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How would you rank the FE lords?

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So, we all have our favorite lords and not so favorite lords. How would you rank the Fire Emblem lords in your opinion?

For me, the list goes:

The Best Lord: Ike. 

Pretty Awesome Lords: Hector, Lucina, Alm

Okay Lords: Eliwood, Epriham, Erika

Meh: Celica, Chrom, Lyn, Roy, Micahia, 

Worst Lords Ever: Robin, Corrin

EDIT: In case you're wondering where Marth, Sigurd, Selpih, and Leif are, I haven't played their games yet, so can't really comment on them.

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Forget some explinations on missing lords.

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These are in my top 10 overall FE characters:

1. Ike 
2. Eirika
3. Leif

I like these a lot:

4. Micaiah
5. Sigurd
6. Hector

These are also fine:

7. Seliph
8. Lynn
9. Alm
10. Ephraim
11. Chrom
12. Robin

Just feel indifferent to these:

13. Eliwoord
14. Marth

Dislike these:

15. Celica
16. Corrin

I didn't put Kris or Roy in there because I haven't played their games.

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Hm hm hm hm...

Top tier:

1: Roy(I am very biased)
2: Micaiah
3: Alm
4: PoR Ike
5: Leif
6: Elincia

High tier:

7: Hector
8: Eliwood
9: Celica
10: Sigurd
11: Lyn

Mid Tier:

12: Ephraim
13: RD Ike
14: Robin
15: Seliph
16: Eirika
17: Marth
18: Chrom
19: Corrin

Everyone else: Don't really care/don't know them well enough to rank. Also I don't count Lucina as a lord, but she'd probably be just under Lyn, still in high. Similarly, Kris would probably be mid, around where Robin is.


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No particular order within the tiers


  • Roy
  • Micaiah
  • Eirika


  • Eliwood
  • Marth
  • Seliph
  • Lief
  • Chrom
  • Ephraim
  • Alm 
  • Celica
  • Sigurd
  • Alfonse

Generally indifferent

  • Lucina
  • Lyn
  • Hector
  • Sharena

Would like more if his portrayal in RD wasn't the worst thing about RD:

  • PoR Ike


  • RD Ike
  • Robin
  • Corrin
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I forgot Alfonse and Sharena lol

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Haven't played fe9 & 10 so can't comment about them. 

Favourite (probably some of my favourite characters in the entire series)

1. Seliph 2. Leif

Cool (I really like these lords but they wouldn't come to my mind when asked about my favourite characters)

3. Alm, 4. Sigurd, 5. Celica, 6. Eliwood, 7. Marth                                                                                                                                                                                            

Indifferent (I don't care about these lords)

8. Hector, 9. Roy, 10. Eirika, 11. Chrom/Ephraim                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Bad (I dislike these lords)

12. Lyn, 13. Robin, 14. Lucina, 15. Kris

Corrin and the Feh lords (probably some of my most disliked characters in the entire series)

16. Alfonse/Sharena/Anna (Only good thing about them is that all OC's in Feh are horrible so they automatically look better) 

17. Corrin (Why do so many people say that they like female but dislike male Corrin? There is no major difference between them in the narrative).                          

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I dislike most lords since a lot of them fall into similar categories without looking through detailed supports to find nuances that differentiate between them. In my preferred order of favourites to least:

  1. Lyn
  2. Ike
  3. Ephraim
  4. Eirika
  5. Sigurd
  6. Hector
  7. Micaiah
  8. Celica
  9. Lucina
  10. Alm
  11. Eliwood
  12. Marth
  13. Lief
  14. Roy
  15. Seliph
  16. Robin
  17. Chrom
  18. Corrin

From 1-10, I enjoy them all a lot. Anything afterwards, I feel indifferent about until the final three who make me want to rip my hair out. 

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I'm going to count Robin and Lucina as Lords...

1) Marth - Favourite video game character of all time, Shadow Dragon's writing just ticks every single box.

2) Roy - Brains over brawn, his supports provide a lot of little details that could further his character if Binding Blade ever gets a remake.

3) Eliwood - Bless this man. He suffers, but he accepts it, and he grows stronger throughout the game.

4) Robin - Really quite tragic in a way. Awakening unfortunately doesn't go too much into it, but it's there.

5) Chrom - First half of Awakening, he was fantastic, but due to the shift in main lord during the second half, he kind of drops off. The DLC snippets do wonders for him.

