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This is a new version of an old topic because necroposting rules and all that...

So, just post some funny forged weapon names/name ideas you have here.

My Weapon Names:

Killing Edge - Epifex Vex
Killer Bow - Goddamn Crits (Short for Goddamn Critical Hits)
Explanation: References to a Nuzlocke Comic by the name of Goddamn Critical Hits drawn by Epifex from DeviantArt. Makes sense since these weapons have higher chances of getting crits.

Nohrian Blade - Nohrian Scum Should be self-explanatory.

Arthur's Iron Axe (+2) - "Lucky" You Because he usually has bad luck but now he's getting a really powerful axe...

Hand Axe - Boomerang...? Because of its shape.

Hoe - HOEDOWN!!! - Reference to a song that I would hear in primary school.

Cupid Bow - Grinder Because that's what it's useful for, considering its ability to restore enemy HP. Grinding for EXP and weapon proficiency.

Raider Axe - Lé Stripper
Raider Knife - Stripper! (As though you're calling out a stripper.)
Raider Yumi - Nudity Alert!
Disrobing Gale - Stripper's Tome
You should know why these names were picked for this sort of weapon by now.

Idea for Shuriken Weapons: Death Star (succeeded by) Death Star V2 (succeeded by) Starkiller Explanation: Shurikens are also called "Ninja Stars" so the Death Star from Star Wars came to mind and Starkiller is a reference to Starkiller base, which is pretty much a more destructive version of the Death star, fitting with the running gag..

Also, someone names their Raider Weapons Send Nudes

Spoiler'd because this image seems quite big.





You don't have to have actually have had renamed weapons or even have played Fire Emblem Fates to participate in this thread, as I will accept any weapon rename, real or idea, AS LONG AS IT RELATES TO FIRE EMBLEM FATES! There HAVE been ideas on this thread that haven't been put into practice yet, so you may post your unused ideas, just so long as you say something like "I would/plan to/wish I could rename my weapon to this..."

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Steel katana- Steel pole

Silver shuriken- Faster than 

Chakram- he looked

Dual katana- Dual wielding

Dual shuriken- is a pitfall


someone make this a thing please that would be godlike

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Takumi's Shinai - Betrayal (For.... obvious reasons)

Stale Bread - Gordin Ramsey (Just imagine him swearing as he bites into the stale bread.)

Rubbber Bow - Rubber Bowdits (This one is a reference. I'll let you guess.)

Carp Streamer - Magikarp Net (About as useful, though that might be mean to the net.)

Har Pin - Hair Raiser (Boring I know.)

Ox Spirit - Steer Crazy! (I mean, it's a charging bull. How could I not?)

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I don't normally rename weapons.  However, I would be tempted to make a forged Steel Lance called "Steely Dan III" if I could change its description to "For doing dirty work."

No, I'm not going to explain the reference here.

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I gave Boyd a pink iron axe named Squeaky once.

OH MY GOD this isn't General FE. Disregard that then.

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Killer Axe: Nuzlocke's End to go with the theme of "Goddamn Critical Hits".

Soleil's Steel Sword: =) Because Soleil's all smiles, etc. geddit? (At the time of writing, I haven't actually recruited her yet. Laslow is in possession of her weapon and will give it to her as an upgrade once he reaches her in the Paralogue.)

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In Fates, I forget only three weapons:

Steel Naginata: Cloth Ripper. Because that was for Oboro.
Steel Sword: Flachion. I reclassed Kana to a Lodestar and he had like a "false Falchion".
Steel Lance: Lanchion. I reclassed my avatar to the classic Lord class.

I did so because I reaaaaaaaally dislike the design of their base classes.

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...names I have used in past playthroughs...

Stripper Pole (lance wielded by Azura)

Cum Shot (bow wielded by Niles)

Thunder Tits (tome wielded by Camilla)

JUSTICE!!!!!! (axe wielded by Arthur)

Moody's Point (sword wielded by Selena)

Sodomy (lance wielded by Benny)

Ho Spirit (scroll wielded by Orochi)

Muh Drugs (Kaze's Needle)

Loli Bomb (tome wielded by Elise)

ROFLcopter (lance wielded by Hinoka)

Dragon Dildo (Daikon wielded by Corrin)

...its a miracle anything gets done in my army...


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I seem to have a bit of fascination with blood...

Bloodsoaker (Multiple Weapons)
Bloodshed (Hinata's Steel Katana)
BSoaked Lion (short for Bloodsoaked Lion, Shiro's Steel Katana)
Bloodstains (Kiragi's Steel Bow)

Bold Naginata - The Great Risk - A very risky weapon to use, as indicated by its Japanese name.
Raider Naginata - The Stripper
Hammer - The CRUSHER as shown by its ability to deal extra damage to armoured units.
Steel Dagger - Real Knife - a reference to Undertale.
Steel Bow (+2) - Final Bow
Setsuna's Eponymous Yumi (Setsuna's Yumi) - Clumsy Ninja

Bloodied Blade (Hana's Steel Katana, why do I keep doing this?
Sukabi's Pike (+2) - 
Perfection (Because Subaki's all about being perfect!)
Azama's Iron Naginata (+2) - Wasted Ore (Azama doesn't really care too much about strong weapons.)
Mjölnir - PokéBane (To go with the Nuzlocke theme.)

UPDATE 2: (Please, anyone post here so I don't have to double-post!)
Kaze's Needle - Trypanophobia (Trypanophobia is the fear of needles.)
My second Cupid Bow - Grind en cours (Translates to Grinding in progress, a reference to OFF by Mortis Ghost and UNKNOWN by Claude Higgins.)
My second Disrobing Gale - Fanservice

UPDATE 3 (I wish someone would notice this because I don't want this thread to die! I have too much to share!):
Carp Streamer - Pole of Doom ("Not great in a fight" you say? I still reckon that metal pole can be good for bashing the foe's head in. Also, I gave it to Camilla because if any axe/club user can benefit from the higher accuracy, it's her.
Ryoma's Club -
The Lions Club (A direct reference to the international organisation it's named after, also a pun on Ryoma being a lion (Rack off with your lobster lord memes I believe Ryoma's a lion and you can't change that!) and the weapon being a club.)
Another Steel Dagger - About Time! (Another stupid reference to Undertale's Genocide Run.)
Barb Shuriken - Bye Hermes! (Reference to the first Pokémon in "Goddamn Critical Hits" to die to a critical hit.)
Ryoma's Silver Katana - Outta Battery... (Ryoma's Rajinto ran out of battery so now Ryoma has to use this emergency weapon.)
Javelin Athletic Spear (Because javelin throwing is an Olympic/athletic sport.)

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Third update because no one's posting here.

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