes Forest team as a news editor. He will help us cover Fire Emblem Heroes news while our news team has other duties to perform.

For those unfamiliar with Raven, he’s been a long-standing member of the Serenes Forest forums for over a decade (which–in Internet time-scales–is almost an eternity). During most of that time, he’s been an active and level-headed member.

In addition, Raven has experience as a content editor. With Fire Emblem Heroes–and Fire Emblem in general–showing no signs of stopping, I’m confident that his assistance will be invaluable to our cause.

Anyway, as always, we hope you continue to enjoy our website and may your Fire Emblem experience be a good one!

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Damn, it really has been a decade. I'm glad I'm already sitting down.

Thanks for the greetings, and the opportunity for me to give back to SF and its community.

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