6) Alm and Celica - I can't choose one over the other.

7) Micaiah - Very flawed, and I think that's what makes her so good.

8) Lucina - When it comes to Lucina, you have to take into account the world she came from. She came from a literal hell - and it shows in her character.

9) Eirika - She's...alright. Doesn't really do much for me.

10) Hector - He's too brash, but I do like his relationship with Eliwood.

11) Ephraim - Wayyy to cocky and reckless. He does have my favourite design out of all the male lords though.

12) Lyn - She never appealed to me. If Blazing Blade ever gets remade, I hope she stands out more.

13) Ike - ...Path of Radiance Ike is okay, but unfortunately, his Radiant Dawn version is just terrible, but I'm not going into details, I don't want to turn this into a "Bash your least favourite lord and win 60 tickets!" thread.

14) Corrin - They're just a trainwreck.

I can't include Sigurd, Seliph or Leif because I know very little about them.



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Like: Alm, Celica, Leif, Eliwood, Eirika, Micaiah

Okay: Marth, Lyn, PoR Ike, Chrom

Meh: Sigurd, Seliph, Ephraim, Lucina

Dislike: Roy, Hector, RD Ike, Robin, Corrin

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WARNING! Unpopular opinions incoming!!!

1). Marth 

2). Seliph

3). Micaiah

4). Roy

5). Leif

6). Eliwood

7). Ephraim

8). Lucina

9). Robin

10). Corrin

11). Eirika

12). Celica

13). Chrom

14). Alm

15). Sigurd

16). Ike

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In terms of the lords/avatars of games I've played all the way through, my favorite-to-least-favorite would be:

  1. Sigurd, just because his role in the story is really good, specifically that his actions both condemn his own life and help the next generation save the world.  Sigurd symbolizes the connection between generations that I loved so much in Genealogy; through his kindness towards the common and good folks who just want to live peaceful lives, he made it possible for Seliph to build an army to defeat the Loptuous Sect and Arvis's Empire, yet that kindness literally cost him everything.
  2. Lucina - who is actually kind of tied with Sigurd for me - is one of the few lords in the series that I really felt something for.  Part of it is me feeling sorry for her miserable life, but also awe-inspired that in spite of the fact she had to suffer watching the end of humanity she remained determined and could find joy in the smallest of life's pleasures.
  3. Seliph, who is kind of like Lucina but not quite as developed (mostly due to the lack of supports).  Same sort of background, only he's actually the main character and doesn't need his father by his side to save the world.  I only wish the relationships in the second generation of Genealogy were better fleshed out; most of the conversations Seliph has are with the detached Lewyn (who almost isn't even the Lewyn we came to know in the first generation) and Oifaye, and only one of those is an actual, proper friendship.
  4. Marth, who is something of a "baseline" protagonist for the series.  Most of what I like in him comes from the later games.  For all the flak New Mystery gets for what it did with Marth, I do like the angle they went with where he was caring to a fault.  And also that he was incredibly humble, to the point where he was surprised and befuddled by everyone in Warriors heaping lots of praise upon him and calling him the "hero-king".  He's the original example in the series of a kind lord bringing everyone together to fight a common evil.
  5. Robin, who is my favorite avatar in the series.  The nice thing about Robin that practically none of the other avatars does is he's a relatively basic character that can mold into a number of roles.  Not only that, but he isn't necessarily trying to be friends with everyone in the army, he just wants to perform his duty of watching over the army.  So Robin doesn't have to be friendly with every person in the army.  Also, he doesn't have a single obsession like Kris does, nor is he the true main character/driving force of the story, so the writers don't necessarily have to rely on having an open-ended character make every important decision.  It also helps that Robin's competent and his competence is justified.
  6. Chrom, who is kind of like a toned-down Hector/Ike.  He's not the most impressive character to me, but he's fairly likable.
  7. Kris, who is middle ground between Corrin and Robin in terms of avatars.  I don't like how the game overplays the importance of someone who is nothing more than an auxiliary who sometimes has something to say at random points in the story; Kris is hardly worth as much in the Altean league as Marth or Caeda or even old-ass Jeigan.  And the story makes no attempt to prove Kris's deeds; I think it just assumes that you will wind up using Kris a lot.
  8. Celica, who is somehow below two avatars for me.  Acts 4 and 5 are to blame for this, as she otherwise would probably be better than Marth.  I'm simply not a fan of the naive princess trope the series occasionally wrenches its girls into, and it's even worse that Celica in particular doesn't really come across as that kind of character in the first place.  It just feels like her character was ruined so that Alm could be the hero.
  9. Alm, who I think is made to be way too good at everything he does.  He's likable, but I don't like that he isn't really all that challenged as a character and that everyone who doubted him wound up being wrong about him.  The harshest thing he has to do is fight his cousin, and his cousin is more childish and silly than Kylo Ren and he's also a dick right up until he dies, so it's hard to empathize with this trial.  And then not long after that, he was challenged once more, but a plot device pretty much erased the burden he'd have to carry for what he had done.
  10. Corrin, who I'm not even gonna get into because everything that's been said about him has been said already.  Corrin's just the most infuriating protagonist I've ever played as.

