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Fire Emblem Revelations Pairings Help

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Hi guys.

I need some help with some Fire Emblem Fates pairings. I'll be playing on Revelations and what I want to get is the most "optimal" pairings for each child unit in the game. I'm aware that there seems to be a bit more of a compromise with pairings that you have to make in this game as compared to in Awakening. That being said, I do want to give Velouria, Shigure & Soleil the best inheritances they can have, and then I don't really mind with the rest of the units settling for whatever there is as a 'second-best'.

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There's a really neat website that I think could help you out a bit in planning things out. 


You can plan any possible pairings in all three games, but since you're playing Revelations, the Birthright and Conquest pairings planner can be safely ignored. Also, you can change Kana's gender (and the Avatar's gender) by clicking on Kana's portrait.

Anyway, I'm not too knowledgeable about Fates' pairing mechanics, but I DO know that having Corrin marry one of the 2nd gen units will result in a better 3rd gen Kana than if Corrin married one of the 1st gen units, although it depends on who the parents are for the 2nd gen unit in mind.

There's most likely someone else who can help you out way better than I can, but I at least wanted to help you out as best I could since no one else has yet.

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