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Hello there, wonderful people! Here is an user whom you never heard of!

Today I am here to show you the only (I guess?) let's play of a Fire Emblem 8 Hack that I really, really enjoyed: The Altered Stones by Mariode.

This is my first let's play on this website so I will accept criticism, as long as they are polite and not troll-ish.

Sooooooo what is The Altered Stones? Basically a difficulty hack of the original Sacred Stones with some tweaks here and there, with new music and classes for some characters and bosses. And even a new playable character! But we won't see them until mid-late game.

But before jumping into the action, I have something to tell you, in order to prevent some comments

- This is not a LTC or an efficent run, I WILL take my time and basically route every map. This is how I play every Fire Emblem, and this is probably why I enjoyed Awakening more than many people. I just can't be satisfed if there is even a single enemy on the map, unless it's an escape mission.

- I will use the units that I want to use, when I want to use them. Suggestions are welcome but comments like "you must use x instead of y" or "you are using\not using x, you are a bad player!" will be ignored. This is valid for promotions\class changes and supports too.

- Will I make favoritism? Hell yeah I'll do!

- I played this game until chapter 15, so from chapter 16 this lp will be blind.

- Forgive me if I mess up with grammar, I am an italian scum

- Sometimes I will comment the story, sometimes I won't.

Now without futher ado, let's begin the lp just like Vanilla FE8 does!


With Valter facing Seth at 0.1% of his true power. Valty is a luck boi :-_-:


I am sorry for saving your life in the only way possible, Princess Eirika!

Luckily Eirika isn't Clarine\Serra\Maribelle\Takumi and understands the situation and forgives his personal shield, takes the classic Rapier from him and prepares to defend herself3.thumb.png.eb53a5b758d71f530839e06cc6c92e34.png

As you can see, our gorgerous lord is quite boosted. This is because the Rapier, her personal weapon, gives her some passive bonuses, thanks to those she will mostly be a dodge-tank and will laugh at almost every axe in the game. Until the sword breaks anyw-


... Nevermind. Also you get 5 vulneraries instead of 3. That is nice, since FE8 gives you lots of them.


Let's look at Seth now. The Silver Knight somehow lost his Steel Sword (maybe Valter stole it?) and his lance is not made of silver anymore. He is still above Frederick levels of awesome, since his bases while nerfed are still great. Also Juna Fruit, if you don't know what that is, basically when a promoted unit reaches level 20, they loses 5 levels but not the stats.


Here. Not too bad, right? Also his growths are above 70% in every area outside of defenses. They are still over 45%. He is definitely not as good as Vanilla Seth because he has lower ranks (D in swords and C in lances) in an efficent run but in long terms he will definitely be an overkill god, and he will probably reach such levels because of my slow playstyle :hat:

Now that we analyzed our duo, let's destroy some Grado mooks, shall we?


Burning some rns in order to change how the battles will end. The only time I will do this. What will happen now?



Pretty much the same stuff, but without Eirika critting the enemy. Beautiful :tangerinedry:


:Eirika:: Yes I am pretty sure I can. In faaaaaact...11.thumb.png.aec2873c45fed414b11b483257012c82.png


:Eirika:: I didn't even need to crit. And thanks for allowing me to level up, kind fighter

Pillow:it was decent but it lacks something. Anyways I am Pillow, your master tactican, the one who will guide your actions.

:Eirika:: hmkay


Didn't you watch the fight? -3-



As a pink general says, strenght is everything. And you'll need lots of it to survive this war, therefore you better change your ways of levelling up, your base speed is enough for this entire prolouge-arc.


And you will keep going even after meeting Ephraim again, since his route isn't completed and will never be. Unless the creator of this hack returns and updates the hack.

Phew, and that's all for today! Now it is time to do something I don't see often in rom hack: rating the units!

"But Pillow, you said you don't play efficently, how dare you rating an unit?!?!?!?!?1111"

Calm down, I said I play slowly and routing every map but that doesn't mean I didn't try to play fast not even once in my life. For my ratings, I will look at the units with both eyes of a efficent player and eyes of a more slow-paced one. Now let's get down to buisness!

Eirika: the lord of the Sacred Stones doesn't really change, keeping her pros and cons. She is still a foot swordlocked unit until promotion, and since Altered Stones enemeis are stronger, she will have a harder time facing even common soldiers until she gets some strenght. But since the Rapier is probably made in Nohr, she will reialably kill Knight and Cavaliers that has been chipped by her comrades, and the buffs in speed and luck will make her a goddess against axe locked enemeis. Her promotion isn't changed so she will spawn a white horse in this hack too, allowing her to cover more space and such. Overall my rating is 6.2\10. ButSheIsMyFavoriteLordInTheSeriesSoIWillGiveHerMorePoints 7\10

Seth: awesome, but what else did you expect from a Pre-Promoted Paladin? I talked about him before and I will say it again, slightly lower bases and much higher growths, should it be a better or a worse thing is entirely up to you. He will still wreck stuff like there isn't a tomorrow, therefore Seth\10.