Didn't list the Heroes and Warriors protagonists because I honestly forgot them mostly.  Only Anna sticks out to me, and that's because she's everywhere in the series.  And to those games' credits, their versions of Anna are probably the best; I'd probably rank them roughly around the Robin-Marth range, which is pretty decent.

1 hour ago, LJwalhout said:

(Why do so many people say that they like female but dislike male Corrin? There is no major difference between them in the narrative).                          

I think most of that is design preference, but also for me personally I just really hate the few exclusive non-romantic support chains male Corrin gets over those of female Corrin (such as with Forrest).  Still, I just really hate male Corrin's stupid f'n face.  It's like a baby face, but also looks like an edgy teen.  And most of the other options don't look much better, not to mention a lot of the hair options are just stupid.  Just look at the other male avatars and their options, and you'll see what I mean (probably).

Maybe gender roles also plays into it - some see the sopping, sorry Corrin in Conquest and the general naivety and overt kindness more befitting of a female than a male - but I don't much give a damn about that.  Both Corrins are pretty terrible in my eyes, it's just the female version is slightly better because of the face/hair designs and, like, five support chains that were handled better.

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Favorite to Least favorite

Top Tier

1. Leif

2. Sigurd

3. Seliph

High Tier

4. Hector

5. PoR Ike

6. Eliwood

Mid Tier

7. Lyn

8. Marth

9. Alm

Low Tier

10. Micaiah

11. RD Ike 

12. Celica

13. Chrom

14. Roy

15. Robin

Trash Tier

16. Corrin

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Oh boy....I always wanted to rank the FE lords, and I finally have the chance too <3


1. Micaiah - I feel like...the first time I played FE10 I didn't really understand her character,  however when I played it again later on I sure did, and she was my favorite lord in the series ever since, there are so many things I love about her, but I think one of the things I REALLY like is how different she is than most lords in this series, I don't want to go into too many details in case someone is reading this and still hasn't played FE10, but yeah she's one of the biggest reasons why FE10 is my favorite game in the series, oh and her inspiring so much hate in the casuals is also a nice cherry on top of everything.

2. Celica -  I love Celica, and I'm not afraid to show it!!! I know some people hate some of the choices she made in her game, but I don't, I feel like to me the choices she made are very human, and she just felt very real to me, I feel like her character is a lot more complex than some give her credit for too.


3. Eirika - Okay I'm pretty sure this is mostly bias on my part, FE8 was my first FE game, and by that Eirika was my first FE lord, so yeah...I have a really soft spot in my heart for her, and just like Celica she felt very human and real to me, and also the mistake she did on her route of the story is something I honestly could see a lot more people do if they were in her spot, I know the chances are I also would have done it as well if I was in her spot.


4. Alm - When I first played FE15, I had no idea what I would think about either Alm or Celica, but to my surprise they both we're great, I liked Alm's story, I'm not sure what but something about it just felt right to me? And honestly I don't even care if he had to save Celica in the end, that didn't make either of them a worst of a character, if anything I found it cute.

5. Robin - Shock placement? Maybe, I do know avatars aren't liked, but I always get sad when I see Robin get dragged into the "ALL AVATARS SUCK" train...becasue...well....he didn't suck? I feel like what I love about Robin is that he didn't steal screen-time from the other lords, while also still get developed, I remember being very invested in his story the first time I played FE13.


6. Ephraim - Ephraim <3 While I prefer his sister, I still love what he offers to the story itself, and I feel like without him FE8 wouldn't had been as good as it was to me when I first played it, so while I don't have much bias towards him, but he was also apart of my first FE game, so he also has a place in my heart.

