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[FE8] Fire Emblem Tales of the Golden Knight demo 0.1 (6 chapters + 1 gaiden chapter)

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Fire Emblem Tales of the Golden Knight44073599_736472750038104_416016545244774

From Vietnam,

A story was written by Zerorock1312, Yami no Zero and friends,

Made by RobertFPY, with a little help of FEU,

Funny hackers of Golden Knight proudly present,
Fire Emblem: Tales of the Golden Knight


Many millenniums ago, before The Scouring began and ended, there was a mysterious foreknowledge who gave a prophecy about the future.

‘Draca, willan beginnan hild æftersona,
Seofon hæle, sculan andswaru se ascian,
Fbip oþþe blæst, se Middaneard willan beon,
Se Behatan hast beon mundbyrdan, æt se Ende of Deorcnes,
And Draca Cynn, willan beon droren.”

It’s mean

“Dragons, once again, will start a war,
Seven Heroes, shall answer the call,
Peace or Chaos, the world will be,
A promise to be protected at the Border of Darkness,
And the fall of the Dragon kind”

Many years later, the world has forgotten the prophecy of seven. In the mind, the prophecy is only about the four heroes, and that is the time the chaos begins.








Thanks to:

Circleseverywhere for making Skill system

7743 for FEBuilder

LemonTart, Nuramon, ニンフィアの騎士, SaXor_the_Nobod, Blaze and many other for mugs and animations

SME for FE3 music FireEmblemier for icon Thank you testers for helping to test the game

Thank you, Arch for FEE3

Thank Kirb and Mage Knight 404 for LP video

Thank Hoursea and Eliwood17 for 5 years long annoying us (fuck you guy off)

And special thank to NickT for maps and Klokinator for compiling the Animations Repository

There would be many others that I don’t know or remember to put on the credit since RobertFPY can’t remember. If you found your stuff on this hack please inform me to get your name on the credit

Golden Knight's member

Zerorock1312. Yami no Zero, RobertFPY, Llyon, Uncle H, Minhsama



Warning: Extremily Hard

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This game is what most people will call punishing. Every new unit you get struggles to survive just to do things. You need to baby them hard just to allow them to survive. Even on the chapter solve the case with the arena, that doesnt help those units do well as 2 of them have the worse HP and skill growths I seen on any unit(Percival and Horrus). Mari herself cant do much either, she does a terrible job at healing. The only 3 units who can do anything is Camus, Michalis and Zepheil(and you need to level Zepheil like crazy when you get him) that can do ok but none of them regularly 2hko anything due the way you designed the enemy mobs in the chapters after that.
Story is decent enough, Ost is good, the concept of this hack is good but the execution is terrible. 

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Well, the testers do inform me about things happen with the growth rate of Percival and Horrus and Mari. I'll fix it in the next update. Thank you for your feed back. What do you mean "excecution"?

Edited by zerorock1312

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the carrying out or putting into effect of a plan, order, or course of action.
also good to know those 3 will get fixed.

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