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Stupidest Nicknames you've given FE Characters

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C'mon, I know we've all given some.


Blazing Edition for me-

Guy- Guymandudesir

Lowen- No-Eyes

Rebecca- Rebecca Black

Eliwood- Elijah Wood

Bartre- Attack Eyebrows

Wil- Wil Smith

Dorcas- Do you know the "Mutton Man"?

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I have a few.

Edward: Fast Eddie

Lon'qu: Lonky

Black Knight: Burger King/BK

Oliver: Fatso

Soren: Grumpy Mage ("I had fun once, it was awful")

@Anacybele Freddy Bear! But that's technically canon xD

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I don't really nickname my units in the first place, and I try not to have them sound stupid. Indeed, about the only ridiculous ones I have is:

Kellam: "The Intergalactic Interdimensional time-traveling space ninja cowboy bounty-hunter ninja assassin poiliceman Jedi Knight samurai", which arose from a weird dream, and I decided to make it into a half-serious headcanon that I intentionally add more and more ridiculous combinations to as time passes.

Deen: ""Edgelord Squidward" or "Squidward if he didn't take sh*t from anyone" or "Squidward if he was an edgelord and didn't take crap from anybody" or "That guy we left in the dead in the desert who probably isn't actually dead so he can return in the sequel and is probably really pissed that we took his brave sword so it would probably be a good idea for Jesse to politely return it when he returns."

Grieth: "M. Bison"

Atlas: "Scar"

Because seriously, if these two don't at least look similar, then their personalities aren't far off from one another.


Image result for fire emblem atlasScar's artwork for Blustone.


With that said, I do have fun with the names that a not-so-good translation of the original Gaiden provided:

Tobin: Bird

Lukas: Ruka (Because the Japanese Language doesn't have the letter "R")

Clive: Clerbe

Mila: Meela, Meella, Milla, Milo, Meelo, and just about every other way you could butcher the name (which the translation managed to do three times in the same goshdarn sentence!)

Duma: Doma, Duuma, Dooma (guy), a Metroid boss.


And while the characters are from Blustone, I have nicknamed some of them with Fire Emblem in mind:

Captain: Robin if they were a butt-monkey.

Levi: Tharja/Camila/Faye done right.

Gerard: Vaike (or some fighter characters in general personality-wise. Gameplay-wise, he has them all beat) done right.

Robin: Robin: Build 2 Robin with the eypatch.

Karl Steiner: "Because 'Karl' isn't intimidating" or "Navarre as a furry" or "Edgelord myrmidon that isn't an a--hole"

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*Inhales deeply*

'Boro (Oboro, Fates)

Corn (Corrin, Fates)

Bred Chromb (Chrom, Awakening)

Ryomer (Ryoma, Fates)

Hana Montana (Hana, Fates)

Smolzu (Mozu, Fates)

Sakura Spirit (Sakura, Fates; both the name of a weapon I forged in Fates and some random risque visual novel that Rev from Vinesauce did a "speedrun" of)

Papa Rochi (Orochi, Fates)

Yuki-oh (Yukimura, Fates)

Xander-root (Xander, Fates; that's a vegetable of some kind in Fallout New Vegas)

Selena Gomez (Selena, Fates)


Charlotte's Web (Charlotte, Fates)

Leonardo Dicaprio (Leo, Fates)

Anna Montana (Anna, Fire Emblem in general)

Dwight Eisenhower (Ike, Path of Radiance)

Lex Luthor (Lex, Genealogy of the Holy War)

Levin Sword (Levin/Lewyn, Genealogy of the Holy War)

DelMOOD (Delmud/Diarmud, Genealogy of the Holy War)

Lester the Molester (Lester, Genealogy of the Holy War)

Shanan Shazam (Shanan, Genealogy of the Holy War)

Tine Tine (Tine, Genealogy of the Holy War)

Mathematics (Marth, Shadow Dragon)

Grody Rody (Rody, Mystery of the Emblem)

Gordin Ramsey (Gordin, Shadow Dragon)

Thwomptria (Catria, Shadow Dragon; not original)

Seed Girl (Caeda, Shadow Dragon)

Wendigo (Wendell, Shadow Dragon; also not original)

Jeorge of the Jungle (Jeorge, Shadow Dragon)

Tiki Geeky (Tiki, Shadow Dragon)

Mrs. Kleine (Kleine, New Mystery of the Emblem; I know she's now "Clarisse", but this Mr. Clean knockoff name will never leave my heart)

Kliff Briscoe (Kliff, Echoes; based off of this dopey guy)

Forsyth to be reckoned with (Forsyth, Echoes; I played right into his stupid pun)

Waltzing Mathilda (Mathilda, Echoes)

Mae the Bae (Mae, Echoes)

David Boey (Boey, Echoes)

Genny for a Penny (Genny, Echoes; AKA DARUK'S PROTECTION IS READY TO ROLL!)

Leon Scott Kennedy (Leon, Echoes)

Sonya Blade (Sonya, Echoes)

Atlas Shrugged (Atlas, Echoes)

Jesse Pinkman (Jesse, Echoes)

Bercut-my-hair (Berkut, Echoes)

Jedah the Jedi (Jedah, Echoes)


And that's all of them.  Any questions?

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2 hours ago, Dragoncat said:

Freddy Bear! But that's technically canon xD

That and I think it's completely adorable, not stupid. :P

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1 minute ago, Anacybele said:

That and I think it's completely adorable, not stupid. :P

Yeah true.

I guess this thread can extend to any nicknames.

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Nothing special here, basically I just call them what first pops into my head

Jedah - Mr. Odd shoulders

Delthea - Vanellope von Schweetz

Luthier - Lex luthier

Zeke - Xander

Mycen - Cool grandpa

Genny - Autobot


Takumi - Tofu delivery boy

Silas - Pit

Hayato - Potato

 Dwyer - World's best detective

Hisame - Grandpa pickle

Xander - Zeke

Flora - 


Tadashi Hamada




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So the nickname for Marieeta in my first FE5 playthrough was "balistic missile", and thats because she had 12 move from promotion and movement level ups12move.thumb.png.643c8ae599ea8f1b55e60966dce3b5e2.png

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Berknut and Rinny for Berkut and Rinea, respectively, no Idea where that came from, I also use Sayaka for Rinea as a reference to Madoka Magica.

Siggy for Sigurd, again, I have no idea where that came from, and also KFC Extra Crispy Kaito, because he looks like Kaito from Vocaloid to me and I don't need to expain the Extra Crispy part.

Luka for Gunnthra, because she looks like the Vocaloid Megurine Luka to me.

Frosty Pit for Hrid, since he looks like Pit from Kid Icarus to me due to the hair.

Bootleg Hatsune Miku for Azura, since she looks like Hatsune Miku to me.

My Mom's Second Free Summon, or Proof My Mom's Luck With Heroes is Amazing for Camilla, since a 5* Camilla was her second free summon.

There are probably more, but those are the only ones I can think of right now.

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