7. Chrom- I liked Chrom, at first when I first played FE13 I was worried he wouldn't be anything new and that I wouldn't care for him, but I ended up caring, I loved seeing him and Robin interact, and really just overall he was a good lord in my opinion.


8. Eliwood - Will be honest, when I started writing this post, I thought Eliwood would be lower, but....I guess I like him more than I remember : ) Or I just like him more than the others that are left, I feel like I'm not very crazy about any of the FE7 lords, I guess the thing that makes me like Eliwood is how...normal he is? Which I know normally that would be a reason to make me put him lower, but he does the whole "normal" thing right, and he also feels very human and real to me, which is always nice.


9. Corrin - Not placing Corrin last might shock some people, but I for one don't mind how messy Corrin was, I do feel like most of Corrin's problem comes from poor writing, but I also do feel like some people make him worst than he is.


10. Lyn - Just like with Eliwood, I thought at first I would place Lyn higher when I first started writing this post...but I guess not, I feel like Lyn was always one of those lords that I liked, but I didn't care for that much, I do feel like she did FE7 more good than bad, but overall when it comes down to it...I just don't care that much for her, which makes it sounds like I hate her, which I don't, I do like Lyn, but not as much as I thought I did.

11. Lucina - my least favorite female lord, really I'm not even sure if you can count her as a lord or not...I still don't get why they didn't just make her a game over character, but oh well, and just like with Lyn, I don't really care much for Lucina, I do like her somewhat, and I also like her story, but in the big picture she's also sorta just there for me.

12. Hector - I like him, and maybe I should have put him at least above Lucina, Hector is also a lord to me that stands out in the crowd, I guess the only reason he's this low is that..well...I just prefer Eliwood much more, so when Hector first joined the group, It took me a while to care, I still like him though, but I just feel like I can't put him higher, like while just like with Lyn, I do think he did more good to FE7 than bad, I still feel like his story mode all could had been removed and the game wouldn't had changed much, and those few chapters he only have on his route could had went to Eliwood, and again nothing would have changed really I think.


13. Sigurd - not going to lie....until Sigurd's last chapter, he's nothing new, really his last chapter is the only reason he's even this high, but without this chapter he's soooooo basic.

14. Roy - Ugh Roy....I really want to like him, but I can't help but feel disappointed  in his character? Like I wish they went more crazy with it, I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here, but I just feel like they played Roy's character as safe as they can, which makes him boring in my eyes.

15. Seliph- He's also okay, maybe I should have put him above Roy, but Roy has softer place in my heart, while Seliph doesn't.


16. Ike - ...I can make a whole big post about why I don't like him, so I'm just going to keep this short, I find him to be overrated, and his crazy fans only make him look worst in my eyes.

17- Marth - Most basic lord ever? I think so, I really don't know how you can get any more basic than Marth, and also all of his games are my least favorite in this series, and it would be a lie to say Marth didn't play apart in that.

18. Kris - Easily the worst and most boring avatar in the series, at least Corrin HAD a personality, all Kris was...well...he wanted to work for Marth, and he also trained a lot....and that's it, and yeah I'm not a fan.


I haven't played Leif's game, so I'm not raking him : P

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Gameplay because i suck at story:


1. Sigurd and Seliph - The myth that Seliph is so much worse than Sigurd need to fucking die, especially when one remembers Seliph is a payoff to making Sigurd the most OP fucker to ever exists. The only character i'd put above Seliph is Leif and its because breaking FE4 revolves around abusing Leif

2. Marth: Unlike Chrom theres nothing that really stops him from claiming to be the superpower of FE1

3. Chrom: Chrom is one of 3 character in Awakening that have unambiguously strong ability to overscale and become a god, the other being Robin and Frederick, and Chrom is a crucial part that makes Frederick such a strong unit to begin with. Strong base, fantastic growth, unique utility. If character power is rated on HM for him, Chrom is, without a doubt THE most broken Lord in the series, above Sigurd imo.

4. Corrin: Simmilar to Chrom and Leif, less broken than Chrom due to harder base game(in CQ at least). Better than Leif due to not being limited by promotion timing.

