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Chocolate Kitty

Fractured Realms: The Reboot

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played with the rebalances and it feels pretty balanced now on hard, a good challenge.
look forward to seeing the other chapters completed. 


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I guess I never actually posted this here because I’m stupid but I’ve been working on rewrites for some of the plot aspects of the game. Nothing really changes in Sugari’s chapters (a new character is replacing Denson’s role), and Barnaldo is… basically being written out in favor of a different character. Reasoning being I couldn’t figure out a real link between the two main characters, and despite how much I enjoyed making those chapters (and somehow creating a meme in one of them), I had no choice but to kick him.

As of now, chapters up to 4 have been redone to varying degrees, and the next release (which will certainly not be 1.3) will encompass all the chapters it was originally going to include (ie Prologue -> Interlude).

Sorry about the wait and lack of information. You can always feel free to join my discord 1 as well for any information on progress or to help out anything (mostly face sprites).

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