Next time on Altered Stones, two cool dudes will join us and the level ups will be better. Yay! :KnollRoll:

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Neat, I know you said forgive you on grammar, and I will, just be sure to improve. So with that, by the by, Strength has "th", not "ht". Also "reliably", "enemies", leveling only has two L, not three, and business is spelled like that, not "buisness" (really common mistake. I misspell it all the time, but thankfully auto-correct exists.)

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Hello Darth. Thank you for your feedback, I will pay more attention from now on :lol:

Also here is a little update. I discovered the screen capture command on vba after doing chapter 1, therefore said chapter will have those big screenshots, just like the prologue. I am sorry for this, but the typical small screens will appear by Chapter 2, since in Chapter 1 I got some good numbers with all my units and I want to keep them. Expecially since a certain lady is gonna give me soooooooooo much rage because of her strength :dry:

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Ok guys, here is the second part of my let's play!

As I said, this is will be the last chapter that will feature huge screenshots, I apologize again ;-;


Let's start with Breguet showing his rng powers, Anna would be proud.



Luckily, the girl proves to be though. Sadly only Eirika will fight, while Tana gets captured by Anna's spawn. This is stupid because Tana's bases are enough to hold their own against Breguet's army but whatever...



But ehy! Two brave knights are here to help the ladies! While Seth... Invades a house I guess? Yeah I am not using him on the long run, it always feels cheesy whenever I train him. But enough chit chatting, let's see our two new units!


Franz gained two points in luck and lost one in skills, nothing really changed.


Gilliam on the other hand got some massive improvements. He lost one HP but gained one point in power, one point in skill, two points in speed and 3 points in defense! Oh and one point in resistance. This is the first time I will use him in a serious gameplay.




Eirika and Franz cleans the road and Gilliam protects the blonde cavalier, but...


... He doubles the random soldier! Neat.


Franz I am already loving you


And you've seen nothing, this boi is currently rocking



Oh hello dead meat, I'll wait for you :P:



Aaaaand they are gone.


And now, Gilliam is gonna face Breguet in an epic Knight vs Knight battle! ... You can tell how one sided this is, right?




Expecially if Anna falls in love with our green-ish knight! More hit rates are always good.


As Sir Gilliam said, you can join us, right?





But ehy, one more base point in attack is always nice and the slim weapons are good this time around!


Moulda da boulda is unchanged, I guess? Meh, too lazy to check him, maybe in Vanilla he had less base magic?


Phew, this chapter is over, now I will finally be able to update something decent! Yes this chapter was really dull and boring to play and upload here, I'm sorry guys, I promise you'll see more fancy things in the future chapters.

But now let's rate the green duo already!

Franz: same as Vanilla, fast cavalier with decent attack power. Basic but really good: 8/10

Gilliam: with both bases and apparently growths improved, Gilliam is a force to be reckoned with. He will tank without getting doubled, in some cases he will double pretty easily and if I am correct, Great Knights gets 7 movement instead of 6. The documents says he is the only playable General but GK is so much better in my opinion. His only big downside is that he will stick to Knight until he promotes, and the first Knight Crest is in chapter 7 and he competes with Franz for it. 7.8\10

Edited by Kaze's favourite pillow

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Here we are once again! Yes yes I am late and I am not even going to bring up some excuses. I was playing Pokemon Soul Silver and planning my Conquest run. Fite meh.

And I don't know how to put the images in the spoilers, so I won't for now.


Vanessa, you better! Your improved base strength will not be enough!


See Ross? Even your father and Eirika off screen aren't amused by your insult. Being a Warrior is a horrible thing if you aren't in Awakening or Dagda.


Moulder, you are 50 years old or even older. You should know better than not bringing Rescue in times of war!


Anyways, this crappy chapters starts. You know the drill, Seth rescues Gilliam and Moulder drops Ross, blah blah


Erina uh? *Leaves for a second and then returns* why did I leave? Don't worry. Anyways, how I wish that you were a Mercenary and HOW I WISH SELENA WAS A GENERAL IN HER CHAPTER!


Meanwhile daddy Garcia kills a bandit with mid difficulty.


And we recruit the family! Let's look at this axe duo!


Here we have Ross! You know him, low bases, good growths, the luckiest Berserker in the world.


Garcia on the other hand got an improvement. He has a very good base speed and he will not doubled anytime soon, expecially thanks to his hig con.


Franz owns a bandit. Get ready to see this scene a lot.