5. Leif: Not many character can claim they have a period of time where they are without a single doubt the best unit in the game. Let alone lords. Leif otoh can. Combined with his crazy support shenanigans, and batshit insane promotion in FE5, and he's without doubt one of the best Lord to ever exists in the series. Also he's totally the best Lord in TAS he's literally god there. Corrin is better because Corrin didn't have a downtime where they are super good, whereas Leif slows down somewhere during mid game before he picks up again post promotion. Unlike most Lords, Leif's late promotion genuinely feels like a power limiter due to how OP his stats can get after a good Manster run

6. Ephraim: Godly base and growth aside, FE8 is easier than FE7. If Ephraim is in FE8 he'd probably still be really good either way

7. 3!Marth: Standard solid SNES era Lord

8. Hector: He's strong early on, but his lack of ability to promote, lame movement, and lame res limits how good he could have been. FE7's big threats are largely magical in nature, so no matter how beefy Hector is, he really isn't as good as he seems

9. 12!Marth: FE12 is balanced around a timed power spike when you promote the scrubs you trained during early game, and promotion is hideously powerful in this game. Its true. that Marth is able to "promote without getting promoted" if you overlevel him beyond 20, but it falls flat


Compare Lord vs Swordmaster. Lord loses out on 4 HP, 8 SKL, 6 SPD, 1 Mov, AN ENTIRE SWORD RANK, and all it loses is 1 DEF.

10:  Eirika, Marth, Lyn toss up: Can goes either way, i personally think Lyn is underrated

11: 11!Marth and Roy: The only 2 Lord that is genuinely problematic to use, and to fulfill their purpose. Fuck whoever decided to nerf Marth this much from the monster he used to be


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#1 is obviously Ike.

#2 is Micaiah and sothe. Great pair

#3 is Alm and Celica. i like there designs.

#4 is Hector he big ape man

#5 is Roy i dislike all the other lords more then roy.


Havent played 3,4 or 5.

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I like enough to explain:

1. Leif. Just about the only lord with a believable story of growth. Shit hits him hard, and he learns how to be a good leader in the most trial-by-fire lord arc in the franchise. When he fucks up, he fucks up hard, and it's almost never undone by some weird story cop-out. It makes his eventual success all the more enjoyable and deserved when he finally leads possibly the weakest liberation force in the franchise to victory over one of the most ruthless armies in the franchise. It's also refreshing that he straight up just wants to murder the antagonist of his game, and doesn't mince words about it. It all helps him feel very human. Liberating the Thracian peninsula may be his ultimate goal, but Raydrik's head is the icing on the cake for him.

2. Hector. A brash brute with a self-conscious side that was worried about his image that was really well done. While it may just be head-canon and a gameplay mechanic to incentivize playing his campaign, I always felt it spoke to Hector's character that he's the lord who really fully puts together what happened with Nergal, and the overall story of FE7.

3. Micaiah. I actually really like her story, and that she doesn't always do the morally right thing. She shares some of the things I like about Leif. She's the leader of a scrappy resistance force that's trying to liberate her country. It kind of hurts her that all of this(The good and the bad) was orchestrated on her side, though. It makes her growth seem a bit artificial, and we really only get like, 1 or 2 chapters of her recovering from this revelation, as she essentially gets high-jacked by Yune for the last chunk of the game.

4. Ike. The closest thing to a "Commoner works his way to greatness" story in the franchise, and it's handled pretty well. He's not just some perfect guy who fits perfectly with the higher-ups in the world and does everything right. RD kind of just turns him into a meat-head, though, which I always felt wasn't the best direction for him.

5. Alm. I do wish he was more like his Awakening interpretation(Never thought I'd say that), but him being an earnest goofball is a decent way of handling him just being a typical "good lord". It gave him a lot of characterization.

6. Sigurd. Him as a character is kind of bland. He's brash and self-righteous in the way a lot of FE protagonists are. What I do appreciate is that his actions and character are what lead to him being the perfect scapegoat for Alvis and the Lopto Sect. Him taking advantage of the strife in Jugdral to do good for the continent only makes it that much easier for the powers at hand to brand him as a traitor. I enjoy him being kind of a "deconstruction" of a lord character, even if it only really works in the meta sense.

I like, but don't feel like explaining:

7. Lyn

8. Celica

9. Seliph

10. Marth

I don't like, but don't feel like explaining:

11. Roy

12. Lucina

13. Eliwood

14. Chrom

15. Eirika

I hate enough to explain:

16. Robin. Fine for the first 2/3 of the game, but then they high-jack a story and become the complete, total center of attention. Everything that happened prior? Turns out it was ALL because of Robin. Every single thing, and now suddenly the whole world revolves around them, and an otherwise unremarkable story and game completely falls apart the moment they take the spotlight. Beyond this, Robin's just kind of a doofy nerd that everyone loves unconditionally. There's enough there to not totally loathe Robin.

