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FE6 FEditor and Space


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Hey, everyone! 

Recently came back after many years away and decided to see if I could (for once) learn how to properly make a hack. I'm working with a FE6 rom for this project. Got a couple questions that I hope will be simple to answer, so I'll keep it brief.

1. When moving tables to other parts of the rom for expansion, do the following areas still hold true as "free space"? (This is taken from the FEditor documentation.) If so, can I simply move and repoint tables here with no issues? What about the "auto patching system"? Is that referring to FEditor's autopatching?


~~ FE 6 ~~

0x002DBF50 to 0x002DC448 - used by auto patching system

0x00817A00 to 0x00A00000 - confirmed

0x00A297B0 to 0x00B00000 - confirmed

0x00B013F0 to 0x00E00000 - confirmed

0x00E00000 to 0x00E08000 - used by auto patching system

0x00E08000 to 0x01000000 - confirmed


2. How does FEditor WORK exactly, as far as free space goes? I've read the ultimate tutorial and scoured the FEditor documents as well as posts on this site, but I can't seem to find a straight answer. Might be there somewhere, but I sure can't find it. I've heard that it automatically seeks out free space when you insert custom animations and portraits over the normal limit that the game has? Do I need to move animation or portrait tables as well? 

I intend to import a number of animations that exceeds the current number of animations in the game. FEditor lets me do so, but I'm not sure if it's using free space to do it, or overwriting something else important instead.

I really want to make sure I do this right and avoid mistakes in the future. 


3. (P.S: I read somewhere that FEditor doesn't like FE6 and that editing with it is somewhat difficult? Is this true? If so, what issues should I expect?)


Thanks a lot!


EDIT:  I should mention that I am using the newer FE6 translation patch as well. This one: 




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