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Pirate X Brigand...

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Right....I've been thinking about this for a long time.

First of all, I'm not that good with english, so...sorry.

Second, this is NOT a fight to see ''who's better''. This is a discussion that I wanted to create to see what differences they should have, especially with growths, promotions, stats and such.

With that said, let's start.


I was balancing FE6 for myself those days, and I come across the two characters that created this topic. Geese and Gonzales. By the way, I should say that ''sea-crossing''/''mountain-crossing'' is not the main topic. Having 2 similar classes with only one difference is not something that I would like to have.

Btw, those are the growths:

Geese- Hp 85 Str 50 Skl 30 Spd 40 Lck 40 Def 20 Res 10

Gonzales- Hp 90 Str 60 Skl 15 Spd 50 Lck 35 Def 25 Res 5

(I'm not going to put the enemy growths because...Let's face it, they're pretty stupid...)

As you can see, they're pretty similar, even tough Geese Skill is way higher than Gonzales, it still some-what bad. The Hp, Str, Spd, Lck, Def and Res growths are almost equal. Both will end with good Hp, Str, Spd, bad Res and Mid Lck, Def, Skl (for Geese). 

How do you guys think we should make them into more distinct classes?

One of the first toughs that come to my head were a new promotion for the Pirate. I think the Berserker works well with the Brigand, so to balance the Berserker we can make him have a even better mountain mobility, but remove his water mobility, or just make it 1-block.

For the Pirate we can make a more ''Pirate-Like'' promotion, like Captain or such. He could have a better water mobility, a new weapon type to use (my first tough was a Gun, but...Fire Emblem, ya know? So maybe a Sword?). 

Now, to the main question: What about Stats/Growths? Now, that's my trouble...What do you guys thinks about this (And sorry for taking a lot of time for my ideas on this ''What you think'', lol).


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I think you shouldn't focus too much on growths because bases define if a growth is good or bad.

100% Strength growth is a high geowth but if your base strength is 0 then it's not so great.

As for class changes, I think PIrates with swords is a good idea so we can have that and the promoted class name should be captain or Sea master?

For brigands they should have their same mountain movement but me mounted on something like a Marauder although mountain movement would cost more so they could still only move one square on them. (5 would be good, it would also allow people to use boots and make mountain movement 2) their new weapon should be lances, it sounds weird but bandits would still probably know how to use a lance so I don't think it's bad/ 

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I think Berserker's a better promotion for Pirate. It first appeared(At least as we know them now) in the franchise as a promotion only for Pirates(In FE5, Brigands promoted to Warrior). Dumb connection, but I always figured the link was that Berserkers are a Norse thing, and FE Pirates could pass for Vikings, what with them using axes instead of swords, especially without the presence of guns in the franchise.

I think keep increasing the Pirates' skill and speed, increase Brigands' strength and defense. Gonzo is the only playable Brigand in the franchise after Pirates and Brigands became essentially the same thing, and his stat distribution is really out of the norm from what we see of Brigands. Brigands are almost exclusively HP meat shields, and have pretty awful stats around the board on the enemy side. Give them defense to match give their crazy HP a buffer, and make them hit hard enough that they're actually somewhat of a threat.

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First, I loved the Sea Master idea. If I was any good with creating animations, I would definitely make it.

Second, even tough I don't like to let class stats be a major thing, but this time I guess I should use them too:



20 5 1 5 3 0 12 5




19 4 2 6 3 0 10 5

(Still, I won't put the Class Growths on the table because...Well, they don't match the bases very well, you know? COF COF KNIGHT 25% GROWTH ON DEF COF COF)

Well...now you can see that they're  even more similar.

About the Bases>Growths, I actually think more of Bases=Growths. I normally balance a character/class bases by looking at his growths, and balance a character/class growths by looking at his bases. I know this might sound a little stupid, but that's how I see it. A character/class should be loyal to his bases and growths. You should think that a level+1 character would have been into fights and got experience just like your own units, so it won't make a lot of sense someone Level 10 have 3 on Skill base (for example) but a 55% growth on it.

About @Slumber idea, I actually kind of liked. Even tough, one thing: Brigands are almost naked on the Battlefield, the most ''defense'' that he was it's his freaking pants. (Or Helmet in FE5, for example.)  I don't really see how they would get defense. (You're thinking about Marty, aren't you? :l )

The ''Mounted Brigand'' idea was pretty good too, but I disliked the Lance part. I mean, a class with a high attack, use lances, somewhat good speed and other balanced stats isn't the same thing as a Cavalier? However, if he would use axes, it could make him into a more distinct class. As you may know, the only Mounted Classes that can use Axes in GBA Games are Paladin(only FE6 I think...), Great Knight and...Wait, that's it. Wyverns only started to use axes on the newer games, and Axe-Cavalier wasn't a thing in the GBA. A Axe-Mount would be a pretty good thing to the GBA games and the Franchise in general. (Let's say, FE16 wants to use the basic cavalier, not ''sword-cav, lance-cav...'', and the old Wyverns. The only thing mounted to use axes would be promoted classes. So a new ''Mount-Axe'' with distinct stats and growths than a Cavalier could be a great thing to the game.)

Oh, and sorry if I lost my way here a little. 

And man, now that I think about it: Pirates have been dead ever since FE1/2 remakes. That's pretty sad actually, we didn't get a lot of pirates on the franchise. I would love to see them returning on the newer games.

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