17(Tie). Corrin. Robin, but without the chunk of the game where everyhing's going fine without them. Three routes give different versions of the character, and they vary by quality. From "Meh, could be worse" to "Oh no, this couldn't be worse". Just a... bad character on their own, and the story so totally focuses on them that they doom the plot by proxy.

17(Tie). Ephraim. The biggest Gary Stu in the franchise. From the moment Ephraim first appears, he's not only beating insurmountable odds, he's torturing the odds, brutalizing the odds, and then burying the odds 6 feet under the ground. People can't open their mouths around him without slowly gravitating towards his pelvis. And he's a goddamn plank of cardboard while doing it. His saving grace is that he never does the dumbest thing imaginable like his sister. And when he does do something stupid(Like storm a castle with an army of 4 people), it works out overwhelmingly in his favor, so it never feels like the plot if being carried by his ineptitude like Corrin. On the flipside, it'd be sooooo much better if he ever once felt the consequences of his actions. At least Corrin lost friends and family in ways that weren't out of their control.

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From the games that I played:

I love them:

Chrom: Shocking to see he's the only lord I have listed in this tier, but I'll admit that first-lord bias plays a major factor into why he is ranked this high. In terms of everything else, there's a lot a love about him. To me, he just feels very human as a main character. His whole character arc in the beginning of the game was pretty good, especially when he has to confront Gangrel and face an inner conflict regarding his aggression but remembering Emmeryn's pacifism. I also enjoyed his dialogue with Walhart, which showed the similarities of the two characters but as counterparts in what they stood for. Many of his supports were fun to read. He's dorky in a pretty fun and memorable way, and he comes across as a nice straight man to the other characters. He's probably the lord I relate to the most, from the way he comes to terms with balancing his aggressive tendencies and better embracing peaceful concepts to just how much of a socially awkward guy he can be. My only real issue with him is that he trusts Robin way too quickly.

I like them:

Eirika: She was a character that I was initially indifferent to and didn't see much appeal in her, but overtime, I've developed more appreciation for her. I found her development from a princess with little combat experience into a true leader rather interesting, and while her giving Lyon the Sacred Stone made her look dumb (what made me roll my eyes to her initially), I've come to understand why she did that when remembering her close friendship with Lyon the more I've analyzed it and hearing input about it from others. She also has a nice personality that I can appreciate. Definitely the more interesting Renais Twin IMO, and the only other lord that I can confidently say I like at the moment.

I'm indifferent to them:

Lucina: She certainly been through a lot of trouble and tribulation because of what Grima did to her kingdom, and that in term makes her sympathetic. She also has a funny, bad taste in fashion. However, I have a hard time truly calling her a lord that I like. I guess it's because she feels stale with how she keeps preaching about changing fate and saving her father. Luckily, she's not a lord that grinds my gears all that much.

Ephraim: Man, everything goes perfectly for this guy, huh? He managed to storm a castle with just four people, and he got out scot-free? Yeah, not buying it. Most of the characters also kiss Eprahim's feet a lot, and he's also pretty cocky with his whole "he doesn't pick fights that he can't win deal," like a guy that does badass stuff but ultimately feels hollow in how he does it. Strangely enough, despite his Gary-Stu ness and his other issues, he doesn't bother me that much. I guess it's because his rivalry with Lyon was good stuff, but that's mostly Lyon who made it interesting, not Ephraim. In all, he's a lord I just don't care for.

Alm: To me, he's the most overrated lord in the series. He's just as much of a Gary Stu as Ephraim is. Practically everything goes perfectly for Alm, facing little repercussions as things go along like the battle with Nuibaba (he fell for a trap, but he walked out with no casualties and recruited a Rigelian nun and general by the end of it) and all his battles with Berkut. Every character also worships him in a way that just doesn't sit well with me (his friends even calling him a prodigy when he's just 11 years old), and the only time there was good criticism laid on Alm from other characters was Clive during the Mathilda and Delthea rescue operations. My other main issue with Alm is that he is way too forgiving towards those that constantly do ill toward him, like with Berkut and Fernand during their deaths. On a more positive note, he's a pretty big dork in a nice and relatable way in a manner similar to Chrom, though not as socially awkward. That's what balances Alm out to the point he's a lord I'm indifferent to.

