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Sonya, Vengeful Mage

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Still no Sonya around here, I take this opportunity to give something. 

There are many green Mages who will propably overshadow her, but I have found my way with her which is fun and I want to share.
I like her and I think she could have been written a bit deeper in echoes, she has much potential through her circumstances.
FIrst lets take a look at her stats

HP: 33/36/40
Atk: 30/33/36
Spd: 28/31/34
Def: 12/15/19
Res: 29/32/35

Default skills:

Weapon: Dark Excalibur (Deals +10 Damage then special Triggers)
Assist: None
Special: Moonbow
A: Mirror Strike
B: None
C: Res Ploy

Now what makes Sonya special in her own way are her attack stat which is pretty good and Dark Excalibur. The +10 attack on any special works very well with AOE skills.
Personally I think Dark Excalibur should be used on skills which load quick, to make a difference to tomes like all those blade tomes. 


Dark AOExcablibur


Boon: Atk+/Spd+
Bane: Def-/HP-

Weapon: Dark Excalibur
Assist: (Flexible)
Special: Any AOE skill at your wish (growing/blazing Wind for starter, because they are most flexible)
A: Life and Death / Fury
B: Special Spiral
C: Flexibel (Odd Atk Wave if you want to give it to her)
Seal: Heavy Blade or Flashing Blade

The awesome thing about Sonya is that she has enough attack and speed to have a high damage output, the important about this built is that you don't put any inbattle buffs on A, Life and death is my first choice, thanks to her high Res she can still survive enough blue/green mages.

Getting Started:

The important thing about the built is the Seal, you try to start her engine with beating a slower unit which she can double. With Flashing Blade or Heavy blade the AOE should be active if the opponent gives you the requirements, after that you spam with her AOE. She will have it triggered on any attack against any enemy which gives her the requirement for the seal. Thanks to Dark Excalibur she gets additional 10 damage out of it. She can even take out Red Units as her AOE is not influenced by Weapon Triangle.

Watch out for:

-Any unit with DC and Vantage.
-Enemies which will stop her engine -> Guard, Faster Units or Units with more attack depending on your Seal.

This build is a bit expensive, for the B skill I have no alternate for now. But I will try to come up with something more budget. I just think it was worth showing, because I have much fun with it and I think this build makes the most use out of Dark Excalibur.

I will maintain this page more, I know my writing can be a mess. I also want only to come up with with choices which are more exclusive to Sonya.   

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