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FE8 Custom PME

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Here is a PME I started on FEU about a week ago. I thought that I could continue it here. This is the link to the FEU topic so you can see what edits are made already.

This is an FE8 PME that I decided to try out. Here are the edits that I am making to the base ROM. These are very important to know for this so please read them. Really any edit can be made, whether it be characters, classes, events, maps, or anything else.


-Choose any edit you want but don't mess with the edits I made (for example adding in a class I removed)

-Not a single FE8 character or map can remain the same (no edits to vanilla FE8 characters)

-Maps must be larger than one screen (at least 17x13 size)

-Anything requiring graphics insertion has to be sent to me so I can insert it (portraits, custom items, etc.)

-No self inserts, only original characters or characters from other games

-Custom classes or items are fine as long as they aren't things I removed

-Character classes must be from the list in the pastebin (unless custom)

-I will deny an edit if it breaks the rules

-Any suggestor can add as many edits as they like and they're not limited to character creation

There are going to be around 25-30 chapters total. Enemy placement and events will be handled by me unless somebody else wants to do it for a specific chapter. Characters will join in the order they are suggested. There is no limit to the amount of characters that can be added. Here are the potential types of edits that can be made if anybody's not sure.

I would prefer all suggestors to put forward a new character since there will need to be a lot of them. Boss characters are also an option for additions. New characters must specify a name, class, portrait(formatted correctly), starting stats, inventory, and growth rates. Any extra character edits will also be accepted. I will not be using the skill system, so don't list any personal skills. You can also just put down a portrait, class, and name and I will do the rest if you're feeling lazy.

I will put any edits I accept and apply to the rom on this link.

Edited by flasuban

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