Celica: She starts out promising in the first half of SoV. Her quest to try and find Mila at her temple was interesting and the whole deal of "cleaning up the mess her dad left behind" with the Grieth problem was interesting to me. She also has some nice supports where she bonds pretty well with Mae, Atlas, and Conrad. Unfortunately, Act IV happens, and her character turns into a flawed character I just cannot get behind. The fact she just decides to go along with Jedah's manipulations like that made her look pretty dumb. It ultimately reaches the point where her character journey amounted to being a damsel-in-distress needing to be rescued by Alm because of it. Jedah's overly evil portrayal definitely played a big factor into Celica's downfall in character portrayal as well, but that's not something to delve into now. Basically, she's a good character to me for the first half but not the second half.

The Heroes and Warriors OC lords: I really don't have much to say about them since they didn't leave enough of an impression on me to say whether I like or dislike them. Alfonse does get some bonus points for having some nice little development in Book II, particularly in that chapter where he saves the villagers from Surtr. I also initially liked Sharena for her personality and openness, but she hasn't received much screen time lately.

I dislike them:

Robin: The perfect tactician that faces little repercussion in what he confronts, and he doesn't have a real personality that strikes me. He is also worshiped left and right by the near majority of the cast to the point it is eye-rolling. I also didn't like how he basically stole Chrom's spotlight in those final chapters of Awakening. Admittedly, His friendship and supports with Chrom are nice (for Male Robin that is), but it's still not enough for me to like the character.

I hate them:

Corrin: Yeah, I don't need to say much for this character. He's stupidly naive, and the fact the majority of the Fates cast worships save for three characters is also pretty bad. Heck, there's a point in Revelation's story where Ryoma and Xander praise Corrin for being naive. That pretty much speaks volumes about how much of a Gary Stu/Mary Su Corrin is. Revelation and Conquest's interpretation of Corrin are the ones that grind my gears the most. Birthright Corrin is more in the range of dislike-tier, but that's mainly because I found his reasons for siding with Hoshido far more justifiable than what the sides he chose in Conquest and Revelation (I mean, Corrin's dialogue in Birthright Chapter 6 was good because he spelled out the problem to Xander pretty well). He still suffers from most of the same problems that the other two routes have though.

There are some other lords that I could factor into these tiers. Hector and Ike seem like lords I will love based on what I've seen of them in Heroes so far and heard from other FE fans, and Lyn is looking to be a character I won't care much for. However, I'd like to actually play their games first to really gain impressions on them before actually factoring them into my lord ranking list.


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I love them  (actually just her) beyond everything else

1.- Micaiah (She is also my favorite character in FE in general <3 )

I like them

2.- Roy

3.- Eirika

4.- Lucina

I think they're nice

5.- Robin

6.- Celica

7.- Eliwood/Marth

8.- Seliph/Sigurd

9.- Alm

10.- Leif

11.- Hector

I have a complicated relationship with them.


13.- Lyn

14.- Ike

14.- Chrom

15.- Corrin

Eh... I'm not sure.

16.- Kris

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21 hours ago, Ertrick36 said:

Maybe gender roles also plays into it - some see the sopping, sorry Corrin in Conquest and the general naivety and overt kindness more befitting of a female than a male

So we have a avatar character that behaves in a way that some people would only accept if she was female in a serie from which the majority of players is male? Okay. 

I also feel like explaining why Seliph is my favourite lord since I see a lot of people who explain why they like a certain lord.

The fact is that Seliph doesn't act like any other lord in the series. They are often brave and determined in their goals. But when I look at Seliph he doesn't always come over this way. When Lewyn(?) asks him to save all of Judgral after chapter 6 he refuses. Compare this to other lords who always inmediately act when asked to do the right thing. Only after some persuasion does Seliph accept and their a lot of times that he doubts himself like after having defeated Ishtore or when Lewyn orders him to attack southern thracia. When Oifey tells him how he is almost worshipped by the people he says that people sometimes frighten him which tells me that he is afraid to not meet the standars that people expect from him. This is something a lot of other lords don't do. Just like Seliph they want to help people but I never see them talk about how their goals burden them. But despite all of this he keeps going on because he wants to help people. In his special conversation with Mana he talks about how he sometimes can't sleep and that their where times that he wanted to leave but because he sees how filled with joy the people are when they are freed he keeps going. You would think that he is all doom and gloom but their are also times that he is optimistic and when Patty says he is Shanan's girlfriend he is like ´Yeah, right'. This shows that he isn't always in the same mood and this makes him feel like a real person. 

