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My RomHack Sprites

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Haha! I’ve been waiting for when my account could freely post so I could upload some of my work.

Splicing is something that I’ve worked on for quite awhile now, and I’m confident to say I’ve gotten better at it. My colors don’t clash from other games, faces don’t have messed up jaws, etc. 

Despite it being splicing, I’ve developed a style of what I like and don’t like. I totally love FE7’s sprite style, and I despise FE8’s colors. So you’ll be seeing much of FE7 coloring.

These sprites will be used in my upcoming RomHack! I’ve already gotten them to work in game without a hitch.

Let me know what you think!







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Look pretty good. The only issues I have with these are that the third one looks a bit generic, but pretty cute, and there are always generic looking sprites so it would fit. Anyways, that and the last sprite's inner shirt. I'd make it a darker color, maybe give it a purplish tint, since right now it looks like her neck has terrible wrinkles, or like she has extra chins. But yeah, great job and I love that detective cap, that got a chuckle out of me.

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Thank you! And yes, I totally know what you’re talking about for the third one. I haven’t revised that one yet, what’s on the neck are leftover rings from Laurum’s sprite. That neck comment is pretty funny. I’ll be sure to get to it.


I’m glad you like the detective hat! It’s meant to be a reference to one of my favorite characters from Ace Attorney. Sherlock Holmes! The entire character closely resembles him, actually.

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First things first, it's a lot easier to see sprites if you post them at their native resolution instead of blowing them up a lot, I can barely fit one on my screen! That said, I like the effort in these splices, you have a lot of creative designs in here. One thing I'm noticing is that with the stuff you've drawn yourself, you don't really have a specific light source, you just sort of shade around the edges. I can see it in a lot of the front of the detective hat, as well as the first guys headband. What you want to do is determine the light source(hint, in FE portraits its from the top our right) and then add shadows like the light is coming from that side.


Here is my extreme example for shading, the orb on the right is "pillow shaded" and has no real light source, it's just shaded with concentric circles. The orb on the left on the other hand is shaded with a top left light source.

For a couple of other things, the scars on the first guy look kinda just like lines drawn on his face. Scars are pretty hard to do, but you can reference people like Legault from 7 to get an idea of how to do them. I'd like to see a little more creativity with the hair splicing, I like the hair on the first guy because it's got some extra pieces in it, but a lot of the others just have hair ripped from other people. It would be pretty cool if you could get a few different parts in there and make them even more unique.

Good start to splicing! I like the creativity so far.

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