As you can see Seth doesn't double anymore, probably because speed is Eirika's niche in early game.


Garcia chips and Vanessa gets the kill.  I love my fliers.


Seth does what Marcus did for years of playthroughs, expecially in FE6, gets ready to chip the bandits. Franz takes control of a fortress and Ross saves the village.


More chip damage and Moulder gets free exp.


Eirika's explosion of power makes her bulkier!


Since Javelins and Hand Axes aren't tomes I can afford to try and chip damage and fail :hat:


My units moves and Vanessa tries to get the Holy Water


Seth is pissed because he can't double. Eirika tanks an arrow.


And Vanessa takes the Hol- Wait wat? Light Brand? Exactly, swords gets 1-2 range in this hack! Some will hit defense, others will hit resistance. Sadly the Light Brand is weak af.


Some healing and Eirika kills more.


Alright, Archer baited. Now let's face the Bo-


OOOOOOOOOOSSSWHATTHEHELL? That's right, Bone has a very dangerous Devil Axe and fighting him is basically a gamble, unless you are Eirika and are on a fort. Luckily you can double him even with Franz, therefore...


Cavs team up and Franz keeps getting stronger! Some speed would be nice though!


The archer FINALLY dies. I swear, hackers tend to make archers annoying to deal with. Looking at you, FE6 Redux!


More strength and hit rates for Franz! No speed though, Franz please!


Eirika: yes Seth, I am fine. Let's sell this Gem so I have the money a princess should have.


Aaaaand chapter 2 is done, folks! I have nothing to say so I will just review the units.

Moulder: nothing really changes, good base magic for healing and can be kept as Bishop for Slayer skill, as Sage for C Anima base rank or be benched if his magic gets too low and you already promoted a magic user. Invaluable for earlygame since a certain Natasha sucks. 7.8\10

Vanessa: first flier and a pretty good one (usually). She can ferry, her mobility is unparalled and even after you get the second flier, Vanessa is likely to be stronger, already promoted and with better ranks. 9\10 but 8\10 in this playthrough, you'll see

Ross: yes most of you hates Trainees. But I think Ross is actually a pretty decent unit, unlike many ""magikarp"" of the series, he does bring something new to the party, in the form of an early Berserker and in this hack he is no worse than Vanilla. Therefore 6.7\10, worth of the hassle if you aren't LTCing.

Garcia: not bad, his base speed will allow him to double more than you would think. Promote into Hero, Warrior may be unique and ""canon"" but Hero gives more speed and access to the magnificent 1-2 range swords in midgame. I won't use him but in this hack he deserved a 7.5\10




Edited by Kaze's favourite pillow

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On 10/13/2018 at 3:45 PM, Kaze's favourite pillow said:

See Ross? Even your father and Eirika off screen aren't amused by your insult. Being a Warrior is a horrible thing if you aren't in Awakening or Dagda.

But... But Geitz.

On 10/13/2018 at 3:45 PM, Kaze's favourite pillow said:

Erina uh? *Leaves for a second and then returns* why did I leave? Don't worry. Anyways, how I wish that you were a Mercenary and HOW I WISH SELENA WAS A GENERAL IN HER CHAPTER!

Could be worse, she is a mage knight. Imagine if Mage General was a third tier class. :P

On 10/13/2018 at 3:45 PM, Kaze's favourite pillow said:

Ross: yes most of you hates Trainees. But I think Ross is actually a pretty decent unit, unlike many ""magikarp"" of the series, he does bring something new to the party, in the form of an early Berserker and in this hack he is no worse than Vanilla. Therefore 6.7\10, worth of the hassle if you aren't LTCing.

Eh, you're not the only one. He's the only trainee people seem to consistently tolerate. Me, I'm just happy a fast berserker is possible with him.

Okay, so spoilers. The post can be put in spoilers using the spoiler button on the editor. There's an eye in the editor (I can't tell you what it'll be on mobile) which generates a spoiler box to put what you want in.



Like this. (Man that's is totally not my Wendy at this point)

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1 hour ago, Dayni said:

But... But Geitz.

Geitz is fine but a tad too slow for my liking, my least favorite fe7 pre-promoted, in a game where the prepromotes are legendary (Marcus, Hawkeye, Harken etc etc

1 hour ago, Dayni said:

Could be worse, she is a mage knight. Imagine if Mage General was a third tier class. :P

Indeed, her bolting is almost as annoying as Lunatic Iago.

1 hour ago, Dayni said:

Eh, you're not the only one. He's the only trainee people seem to consistently tolerate. Me, I'm just happy a fast berserker is possible with him.

Probably because SS is easy and Ross has a great join time... Looking at you, Ewan!


Oh I get it, I have to drag the text and images with the mouse.



It happened in an old fe8 run <_<


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