If you have read all of this then you wouldn't be surprised that he is my favourite character in the series tied with Innes. But because I like him so much I'm also afraid that his character will be changed in a possible remake But his Heroes iteration gives me hope that they can write him maybe even better, give him support so that we can see more of him and flesh out his character and even give more talk conversations with for example Ares and the starting crew.  


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On 09.11.2018 at 5:58 PM, JSND Alter Dragon Boner said:

and batshit insane promotion in FE5

I think you meant FE4? His promotion in FE5 is IMO the weakest lord promotion in the entire series outside of Gaiden/Echoes (+1 Str/Mag/Skl/Spd/Def and THAT'S IT. Not even a Mov boost). Or possibly you meant that the game still considers him unpromoted even after he promotes?

On 09.11.2018 at 5:58 PM, JSND Alter Dragon Boner said:

FE12 is balanced around a timed power spike when you promote the scrubs you trained during early game, and promotion is hideously powerful in this game. Its true. that Marth is able to "promote without getting promoted" if you overlevel him beyond 20, but it falls flat

Binding Shield gets him +2 to all stats over caps, so it's kinda a very late promotion? His stat caps hurt him tho.

Ok for the list of how they turned up to be gameplay-wise is... (never played 3DS games)

17) FE9 Ike: How many times can you lose a coin toss? If 32 out of 38 is your answer, then you can get what happened to Ike's Str. And with me stubbornly refusing to use Energy Drops on a fkin main character with 50% Str growth he ended up being pretty much unusable in the endgame.

16) FE11 Marth: It seems you still need to grow a few years before you get good at combat. Ended up being underwhelming in most stats, only having above average Skl.

15) FE2 Celica: Struggled through most of the game, being squishy as hell HP wise. After promotion she got more HP, but still remained quite risky to use.

14) Lyn: Got Def a grand total of TWICE in the entire game. Other stats were mostly good, but sorry Lyn, glass cannons are not my forte. At lest she got safer after promoting thanks to bows.

13) Eirika: Not as def screwed as Lyn, but still bad. Bonus points for the horse and much better endgame personal.

12) FE3 Marth Book 1/Eliwood: Holy crap the two ended up identical early game, and only sligly differed later on. Both had huge Def lead early on, but had bad Str, and mostly evened out later. Both also underperformed in the end due to below average personal weapons (Falchion just sucked in general, while Durandal's issues are widely known)

11) Micaiah: I don't like glass cannons, and she's the glassiest there is. Helped by the fact that she's a ranged attacker, and mostly shifts into support role in part 3.

10) Hector: Did anyone expect HECTOR of all people to get Def screwed? At least he got good Str and decent Spd to make him a good attacker, plus he got over his bad def in the lategame.

9) FE12 Marth: Average. Starts good, but that's all he remanied for the entore game - he didn't rise above "good".

8) Sigurd: His bases carried him for half his game, but his growths failed him - he really slowed down in Ch.4 and only picked up the pace after getting Tyrfing. Then he got the sun dropped on him.

7) Leif: Manster Escape is the time when he's God. After that he was just a really good Charisma-bot with Kingsword and his huge support pool.

6) FE2 Alm: Really good Ch.1, slowed down in Ch.3 until Royal Sword arrived, then got better. Then became "throw Alm at it and it dies, no questions asked', but a little too late.

5) Ephraim: Was great for most of the game, but 24 Spd/23 Def caps were problematic, not to mention he has next to no Res, and cound't fight Lyon due to Lyon oneshotting him if he hit.

4) Seliph: Really strong once he go over his shaky start. Starting with Ch.8 he steamrolled most things that got in front of him.

3) FE10 Ike: Surprisingly massive improvement over how he ended up in FE9. Must be the huge bases.

2) FE1 Marth: Wow Marth ended up being the wargod of FE1. Got really good in anything except Res (because only Gotoh is allowed to have Res in FE1).

1) Roy: Surprised? He stomped the game starting with about Ch.5, slowed down in Ch. 16 due to hitting the level cap. Then grapped the Binding Blade and started stomping again for the rest of the game. Must've stolen those levels from Ike :) the ONLY things he didn't cap in the end are Def and Res, and those ended up being very close to capping anyway


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