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[FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

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“Has a Sadist Draft ever been tried for a non-GBA game?”, I wondered to myself. Upon searching for other Sadist Drafts… yes, apparently! Two others, one for FE11 and one for FE12. However, the FE11 thread never got enough participants, so really, does that even count? Maybe this time, 6 years later, things will be different.

In addition to banning mounted classes + the extremely small teams, I’m also banning the Gaiden units and meatshielding in general (past Chapter 3), taking a few ideas from the H4 No Meatshielding Draft, since having a ton of distractions doesn't seem to me in the spirit of “Sadist Draft”. Gaidens only account for like, 4 units anyways.

1. This draft is for 12 players. Players will draft 4 units each. One unit will remain undrafted.
2. The 3rd round of drafting is reversed. (ex; 1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1, 4-3-2-1, 1-2-3-4, done)
3. Marth, Jagen, and Gotoh/Nagi are free for all to use.
4. The game will be played on Hard 2 (Brutal).
5. Gaiden chapters may not be visited. The exception is 24x, which counts the same as any other chapter if visited. 

1. Undrafted units may not be deployed, except to recruit drafted units or visit Secret Shops. If deployed for these reasons, they may trade and talk, but may not do anything else. This includes using Map Saves.
2. Force-deployed units (such as the Wolfguard or the Prisoner Squad) may be attacked unarmed without penalty.
3. Forging is allowed with no restrictions.
4. Drafted units may not be used in a mounted class*.
5. You are free to reclass undrafted units to whatever you want.
6. Usage of the Wi-Fi Shop, and of the Warp staff, is strictly prohibited.
7. The Boots may not be used on Marth.

*Mounted Classes: Cavalier, Paladin, Peg Knight, Falcoknight, Dracoknight, Horseman

1. You may not use loaner units.
2. One undrafted unit is free for Chapter 1.
3. Wrys is free until Chapter 4.
4. Drafted units force-deployed in mounted classes are fair game for that chapter only.
5. Julian can open the door to Rickard’s cell without penalty.

1. Using an undrafted unit is a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter.

Undrafted SCRUBS:




1. Solvaij: Wolf, Minerva, Jeorge, Bantu
2. Sturm: Barst, Linde, Xane
3. Rute21: Midia, Gordin, Maria
4. jeigansucksexp: Wendell, Beck, Tiki
5. GeneralHorace: Ogma, Jake, Wrys
6. DarthR0xas: Sedgar, Hardin, Catria
7. TheJuk: Bord, Navarre, Roshea
8. coonrat1: Julian, Roger, Matthis
9. Carmine Sword: Merric, Darros, Astram,
10. umerol: Cain, Caeda, Radd
11. Finalinsanity: Cord, Abel, Caesar
12. Gradivus: DOGA, Castor, Lena


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You know what my backlog just got one smaller so let's fill it back up again. I found my copy of Shadow Dragon when I was going through stuff in the loft not long ago, so it must be providence right? Will give me something to do on the train.

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